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Blaziken's Pokecharms Day Trivia Contest!

  1. Well, after kicking my feet up for the weekend, I'm back with a double dose of quiz fun this week. Today's special Pokecharms Day quiz will run through until Friday, and on Friday the scores and answers will be posted just before this weekend's quiz goes up.

    Even though this is a special quiz, it still counts towards this season's scores - so be sure to give it a go!

    You may or may not know this, but the roots of this quiz itself go all the way back to the very first Pokecharms Day celebrations in 2004, where the two main competitions were Who's That Pokemon and the Pokequiz.

    Two years later in 2006, those two competitions returned once again, and now they live on in the Weekly quiz.

    Well, 3 years later, I've hunted those two competitions out of the Pokecharms Archive room and am posing them to you again. Unfortunately, the original competitions from 2004 are long since lost, but 2006's are still available.

    There are 30 points available from the Who's That Pokemon category - no bonus points this time. And 25 points for the PokeQuiz - meaning that you could pick yourself up a potential 55 season points if you got full marks - more than enough to throw you waist deep into the running even if you haven't played before.

    As usual, all answers must be PM'd to me and you have until Friday evening GMT to get them in.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Blaziken, Mar 17, 2009.

    1. Blaziken
      Who's That Pokémon 2006!

      1. [​IMG]
      2. [​IMG]
      3. [​IMG]
      4. [​IMG]
      5. [​IMG]
      6. [​IMG]
      7. [​IMG]
      8. [​IMG]
      9. [​IMG]
      10. [​IMG]
      11. [​IMG]
      12. [​IMG]
      13. [​IMG]
      14. [​IMG]
      15. [​IMG]
      16. [​IMG]
      17. [​IMG]
      18. [​IMG]
      19. [​IMG]
      20. [​IMG]
      21. [​IMG]
      22. [​IMG]
      23. [​IMG]
      24. [​IMG]
      25. [​IMG]
      26. [​IMG]
      27. [​IMG]
      28. [​IMG]
      29. [​IMG]
      30. [​IMG]

      The Pokéquiz 2006!

      1. How many types of blocks are in Pokemon Puzzle League?

      2. In G/S, what move does Dunsparce learn at Level 26?

      3. Tropic Mail has which Pokemon printed on it?

      4. The first episode of the Japanese Pokemon Anime aired _______ of 1997.

      5. Weekly Famitsu, the definitive Japanese videogames magazine, gave Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen what score?

      6. The Japanese song "Mezase Pokémon Masutā", or translated "Aim to Be a Pokémon Master", has how many different versions?

      7. What is the level of the Pokémon TCG: Base Set Blastoise card?

      8. Which of these Pokemon is NOT one of the "bonus Pokemon" you can earn via Pokemon Stadium (US release)?

      - Bulbasaur?
      - Hitmonlee?
      - Porygon?
      - Eevee?

      9. What is the level of the Sudowoodo you can Snag in Pokemon Colosseum?

      10. Shigeru ÅŒkido (aka. Gary Oak) in the Japanese version of the Pokemon Anime is named after who?

      11. How many Pokemon appear in Pokemon Snap? (Note: Not counting the signs)

      12. What's the Pokeball used in Snap?

      13. Which of these Pokemon is NOT catchable in Pokemon Yellow?

      - Meowth
      - Caterpie
      - Bellsprout
      - Mankey

      14. What item does the Once-a-Week sibling, Santos, give you?

      15. Which of the following Pokemon did the Super Nerd you have to fight in Mt. Moon in the original games NOT have?

      - Voltorb?
      - Grimer?
      - Zubat?
      - Koffing?

      16. What's the highest level you can level up to with a Pokemon caught via the Missingno glitch?

      17. What was Omastar's reported English Beta name?

      18. Pokemon with a Sassy nature initially favour what battle method in the Battle Palace?

      19. What is the 5th location you meet Scott at along the way in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald?

      20. Which event must you beat to challenge Pichu in SSB:M?

      21. What is the name of the trainer in XD's Mt. Battle with the following team: Umbreon, Milotic, Regice, Articuno, Ludicolo?

      22. What is your Pokemon for Battle CD #23?

      23. In "Pichu Bros. Party Panic", what Pokemon was missing the party invite the Pichu Bros. found?

      24. What location is Bellossom found in Pokemon Trozei?

      25. In what area of Hey You Pikachu! can you fish for Dratini?
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