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Private/Closed Blades, Wings and Fire

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Schrift, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    The carts stopped at the foot of Mt Kajemeni. This mountain, was the largest dragon breeding grounds. Calling it big was just an understatement, the mountain itself went up into the clouds and on top of the mountain was the Kaisha. This tree was said to be as tall as the mountain itself, with it's branches and vines poking under the clouds. The horses and dragons stopped at the foot of the mountain. Masamoto, the founder of the School of dragons, descended from his dragon before looking at the kids who lined behind him. "This is Mt. Kajemeni, the largest dragon breeding grounds, for some of you this will be the start of your journey to becoming a Kawon. For those who don't become Kawon, may the gods protect you on this test. You have exactly six hours to climb the mountain and bring down a dragon egg, you only have the weapons you brought so be careful"

    Tensai looked up at the mountain, the bottom was covered in snow and ice but the higher you went the hotter it seemed to get, with the top having fire and magma covering it. He looked around at the people around him, some seemed like they would be fine warriors while others looked like they had never ridden horse or knew how to use their weapons. But one girl stood out above the others, her brown hair and her blue eyes. "Who let the gaijin join?", he mumbled.

    "You are not allowed to kill any dragons, nor are you allowed to take multiple eggs or someone else's eggs. For those of you on horses you can ride them. The sensei will not accompany you, so work as a team. The exam starts NOW!", Masamoto shouted, as the students raced past him. Tensai was one of the first ones to go, his horse raced head first into the snow. Already students were having some issues riding, some fell off their horses while others doubled back to quit the exam.

    Participants- @ThePlayfulFox @Killerbunny the god @Night's Shadow @RenzFlintrock @Red Gallade @Your-Friday-Filet @Shadow_Pup @Gamingfan

    Discussion thread- https://pokecharms.com/threads/blades-wings-and-fire-discussion.22819/
  2. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Get a dragon egg. On top of a mountain. Sachiko sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. Yeah, no problem. It’s not like I’m blind or anything. She could hear the thundering of hooves as the other students charged past her, and she set off on foot after them, one of the few without a horse. She turned sightless green eyes to the mountaintop, sensing the solidity of rock, heat of magma, and chill of snow. It was strange to feel all of them at once, especially with her untrained senses.

    Her steps were slow and careful as Sachiko gleaned all the information she could from the rocky slope through her bare feet, keeping her left hand on the side of the mountain. Her hand felt a sturdy chink in the rock; she ran her other hand over the general area and found another handhold. A few seconds later, and she was climbing, pushing off of small, dying saplings clinging to the rock, using crags and niches as handholds. She knew she was behind, but with any luck, she could find an easy way up the slope to an egg.
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  3. When the founder of the school said the word "now", Felix was gone. He was fast. He kept the hood off this time as the snow would hide his hair well. With his silent and fast footwork, he managed to scale the mountain quickly and silent. The only creatures that noticed him were small and in a 2 meter radius. He grinned to himself when he thought about what kind of dragon he would get. He could easily scale the entire mountain in these 6 hours. And by the looks of things, the dragons who liked the cold were closer to the base while dragons that liked the heat were at the top. That would mean fire dragons at the top and ice dragons in his general area.

    As Felix had already gotten quite a bit up the mountain, he looked down to see just how far. It had only been maybe a minute at most but he was already about 30 meters up. He could see some of the others below him. The fast ones were about as high up as he was but there was one who had barely even started. He couldn't see who it was from this distance but it looked like someone who needed help. So he decided to go down and help whoever it was. He had more than enough time for that. Besides, teaming up to find the eggs would help a lot. So Felix started sliding down again.

    As he got closer, he noticed that it was a girl who looked smaller than the rest with brown hair and freckles. But what surprised Felix was that the girl didn't have any shoes.
    "Hey there, need a hand? We could team up to find our eggs!" He said with a grin.
  4. Mitsuru had few preparations for the journey up the mountain as well as a cloak for his travel through the cold section that was the foot of the mountain. As most of the participants made their way to the mountain, Mitsuru followed suit, his horse seemed a bit anxious with all the excitement, but Mitsuru petted the back of it's neck to keep it calm, he figured that the dragons at the base of the mountain were somewhat weaker and decided to go higher up the mountain, he took the safest routes he could find while his horse calmly trotted along. He smiled as he looked over to see what looked like a few waterfalls with stunning green areas. "I can understand why some dragons would choose an area like this." Mitsuru thought to himself as he continued to calmly trot along. "I'll bet the stronger ones are at the top of the tree." He unintentionally said to himself out loud.
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  5. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Sam grinned as he saw the challenge before him. They're barely beginning and this is already awesome! If course, he refrained from using a house. He was gonna rough it.
    Maybe it wasn't the best idea, since all the students with their animals clopped ahead of him, but he wanted a bigger challenge.
    He ran through the snow, ignoring the chill, and up the mountain, pulling himself up the jutting rocks.
    As he rose, someone went down beside him. Confused, Sam almost called out, until he saw him going down to help someone.
    It reminded him of Masamoto's words, about teaming. He would have to consider that.
    Sam continued to climb, trying to decide what dragon egg he would get.
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  6. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Kaito looked up at the mountain and cracked his knuckles, he had made preparations by bringing to pointed metal spikes with him. He didn't have a horse and that was good for him, he started his climb by finding ledges and climbing the mountain naturally. When he reached what he assumed to be the middle area of the mountain he spotted a cave up above him, it was on a sheer cliff sticking out of the mountain and he stretched his arms and pulled out the spikes, he jumped up and slammed one of them into the cliff face, it stuck and he hung from it before slamming in the second on slightly higher. He continued to climb using the spikes until he accidentally slammed the spike into a particularly weak part of the cliff and a part of the cliff fell away along with the spike, he was now left hanging by one arm from the other spike, he could easily support himself but his weight was causing the spike to begin to slip, soon he would fall, he tried to climb the rest of the way by pulling himself up but couldn't get the right hold anywhere, he could see the ledge, he knew he shouldn't have gone off alone immediately but he didn't think he needed help, now he looked like a fool hanging from a metal spike sticking out of a cliff face.
  7. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sachiko pulled herself up to a ledge above her, where she could take a short break before resuming the climb. At that point, she heard an earnest voice from above her, and turned her head in that direction. “Hmm? I think I’m okay for now, but at this rate I’m gonna be the slowest person here.” She grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of her head in a gesture of mild embarrassment. “I wouldn’t mind teaming up. I’m Sachiko, what’s your name?” She frowned and whipped around towards the sound of clattering rocks. “What was that?”
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  8. Renz slipped off the back of the cart, grabbed his shield, and stood at the ready. He listened to the instructions, but he already knew what he was going to have to do. His father had told him the story of his own trip up the mountain, and he had prepared himself mentally, and with gear. He had worn gloves, to protect his hands both from sharp rocks and from the cold. He had his shortsword, and he had his shield. He even had some provisions, just in case. But even the stories hadn’t prepared him for just how BIG the mountain was. It loomed before him, a challenge that seemed insurmountable, but one that he had to face. When the man said go, he had to run.
    And then the moment was there, and he ran. He felt as if he wouldn’t have enough time, especially as he saw those who were mounted on horses racing ahead. However, he knew he had to pace himself, and he slowed. He kept his eyes open for an easy route up, and kept an eye on those ahead of him to see who was having and easy time and who was struggling on their chosen routes. He started up a slope, plodding step by step through the snow. This was the easy part, the starting incline before steep cliffs and winding paths from ledge to ledge. He thought that perhaps he should look for a cave and hope that there was a nest within. Whatever he did, he knew he MUST find an egg.
    Time passed. He was out of breath, and even though he had picked an area that looked easy to climb, the stones here were slippery with frost and ice, and once he was sure he was going to fall. But there was no safety net, and all he could do was press on. He struggled up and to a small platform, glad for a rest. As he drew in the cold air to his lungs, he looked out over the land below. Although there was still far to go, the caravan were tiny specs below, and he wondered how much time had passed. An hour? Two? In any case, he knew that once he came to a likely spot, he needed to search for an egg and then head down. Even if he managed to find an egg but still arrived late, he would have failed. So once his breath was back, he climbed on.

    Trudging up another heavy slope, he caught his first glimpse of a dragon. The snow nearby was oddly lumped up, and upon a closer look he realized it wasn’t snow, but a sleeping dragon. He could only assume it was an Ice dragon of some kind, since it was out here in the snow and not in a cave, but he didn’t go closer to find out more. In this environment, an already dangerous dragon would have a terrain advantage, and he didn’t want to risk a fight in any case. Skirting carefully around the resting reptile, Renz continued up the slope. He was shivering a little, but as the next half hour went by it began to feel a little warmer. Despite the high altitudes, magma and thermal vents kept the top part of the mountain hot, and he was reaching an area between the two. It wasn’t cold, but neither was there fire and magma. The stone face of the mountain was scattered with boulders, and Renz was almost sure he could see the entrances to caves just a little higher up. Perhaps he really could do this.
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  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Elwisia was afraid. She never wanted this. She didn't want to be a kawon. But that was the only way she would truly be accepted, in her mind. She wished the others didn't run off. Mr. Masamoto said it was best to team up. She gulped as she began her trek up the mountain. She was ill-prepared, not bringing much. Although she wasn't given much to work with. Her adoptive family weren't very helpful for this. All she really had was two daggers, rations, and some travel clothes, made by her own hand.

    She carefully climbed, trying to stay out of the dragon's sight. Her adoptive parents told her to get a dragon near the top of the mountain or higher. She shuddered at the thought. Her strategy was to go unnoticed. Then she saw a lifesaver for her. Dragon droppings. Hide her sent, and she was going to be able to continue her stealthy method for a lot longer. She took a deep breath, and then covered herself in the droppings. Sure, it was gross, but it would get the job done. For the time being, at least.
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  10. "I'm Felix. And that was another person trying to climb the mountain. Let's go help him. Teaming up with him as well could be a good idea" Felix said as he began to hurry over to the other guy. This time he had no thoughts about being sneaky, but didn't make much sound anyway. He had trained himself to move silently for so long that it was almost like a second nature to him. As he got closer, he saw the predicament and with a cheeky grin he made a greeting gesture.
    "Hello down there. Not a good climber I see" he said and held out his hand for the guy to take.
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  11. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Tensai was making good progress, he didn't see many dragons and that was good. If he saw any dragons he would have to play it calmly and not aggravate them. Then he stopped and looked at Elwisia, he couldn't stop himself laughing. "Do all gajin do that or is it just you, either way I'm not surprised. Just don't go killing any dragons, I know your kind are barbaric enough to kill them. Well good luck, you're going to need it", he laughed. Tensai pulled back on the reigns of his horse, causing it to kick mud in Elwisia's direction, "you're going to need some of that too!". He rode away, going up the mountain. Tensai knew where to find his dragon, he heard rumours that if go to the top you will never lose a battle or fight in your life.

    Tensai was determined to get to the top, even if it meant he lost an arm and a leg. After his encounter with Elwisia, Tensai began to question the people that were coming. He avoided waterfalls, since water dragons could kill with a single jet stream, but he also avoided any caves due to the fact that he didn't know what was in there. He was could see the end of the snow area, just barely, when he saw someone running down the mountain with an egg. They didn't seem like the fast type nor the intelligent type so how could they get an egg so early? he thought. But then it became clear, they were not fast or smart, they were just dumb. A few seconds after turning his head around, he could hear a massive cry from the sky. Tensai looked up at the sky and saw a dragon plummeting through the sky. It was an eastern made purely out of ice, with its insides glowing bright blue inside. It all happened so quick, he couldn't shout or scream. The boy and the egg, had disappeared and all that was left was a long red streak in the snow. He pulled on his reigns and charged down the mountain to the nearest cave, hoping it didn't see him as dinner or worse, a threat.
  12. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Kaito glanced up at the voice and chuckled slightly "ha, very funny, help would be much appreciated" he said before reaching for the guys hand and hoisting himself up, he looked at the cave, he turned to the guy "thank you for that, the cliff face was weaker than I expected, the name's Kaito by the way and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to check this cave, I've got a good feeling" he said, giving the boy a polite pat on the back as he passed him and entered the cave, he foraged around, going deeper and deeper until he spotted a nest, made from rocks and scraps he saw an egg within it's centre, but the problem was he also spotted a large tail wrapped around the nest, he quickly took cover behind a rock and began to consider his options.
  13. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sachiko gave a curt nod and followed Felix up the cliff, sensing where he put his limbs and placing her own in the same place, and as a result, was able to climb faster. When his movements stopped, she paused beside him as well. What’s going on? Um... someone fell? Someone almost fell? Someone— nevermind. The new guy introduced himself as Kaito. And he didn’t seem particularly interested in joining a blind girl and company.

    She blinked in the direction he’d headed off in, sensing a large heartbeat in the apparent cave. “There’s a dragon in there,” Sachiko warned. “I’d find a different way to get an egg... of course, that’s just me, and the opinion of a blind girl doesn’t really matter...” She trailed off into an unintelligible mutter towards the end. “Nevermind. We better keep looking if we want to find an egg before time’s up.”
  14. Letting the guy leave to find an egg, Felix listened closely to what his new friend said. And thanks to him having to survive in the wild for years, he could hear even the muttering.
    "Oh, so you're blind? Huh. Didn't even notice. But what do you mean that the opinion of a blind girl doesn't matter? Of course it does! Unless you mean it like something sexist like a girl's opinion. Because then I totally agree with you" he said but made it noticeable that he was joking. Surviving in the wild made him completely indifferent to stereotypes in general. But he would definitely joke about it.
    "Anyway, we should leave that guy and that dragon alone and hope to find a nicely dismembered body on our way down like you said. Let's go a little bit higher up and try to find other caves. Do you have a dragon in mind? I would definitely like some sort of ice dragon. It goes well with my last name, Winter" he said as he began scaling the mountain again.
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  15. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    If I wasn’t, do you think I’d be this slow? Sachiko wondered idly with no real force behind it. She nodded slowly in agreement with Felix. “Yeah, guess so.” She followed again in the boy’s wake, as it was much easier than trying to find another way up the cliffside. “Hmm? Oh, not really... though I suppose I’d like a dragon who could help me develop a sixth sense to compensate for my sight...” She shrugged as she pulled herself up a ledge and continued up the mountain. “I don’t know, maybe an earth dragon? Or an air dragon would be cool too. Sound, too. If that’s even a thing.” She climbed to the next ledge, still following Felix’s steps exactly. “I’d be happy with any dragon, to be honest. That way I wouldn’t have to be stuck at home with my mom all day, every day. It’d be a hell of a lot more fun to go places on a dragon. You know?”
  16. Felix was a little taken aback by Sachiko's words. He had no mother so he didn't know what she was talking about. But not exactly comfortable telling a near stranger about that, he nodded. Then he realized that what he did was dumb because she wouldn't be able to see a nod. But thankfully he came up with something to say.
    "All those dragons really sound cool, hehe. Let's see if we can find something like that. Don't know about sound dragons either but the air dragons must be way up at the top. An earth dragon is probably the safest" he said.
  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Elwisia glared at the person who mocked her after he was a ways ahead. No, she thought, I'm just being smart. Unlike you, I now smell familiar. It's a good tatic if you want to go unnoticed. All I have to do is sneak up and grab an egg, while you fight. She really wanted to say her thoughts aloud, but she held them back. She couldn't mouth her true opinion, according to her adoptive parents. So she simply whipped the mud off her face and continued onward, now in a sour mood. However, she hid it well. As the daughter of a powerful merchant, she learned to hide her aggravation. After all, no one wanted to deal with someone who was angry.
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  18. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Sam exhaled as he took a breather. He was nearing the base of the mountain, as evidenced by the dwindling amount of snow on the floor. He was basically walking in slush now.
    He still couldn't decide on the dragon he would want, but he did decide something related to it. He would go as high as he possibly could. Even if it would risk his life, he wouldn't be okay with just getting an egg and leaving. He had to explore.
    "Welp, not gonna see much down here. Out of the fridge and into the frying pan" he chuckled as he got to his feet.
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  19. ((OOC: Don't forget, this is HOURS into the task, and not in the same time frames as others))

    Renz paused in his climb towards the caves, letting his muscles rest a moment and checking his surroundings. The next section of the climb was almost vertical, and he didn't see an easier path up. It looked like he would have to climb up the cliff hand over hand, and even if it was only twenty feet up, he didn't like the looks of it. He had to get higher up, though. He could see a few people above on the mountain, many of them with horses, and seemingly all headed for the top. He knew the advice was to go straight for the top and get the best dragons, but he was also aware that even if he could get to the mountain's top in three hours and down a little faster, finding an egg would take long enough that he wouldn't make it back in time. So he planned to get an egg as safely as possible and head back down. Even if he didn't get the strongest dragon and was outclassed by others, at least he'd have one and be able to train at the School of Dragons. Perhaps if he'd had a horse he might have gone for the top, but he knew he wouldn't make it there on foot.

    Once he had redirected his thoughts and flexed his fingers, he began the climb up the wall. There were grips for his feet and hands, but they were thin. Halfway up, a thin ledge of rock, barely an inch wide, fell out beneath the weight of his foot and he thought he was going to fall backwards. He barely managed to cling on, and, gasping, quickly went up the last half. Sitting on the ledge at the top of the rock wall, he became aware that there was a small cave just a dozen feet above that he hadn't seen from beneath the wall. His breath caught in his throat, and he had to take a moment to steady his nerves. If there were a dragon in that cave, and if that dragon was awake, it might be the end of him. He knew this, but he still forced himself to pick his way silently up to the entrance and to slowly, carefully peek in.

    The inside of the cave was dark, except for a few feet illuminated by the light of the outside. That few feet, though, showed him the tail of a dragon. The moss-green scales, and the spikes along the top of the ridge. Renz ducked back, holding his breath. 'Should I go in...? What if it's awake? What are the chances that there's an unguarded egg?' After standing there, internally debating on whether or not to enter the cave, Renz decided to look around and come back to this as a last resort. He snuck away from the cave entrance and went higher up, hoping to get a vantage point.

    He looked down across the stony land, searching for any potential places to nab an egg. At first he didn't see anything, but after a minute or so, something caught his attention. Off to his right, he saw movement. He started to move closer, putting his hand to the hilt of his sword just in case. He saw the movement again, and stared. What looked like a patch of stone was moving up and down, and as he got a little closer he realized it was a dragon. It was sprawled out with its large wings spread, and it looked like it was resting or asleep. He could also see a slight indent in the stone, and what looked like some smooth rocks inside. Judging by the proximity of the dragon, it seemed likely that it was a nest. It was downhill from where he was, and he could see two routes down from his location: climbing back down the way he came and trekking across horizontally, or going up, around, and down another slope. He opted for the former, since he already knew where to go, and about ten minutes later he was back at the bottom of the wall. From there he had to go a bit farther down before he could travel towards the nest, and once he had done this he caught sight of the dragon again. It was almost invisible against the stone, so well was it camouflaged. However, it seemed to be fast asleep, and now he could see the 'nest'. He could tell now that the 'rocks' within it were dragon eggs, and it looked like it was his opportunity to get an egg.

    The wind was blowing in his face, so he was pretty sure the dragon wouldn't smell him. He grabbed his shield from its hook on his back, took one last look around, and began to advance cautiously. He looked between the ground at his feet, the nest, and the dragon. He was getting close, and he could see every detail of the sleeping dragon's scales. He was only a few yards from the nest when a roar sounded in the air. The dragon in front of him stirred, and Renz decided to make a risky move: He ran to the nest and grabbed an egg. It was smooth, and while it was of a dark stony color there were many glimmering specs of silver dotting the surface. He didn't have time to marvel at it, though, because the dragon was moving, and he could now see another taking off from a nearby cliff where it had been clinging to the wall, hidden by its camouflage like the sleeping one had been. Presumably this one had spotted him and given a warning roar to its mate.

    Those details didn't matter to Renz, though. He ran, with the egg clutched in one arm and his shield strapped to the other. He sprinted downhill, and once or twice he nearly lost his footing. He glanced over his shoulder for a mere instant, and he could see that both dragons were in the air and quickly gaining on him. He knew he needed to go faster, but he was already nearly out of control. Then he saw that he was moving towards a cliff, and tried to slow himself. He didn't know how far down it was, and he decided he'd have to go sideways and find a slope. His legs were already aching, and he doubted he could outrun them. He thought he could hear their wingbeats behind him. And then, suddenly, a strong gust of wind accompanied by the roar of a dragon knocked him over, and he was sent over the cliff's edge.

    He fell hard, clutching the egg and realizing that this was probably the end of him. He should have been more careful. He should have been smarter about this, or perhaps he shouldn't have come. He would never see the end. He would fall, and fall, and fall, and crumple on the rocks below. He prepared for the inevitable, and all of this in a split second. And then he hit the ground. It hurt, and he could feel his skin being cut open, but he hadn't fallen far. He rolled with the momentum of the fall and saw one dragon pass overhead. Its underside was silver, unlike its much duller back. It flew on, and Renz didn't see the other one yet. He picked himself up, battered but alive, and tried to keep himself calm enough to assess the situation. He could see the snow a little way below, but he didn't think he could make it that far and it was unlikely that he would be able to escape even if he got there. The egg seemed undamaged, but his shield arm hurt with every movement. And worst of all, the other dragon flew overhead, and both of them had spotted him. The one that had flown farther down the mountain had turned back, and the one that had just flown overhead landed about a hundred feet away and glared at him. Renz suddenly thought that this must be what it felt like for a mouse pinned down by a cat. It was horrible.

    With no other options, he staggered and began to run downhill. He was in no condition to fight off two angry dragons with a wounded arm and backed against a solid wall. He ran, and ran, but he could see the nearer dragon moving to intercept and the farther one could easily block his progress. The nearer one crawled along with the claws on its wings and its hind legs, and Renz almost thought he was going to make it past when the dragon spun and knocked his legs out from under him with its tail. He tumbled down and nearly lost the egg. He heard the growl of the dragon and rolled, and he heard the clip of jaws only inches away. He scrambled painfully up again and tried to run. He heard the dragon right behind him, and the other was in flying towards him from the front. He heard the woosh of wings behind him, and then another gust of wind knocked him forwards. The gust was so strong he was actually sent into the air by it, and the dragon flying towards him was knocked off balance. He hit the ground hard yet again, and he thought something might have broken in his leg. He barely kept his feet, and the parts of his body that weren't numb were stinging like fire. He could taste his own blood, and it was only by a miracle that he was still holding onto the egg. He forced himself along, even though he knew that unless he was given an extraordinary stroke of luck he was only prolonging the inevitable.

    In fact, luck was on his side, since the airborne dragon had been knocked off balance by the other's gust. While it was recovering its equilibrium, Renz stumbled by beneath it and onto snowy ground. The other dragon was behind him, though, having taken to the air, and it gave a roar of anger and grief. After all, they were just parents trying to get back their unborn child. Even though he was sure the dragon would be clawing him to death any second, he unstrapped his shield and threw it onto the ground in front of him. He heard wingbeats and threw himself to one side, jarring himself and causing him to hiss in pain but preventing his getting snatched up in the talons of the hunting dragon. He forced himself forward and threw himself onto the shield, using it as a sled. Before he had even gotten ten minutes up the mountain, he had decided he would get back down by sledding on his shield. Now he clung for dear life to the handle with one arm and the egg with the other, and began sliding down, slowly gaining momentum. He glanced over his shoulder and saw both dragons in pursuit, flying right behind him and roaring with anger. Their jaws gleamed with teeth, and Renz imagined himself getting ripped to shreds. Never before had he been so frightened of dragons. All his life he had known tamer dragons, and while he had seen wild dragons in the past he had never seen angry parents chasing down the one who had stolen their child.

    He looked back ahead, and felt the stinging snow and cold winds lash his cut and bloodied face. His wild progress kicked up a wave of snow that blinded him and sent out a trail to either side. He was going faster and faster, going, going... right towards another ledge. With no way of stopping and death right behind, he hurtled over the lip and shot down. His momentum carried him on, and he landed with a bump that nearly threw him off. As it was, he was able to cling on, although he bit his lip so hard that he punched a hole in it. He had lost some momentum now, and the dragons were closer. He was going down, down, down. There was a long way left to go, and another cliff like that might be the end of him. He was weary, almost ready to give up. He wanted to live, but he didn't see how he could.

    A rock stuck out of the snow ahead, in the direction he was going. With barely any time and less thought he leaned slightly to the side, turning the sled just enough to skirt around it. His heart was racing, beating faster that the wings of a hummingbird, and he could hear the beating of dragons' wings behind him. They hadn't sent another gust at him, and looking back once more he could see them with wings spread, gliding and letting gravity do most of the work with only the occasional pumping of wings. Then, one of them tucked in its wings and dived straight for him. He leaned desperately to one side, hoping to steer a course away from the attacking reptilian, and ducked. He capsized, rolling over and losing his grip on both shield and egg, but the dragon crashed into the snow ahead of him. The egg began to roll downhill, and although he felt dizzy Renz reached out for it. The roar of a dragon split the air again, though, and the other dragon dived for it. Its claws closed around the egg, and it took off into the air to return the egg. It trusted its partner to deal with the human who had stolen it.

    But before it could really get going, Renz scooped up some packed snow and flung it at the dragon, hitting it in the face. It gave a shrieking roar and dropped the egg into the snow, where Renz quickly lunged over and scooped it up. He recovered the shield and set off again, passing the dragon who was extracting itself from the snow. He was on the edge of consciousness, and the only things he could process were the need to keep the egg and the necessity of holding onto the shield. It was irrational that he should so wish to keep the egg. He could save his life by throwing it away and letting the dragons have it. But somehow, he couldn't. He needed this egg more than anything else.

    Only luck and pure instinct had let him get this far. He could hardly feel anything anymore. He was bleeding everywhere, and he had at least one broken bone. But he was alive, and with just a little more luck he could stay that way. He gave up attempting to monitor the dragons behind him. He just hung on and kept his eyes on the goal. He could see the world below getting bigger, and he could blearily see the caravan in the distance below. He still had a long way to go, but he was barreling along. It was through pure good fortune that he didn't run into any major drop-offs or cliffs, although there were several times he was jarred by a drop of five feet or so, and the occasional jump from a smaller ledge. Indeed, one of these drops saved him, because just as one of the dragons dive bombed him again he dropped suddenly and it passed overhead with a shriek.

    He was almost there. He could see people now, and dragons, and horses, all fairly distinct if it weren't for the blurriness of his own eyes. He was on the home stretch. The dragons dived one last time, hoping to get their egg back before the human got to his allies. One came in just short, and with an explosion of snow Renz was thrown into the air and down, down, down, still clutching the egg. He fell into cold snow, and finally let go of reality. His shield lay on the surface of the snow, much of the blue paint scraped from the wood.
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  20. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Tensai looked around the cave, nothing looked out of place. He wandered around the cave but there was no eggs or even dragons, "Strange there should at least be an egg here maybe the dragons just never wanted this cave". Tensai disembarked his horse to go check further, but the only things he could see that were out of place were icicles. They were all lined up perfectly, making a semicircular shape. Wait icicles only form if there is heat, but this is a cave, he thought. That led to him realising that he wasn't inside a cave, but inside a mouth. Tensai had managed to scramble out of the cave, but his horse wasn't so lucky. The cave entrance slammed shut, with two red beady eyes appearing from the snow. The giant monster was not a dragon, but instead a cave worm. Tensai dropped to his knees seeing his only pet die in front of him. "How can I be so dumb? That dragon wouldn't have gone near me anyway, I didn't need to go into a cave!", he shouted, kicking the snow around him. He carried on going up the mountain, dragging himself up to the earth section. This area had sheer cliff drops and dried plains. If Tensai was lucky maybe he could find some team mates here to help him get to the top.

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  21. Mitsuru continued to traverse the mountain and noticed how his path became more narrow. "I'll continue on foot." He said to his horse while he dismounted it and petted it, but just as he began to step on the path, he heard a distant and blood curdling scream followed by the sound of a large object slam to the ground, Mitsuru quickly regained his composure, but his horse whinnied and immediately galloped back down the mountain. Mitsuru cared little for this and smiled as he hoped the horse would make it down safely if not provide a little distraction for some of the participants still on the lower parts of the mountain.

    Mitsuru was about to make his way in to what looked like a deserted cave only to watch someone dart out of it in terror before it chomped down on them. Immediately, he rushed off to find a place to hide and climb around it, he used his knives to aid him with steeper areas, when he made his way to the top of the wall side he climbed, he saw many more cliffs and dried plains with a few plants who's lives hung by a thread alongside another person who looked like they got here before he did, not that he minded. "Hey there, you aiming for eggs in the higher areas too?" He asked as he approached him.
  22. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Ha, ha,” Sachiko laughed dryly. “Very funny.” When he said an earth dragon might be safest, she made a face. “If I wanted what was easiest, I would’ve taken an icy egg near the bottom. If you think I’m too weak to make it to the top—you’d be right! Earth dragon it is.”

    At the next ledge, there was an audible sound of slow breathing, and she could feel the vibrations of a throbbing heartbeat through the ground below. “There’s a dragon over there,” she warned in a whisper, gesturing towards where she’d heard the breathing. “Though you probably already knew that. You see any eggs?”
  23. As soon as Sachiko warned about it, Felix heard it too. He peered over the ledge to see better but it was a bad angle. He wouldn't be able to see any eggs from here because the dragon was laying down with the back towards them. He looked for better ones close by that they could get to without making much sound and found one on their right.
    "It's a bad angle here. Can't see very well. There's a better one to our right. Come on" he whispered back with a waving motion. He realized that was incredibly stupid as well, but he did that without thinking. He moved to the place with a better angle without making a sound and hid behind a rock. As he glanced at the dragon, he thought he could see something in the shape of an egg surrounded by the tail, but it could just be a rock. But why would a dragon keep a rock like that?
    "I think there's an egg there but only way to be 100% sure is to go see for ourselves" he whispered.
  24. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “See for yourself,” Sachiko muttered as she began following him again. She kicked a pebble purposely in the general direction of their progress, gathering as much information as she could from the sound waves. Dragon, rock, another rock, boulder-like rock, small rock, pile of pebbles— egg? Maybe... weird rectangular rock, how many rocks are there going to be... but that’s an egg. I think. Or it could be a weird spherical rock to match the rectangular one.

    “The weird round thing at eleven o’clock,” Sachiko whispered. “That what you mean? The egg?” She drew her rope javelin from a pocket, preparing to essentially lasso the egg without waking the dragon. “I should be able to snag it. As long as the dragon doesn’t wake up and burn me to a crisp. Or drop a rock on my head. Both ways would be equally gruesome from my standpoint.”
  25. "Yes, that's the one. I could go to the other side and get the dragons attention if it wakes up. I'll be fine, I have experience in disappearing. Maybe it's enough to fool a dragon. Just gotta find a way to hide my scent..." Felix whispered, sounding a little cocky and looked at the snow around him. In lack of better options, the snow would have to do. So he walked back a few meters to make sure the dragon wouldn't hear him diving into the snow. Then he walked back to Sachiko.
    "That should be enough to hide my scent. I'll throw a pebble over here to signal that I'm in place" he said and walked up on a small plateau about 2 1/2 meters away from the dragon. When he had positioned himself, he threw the pebble to signal Sachiko.
  26. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sachiko nodded sharply to herself when she heard the pebble clatter on stone. She whipped the johyo over her head, building up momentum, before she let it fly towards where she’d “seen” the egg. She gave the rope a sharp tug; when it held fast, she nodded again, planted her feet firmly on the ground, and yanked hard. The spherical rock/egg thingy came with the dart as she braces herself to catch it. “Oof.” She fell back and sat down hard when the egg-shaped thing impacted her chest. “Heavy.”

    Running a hand over its surface, Sachiko confirmed that it was indeed an egg of some sort, though its shell was rough-textures like a rock. She lifted an arm and made a thumbs-up sign in the direction she thought Felix had gone off in.

    A low growl startled Sachiko, and she jumped to her feet, clutching the egg and the rope javelin with equal terrified strength. There was a large vibration, than a whoosh of air, then the slow breathing began again. Did it just... sigh in its sleep? It’s like it was dreaming or something... probably dreaming that a blind girl and a wild guy just stole its egg, she thought wryly. Oh, well. We should get outta here while we still have the chance. She jerked her head to the side as if to say, let’s make like a banana and split. Of course, she wasn’t exactly the best lookout in the world. Seeing as she can’t... you know, look out.
  27. Felix saw what transpired and noticed Sachiko's signals so he sneaked back down as quietly as possible. It was cold having to put up with the snow against his bare skin and he would definitely get a cold for a few days when this was all over. But for now, he just needed to find a dragon egg. Sachiko have her egg so he need to get his. When he was back down, Sachiko was signalling for them to get out of there and Felix couldn't agree more. He began to sneak away from the dragon until both would be out of hearing range.
    "That went well, don't you think? We make a pretty good team, Chiko. Now I need to find an egg as well" he said with a grin.
  28. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Elwisia claimed up the mountain. She was actually much stronger than she looked. Helping her father's crew when they went to trade overseas really did help. That and her father's insistence on her learning how to defend herself, dispite her mother's stance on it being 'unladylike'. Elwisia narrowed her eyes as she heard someone. But she really needed to rest for a few minutes. She got to a flat area to rest for a small bit. Then she saw the guy who mocked her. She turned away from him, and looked at the other guy. He was the one who asked to team up. She knew due to the fact she never heard the voice before and the other guy mocked her due to her homeland. She sighed and stood up. "I'll be more than happy to work with you." She smiled at the guy who she wasn't mocked by.
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  29. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "I have no choice, if I don't get to the top I won't get into the school", he mumbled. Seeing Elwisia made him want to gag, if there was one way to look dumb and smell bad rubbing dragon dung on yourself was one of those ways. Tensai couldn't tell her to go away, no that would go against Bushido, instead he just smiled weakly at her. "You better know how to pull your own weight", he said before dropping a bolas to her. "you better know how to use one", he mumbled before dragging himself to the earth section. Tensai stopped at one of the cliff faces, before stabbing one of his tantos into the rock. "If we climb here, it would be quic-", he was cut short by a falling body of one of the smaller contestants. Their body was like a sack of rice, with their skull pouring out all its innards. "But it's going to be a lot more dangerous"
  30. Mitsuru shrugged as he watched the individual he approached hand a bolas to a lady who decided to cover them self in dragon's excrement, not his favorite idea, but hopefully an effective one in the circumstances are right. As he went to silently follow them to the cliff face that he attempted to climb and watched as the corpse of another participant fell hard on the ground. "Damn it..." Mitsuru said as he looked back up and huffed before he climbed even faster, he knew it was more dangerous the higher someone went, but he just had to be fast. "Then we'll just have to be fast." He said.
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  31. Schrift

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    "Just try to avoid any foot holds that look too good, sometime they might be snake vines. Those things will just drag you into the mountain and make you a part of it forever, I don't know about you guys but I don't like the sound of that", he called out to the others. Most of the eggs in the earth section where hard to spot, mainly because they almost all looked like rocks. The only way to tell the difference was if you got up close and felt it but what's the chances of someone going to a rock and taking it as an egg? Tensai slotted his tanto into one of the cracks and pulled himself up a bit more, looking down he shivered. He froze, just looking down at the fall they would have if one of them messed up and fell. Tensai slowly shuffled to the closest ledge. Standing on it, he nodded his head back and took several deep breathes before continuing the climb. "Hey gaijin, why are you taking part in this? You're not even from these lands, you're kind are the kind that kills dragons not ride them", he asked Elwisia.

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  32. Mitsuru shuddered at the mention of snakes. "Ugh snakes... why'd there have to be snakes...?" He muttered as he managed to make his way up to the same ledge as Tensai, but rather than proceed straight away, he stayed behind to let Elwisia catch up and held his hand out to help her up if she needed it. It seemed unnecessary, but the more participants who survived this trial, the better and his father told him how it was important to make friends. "Another reason I wanna get to the top is because i wanna see what the world is like from the highest peak."
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Elwisia nodded to what her mocker said about the snake vines. She started climbing as well. She didn't really need the help, though she accepted it every once in a while. Then Tensai asked his question and her mood turned sour again. By her former emperor, this guy's tone was really irritating! And his question was kinda on the tricky side for her. She couldn't reveal the only reason she attended was to fulfill her adoptive parents desire for her to be less savage, by their standards. Luckily, she quickly came up with an answer and was able to keep her original expression. "Well, I might as well. I am stuck here. And besides dragons are just giant lizards with wings, right?" That breaths elements and can eat you with one bite.
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  34. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Got that right,” Sachiko said with a grin as she stood, securing the egg to her with a sling fashioned out of a strip of cloth. “Let’s go find you a dragon egg.” She began climbing after him again, though her pace was slightly slowed by her caution for the egg. If that were to fall from this height... she shivered just thinking about it. Not only would she fail the test, but more than likely the dragon parent would get pissed and she would be served her own head on a silver platter. She caught up the ground she’d lost in her musings, keeping a few steps behind Felix.

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  35. Felix didn't pay much attention as to whether or not Sachiko was keeping up. He looked in every direction for a place where he could find a dragon and eventually came across a cave. He tried to listen for breaths but couldn't hear any. He threw in a rock to listen to the echo. That way he could find out big the cave was. It was apparently pretty big. After the echo stopped, he heard a groaning noise as if something woke up. Something big.
    "Uh oh. Not good" he said to himself. Then he remembered Sachiko and the egg and looked back. This time he remembered that he couldn't signal to her. They really should've come up with a system for that before they began climbing. Nothing they could do about that now. Unless she would remember the pebble thing. Hopefully she would understand. He threw a pebble at her and hoped for the best. Then he took off to hide behind a rock, just a few feet away from the entrance.
  36. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "I can get you out here gaijin, it's only going to be a thirty second fall", Tensai poised the blade at her. He continued to climb, just for the sake of the others. But the thought of pushing Elwisia off followed him, maybe if I push her here then nobody will know, he laughed at the thought. "I can see the fire section, so be ready. It's the most dangerous part of the climb, apart from the scorched earth and the poisonous fumes the most dangerous thing there would be the dragons". Tensai pulled himself up. They were around three quarters of the way up. He slotted his tanto into a firm looking crack. Before he could get the blade in properly, five brown vines whipped out and snaked around his arm. It started to pull Tensai closer, at this point his face was pressed against the rocks and his arm was slowly being pulled into the mountain. "SOME HELP HERE!!" he shouted, trying to stab the vines off.
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  37. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Ow,” Sachiko muttered as a pebble hit her in the forehead. She stopped climbing, trying to sense what was going on above. She had heard a growl, then Felix’s quietly muttered “not good,” then the pebble had hit her in the head. A signal? Had to be. There was too much force behind the pebble to have been dislodged by climbing. She froze immediately, flattening herself against the cliff face and hoping it concealed her well enough.

    Large vibrations shook the rock; Sachiko could feel it through every part of her body. This wasn’t some “uh-oh, here comes Sensei” size vibration. This was a dangerous, crazy, “holy crap, that dragon’s awake” size vibration. The girl drew her rope javelin in preparation, in case she needed to fight. Or run. Although the latter seemed more likely.
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  38. ThePlayfulFox

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    Elwisia huffed at Tensai's suggestion. "Trust me, if I want to leave that way, I wouldn't be here right now. Also, what is with that suggestion? It seems kinda, I dunno, murderous?" She sighed, hoping he would stop. She could hide it for only so long, and she nearly lost her demeanor with his pushing suggestion. She ignored him until he started screaming for help. For a brief second, a smug look appeared on her face. Wonder how you will react when a gaijin saves your supremacist hide. She almost chuckled at his predicament, however she wasn't going to let him die. One thing her father taught her was to not abandon a crewmate, even if he was a bit of a jerk. She started to climb faster and passed Mitsuru before pulling out her dagger and slashed the vines that held Tensai. "There. The gaijin saved you. Maybe they're not all savages?" She put her dagger away then climbed to the fiery region of the mountain.
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  39. Mitsuru watched as Elwisia overtook him, he wasn't sure if it was to be competitive or to save the jerk who made fun of who she was, but he didn't care too much, all he cared about was getting his dragon egg, enjoy the view from the highest peak and not have to watch any potential friends die right in front of him. He smiled as he watched Elwisia save Tensai from some vines that attempted to pull him in. "Just try to avoid any foot holds that look too good, sometime they might be snake vines. Those things will just drag you into the mountain and make you a part of it forever, I don't know about you guys but I don't like the sound of that.~" Mitsuru said to Tensai in a sarcastic tone of voice before he chuckled and proceeded to make his way to the top, immediately hit with a blast of warm air that was the fire section of the mountain. He reached for his cloak to take it off and cast it aside as he kept it mainly for the cold foothold of the mountain.
  40. Felix heard the dragon come closer and closer to the entrance but didn't bother taking a look. It didn't matter very much because he heard the dragon exhale loudly as it exited the cave to look around. He could only hope that it wouldn't think about looking behind the rock he was hiding behind. He closed his eyes and calmed himself to prevent a panic-attack. He drew one of his daggers as silently as possible and waited. He could still hear the dragon move around on the other side of the rock. When it seemed like it couldn't find anyone there, Felix heard it spread it's wings and take off. It would most likely try to get an aerial view on the surrounding area. Either that, or it was actually time to hunt, in which case he didn't feel guilty about waking up the dragon. Felix looked up to see if he could find it but it was nowhere to be seen. He breathed a sigh of relief and walked away from the rock.
    "You can come up now. The dragon is gone" he told Sachiko as he walked over to the entrance to the cave. Hopefully he could find an egg down there.
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