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Blisk's Sprite Zone - Comments Needed

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Blisk, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Finally learned how to sprite - somewhat. I have always though it was cool, but I never knew how. So far, I've only done a couple Chaos.


    They're supposed to be Pichu and Pikachu respectively. I scratched the ears and tails.

    Please criticize them. I want to get better and the only way I can is if people comment.
  2. These are actually really good chaos. Of all the ones I've seen these are some of the better ones :p The ears on Pichu are a bit too short, and a bit stubby, but otherwise that one looks great. I love the ears on Pikachu. ^ ^
  3. They look pretty good, but I just have to say, you have a stray white pixel on the top left of that Pikachu that you might want to clean up.
  4. I think that occurred when I was making it transparent. I didn't even notice it til you brought it up.

    Thanks for the commenst! I agree with you on the ears, Vira. I never liked em. I was trying to be different than Pikachu's and resulted in stubby ear tops. I should work on scratching, but eh. These are my first sprites ever.
  5. Nim


    Oh man they look awesome! I like the pikachu one better though for some reason. Keep at it cause those look realy good for your first ones.

    Sorry I cant give any advice because ive never done this before, I just wanted to say how good they looked :)
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think they look pretty darn good, considering they're your first ones as well. Aside from the stray white pixel mentioned by Xatu, they're neatly done and your scratching fits in perfectly. As Virachan said, Pichu's ears seem a little short, but Pikachu is perfect. Super cute ^___^

    They're both far, far better than I could do :p

    I'm really looking forward to seeing more. Methinks there's some awesome potential here
  7. I really need to do more. I just haven't had time and I prefer making signatures over spriting (spriting's still fun) so whenever I was using Photoshop, I was making sigs.

    Thanks for the comments you two. And I like Pikachu better too.

    I really should do more...
  8. they are looking pretty good I think we are using the same outlines too :p I kinda like the lack of facial features, makes em look like dolls a bit.
  9. I found a tutorial somewhere and it said to use the template so I did. Haha. And thanks. I NEED to make more. I wanna sprite, but I don't have the motivation for some reason
  10. Not too much of an update, but this is my first fusion. This is a Huntail and Gorebyss fusion.


    Please comment too so I can see how I did in your guys' eyes.
  11. Sorry but I really dont like the Huntail Gorebyss fusion. It looks like you took a Huntail, added the Gorebyss tail thing, and tried to recolor it but got lazy and didn't do the shaded spots. Literally used the paint bucket tool once.
  12. I can see why you don't like it. I actually took the shaded part from Gorebyss and put it onto the shaded parts of Huntail. I also used the pencil tool the entire time. I have no idea how to do the paint bucket without making the entire thing one color. Please don't slash my work just because it doesn't look good. It was my FIRST ever. I'm sorry it didn't reach your standards on simplicity...
  13. Really what I'm saying is that it looks too much like a Huntail and you shouldn'y have made the shaded/non shaded parts the color differences. It just gives off a WIP vibe. And doesn't look good? It is a sprite, all it really is is looks.

    I suggest you make the whole sprite with a Gorebyss color sceme; to balance out how much it looks like a Huntail and how much it looks like a Gorebyss.
  14. Thanks for actually giving criticism instead of just saying it doesn't look like I put effort into. THAT's why I post em in the first place. I am just trying to learn how to sprite cuz it looks cool, but I'm not the best at it. I am just trying. Next time, I'll look at it differently I guess...

    And all I was saying, consider other things about the sprite than just looks, like the person's skill before being so harsh...

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