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Blisk's Sigs

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Blisk, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. So I'm making another thread since my other one's in hell... Well, close enough.

    I now take requests from anyone. Also, no more than one request can be requested from someone in two weeks (You have to wait two weeks after you request to make another). Also, if you don't use the provided form, I will not do your request.

    Signature Form
    Text and Font:
    Anything Else You Want:

    Here are some examples of my work:









  2. Well, what can I say, y'r arts are very good. I can recognize there Naturia Barkion (yay for Yu-Gi-Oh :D), and also there's Axel and Sora (BTW the right should be "Like... is any of this for real... or not?)(also ya for Kingdom Hearts :D), and obviously some pokémon that any user from this site can recognize. But yeah, they're really cool, I'd give ya 8 (cause 10 is for something perfect, and even though there's nothing wrong with y'r sigs, 10 is for something incrediblawesometastic).
  3. He can put whatever text he wants - if the quote needs shrinking, it does.

    Great to see you back, Blisk :D Don't feel any pressure into taking requests - you don't need to, although if you do take them, I would expect a lot. Lots of people like to make them since you left and returned o.o'
  4. I didn't said he should do it that way. I just said that because I though he forgot how it was. In no way I meant that he was wrong or that he should redo that. I said it was the right way, but only because that's how it's said on the opening.
  5. I don't really remember too much why I have that. It's either I couldn't remember the exact quote and/or I couldn't fit it. If you look, I doubt I could fit that whole thing there.

    Thanks. :D

    I will probably, just not until after I get back from Montana if I do. Do you mean I shouldn't expect a lot because there are lots of people making them?
  6. I mean, you SHOULD expect a lot of requests. This is because it appears there are a lot more people going around requesting since you returned :p

    Clearer? ^^;
  7. Ahh.... *facepalm* I was thinking since there were more people making, there would be less wanting mine.
  8. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Nice to see you back once more, Blisk. ^^ I hope in your time away you traveled the world and learned new sigging techniques from masters from the various corners of the globe. :V

    Randomness aside~, welcome back and I look forward to seeing what you make in the future. ^^
  9. Well thank thee. I hope I can live up to your standards. XD The Beedrill sig is new, but no new technique with it.

    Announcement, people, about requests. I've decided I will, but I can't until I get back from my trip (I leave, theoretically, Saturday, weather pending) because I'll be away from my main computer. I will only accept requests from people who have 80+ posts or a select few that I know are well respected members in the community from before I left. More details will come after I return. (I'll still be on 'Charms, just no GIMP. :p )
  10. I would think your sig thread is closer to heaven then hell
  11. I don't know what to make of this one... I like it, but yet I hate it. I guess I just don't like the style I have with this one. :/


    Tis a Google sig. I don't have an Android, but that's my dream phone. I do use Chrome and Chrome OS (on the ChromeBook. ♥) though. I didn't do text because whenever I do, I don't like how it comes how. I just need to learn how to do text well. XD Comments on this sig?

    Once I figure out a new system, I'll accept requests from people with 80+ posts or people from the old 'Charms (before nukage) that I recognize.
  12. Hot dayum, I'm loving that new Google sig o: I love how, even with all the effects in the background, the Chrome symbol still manages to retain its' shininess :> I also really like the way everything blends in and is all like half-transparent, but you can still make out everything. o u o

    I would reply moar but I'm on my 'pod so it'd take forever c:

    Can't wait to see more~! ♥
    #12 Tunolipede, Dec 31, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  13. Why, thank you. I think the reason I have so much turmoil about this one is because I didn't do a whole lot. It just seems like a bit too simplified as a sig. Of course, that could be seen as a positive because sometimes sigs (even mine sometimes) are too complicated and don't look too great.

    Thanks for going through the strain of typing on a 'pod and replying with such nice words. <33 (I also see that you are using that Froslass sig I made you a long time ago and finally got to you. *feels special*)

    Edit: Forgot the word "sig" and it changed the context. I should sleep. It's late where I am...
    #13 Blisk, Dec 31, 2010
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  14. I do requests now for people with 80+ posts! See the first post for details!
  15. Wow O-O

    Why have I not come here before.

    I must iron my hands.

    With steam.


    I love them all, especially the Charmander one. I like the effects you've done on the Lucario and Zoroark, it gives it a nice texture.


    But that's not all.

    Image: Oathkeeper Keyblade on one side and Oblivion Keyblade on the other (if you can find better pictures, go ahead and use them, I just want the two keys to be separate)

    Text and Font: 'Aaron and Daniel, Twins forever.' Could Aaron's name be in black, and Daniel in white, while all the other words are in any shade of grey you like.

    Background/Theme: On the side of the Oathkeeper could it be all white, while and the Oblivion side could it be all black, with a Yin-Yang symbol in the middle of the two.

    Anything Else You Want: Could Aaron's name be on the Oathkeeper's side, while Daniel's is on the Oblivion side, and put all the other text where you want to. Also, may Dinova use the sig as well?

    Thank you~
  16. I'd like a request please!

    Image: Togekiss, just the official art
    Text and Font: Happiness shines forever.
    Background/Theme: Sort of lit up, but with soft colors, like white yellow, and orange., What I mean by lit uo is like very light and airy.
    Anything Else You Want: Togekkiss to be on the right.
  17. I would also like to request

    Image: may it have all the ghost types you can think of but only the final evo (Gengar, Dusknoir, etc)
    Backround: A dark mist
    Writing: Ghosts For Ghosty
  18. I was not expecting requets, let alone so many. :3

    I'll get on these. Just thought that I'd let you all know that I know about them. XD

    Thanks for all the compliments~♥
  19. These are so cool, Blisk. xD I wish i could request. My fav is the Silver Tiger one. :D
  20. Very awesome work there!
  21. Updates!

    First of all, here's Blazi's request:


    I think it turned out fairly well. The reason for the lack of effects is because you said "all black" and "all white". If you want me to do more, just tell me. The yin-yang is somewhat transparent, so that's a gradient you're seeing underneath it on the black side of the symbol.

    Next, here's a sig I made myself. Tis my Feraligatr, Ali. She is also the Pokemon of one of my OCs.


    I've decided to remove the 80 post rule, but I can say no. The other 2 requests I have left will be completed soon.

    Thanks for the compliments, Phanes and PKMN Trainer L. ♥

    Thank you sooooooo much!

    It's going in mah sig right away~

    I just need your permission to give it to Dinova as well, if it's okay with you~

  23. Sure. It's yours now. Your free to do with it as you wish. (Except alter it/claim it as yours. :p )

    Others, I have not forgotten your requests. Yesterday and today, I was taking Hunter's Education so I was busy. (I was gone today from 6 AM to 6 PM). They're coming up.
  24. Hello again Blisk! Can I make a request?

    Remember these?

    You may have noticed that my new name no longer contains 2's. In that regard, here is my request:

    Image: The above two.
    Text and Font: Keep it that same, but change "2Cycloneblaze2" to just "Cycloneblaze".
    Background/Theme: No change.
    Anything Else You Want: Nada.

    Thank you in advance! =D

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