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Private/Closed Bloodpeak Academy (A Monster School RP) Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Red Gallade, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/bloodpeak-academy-a-monster-school-rp.20855/
    It's been a long, long, LONG time ever since I made my last RP and I didn't make another because I was worried it'd be like those ones that leave after a week or two. But I then decided "Screw it, I'm rolling the dice!"
    Welcome to Bloodpeak Academy! The type of school specifically for monsters, mythical creatures or any being who prefers the more bizarre side of society than those boring everyday humans (Not that we have a bone to pick with them). Here, you don't have to be worried about being "different" or an "abomination" Bloodpeak is the place where every creature is treated as an equal. Should you feel like you belong in this school, simply tell us a bit about yourself and let us decide if you have what it takes to join Bloodpeak Academy: The school of Monsters!

    Sincerely, Principal Lucy Fire
    1: If you haven't read the Pokecharms rules, you can click here before proceeding ---> https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/
    2: No making your character overly popular/powerful.
    3: Swearing is allowed, so long as nobody goes overboard with it. (Preferably one swear word at a maximum per post)
    4: You can be any monster you want! (Preferably one known in mythology: Like Vampires, Werewolves, etc.)
    5: When making a post, make it at a minimum of four lines.
    6: Type Bloodmoon somewhere in your bio to show you've read the rules.
    7: Enjoy!

    (Preferably 15-17)
    (The school doesn't have a dress code, so style away!)
    Favorite food:
    (You can be creative here)
    Favorite lesson:

    Name: Adrian Acula
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire
    Personality: While he tends to be laid back and informal, he is surprisingly kind and wouldn't hesitate to help anyone he likes or sees as 'likable.' He tries to be helpful to other people whenever he feels like it (Which tends to be a rare case).
    Appearance: His skin is so Pale, most would mistake it for White, Blood red eyes, Medium and somewhat messy Black hair and noticeable fangs. He wears a simple Black Zip up hoodie underneath a Gray jacket, Dark blue jeans and Black trainers.
    Likes: Peace and quiet, Chocolate, Cute animals and Being lazy.
    Dislikes: Loud noises, Getting dirty, Losing and Hard work.
    Favorite food: Blood and chocolate cheesecake.
    Favorite lesson: Art
    Power: Telepathy
    Other: He has a pet Cerberus named Rex. He has never seen a bloodmoon.

    Adrian Acula the Vampire (Me :3)
    Boris Blevine the Werewolf (GhostlyCubone11)
    Michelle Hooper the Goblin (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)
    Garret Kane the Shadow Wolf (Shadow_Pup)
    Chris the Lycantrope and Cassie the Demigod (Both Killerbunny)
    Astrapi the Dragon and Kezian the water dragon (Astrapi)
    Kei Ichi the Kitsune (GalacticDeg)
    Yoaquin the Rokurokubi (PrincessPika)
    Nova the Demon (Jodie.xox.)
    Lussuria the Incubus (Clite of Dragonbow)

    Kevin the Werefox and Baley the Satyr (Magic and Gardening, Astrapi)
    Mr. Reaper the Grim Reaper (History, Shadow_Pup)
    Ashley the Fire Genasi (P.E., IDKWhatUserNameToDo)
    Count Victor the Vampire, Jean Zender the Demigod and Bodo Proudfoot the Hobbit (Math, Science and English, Killerbunny)
    Morgan the Shapeshifter and Penny the Ghost (Animal Care and ICT, Jodie.xox)
    Rhapsody the Siren (Music, PrincessPika)
    Tyrone the Centaur (Art, Me :3)

    Animal Care

    If they're bold, it means they're made/taken.

    Dorm 1:
    Kei Ichi the Kitsune, Chris the Lycanthrope and Kezian the Dragon

    Dorm 2:
    Astrapi the Dragon and Lussuria the Incubus

    Dorm 3:
    Adrian Acula the Vampire and Yoaquin the Rokurokubi

    Dorm 4:
    Nova the Demon and Cassie the Demigod

    Dorm 5:
    James the Vampire and Astra the Fire Spirit
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  2. (I may as well join.)

    Name: Boris Blevine
    Age: 15
    Species: Werewolf
    Personality: Boris is childish, liking to play around. He always looks on the bright side, and is fun for most people to be around. But, he can be serious at some times, and you don’t want to mess with him when he is. He wont hesitate to stand up to anyone.
    Appearance: Boris has light skin, with a small scar over his left eye. He has messy brown hair, wears a light-blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and worn out black sneakers. He grows his wolf ears and tail if he is surprised or scared. When he is in his wolf form, he has brown fur, and his left fang hangs out of his mouth.
    Likes: Making new friends, running around, playing pranks, and watching videos of the blood moon.
    Dislikes: Sleeping, bullies, being teased, and being scared.
    Favorite Food: Any type of meat
    Favorite Lesson: Music
    Other: He can control his power, but if he feels a lot of one emotion, like fear or anger, his wolf ears and tail may come out.

    (Let me know if I need anything else.)
  3. Yes
    As I said on your profile I was planning on a similar type of a RP, so here's my Bio

    Name: Michelle Hooper

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Species: Goblin

    Personality: Michelle is quite an extroverted character, who can be easily distracted with literally anything and can't hold still for long. She also likes to play pranks on people and isn't usually serious at anytime, always cracking jokes, fooling around and nearly always seen with a big grin on her face. She often interrupts others and even herself to point out something or to tell something, like a "shower thought" or a "fun fact" or just something completely random and then forget what she was saying in the first place. The small goblin is also quite the prankster and rebel, often carrying something mischievous in her backpack.

    Appearance: Michelle stands at the height of 3'4", which is quite tall for a goblin and quite helpful with running away or being stealthy and her body build is average, slightly leaning towards slim. She has pale green skin, an slight oval shaped face, with big pointed ears and a big slightly pointy nose. She has big dark brown eyes and her dirt brown hair is uncontrollably curly, so that she wears it in a ponytail, and if worn open it would probably reach just past her shoulders if she took a few strands of hair and stretched them downwards. She has few piercings on her ears, two on the right one and one in the left ear. She tends to wear a white t-shirt with a big, black skull print on the lowers right part, the skull looks like it was splashed on the t-shirt with two white x's on where the eyes should be. The t- shirt is accompanied with a plain black hoodie with a zipper and she also wears a pair of grey sweat pants worn with black sneakers that have white highlights. (I'll maybe do a quick drawing of her at some point)

    collecting stuff (especially small, shiny things), pranks, poking stuff and being outside

    Silence, being still for longer than 5 minutes, people calling her cute and brushing her hair

    Favorite food:
    any type of a potato

    Favorite lesson: Art/Crafts and sports

    Power: N/A

    She has only seen the Blood moon once
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  4. @GhostlyCubone11 A werewolf eh? Nice, you're accepted.

    @IDKWhatUserNameToDo Glad to have you with me and great bio, very descriptive. (Makes me want to edit mine a bit more lol) You're also accepted.
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  5. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Name: Garrett Kane
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shadewolf (he is a shade who became a werewolf (Shadow = shade, Pup = werewolf, get it)
    Personality: Garrett is kind, loyal and creative. He is usually quite friendly and gets along well with others, he does get nervous and awkward around pretty girls and has a small fear of heights.
    Appearance: Garrett is tall, muscular and slender. He has black hair and pale grey eyes. His eyes and body have a slight expulsion/aura of shadow. He wears a pair of black skinny jeans, a light grey tank-top, a smooth leather jacket with a design like my profile pic on the back and a pair of black boots. He carries a dark grey and black, wooden guitar strapped on his back. His wolf form is a shadowy version of a normal grey werewolf.
    Likes: Singing, playing the guitar, making people jump and friends
    Dislikes: Bullies, obnoxious people, tests and music haters
    Favorite food: Light (He's a shade, they absorb light and live in shadows)
    Favorite lesson: Music
    Power: Shadow Manipulation and Wolf Transformation (described in appearance)
    Other: He is a very talented singer.

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  6. @Shadow_Pup Interesting choice of species I must say, you're accepted nonetheless.
  7. And I just realized I forgot to add something important to the bio.
  8. Name: Fanklin Xena (frank)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: beetle human
    Personality: Frank is an awkward, sensitive and scared kid who can easily be put down and scared.
    likes: Soft animals, Friends, flying, food, cooking, baking, and feeling accepted.
    Dislikes: Fighting, being laughed at, discrimination, bullying.
    Favorite food: He eats normal food but prefers bugs.
    Favorite lesson: Anything other than PHE
    Power: He can lift 7 times his own weight which is 200kg he can fly for round 15 minutes at a time. He has an exoskeleton which is as hard as steel
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  9. I want to join! Just gonna make a new OC first cause i need a new one
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  10. Just a question; can i be a demigod? Just wondering
  11. What do you mean by that? Do you mean like a powerful creature of mythology, because the principal s supposed to be a Devil, but she's not meant to hold the powers of a godly being; the creatures are allowed to have a few of their traits (Like vampires turning into bats) but definitely nothing that would make them OP.

    Also @Thomas the trainer is accepted.
  12. I was talking about something out of the books of Percy Jackson (but not that OP of course, like at most heal yourself with water or teleport/camouflage using shadows. These three powers are suggestions of powers from Poseidon and Hades)
  13. I suppose that could work, why don't you make your bio and show me what kind of creature you plan to add?
  14. So now i've got a little bit of a problem cause i didn't think you would allow that :'|

    I'm not done with my OC yet cause i've been so fixated on what kind of creature i was gonna be and now i just decided on a lycanthrope. Would it be fine if i have two OC's?
  15. So long as you separate who's doing what in order to avoid confusion.
  16. I always separate my OC's into different parts in my posts
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  17. Oof. Finally. I'm done

    Name: Chris(topher)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Species: Lycanthrope

    Personality: He’s pretty mischievous and have a small sadistic side. He can’t feel guilt or shame but he can feel anger which makes him dangerous. Despite his douchey behaviour he doesn’t fall behind in school. He’s actually pretty smart.

    Appearance: He has two forms; a human one and a wolf one. In his human form he has short black hair with grey streaks in it and have a slight muscular build (like a swimmer). He’s dressed in clothes that matches his fur when his in wolf mode (which is black with streaks of grey in it), mostly a black and grey hoodie and the same color on a par of jeans. He has shifting eyes, depending on what time of the month it is. If it’s not close to a full moon he has green eyes but when the full moon arrives, he has yellow eyes.

    Likes: He likes to scare people and make their day bad. Especially the closer to a full-moon it is.

    Dislikes: ‘wimpy’ kids. He feel like they are just begging to be bullied

    Favorite food: Blood steak

    Favorite lesson: History because he loves finding out more about his own species

    Powers: Supernatural senses, supernatural speed and supernatural strength (and of course the wolf transformation)

    Other: Bloodmoon

    Name: Cassie (Cassidy)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Species: Demigod (daughter of Hades)

    Personality: Cassie is a sarcastic and straightforward girl with a sense of justice and will atleast try to beat up anyone who picks on her or her friends.

    Appearance: She’s quite short, 5’7, but still quite terrifying when she’s angry. It’s possible to mistake her for a guy, even if you’re up close to her. She wears a black tank top underneath a dark blue hoodie with the hood on her head most of the time and a pair of black jeans. She have one skull ring and one snake ring on her right index finger and little finger. She also have a necklace with a snake surrounding a sword. Her hair is long and black. She has one dark red and one almost completely black eye (it's dark grey)

    Likes: To be alone most of the time.

    Dislikes: When people call her short (seriously, don’t call her short. That’s a warning) and to be mistaken for a guy

    Favorite food: Waffles

    Favorite lesson: Religion

    Powers: Can teleport using shadows and camouflage herself inside them

    Other: Bloodmoon. She has received a dead wolf from her dad as a present. Also, she’s a lesbian
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  18. @Killerbunny A pair of interesting characters you have there (one looking more evil than the other). Both of them are accepted.
  19. Thanks. So is the roleplay started already or are you waiting for more people?
  20. I'm just gonna wait for a few more people before I get started.
  21. Also, I don't feel like being that guy who mentions people to ask if they can join; I'm just gonna leave the line cast and see who bites.
  22. I understand. I'm the same way
  23. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Name: James
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Name: Vampire
    Personality: He doesn't see the point with emotions apart from Anger and Hatred as they can be used against someone he doesn't like. He can control his emotions really good so most of the time he is "emotionless". He does not see the point with friends either but Allies is a thing he can see a point of having
    Power: Telepathy (all vamps have it)

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    (Picture not mine)
    His snake Nagini
    Dislikes: Almost everyone.
    Favorite food: Blood
    Favorite lesson: Math
    Other: He has a snake as pet (see pic. It can be smaller if you think it's to big) Also when he is bored he plays the acoustic guitar


    Attached Files:

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  24. Oof. And here i thought you were gonna have the girl one. Oh and Gallade have a pet Cerberus so i don't think your snake is too big

    @Red Gallade i forgot to add something in Cassie's bio. Just gonna fix that real quick
  25. @Joelkjn the fox Interesting character look and another vampire as well, you're accepted.
  26. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Ohhhh This looks very interesting! I'd love to join

    Name: Astrapi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Anthropomorphic Dragon
    Personality: Stubborn, feisty, loyal, dreamer, Strives to achieve what she thinks is right. She has a habit of lashing out with her claws when stressed or angry at certain someones. She is very sympathetic towards close ones and not afraid to cry
    Pics not by me
    She wears a dark purple Scarf/Bandana, and blue and aqua hoodie and jeans, as well as black gloves (shown above).
    She can change the colour of her scales however tends to stay greyish-indigo. She can breathe indigo fire
    She wears a crystal necklace and is obsessed with gems. She is around 7"6'
    Likes: Gems, Stargazing, being alone, Art, Singing, flying
    Dislikes: People who get on her nerves, crowds of people, being unable to fly
    Favorite food: Pepperoni Pizza. Only pepperoni though. And never pineapple. She likes bacon, too
    Favorite lesson: Art
    Power: Flying, fire breathing and undiscovered aerokinesis/lightning powers
    Other: Most active during a bloodmoon

    Kneazles have large ears, a lynx like face, long bushy tail tip, and the uncanny ability to always know the way home.
    Name: My song is in my sword (Song)
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  27. A dragon, @AstrapiDappletail is also accepted.

    Important note: When I officially make this RP, I will make a conversation for everyone to separate the random talk about the RP from the actual discussion on how we can advance with it.
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  28. Oof. I assume that is based on your experiences with me and Jodie?
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  29. Better safe than sorry.
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  30. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    I would hope so. On my ready player one RP Killerbunny and Jodie where like "KINGS OF THE DISCUSSION"
  31. I like that title very much.

    So are you waiting for more people or are you gonna start the roleplay? Not asking to stress you out but to make this comment have something related to the roleplay
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  33. I'm gonna wait for a few more people before we start.
  34. ...this couldn't have come at a better time... xD
  35. I saw you asking to start the roleplay so I had to post that fast. @Killerbunny
  36. Oh don't worry, you have plenty of time.
  37. I was just asking that so my comment would have something related to the roleplay. Not to make anyone feel stressed. Sorry :'|
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  38. Name: Kei Ichi. (kei = lucky , ichi = one . In Japan it would probably not be 'lucky one' but I tried.)
    Age: 16.
    Gender: Male.
    Species: Kitsune.
    Personality: Kei has a lack of self-confidence, due to his entire life's backstory (in Other), and that can lead him to do stuff like not try or give up in tricky situations. However, although he lacks that trait, he is naturally kind and polite, and (although he doesn't realise), he is someone who would give up everything to get someone something small. If you hadn't guessed, he's usually quiet.
    Appearance: Normally, Kei is a cream-coloured fox with two tails, red tips to the fur on his head and black bead-like eyes. As a human, he's a small teen, being only 5'3", and he's quite slim too. Kei's hair in this form is very stereotypical for an anime main character, being slightly spiky and ruffled (look at characters like Deku from BnHA or Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach), it keeps the same colour as his Kitsune fur- a cream blonde with red tips at the edge. His skin is very pale- nearly matching the colour of his hair, and his eyes have fully black pupils. Last but not least, he keeps the tails in whatever form he takes.
    Commonly, his clothes are whatever's trending in modern Japan, right now being a black jacket/coat, white or black t-shirt, maybe with a logo on, blue jeans and black sneakers. He also has a black leather backpack.
    Likes: Japanese culture, his uncle, people treating him nice, creativity.
    Dislikes: His family, concepts like dishonesty and injustice, being treated wrong.
    Favorite food: Onigiri.
    Favorite lesson: Art. It's the only thing he actually finds confidence in.
    Other: Being a kitsune with only two tails, Kei was disliked- if not hated, by his family- one of the more powerful kitsune families in Japan. All his life, since he was born, he received this hate, and he couldn't deal with it- constantly having outbursts of tears in his room. He heard about this school through a letter to reach his room, and decided to do something to get there. There was one person he knew he could trust, one of his uncles (the relative would constantly argue with his dad about Kei's treatment), and the uncle agreed to take him to the school, he had already been thinking about it. Bloodmoon.

    His powers as a kitsune include illusions and telekinesis. He can also place curses, but he hasn't learnt how yet. I guess he would also have a disguise power but that's only works to human and back.

    How many people are we on?
  39. I counted and we have 9 people interested now. Your OC is very interesting, Deg. It's gonna be fun to roleplay in this one :)

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