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Private/Closed Blades of Azoth (Medieval Fantasy RP Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jan 5, 2019.


Which inspiration for this RP do you folks like the most?

  1. Dungeons and Dragons (Major inspiration)

    14 vote(s)
  2. Fire Emblem (Major inspiration)

    14 vote(s)
  3. Tales of Vesperia (Minor inspiration)

    0 vote(s)
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles (Minor inspiration)

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  1. Name: Doromeir
    Age: unknown, though he appears as if he were in his late twenties
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dragon-born
    Class: Mage
    Appearance: short for his species Doromeir is only 6 feet tall with a slim scaly tail which when left to droop drags slightly along the ground as he walks. His body is covered in dull golden scales, varying in size from the thick plates of his chest and shoulders to the minuscule specks which shimmer slightly over his otherwise human facial features, while his hands bear leathery skin and sharp talons. His eyes are a dazzling crystal blue specked with flakes of gold silver and emerald. Doromeir's whole body is covered in large dragonic runes tattooed semi-permanently upon this scales, though he regularly retouches then for both aesthetic and practical purposes, in a deep blood like alchemical ink. The runes glow and pulsate with energy as Doromeir begins to chant a spell.
    Attire: Doromeir's more plate like scales are almost as strong as iron so he has no need for armor as such he wears only light robes, a simple cream robe with hood wrapped loosely around his upper body. While his lower body is covered in long trousers with a large hole in the rear to allow for his tail to poke through and move freely. His feet are somewhat beastly thus making the use of shoes entirely irrelevant. Should if Doromeir begins to over-exert himself it is likely the energy of his ruins will become to great that his robes may catch fire and burn away from his body.
    Personality: Having grown up alone Doromeir lacks any real people skills, his voice is deep and croaky when speaking the common tongue from lack of use, and his speech is extremely basic. As such he rarely ever speaks, choosing his words carefully and contemplating them deeply before speaking.
    Equipment: a small carpenters blade used for scraping away at any unwanted build-up on his scales, as well as for trimming his talons. Doromeir also carries with him a small alchemist's pot used for preparing the ink needed for the renewal ceremony of his bodily runes.
    Weapons: carries with him a 6 foot staff, carved from a branch of grey Elder-wood, the branch seemingly twisting itself around a moderate luminous crystal which glows with a faint pulse. Contrary to appearances the staff’s purpose is not exactly for spell casting but rather as a conduit to allow Doromeir to control the effects of his only offensive spell. Cataclysm.
    The tablet of Cataclysm: A spell so ancient that it’s existence predates even the earliest form of papyrus instead the spell inscribed directly into a tablet shaped slab of Obsidian, some scholars believe it could even could have been translated directly from dragonic eons. Cataclysm is a primordial spell, with its effect changing dependent upon the casters surroundings, the caster has no real control over what form the spell would take, for example if the caster were standing on a beach, then cataclysm may be expected to somehow relate to the summoning of large waves however it is just as to likely relate to the control of the sand around the caster. With this in mind cataclysm requires a huge amount of magical fortitude in order to even cast let alone utilize on a large scale, thus the use of a secondary magical item is necessary to help temper the magical energy.
    Given Cataclysm is an ancient spell it could also be described as somewhat wild and unpredictable, the chance of self-inflicted magical injuries or a complete magical backfire are very high. Hence Doromeir's use of dragonic runes in an attempt to counteract this risk, the true practicality of which can be argued in perpetuity, but yet the Dragon-born continues to renew them.
    Positive Attributes: Intelligence and Wisdom
    Negative Attributes: Charisma and Dexterity
    The circumstances of Doromeir's birth are as mysterious as the existence of his Dragon father. His human mother died giving birth to Doromeir who, now seemingly orphaned, was given to be raised by a local mage. The mage did his best to tame the somewhat feral child, whose highly noticeable physical differences from the other village children had him shunned as on outcast. As such Doromeir buried himself in learning, combing though the mages library night and day for year upon year, as an escape from his reality. It was in Doromeir's reckless youth that he discovered the Tablet of Cataclysm and naively believed himself experienced enough for its power, he was catastrophically mistaken. The once gentle stream which crisscrossed its way picturesquely through the town froze over as the cobblestone streets begun to melt and flow in rivers of molten lava, the mage raced in to find Doromeir in a trance like state in the center of the town, surrounded by flames and ruin. It took all his strength but the mage was able to quell the disaster but the damage was done none has survived the cataclysmic event. The mage died in Doromeir's arms and the young dragon-born took up the mages staff as a constant reminder of the dangers of the power he now possessed. Doromeir left civilisation behind and disappeared into the wild-lands, where he lost track of time and set to worth learning to master this ancient and wild power.
    Family: Long dead
    Friends: None
    Home: a cave on the border of Infernia and Canyotopia
    Allegiance: Currently Neutral, however he is open to persuasion
    Extra: May remain neutral for a long time or actively switch sides dependent upon how he is feeling at the time.

    Name: Wyvern wings
    Chant: Wings of the Soaring Wyvern
    Effect: Produces etherial wings from the casters back, allowing them to slow a decent, jump higher and glide slightly

    Name: Fell-Drake Stride
    Chant: Long-stride of the kingly Fell-Drake
    Effect: Projects large talons over the casters legs, allowing them to run faster and for a longer distances.
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  2. Looks pretty good, approved! Though I think we should close off the RP now. We have a LOT of people...
  3. Yeah, you should mark the RP and this thread to say "Private/Closed"
  4. I agree completely with @Eeveechu151 and @SailorInSpace. This RP has been all over the place. I've tried to help where I could to make it understandable- at least on my end. I would love for this to continue. For this to work out. But we would definitely need something better to make all of this cohesive.

    Do I know how to make that happen? Unfortunately, no. Because to be honest it's hard to know what to do when you don't know what the hecc is going on :D

    But all in all, I would love for this RP to continue. Let's get ideas bouncing around here.
  5. I think we simply need a reason for characters too meet up and then we can go back to our original aim of taking the City (Which I expect to fail miserably because they have walls and I don't think we have anything for taking out walls.)

    Maybe if we can get those observing side-characters embroiled in the conflict we can get something going. Then we just need to yeet Eevee and Star's characters back to the action.
  6. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Nah if they’re real first enemies they’d come out to an open field or hide in trees/ abandoned forts
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  7. We just need to start reclaiming the city to win right?
  8. Walls can fall if a bit of magic can be used, I’m thinking about moving Doromeir closer to the city so he can see the conflict unfolding and help out if he sees fit
  9. They ARE actually supposed to take Mossley back y’know. Walls can be overcome in a variety of ways - magic, Pegasi, ladders and rope. They don’t have a drawbridge or anything, so break the doors and you’ve got MULTIPLE entrances.
  10. The walls themselves aren't the problem, they can be dealt using magic which was my original plan, but it's what happens afterward that has me concerned.

    For one there are a ton of mounted units here, and they might suffer quite a loss of combat power within the city. (Obstructions and the like to prevent horses from moving)

    Ladders are an option, but I wouldn't use them because their easy to deal with. Chop-chop with a sword and there goes the ladder and everyone on it.

    The gate I also wouldn't just because I personally would've turned it into a trap. With the gate we'd only have one entrance, and I would've put archers on the other side to turn anyone coming through into a pin cushion.

    Those are just my personal gripes though, so the methods are still viable. A second mage would be good since then Ignette wouldn't be able to interfere with all our magic.
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  11. Still need to know what happened to Ignette's fireball @Spoiled Bread
  12. Well I had the prince ask fellow mages to aid your character in pushing it away while he told other units to move away while he held a shield up. So I need to know this to XD
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  13. C'mon guys. Don't afraid to have IMPERFECT condition for your characters, it's healthy and realistic. Sometimes you gotta do with all you got in your hand and take the risks.

    As for Ignette fireball. It can be used to lure every other character outside Mossley.


    What the feck was that explosion? Let's check it out.
  14. So...We have Pearl who freezes forests, and Ignette who sets them on fire. Our characters are magic wielding maniacs when it comes to power.

    Other than that, yea. I don't see any problems getting somewhere. Magic can't really be resisted by much unless its more magic so that wall will like be taken care of quite quickly. lol
  15. I think I put somewhere in my post that the wall is actually not that strong either. Since Ignette demolish the original one so Mossley can be invaded.
  16. If someone could reply to the thread and have Ignette’s fireball explode, then Doromeir can enter the fray and start dealing some damage
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  17. Wait what
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  18. Sorry about that, I have edited my original post
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  19. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Hello, I'm back since like forever
    I saw the notifications, just never got the time to respond.
    But my problem is Zephyr can't really do anything right now, so I'm kind in the back chillaxing until the Pegasus Knight actually has something to do i guess?
    Unless I'm wrong and dumb, because I'm just skimming through and there's nothing really that Zeph and Lily can do as Pegasus Knights
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  20. I just need someone to have Ignette's fireball, then Doromeir can bring some dragon magic to the battle.
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  21. Still waiting on a reaction to the fireball myself. Or other people to help push it out of the way after the Prince's order.
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  22. Hmmm, guess I'll do that then.
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  23. Well the arrow was flying towards Gwen when it derailed but this still works
  24. I thought he aimed a second arrow after the first went off target?
  25. Did he? I need to reread that
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  26. Just so everyone is aware because Doromeir doesn’t talk much he will have a more detailed internal thought process thus I will use single speech marks (‘&’) for thoughts and double speech marks (“&”) for actual speech
  27. Since there is a lot of activity going on right now, I will re-read my current situation in the forest and see if I am in a good place to post. Although that will take a while and I am going to be busy as of today, so I will try my best to think up something.
  28. So I realized it would be better if @SailorInSpace posted to respond sense I am not awake, so yeah.
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  29. Hmmm, I need to stop the Prince from committing suicide again, and then someone from the enemy side should react.
  30. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    what should I do?
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  31. Oh, you could move Jax to Forei to guarantee Yacker doesn’t do anything.
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  32. Okay, so I have been re-watching Avatar the Last Air Bender, and I just realized something amazing...

    Infernia, Yantarlia, Canyotopia, Luppiter.

    Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.

    Then, everything changed when the Infernains attacked.

    Only a Dragon Sorcerer, a master of many powerful elements can stop them.

    But when the world needed him most, he was useless…

    A couple of years passed and some randos were found in the war, just doing random things.

    And although most have lots of skill with their weapons,

    They still have a lot to learn before they can save anyone.

    But I believe, they can save the world.

    I totally see how this role play compares to that show and it is kind of funny in a good way. Anyway, that was kind of a shit post that I wanted to make before I continued making the book, goodnight.
  33. I'm bad at this strategy thing...
  34. I'm not entirely sure how to introduce Doromeir to the rest of the group, given he is on the other side of the town trying to evacuate any trapped civilians. Potentially I'll have him come from behind the Inferians and flank them but I'm not 100% about it yet.

    Any other suggestions?
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  35. That flanking idea sounds nice
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  36. Maybe I'll have him flank them and get caught in the cross fire from the prince and his army, with the group believing him Inferian at first before its revealed he is in fact working with them to purge the Inferians.
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  37. Sorry for being so quiet. I don't know what to do next...mostly because I don't really know where everyone is on the battlefield or where Eevee's character are because I think they ran ahead of mine?
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