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Ask to Join Blades, Wings and Fire (discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Schrift007, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Every kid has that one job they want when they're older, but in Derigon the most wanted (also the most dangerous) job is a Kawon. These warriors aren't just skilled in weapons, they have the world's most dangerous creature to help them out. The year is 1721 and Derigon is protected by samurai and dragons. But legends are not born, they're made. All Kawon learn and train at the Derigon no gakko or the school of dragons. Not only does this school teach you how to become a Kawon but it also teaches you how to become a samurai.

    Dragons inhabit this world, from the very common eastern dragons to the uncommon wyverns to the rare western dragons. However those few dragons that make a bond with humans are not only strong but rare. For the lucky minority who can tame dragons, they are called Kawons. These warriors are quite literally connected to their dragons. The only issue is that it is almost impossible to tell if someone is able to be a dragon rider unless they try. This often leads to high death tolls.

    But Derigon is not the only place with dragons, Ferangal (Hikei to Derigon). This nation is a lot more different than Derigon, they hunt dragons out of fear. This has led to cold blood between the two nations, with their relationship slowly going downhill ever since the mysterious sinkings of Ferangal's trading ships.

    You are the child of a samurai( or Kawon), and when you find a notice on the town's notice board about the next entrance exam for the School of dragons, you know you have to join (or die trying).

    -Follow pokecharms' rules (surprise)

    - Romance is allowed

    - One dragon per character

    - two characters max

    - Don't rapid post, but still remain active

    - No op dragons (No continental or country destroying level)

    - @ThePlayfulFox is the Co-host

    Character sheet-
    Weapon: (no flintlocks or muskets or any fire arm)

    Dragon Sheet
    Link abilities: ( Your dragon's special ability)

    Name: Tensai Masamoto

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tensai is a tall slightly tanned boy. He weighs around 120lbs, with black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a black hakama, with a phoenix for a kamon. On Tensia back he has a large lightning shaped scar running down his arm. He has two tantos around his waist.

    Personality: He is very aggressive and hostile towards most people, but the one thing he hates more than anything are Feranglians. He views them as weak cowards. He believes that he has a lot of responsibility to carry and he wouldn't be wrong. He is living in his brother's shadow, often becoming defensive when he is criticised. But he has a deep love for dragons, and archery.

    Weapon: Two Tantos and a bow and arrow, finished off with two bolas.

    Backstory: Tensai was born into a very high status family, with his mum being a samurai and his dad being a Kawon and the Founder of the School of Dragons. His older brother was a well known Kawon, known for his skill with a sword and his bond with his fire dragon. From a young age a lot was expected from Tensai, he was often compared to his brother. Until he tuned 13, when his brother died on a mission. Now expectations for him a lot bigger.

    Dragon Sheet
    Name: Denko

    Gender: Female

    Race: Wyvern

    Element: Lightning

    Link abilities: When Tensai is near her, she can power up his weapons with lightning to make them stronger. When Tensai is riding her she can also turn into lightning for a quick escape or for a speed boost.

    Appearance: When fully grown she is 10ft tall and 15ft long and a 20ft wingspan. Her body resembles coarse rocks with cracks around her body. Her eyes are electric blue, with crimson pupils. Her spines run down from her head to her tail and rise up when she feels threatened. Her wings are large and leathery and her tail is thin and pointed. When she is charging up for a breathe attack, the cracks in her body glow bright blue.

    Personality: Denki is a playful and hyperactive wyvern, she normally rides on Tensai's shoulder. to those she doesn't know she will try to be as social to them as personal, she is the literal opposite of Tensai. But that doesn't mean she doesn't love him.
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  2. Ooh! Ooh! I have no time! I know! Let’s join another roleplay! That’s a good idea, right?

    Character sheet-
    Name: Sachiko Yamamaki
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sandy brown hair, clouded green eyes, and a light dusting of freckles across her pale cheeks. She’s got a very delicate build, small and slight, and has been sheltered and looked down upon her whole life due to her blindness. Despite her weakness, she craves adventure, and tries to run away from her sheltered home whenever possible, attempting to escape her mother’s watchful gaze. She never wears shoes, and her clothes are often too big, her hair unkempt, much to her mother’s dismay.
    Personality: Smart-aleck at best, impossible at worst. Doesn’t listen to anyone, and gets into trouble all the time. Wants adventure, and is willing to go to any lengths to get it.
    Weapon: Johyo (aka rope javelin)
    Backstory: Sachiko lived a fairly normal life; her mother stayed at home and her father was a samurai. But when he died on a mission, her mother became paranoid, becoming the literal definition of a helicopter parent, keeping Sachiko away from other children, tutoring her at home, keeping her sheltered from the world due to her blindness. She swore that her daughter would never become a Kawon.

    God knows that’s never gonna work.

    Sachiko craves adventure, and continually snuck out of the house, seeking out the forests and the mountains. Every time, she was found and brought back before she could go too far. But this time would be different. This time, she would make a friend. This time... she was going to sneak out to take the entrance exam, and finally be free.

    Dragon Sheet
    Name: Asper
    Gender: Male
    Race: Drake
    Element: Earth
    Link abilities: Can manipulate all inorganic materials, as well as boost physical strength. Sachiko found her sight in the ground, and bonded quickly with Asper without problems, using her abilities to sense vibrations and “see” with her sense of touch.
    Appearance: Bronze in color. Covered in long, bristling spikes that can lie flat like scales or stick up like spines. Large claws and a long forked tail. Kind of a boxy head with a forked tongue as well.
    Personality: Being wingless has left Asper defensive and hot-headed. His fierceness is unrivaled, though his temper gets away from him at times. When pitted against an opponent he can’t beat, he gets frustrated and sloppy. Sachiko’s level-headedness is the only thing that can calm him down, though in the beginning, he just lobs a rock at her head and calls it a day.
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  3. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Schrift RP No.805
    Less doe dis
    Character bio No.885

    Name: Sam Lihtman
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Darkish skin/ Black eyes and messy hair.
    Personality: Sam is a man of action, with neverending (if a little sarcastic) positivity, and prides his swordsmanship. He's not conceited, however, although he can come off as so at times. A huge dragon fan, something he's a bit embarrassed about.
    Weapon: A large, 30 inch katana.
    Backstory: Nothing special (Because my brain is mush thanks to my recent vacay). Sam spent a fair amount of his life training with his father, who is also a Kawon. He still has some learning to do, but his father sent him to the school for better variety, and Sam happily agreed.

    And I'll just give my mans a big deadly dragon.
    Name: Sheen
    Gender: Male
    Race: Quetzalcoatl
    Element: Light
    Link abilities: Aside from giving Sam's weapon light capabilities, he can refract the light around himself to virtually disappear. His feathers also can reflect elemental magic, as can Sams' katana when Sheen's nearby, as a mirror would.
    Finally, he gives Sam super-fast reflexes. (Not speed. He can notice things quickly, but whether he can react accordingly is dependant on him)
    Appearance: 9 feet long from head to tail and about 6 feet high. He has two hind legs and his arms are his wings, like a bat. While covered in sleek, yellow scales, he has a few white pin feathers growing, specifically on his back. Only his wings and crest are fully feathered.
    Personality: Sheen is a very young dragon, so he's excitable and hyper. He can be annoying, especially to elder dragons, but generally means well.
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  4. Name: Felix Winter.
    Gender: Male.
    Appearance: 5'10 tall with blond, almost white, hair. An athletic build and dressed in a thief's outfit (think Assassin's Creed but he keeps the hood off unless he's doing stealth missions).
    Personality: He's a prankster, but don't let that fool you. He knows how to manipulate and get information out of you (or he'll just take your money).
    Weapon: Two daggers.
    Backstory: Felix came from an orphanage but was cast out after he had set the kitchen on fire (by accident, of course). After that he had to survive on his own. He managed to get pretty good at surviving by himself by making a shack out in the woods. When he had that, and enough food to survive, he started stealing from people. He got himself new clothes and some weapons (he knows how to use a bow but it's not his weapon of choice because he hasn't perfected it). When he had clothes and weapons covered, he started thinking about his future and how much money that could cost. So he began to steal more valuable things (and went on missions requested by some people) but was eventually caught by a samurai named Lars. The samurai took pity on Felix and adopted him. Lars introduced the boy to the school of dragons and Felix immediately wanted in.

    Name: Frost.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Norwegian Ridgeback (it's from Harry Potter, but this one is smaller and doesn't breathe fire).
    Element: Ice.
    Link abilities: As a last resort, she can freeze everything and everyone around her in a 20 meter radius, be it friend or foe (though it takes a while and a lot of concentration to cause this burst of ice). As a more balanced ability, she can cause opponents to freeze on the spot. And of course she has an ice breath.
    Appearance: Like a normal ridgeback (but a bit smaller) only her scales are white, blue and purple, symbolizing her element.
    Personality: Frost is a pretty calm dragon, though she wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who appears to be a threat to her or Felix unless Felix says otherwise. She has complete trust in Felix and cares for him like a brother.
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  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name: Elwisia Gwarn
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Elwisia is small girl with light brown hair. She is clearly Faragalian, having lighter skin then most people there. Her eyes are cloudy blue, like a cloudy night over the sea. She prefers to wear cloth outfits and seems to make her own clothing, wanting to remind herself of her homeland.
    Personality: Elwisia is a quiet girl, though intelligent. She seems to be very self-conscious of her past as a Faragalian shipwrecked on Derigon's shores. However, she is only this submissive because her adoptive parents told her to be to stay safe. In reality, she is pretty opinionated and is very talkative, willing to do almost anything to get her way.
    Weapon: She is trained in the Faragalian shortsword, but lost hers in the storm that shipwreck her boat. Now she only has a dagger.
    Backstory: Elwisia came from a powerful merchant clan in one of the Faragalian kingdoms. One day, when she was studying her parents' trade on a ship to another country, her boat sank in a powerful storm and she washed up upon the Derigon shores. She was adopted by a samurai, who boasted he could tame such a savage. They pitied her, as she lost everything, but they were still harsh. She was allowed to make her own clothing, as it was a comfort for her, but everything else was regulated by them. They told her she was going to become a Kawon or die trying.

    Name: Dafydd
    Gender: Male
    Race: Western Dragon (four legs, two wings)
    Element: Fire
    Link abilities: He is completely lava-proof. And fire proof. And heat proof. Other than that, he has the basic fire-breath. But it can sometimes be blue (hotter flames).
    Appearance: Dafydd has deep red scales and a darker red underbelly, spine, and wing membrane. His spine has crescents running down it and his tail ended in a larger and thicker crescent. His talons and horns are black and his horns reach behind his head and curls upward at a very slight angle.
    Personality: Dafydd is a curious creature, quite gluttonous too. He also likes shiny objects, like the rest of his species, and often 'borrows' the items without permission. He also is pretty friendly, though he prefers being around Elwisia, dispite her fear of dragons.

    Brief sidenote: Faragal is based off of medieval Europe and Derigon is based off of Fugal Japan (is this last part correct?).
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  6. Why does Playful's OC seem so familiar? Oh yeah!

    We made almost identical backstories lol
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  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Well I came up with it first. I just took longer on the bio.

    And my character was a merchant, not a thief. And she was shipwrecked...
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  8. I said "almost identical" for a reason :p
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  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    True. However, the only huge similarity I see is the adoption, which Schrift said was necessary during the planning phase. Time period and all of that.

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  10. That's true. Though personality wise they seem pretty similar as well (because showing a different type of personality than the one you actually have is a bit manipulative)
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  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    True, but she does it to stay in the good graces of her adopted family. She considers herself lucky, so she does what they say. She doesn't want to be thrown out, as she is scared in her new home.
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  12. That is a difference. Felix is manipulative because he had to be in order to survive. And sure, he kind of feels the same way about being lucky and being scared that he'll be thrown out, but he don't show a different face because of that
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  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Hmm, would they be good friends though... I mean, Elwisia will need all the friends she can get.
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  14. I think so. It would depend a lot on first impression, but I think they could be good friends (since first impressions are usually good in these kinds of RPs).
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  15. Thanks for the invite, Playful, but I don't think I'll be joining. As much as I'd like to RP with many of the people here, I have very little WoF knowledge.
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  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    This isn't WoF... It is like HTTYD but in Japan.
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  17. That is exactly what I said when schrift asked me about this thing xD

    Though the way he described it, it had something from Eragon as well
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  18. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Character sheet-
    Name: Kaito Nogitsune
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Rather tall for his age standing at around 6'4", he is incredibly muscular and broad shouldered. He has short blonde hair and dark grey eyes that look almost black. He has a small scar under his left eye and slight discoloration in his right eye causing it to appear more light grey in colour.
    Personality: Kaito is strong willed and ridiculously loyal. He likes to be helpful and of use to people. He doesn't like 'bad people' and isn't fond of heights. He likes to train his body to it's absolute limits.
    Weapon: A large warhammer
    Backstory: Kaito worked on a farm most of his life after being adopted by a retired samurai, he began training his body from a young age resulting in his slight brutish form which came in handy doing manual labour. He never had any interest in his birth parents and loves and respects his adoptive father as if he were his birth parent.

    Dragon Sheet
    Name: Tetsu
    Gender: Male
    Race: Wyrm
    Element: Metal
    Link abilities: When Kaito is close to his skin turns to steel and his strength increases ten fold. Tetsu can create steel plates along its body as armour as well as turn its fangs to steel when he is near Kaito.
    Appearance: A more snake like creature with a traditional western dragon style head, he has no legs or wings and has a pair of horns on his head, he has large fangs and stunning yellow eyes. His scales are a dark grey colour with odd streaks of white that create an appearance of constant shining or sparkling.
    Personality: Tetsu is a bit of a hot head and has mannerisms similar to that of a human teenager. But he is also very loyal and focused and would protect Kaito with his life.
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  19. @Shadow_Pup your father has to be alive, but apart from that you're accepted.
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  20. Welp. I read 'Wings OF Fire' instead of 'Wings AND Fire' sooo.... I might join. The internet went off before I could post anything last night, but I was still able to read through things.

    So, are we talking HTTYD the original book where we have smaller dragons, or are we talking the first movie/Riders of Berk where we have a variety, but mostly larger dragons. In any case, are there any specific rules for creating our own dragons?
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  21. My Norwegian Ridgeback was fine (though I made it a little bit smaller than normal) so it appears that dragons in the size of Toothless in the movies are fine
  22. Tbh when I made my character, I was imagining Mirko as some kind of slightly larger reptilian Akamaru XD
  23. I think the dragons should be big enough to ride on atleast
  24. The dragons will definitely be big enough to ride,
  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Should I give more information on Faragal? Since @Night's Shadow's character is from there.
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  26. This RP seems interesting, I might see if I can think up a char and element that hasn't been used yet.
  27. As for an element, I think water haven't been used yet. Or air
  28. I think you should, since the only clear thing they know is that Faragal is similar to medieval Europe
  29. Name: Iawi Hikaru
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Hikaru has dark brown hair and brown irises. He stands at 5'5" with an average musculature. He wears a black haori bestowed upon him by his grandfather, though the rest of his clothes are simple clothes of the peasantry.
    Personality: Hikaru is very well composed and is very blunt. He likes things to be straightforward and planned out, and gets very agitated when it isn't. He is a hypochondriac and very curious. He loves to ask questions and gain more knowledge, though isn't political whatsoever.
    Weapon: Kusarigama
    Backstory: Hikaru grew up into a peasant family in the fringes of Derigon. He lived a terrible childhood in extreme poverty. One very quiet day, a loose lindwyrm terrorized the village he called home and sent everyone into a life in peril. Whenever Hikaru and his family walked into the marketplace, the lindwyrm seemed to spare them. It seemed as if the lindwyrm just didn't think they looked delicious at first, but the more it happened the more mysterious it was. One afternoon, Hikaru snuck into the town square with one goal in mind: tame it. After nearly dying numerous times, he hopped onto the lindwyrm's back. It did nothing. He did nothing. He let out a shriek of joy realizing he just tamed it. The townsfolk cheered on and celebrated him as a hero. Hearing about the Derigon no Gakko, the townsfolk scraped what little money they had to get Hikaru enrolled into the school. They root for him every day he is gone.

    Name: Monsutā
    Gender: Female
    Race: Lindwyrm
    Element: Air
    Link abilities: Once Monsutā and Hikaru are in the vicinity of each other, Hikaru has the ability to walk on air. This helps him out tremendously in battle.
    Appearance: Monsutā is your average lindwyrm: dragon with no hind legs, a long snake like tail, and bat-like wings. However, she also has more of a streamlined posture to allow for fast flight, as well as sky blue eyes.
    Personality: Monsutā is the definition of sadistic. She loves to attack innocent people for no apparent reason. Except she has gained respect for Hikaru and his village, attacking all who pose any sort of threat to them. She adores Hikaru for giving her care and joy, and loves playing with the villagers.
  30. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Faragal is comprised of multiple kingdoms, usually having about the same society. In Faragal, they have Unicorn Maidens, Pegasus Warriors, Griffon Trianers, and Hippogriff Riders. Griffon Trianers are extremely rare, as are Hippogriff Riders. All other mythological creatures they kill. They also kill wild griffons. Each kingdom is named after the ruler's last name and last names belong to powerful families. Dragons are usually killed on sight and they don't like people from Derigon due to the dragons.

    There are the kings and then three emperors over them. The three are Xalamance, Terrium, and Varium. They fight each other to make themselves the true emperor, however, they will join forces if they have a huge common enemy. The person who named them emperor is the High Priest and they fight because they see the other as imposters. However, this isn't important to the story.
  31. Name: Mitsuru Boreas
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Mitsuru stands at 5'8" with fair skin, dark Blue eyes and dull dark Blue short hair, both a common trait among his family. Mitsuru's attire is mainly that of a ninja thanks to his family, wearing a simple dark Blue ninja robe with white fur linings on the boots and gloves, above this, he wears an ankle long Blue coat with a collar high and wide enough to cover his mouth at times.
    Personality: Mitsuru is a calm and quiet individual who looks like he wouldn't give things a second look, although once you get to know him, he tends to seem a bit friendlier than one would expect and displays a decent amount of loyalty to people he likes. When it comes to combat, he tends to be level headed to a point where it could be mistaken for indifference. He hates loud noises and wouldn't hesitate to tell someone to shut up if they're being "too loud."
    Weapon: Sais and throwing daggers.
    Backstory: Mitsuru comes from a long line of proud samurai warriors who lived in the nomadic clan known as "Burutenpesuto" (Blue Tempest). Mitsuru's parents were determined for Mitsuru and his four older sisters to be strong just like them and were force to undergo training every day, this didn't mean they didn't love their children however, although they tended to pay more attention to his sisters rather than himself, this caused Mitsuru to push himself to dangerous levels during training, much to the worry of his sisters (even though one didn't show it) and they decided to notify their parents. Their parents felt a sense of guilt and decided to try and pay a bit more attention to Mitsuru to make up for their mistake, Mitsuru took time to forgive the ignorance of his parents though. One day, Mitsuru learned about the School of Dragons and decided to enroll, hoping this would be his chance to get even stronger and become a warrior his entire clan could be proud of.

    Dragon Sheet
    Name: Fujin
    Gender: Male
    Race: Western Dragon
    Element: Air
    Link abilities: When Fujin is close with Mitsuru, Fijin can turn the pockets of air beneath Mitsuru in to platforms to walk on or use as shields to block incoming attacks. These "Solid air platforms" look and behave like glass, but are said to be stronger than steel.
    Appearance: Like usual western dragons Fujin has four legs and large wings, his eyes are a bright Green and his scales are a stunning Silver shade with hints of black closer to it's underside and spikes, his head has two large horns that slightly curve upward and smalls spikes that roughly form a crown, he has more spikes that mainly appear on his tail and sides of his legs. In terms of size, Fujin's size is said to be slightly bigger than a full grown horse.
    Personality: Fujin is a calm dragon who tends to be rather protective of Mitsuru, ready to attack whatever even so much as looks like it might threaten him. While he displays a calm and loyal persona towards Mitsuru and members of his family (to a degree), he is usually very lazy and stubborn around other people.
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  32. Another question, in case I want to join... how do they obtain dragons? Part of the family, or as part of the training, or what?
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  33. Schrift told me that they would have to steal the eggs from the parents as the entrance exam. Either both parents or just one. And it could be either in the wild, or tamed dragons
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  34. Does that make the method on how Mitsuru got his dragon irrelevant?
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  35. Ah. Sounds like the books to me, I like it. I'll try to think about a character.
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  36. I would say so. Sorry I took your responsibility Schrift
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  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Mine as well... co-host and all. But Bunny is correct @RenzFlintrock

    Sorry, @Red Gallade. He also stated they had to be the child of a samurai or kawon...
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  38. Yeah sorry 'bout that. I noticed you liked the posts so I figured you wouldn't say anything about it though
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  39. Guess I'll have to rethink on most of my char then..

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