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Blisk's Hall of Art

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Blisk, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. I decided I should post some of my art. Some meaning all. Including doodles.

    This is a picture of Vegeta I drew. I'm pretty proud of it, except his chin and the fact that I need to learn how to shade.

    Failed attempt at a Dark Magician. Horrible hands.

    New York Godzilla. I doodled this in German 2 on a whiteboard.

    Crystalized Grass - Photo
    Looked cool so I took a picture when we had frost. Photography is still art, yes?

    Aquatic Creature

    Comments encouraged!
  2. I thought I'd split them up a little so that they're easier to look at. This contains only stuff done in Photoshop

    Waterfall - Photoshop

    Time Warp - Photoshop.

    Time Tunnel - Photoshop

    Whirlpool - Photoshop

    Ocean Ripplel - Photoshop

    Hypnotic Swirl - Photoshop

    Hydra Silhouette - Photoshop
    I'm really proud of this one, considering I made it with just the smudge tool.

    Foamy the Dolphin - Photoshop
    What can I say? I was bored.

    Flame - Photoshop

    Crystal Ice - Photoshop

    Aqua Sphere - Photoshop

    Please comment! :)
  3. My favorite would have to be Time Warp. I just love the motion effect it has. Almost as if I was shooting through the Warp.
  4. Thanks! I really like how it turned out. I like Time Tunnel a lot too. Those two are some of my favorites.
  5. You seem to love to make spirals. I am quite fond of Aura sphere as it both references Pokemon and is rather interesting to look at. It seems to move, even though it's still.
  6. It's called Aqua Sphere (easy mistake), but I actually didn't connect it to Pokemon. Great idea though. I should create a darker one called Aura Sphere. Thanks. I shall do that and post it.
  7. *chuckles*

    Silly me. I shouldn't read so fast all the time. I'm still glad you like the idea.
  8. Here's a doodle I made on iScribble on 12/15. I thought it turned out pretty cool. Tis a ghost wearing a santa hat. I think it needs a beard....
  9. All Pokemon that I draw are from a reference (as in I'm looking at it while drawing). I am horrible at most things without a reference unless I'm making it up.

    A Totodile I drew. I am so proud of this it isn't even funny. It looks pretty good in my eyes. Hopefully you agree. I am so proud because it is the first thing of mine that doesn't suck, in my opinion, that I've drawn.

    A Dragonite. I don't like how this turned out, but hey, it's my first attempt at a Dragonite. Wings look horrible and so does its feet. The thing that's randomly there next to his right arm (his right not mine) is his wing. Without color, it looks random. You can barely see it, but there are two lines right next to each other on the very left and then another near his body that represents a fold. This was fun to draw even with a ton of mistakes.
  10. I decided to mess with Photoshop, so here's my guitar edited in Photoshop. It looks like a legit design except...the DANG DATE STAMP! >=O It messed the whole thing up.....

  11. The Dragonite doesn't seem to have a neck, lol. It looks pudgy, but the proportions are okay and the tail isn't bad. I stink at tails.

    The guitar looks pretty cool. What tool did you use to get the wispy things on it?
  12. Yeah, I wasn't too happy with the Dragonite, but I just need practice.

    I just used different swirl brushes. :p

    Also, just realized the carpet looks kinda purple from when I colored the leaves, but that's not on the actual guitar itself so it doesn't look that bad.
  13. Bump

    I created a shield for English class and I wrote an ekphrasis to go along with it. I hope it's not too long for you all to read. I had to write objectively also. :p

    I also apologize for the picture being hard to see fully.


    Shield of Inspiration

    The shield, discovered long ago, was forged by an ancient artist. This artist, inspired by the work of Greeks long from long ago, created this shield with all of the skill he possesses. The shield embodies the true nature of the human, Zack.

    The true artist in Zack reveals itself with the river of crimson paint. Flowing toward the mountains, the river represents life. The fog at the end of the river signifies how no one knows their true destiny. The red paint captures Zack's love for art. In every form, art inspired his work. The shield itself was made by Zack as a work of art. The vivid river represents his infatuation with art.

    The vast sapphire mountains looming beside the river reflect the troubles and obstacles that Zack had to face in life. The ancient scrolls found beside the shield reveal that his canine had passed on the night that the shield had been finished. It is assumed that the mountains were placed in their positions in memory of her, at the beginning of what is unknown about Zack's future. The blue show the sadness he had felt that night. The immense mountains define the struggles Zack faced.

    The duo of emblems near the bottom left of the shield represent the passions that Zack had outside of art. The red Horde insignia reveals that he enjoyed World of Warcraft. His character's faction in the game was the Horde. The PokeCharms crest that lies next to the Horde emblem reflects the love Zack had for the website "PokeCharms". The insignias that lie on the shield show the computer platforms Zack supported.

    The single music note in the sky reflects another form of art that Zack loved, music. Music was a large part of his life. Listening to music everyday was a favorite activity of his. Zack also played guitar whenever he had spare time. Creating various riffs on this instrument was also a usual pastime of Zack. Zack being keen on learning and creating new songs is evident in this shield.

    The open fields on the shield signify how open Zack was. He always tried new aspects of life and never judging beforehand. Trying new foods and activities were common for Zack. Being open to new people, foods, and ideas is represented by this shield.

    Setting in the sky is the sun. The blazing sunset represents the impending death of Zack. When he designed the sunset, he thought of death as a natural part of life. Everything passes on, whether it is plants, animals, or even people. The setting sun represents a major part of Zack's life.

    The numerous aspects of the shield that this artist created characterize him in various ways. The insignias of the internet platforms show his love of technology. The mountains show that he suffered everyday of his life like everyone else. The fog shows that he has an unknown future. This future could contain more suffering or more joy. The music note shows his love of the fine arts. The crimson river shows Zack's fascination with art in general. Through art, Zack has shown his feelings and mood more than any other platform. Having created various forms of art helped Zack become a better artist. The sunset reflects that Zack was welcoming death. Death should not be feared, but welcomed. The shield designed by Zack has inspired other people in the true skill of art.

    I swear this was longer in Word. :p Thanks for taking the time to look at my shield and to read my ekphrasis.
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  14. Now this should be in the Hall of the Coolest School Projects Ever. You managed to tie Pokecharms into it, making it even sweeter.

    *high five*

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