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Blonde Moments in Battling

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Gotta thank Linkachu for the inspiration of this topic name--hope it doesn't offend anyone.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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  3. My signature style is abusing moves that drain hp over time, which can backfire really easily if you aren't thinking clearly.

    Once I was double battling and my opponent sent out something with rather beefy defense (can't remember what it was off the top of my head) and I decided to poison tail it and hope for the best. It took a chunk out of its hp and poisoned it, which would be great, but I forgot to switch to my defensive strategy and ended up using toxic next turn on the already poisoned pokemon.

    They earthquaked me and double killed, it cost me the game.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    The only moment I can say I've ever had that comes close to being stupid is the somewhat well-known story involving Cheryl's Chansey in Eterna Forest. I was using Machop teaming up with Chansey, and I accidentally selected Chansey as the attack target for Low Kick. Rather predictably, Chansey was OHKO'd from full HP by my attack, leaving me to face a 2 vs 1 situation with Machop, which I still managed to win.

    Lesson learned from this: When choosing your attack target in a double battle, it helps to look at the touch-screen.
  5. I have a fair share, most being the same thing.

    Sometimes in wi-fi battling, when I'm using my Dragonite (or Riolu if they're using weak Pokemon), I often tap the wrong move. For Dragonite, it's usually because both the moves I use the most with her are both elemental punches >> But yeah, that's pretty much it.
  6. Most of the dumb stuff I've done is in the beginning of my Pokemon days. While I was up against Fantina in Diamond for the badge, I kept using Cut on her Mismagius, wondering why it was missing. Thankfully, I later switched in with my Empoleon to pwn them with Aqua Jet.
  7. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
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    There has been many a time when I've Thunderbolted a Pokemon that has no business being Thunderbolted. I do have moments when all typing and reason go straight out of the window. Since I've never, in all the history of Pokemon used a Poison type, I'm still a little hazy as to their weaknesses. I'm actually thinking of giving Nidoqueen a try at the moment, so hopefully that will change XD

    I'm also still rather bad at predicting my opponent, so accidents do happen, even when the opponents move would be extemely obvious to anyone else.

    Got to mention my battle with LoN and Sophia, if only because it took me THREE attacks, and three Pokemon to realise what I was up against
  8. Oh geez, where to begin...

    I have to say that my biggest blonde moment was when I played Yellow and tried to beat Brock the same way Ash did. Trying to use only Pikachu. I learned the hard way that the anime is far different from the game right then.
  9. I don't battle too much so I don't have many stories. But I find myself messing up type effectivities all the time.

    More than once I've used Ground attacks on Flying Pokemon, because some part of my brain assumes that a bird hitting the ground would be super effective. Of course the part that knows birds can fly above the ground decides not to speak up.

    My friend and I used to battle all the time, and she'd always kill me with her Aerodactyl since I thought it seemed invincible. A coupla times it came down to just my Salamence and that Aerodactyl, and it'd win every time. I only realized I could have Thunder Fang'd it with my 'Mence when she told me. I felt dumb :p
  10. Haven't had too many recently because I think most of the time cuz I'm one of the people that played in the old days. Sorta a vet if you will. Started with Gold and Silver then bought red and so forth. Now years later I still make a few mistakes.

    Sometimes I think a Pokemon has a certain ability til I remember it doesn't. Against a Metagross at the Battle Factory in Platinum, I thought it had Levitate cuz most Psychics and Ghosts do if they have a ground weakness. Turns out Metagross has Clear Body and I finally remembered it and pwned it with Earth Power.

    I have had other moments, but I don't really remember them. I think I've tried to use Earthquake on Gengar a few times though.... That's how I usually beat it in 2nd Gen. Grab a Geodude with Magnitude and pwn it. But not anymore....

    Just kidding..don't kill me >>'

    Anyways the only blonde moment I have had (or that I can remember) is when I use surf in a double battle with a fire/ground type out at the same time hurting myself a lot x.x
  12. Nim


    My dumnest moment was in silver when i was trying to catch a weak ditto and I went into the pack and without even thinking i chose thr masterball. What made the situation worse was that i saved afterwards and it was only the next day that my friend told me the ild turning off without saving trick.
    Im sure you can imagine how I felt. ::)

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