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Private/Closed Bloodpeak Academy (A Monster School RP) Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Red Gallade, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    IDK left the RP, so they likely won't respond to that.
  2. I think I have to drop out, sorry guys. I’m trying to do other roleplays, and I keep getting spammed with notifications.
  3. @GhostlyCubone11 Aw. Sorry to see you go... I wish good luck on getting off being grounded though : )

    @Joelkjn the fox are you without a room-mate? If you are, you can be with Kei, since he has no-one now.
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  4. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    There'd still be a single-person dorm though (@Killerbunny the god care to weigh in?)
  5. Isn't there still a three person dorm?
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  6. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    I guess we could turn one of them into a that, but I'm a little confused as to how this will work...
  7. Everything's a little bit weird now...
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  8. I'm far behind because I couldn't come on for a couple days, can someone catch me up?
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  9. We're still waiting for everyone to be ready to go on the tour. It's now Nova, Cassie, Kezian, James and Adrian there i think. Maybe missed someone
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  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    oh I edited my post, I made it that Garrett bumped into Nova instead of Michelle
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  11. Name: Astra King
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fire Spirit
    Personality: She can be hyperactive, full of energy. She’s a little bit sarcastic at times, and loves to crack jokes and pranks. She can be emotional, though, and can be very protective of those she loves. (I’m looking at you, Joel ;3)
    Appearance: Her hair is down to just above her waist, it’s short and has a short curl at the bottom which has small bits of fire coming off of it. She wears a dress. The top has short sleeves just below her shoulders, along with a short, slightly puffy skirt. She also fashions high heels with some ribbon around her ankle, along with a hair band with a bow on it. In her fire spirit form, everything is the colour as her. (Orange, red, etc..) As a normal person, the top half of the dress is a pale cream colour with a thin, red ring at the bottom and the skirt is black. Her shoes are pale cream and the bow on her head is red. Her hair is blonde with highlights at the bottom. Her skin is just tanned white.
    Likes: Pranking, jokes, fire, cats, her boo which will come along soon ;3
    Dislikes: Bunnies, Chris, people who make her emotional side come out.
    Favorite food: Steak
    Favorite lesson: Lunch/recess
    Power: Pyrokinesis, fire immunity (obviously), and vampire powers later on
    Other: She can either be in her fire spirit form, the shape of a person but completely fire, or a normal person. Later in the roleplay, James (Joelkjn) will turn her into a vampire. (Fire Spirit Vampire xD)
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    Last edited: May 15, 2019
  12. @Red Gallade we kinda need a new girl to balance the dorms out so i think this will be a good thing
  13. It will and I apologize for not being more active despite saying I wanted this to be a steady pacing RP.
  14. It's fine. I understand if you don't have enough time to make posts
  15. Did you see what me and Joel messaged you on Discord? We made a group with us three so he could help me tell you xD
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  16. Also bio is done
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  17. I told you I don't use Discord much
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  18. That's probably why she asked :p

    By the way, i told her to make sure she'd nerf her powers
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  19. It’s to do with this roleplay, we could do a convo here if you want too
    We’d rather say in private
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  20. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    @Killerbunny the god Why does she need to nerf her powers? the only powers vamps have is literately Telepathy and I have parselmouth but that's my power. I don't think the other 2 are op tho
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  21. But with such a big variety of powers, she'll be OP even if the powers aren't OP
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  22. Yeah, she is, sorry and I'll try to get a new post up later.
  23. No rush. Just take your time :)
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  24. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Ya take you time no need to rush
    Still getting used to being back a little so it's fine with me
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  25. Perhaps I'll have Adrian discover his favorite food being at the cafe, thus making him already like the place.
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  26. Maybe you should. Sorry that we're not waiting for you >_<

    Pika, are you gonna respond soon?
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  27. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    I've been forgetting! Sorry, I'm not in a writing mood at all and I'm not sure how to write the post and stuff so I don't know when I'll be able to post...
  28. That's perfectly fine, it's nice to know you're helping my RP continue when I've fallen further behind than I originally intended. I did say I wanted this to be a slow and steady RP but I think I took it too far on my end.
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  29. I understand what you mean but keeping everyone else waiting isn't exactly the nicest. Adrian, Garrett, Kei and Yoaquin can interact with each other a little now that everyone else have gotten a little crazy with the posts

    I don't think you were the one who took it too far. Maybe we all did xD
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  30. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Where is everyone though? I kinda forgot...
  31. Chris, Luss and Astrapi are heading into town to eat at a restaurant and Cassie, Kezian, Nova, James, Astra, Adrian and i think Yoaquin was in the group too are going into the cafeteria (Cassie, Nova, Kezian, James and Astra are already ther though). Then there's Garrett and Kei who are somewhere doing something
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  32. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    I don't think Yoaquin was in that group...

    EDIT: I just checked, he introduced himself to the group but I don't think he went with them.
  33. Exactly why i said 'i think'. So he should still be in the main hall if he didn't go on the tour with the group
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  34. I'll try and see if I can get a post in tomorrow.
  35. @Red Gallade, I just made an NPC character for 3-4 posts to do some interesting situation (If I can't, I will erase him)
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  36. Sorry, which vampire are you referring to?
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  37. I'm talking about James. I figured it was obvious since i said it was the one with the fire spirit but apparently not. Sorry :p
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  38. 8AAB2F98-B9DD-4AB1-AF3E-5CA09417AC17.jpeg
    New treat for Adrian and any vampires out there.
    Or demons.
    Or lions. XD
  39. Very funny, also, any fliers should know there are a few flying security members to make sure your chars aren't breaking the rules and flying too high/far from the school.
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