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Open Bleach RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Strange events have been happening in the Soul Society as of late, people are mysteriously dying, buildings getting destroyed over night and more of such. A Captain of the Gotei 13 claims that the Arrancars from Hueco Mundo are the ones responsible for all the events that have been happening in the Soul Society as of late but the truth is, he is the one responsible for those event in order to take over the Soul Society. The Soul reapers are now invading Hueco Mundo to purged the Arrancars for a crime they did not commit, its now up to them to clear their name and uncover the true culprit before its too late. (Special thanks to @Epic_Banana for giving me this plot, also *Cut a Chicken Hollow 's head off* I summon Thee!)
    1- Follow Pokecharms rules
    2- the usual, no one liners and such
    3- Use Grammar and punctuations
    4- Swearing is allowed but don't abuse it
    5- You can have 5 characters maximum
    6- No insanely overpowered abilities
    7- Put 'Yhwach Sucks' somewhere is you form if you've read the rules
    8- Have fun

    Sealed form weapon(The weapon you use before transforming):

    If you wan to be a Shinigami, Just replace Resurrección with Zanpakuto
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  2. I'm interested, but what is Resurrección?
  3. I didn't know it was an anime. I thought it was just an idea you and BananaMan came up with. Get me?
  4. ‘Fraid I don’t, sorry.
  5. I’ve seen the first like 20 episodes, but I have a solid grasp on things like Bankai or whatever.
  6. I know parts of Bleach (Though not much, more of a Naruto/One Piece guy), it's the show where the main protagonist is half human half everything right?
  7. yeah pretty much
  8. Funny that, in any other show a character with those traits would be a total mary sue.

    "Hey my OC is half human half Saiyan/Frieza Race/Namekian/Majin/Android etc. That's legit right?"
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  9. I’ll pass, I don’t know enough to actually rp in this universe.
  10. I'll look into Bleach lore and consider it. I'll give you an answer by tomorrow.
  11. Sorrttt of. I participated in an RP a while back, but I've only seen around 10 episodes lol
  12. Nope! :p

    And I apologize for it, I really need to expand the stuff I watch...;_;
  13. Geez, you're going through ALL the shonen jump anime/manga, are you?
  14. Still haven't watched it. I'm on fairy tail right now
  15. yes
  16. Alright, I think I know enough of the show to make a bio or two.

    For the record, is this a complete AU? No cannon characters? If so, did you have any shinigami division "themes" in mind (Like one for healing, one for assasanations, one for direct combat etc.) or am I free to make a call on one divison's specialty?
  17. no cannon characters yes
    the division will have the same roles as the cannon. 4th being healers, 12th being about science, 11th being brutes, and so forth
  18. Got it, in classes right now (AFK mode) so I'll respond ASAP.
  19. Name: Asura
    Gender: Male
    Resurrección: Embriaguez (Secrets a toxin that disrupts an opponent's senses; sapping them of their strength like a poison)
    Sealed form weapon(The weapon you use before transforming): Katana
    Appearance: Before entering his Resurreccion, Asura is over average height for a young adult male with a skinny, if not scrawny build. Dark skin with black eyes and short, spiky black hair. Hals half of the top of a hallow mask on his head with a horn on it. Wears a white coat with black boots. Upon activating his Resurreccion, Asura transforms into a more muscular white-skinned brute with blank black eyes and long spiky red hair. His mouth and nose as covered with a white mask with three horns on it.
    Personality: Anti-social and a man of few words. Characterized by most as a "downer" who often views things in a negative. Due to his own past experiences, among other factors, has a strong self loathing and desires to find some meaning in his life. If tactical and often uses psychological warfare; using insults or whatever he can to cause his opponents to mentally "slip" to give him an advantage.
    Other: Loves nature and animals. Is a drunk. Yhwach Sucks.

    Will edit this for more detail. Hope this works for now.
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  20. So your resurrection form is a drunk man?
  21. No, he makes other people "drunk" and weaker. Though I imagined it being a more poison-like effect than anything else.

    Though, when you put it that way you are not totally wrong...
  22. Resurrection turns an Arrancar closer to its original form, so unless your character's hollow form was a drunk guy that not really a resurrection
  23. ....you make a fair point. Drunk guy he is!

    I'll add his drinking addiction to his bio later.

    Also if it reverts one to their "original" form why does this Ulquiorra guy have two forms?
  24. That's his thing, he's the only arrancar that has achieved a second resurrection
  25. I'm aware of that, I was just asking "why" though?

    I'll take a shot in the dark and saw it was "just because" or something like that.
  26. Btw you forgot to put the thing in your bios
  27. Alright, I put the line in his Other section. Hope it works.
  28. Bios:
    Name: Brian Ursa
    Gender: Male
    Resurrección: Maul, Oso(gains an extreme strength boost and the ability to bend earth)
    Sealed form weapon(The weapon you use before transforming): a shovel
    Appearance: is a fairly tall man who is decently buffed, has medium brown hair Andy tanned skin, wears an open white jacket, withe pants and black boots, wears a white bear pelt on his back with the head laid on his right shoulder(that's his mask remains). After resurrection, his upper body becomes that of a bear(still white) and gets very bulky, half of his face gets covered by a bear skull, his lower body stays humain except for his feets that gets a bear like shape and is now wearing white shorts.
    Personality: he is smart, likes to thinks things through before performing actions, very patient and a great hunter, has a good sense of humor
    Other: Yhwach really sucks
  29. You still didn't add rule number 5 to your bio
  30. What do you mean, it's right there. Not like I just edited it in or anything /s

    Also I assume that is a character in the series you do not like.
  31. Yeah, he's the main villain of the final arc in the manga, he's a really bad character that the only personality trait seem to be "being overpowered" beside that he has like now character
  32. Ah, the worst kind of villain. Funny enough, I could say the same about Jiren from the latest Dragon Ball Arc.

    Though they are starting to make him a cocky bastard, which could make him more entertaining.
  33. just barely. I know some of the basic rules and properties of a shinigami and the hollows, but I don't know much. This is all I do know (or think I know):

    -Hollows are evil spirits, fulls (I think they were called that) are good spirits. It is a soul reaper's (shinigami's?) job to escort fulls to the soul society while slaying hollows.

    -A hollow's weakspot is their head

    -A human can become a soul reaper if an existing soul reaper lends him power by driving their weapon into their heart; this is how protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki became one.

    -Each Soul Reaper's weapon is different, from what i've seen, and can even achieve a higher form called a "Bankai" (I know very little about that.)

    -There are other forms of attacks as well such as Ceros (Again, don't know much about the subject).

    -A gigai is a portable, temporary body a Soul Reaper can possess.

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