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Bloodless Hall of Written Wonders

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Bloodless, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Yes, I write. Mostly poetry, but occasionally I attempt something more.

    Well, for now, some poetry.

    Some of my favorites:

    The Hounds
    Of War

    Time and time when all is lost,
    Victory after victory has been achieved
    At whatever the cost.
    When and when there is no way
    Defeat after defeat then warps the will.
    Thus the hounds of war begin to bay.
    Howl after howl pierces the fog.
    Sharpened and sharpened yet again,
    Their great claws thunder through the bog.
    More and more all hearts did tremble.
    One by one in unison, the adversaries did take flight
    As the howls reached a crescendo.
    Tried and they did with all their might.
    Escape oh escape could not by secured
    From this ravenous, marauding blight.
    Crushing and crushing is the renewed violence.
    Trapped endlessly trapped until death.
    Unheeded by their heart gagged in silence.
    Insatiable beyond insatiable is their desire.
    Ominous so ominous is their sight.
    To bring the world onto a funeral pyre.
    Plead we plead to end this chaos.
    Trap and trap the hounds of war
    And end this great cycle vicious.


    My skull screams in pain,
    As the human static gains.
    Free, free I long to be,
    From this ailment suffered by me.
    Like a hammer striking the steel,
    The noise lays siege to my ears.
    My head feels ready to burst,
    For my blessing is also my curse.
    I can't really smell the sweet scents,
    But I hear the smallest footsteps.
    This gives the noise greater power,
    So I feel the urge to cower.
    When the shouts turn brazen,
    I start looking for a haven.
    I avoid the vociferous crowd,
    For their volume is way too loud.
    My head feels ready to burst,
    For my blessing is also my curse.

    So what do you think?
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