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Blaze of Glory! The Battle of Brian and Zacky

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Psycho Monkey, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: If you couldn’t tell by the title, this is a private RP. If your username is not Psycho Monkey or Natsu Dragneel please don’t post. Simple as that. That said, ride into battle!


    Standing on the bow of a ship pulling into Lilycove Harbor was a man dressed in long black pants, a black T-shirt, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. He wore a big grin as salty air blew through his spiky black hair. His blue eyes stared at the approaching coast with anticipation for whatever lay ahead. The sky was clear, the sun was bright, and the weather was comfortably warm. Yes, today was going to be a fine day.

    Brian loved Hoenn’s warm climate and natural beauty, so for the third winter in a row he made the migration to the southern region to not only escape the cold, but to relax in what he considered to be the most beautiful region in the world. Of course this was no vacation. Three months without any training would leave Brian and his Pokémon out of shape.

    Are we there yet?” questioned Axel impatiently. Axel was an Infernape, a Fire-typed monkey Pokémon, and Brian’s accomplice in whatever trouble they decided would be fun to get into. The usual Infernape had brown fur covering most of its body with the exception of white fur on its torso, feet and head that framed a long flaming mane. Axel was different than his brethren as his “brown” fur was much lighter, appearing to be gold instead. Due to being a Fire-type, the Flame Pokémon was always irritable when he and his partner had to travel by sea.

    “Relax, we’re almost to the port.” Brian told his Pokémon. Within moments the ship docked itself and a ramp was set up to allow passengers to disembark into Lilycove City.

    Finally!” Axel cheered as he stepped onto dry land for the first time in what felt like ages to the monkey. Brian laughed at his partner. He felt the same way as Axel, but for other reasons. The vessel they had arrived on was a few decades old meaning it wasn’t as sturdy as contemporary models. That meant no battles or sparring could be performed for the whole week it had taken to get from Johto to Hoenn.

    “Alright Axel. What say ye to us heading out to Route 121 for a quick sparing match?” proposed the trainer.

    Do you even have to ask? I love beating the crap out of you!” accepted the Infernape with an excited smile.

    The duo made their way through the largest city in Hoenn, weaving through skyscrapers and shops. The buildings eventually got smaller and further apart until there was nothing but open field around them. Further ahead was the forest that made up the majority of Route 121, but the field would be a more appropriate arena for a battle between man and monkey.

    However, there was a reason Brian never planned too far ahead. Things never quite go exactly as planned.

    OOC: Aaaand that is where you come in Zacky ;3
  2. Hoenn was known for its ruins, so Zacky came there to study them. He was a traveling archeologist, trying to find out the truth behind some of the ruins left behind by the people of the past. Not to mention that he wanted to battle some Hoenn Trainers.

    Zacky walked down the path of Route 121 looking pretty bummed out, his black and white checkered scarf flew in the wind as he walked down the path. He seemingly made white shorts and a black t-shirt look good with his black hair. Along side him walked a Shiny Infernape with a black belt around his waist who was doing various acrobatic moves for little to no reason.

    “Dude, I’m pretty bummed out, Natsu. I was hoping we could’ve found some dank ruins but all we found was a bunch of pissed off Absols.” He mentioned to the Infernape named Natsu. The Shiny Infernape was doing cartwheels around Zacky, possibly to annoy him or to cheer him up

    “<Hm, yeah. You’re right, most Pokémon in Hoenn are pansies compared to me.>” He said back to him as he did a back flip out of boredom.

    “You’re part Fighting you tard. Of course they seemed weak.” Zacky retorted as he rolled his eyes. Sometimes Natsu never made since at all.

    “<Pfft, doesn’t matter, I still kick Psychic and Water type Pokémon’s asses all the time!>”

    “Whatever, Monkey Man. Don’t let Nico hear that.” Zacky said in mock concern as he aimed a punch towards the monkey, naturally the Infernape dodged.

    The duo continued to walk back down the pathway towards Lilycove City to party and feast until they came upon a field. Zacky spotted a man with a golden Infernape looking like they were about to spar.

    “Yo, Natsu. Check it out; you’re not the only freakshow around here.” Zacky chided at his friend. The Shiny Infernape made a “Gurlfriend, pleeeeeeease” face and flipped Zacky off as his Trainer laughed at him. “Let’s ask them to battle!” Zacky added in excitement.

    “<Good idea, let’s show them how we Sinnohites fight!>” Natsu said giddly as he punched the air a couple times.

    “Hey man, I’m from Alto Mare. Maaaaaaajoooor difference from you, Lunchbox.”

    Zacky walked towards the field and called; “Hey! So I see you’re not from around here! You’re not the only one with a deviously handsome Infernape!”

    OOC: Good GOD, it's been quite a while since I've wrote something :x, but this PRP is going to be aaaaaaaaaaaaaace <3333
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: I know what you mean Zacky, this is my first RP since the server crash. That is why it is up to us to make it as awesome as we possibly can >:D


    "Ready Axel?" Brian asked as he took the fighting stance known as Repulse the Monkey. The Infernape answered by taking his own fighting pose.

    "Hey!" called a voice interrupting their match before it even began. Brian and Axel turned to see a young man with black hair and a black and white wardrobe emerge from the woods. The thing that interested the duo most was his companion; another Infernape. Much like Axel, this one was not of the regular color. The other trainer's Infernape was pink, a shiny. "So I see you’re not from around here! You’re not the only one with a deviously handsome Infernape!" the trainer said.

    "Here that? I'm deviously handsome. Why don't you ever complement me like that? It would be nice if you called me handsome once and awhile." Axel said pretending to be hurt.

    "Because I know it will go to your head Blondie." retorted Brian giving his companion a playful jab. He then turned to the other trainer and Pokemon and waved so as not to be rude.

    "Hey there! You're right, we aren't from around here. I'm Brian, born in Sinnoh, but my family currently lives in Kanto." he introduced. Brian then put his hand on Axel's shoulder. "May partner in crime here is Axel. He's Sinnoh born like I am. We weren't expecting any company out here, but it's cool. You're more than welcome to chill with us." Brian said casually. "So what are your names?"

    "It's not everyday I meet a fellow Infernape." Axel said to his kin while Brian spoke with the trainer. "Which part of Mt. Coronet were you from? I was from a tribe on the southeastern side before I joined up with Brian."

    OOC: LOL the Pokemon at the top of my screen is a shiny Infernape XD
  4. “Heh, I’m from Alto Mare, a little island from Johto then I moved to Canalave City when I was 9, I still have an accent from Alto Mare.” Zacky said grinning, shaking his hair with his hand slightly sheepishly, “And thanks for the offer, Brian. So are you in the Pokemon League for Hoenn? I haven’t done it yet, thinking about it…” He added.

    Natsu walked up to Axel and gave him a playful punch in the arm, “<Neither, I was hatched by Zacky. I was given to him as a gift from his grandpa when he was 10, we’ve been breaking and causing shit since then with our crew.>”
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "I actually collected all eight Hoenn Badges a few years ago, but I lost in the Quarter-Finals of the league tournament." Brian informed. Now that it had come up, Brian wondered why he never tried entering the tournament again. Surely after all this time he had grown much stronger. At the very least Brian believed he could win second or third place, but that was neither here or now.

    "Actually, the reason I came to Hoenn was that I hate the cold." he admit shamelessly. "Just because I'm used to it doesn't mean I have to like it, ya know?" added Brian with a laugh. "So if not the League, what brings you to Hoenn Zacky?" he asked.

    Axel was a bit disappointed about not getting to compare wild life with his new found friend, but he had other things to talk about. "I guess being born in captivity has its advantages." Axel said throwing his arm around Natsu and giving him a light shake. "For one, you don't have to get used to your trainer's strange mannerisms and damn right crazy behavior because you're exposed to them your whole life. Of course I regret none of it because life with Brian is way more fun than it ever was in the wild. Brian's philosophy is that life is a game; the one who has the most fun by the end wins. Much like you and your trainer, we've pretty much caused our share of trouble too." reminisced the Infernape brightly.

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