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Private/Closed Blades of Azoth (Medieval Fantasy RP Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jan 5, 2019.


Which inspiration for this RP do you folks like the most?

  1. Dungeons and Dragons (Major inspiration)

    14 vote(s)
  2. Fire Emblem (Major inspiration)

    14 vote(s)
  3. Tales of Vesperia (Minor inspiration)

    0 vote(s)
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles (Minor inspiration)

    0 vote(s)
  1. Ooh! Ooh! Could I be one of the siblings? It'd be a third character, and one much more intertwined with the story. If not I understand.
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  2. Nice touch adding in the little mention of Adrian's father.
  3. Characters that have yet to appear:

    Solace (Eevee's--Canyontopia)
    Yacker (Frase's--Yantarlian Nuetral [that seems written on his form as if he is to betray someone :-O)
    Rinea (Frase's--Neutral Elf)
    Adrian, Olivia (Red gallade--Infernian, Canyontopian--Neutral)
    Arsa (Jacob--I don't remember if she appeared....)
    Giles (Generation Sect--Inferian)
    Vixen (Scorch--Infernian)
    Hazel, Kristopher (Scorch--Canyontopians--Neutrals)
    Bodhi (Mockingchu--Dryad--Nature and Infernian)
    Jordan (Mockingchu--Neutral--We need talk about this one: You say he's a playboy, but he's 44 and most of us roleplay 16-25 year olds? :?)
    Jerry, Jack (Burble--Yantarlian, Iuppiteran (I assume neutral? You didn't say)
    King Aniran (Burble--Kind of Obvious :p)
    Helia (Crimson--Iuppiteran)

    I think that's it? Wanna plan out how to appear or something?

    Fun fact: Making this gave me a headache :(:@;_;

    Bonus fact: I've another list to make...:o:love:@.@
  4. Like I said on how Adrian and Olivia will appear: They'll appear sometime around when the Yantarlian Prince makes it to the Canyotopian border, maybe they'll find my guys dealing with some Infernian troops who call Adrian a traitor?
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  5. Yeah, we know yours. Sounds good considerimg his "mom"/mentor is from another Kingdom the Inferian King wants to conquer.
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  6. Also, if advanced classes are a thing by the time they make it to the border, I might update Olivia's bio and make her a Paladin. (Kinda wondering why you didn't add a great knight; trying not to be too derivative?)
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  7. Also I kind of feel like putting 300 pounds of armor on the back of a horse isn’t really a good idea. The Paladin is kind of like a combination of the two upgraded classes of the Cavalier in Fire Emblem.
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  8. Jack grew up in Infernia but has zero interest in allying with them. He hangs around army outposts to swipe rations and mess with drunkards, though will come to Yantralia's side pretty quick because he thinks the king is dumb for not looking at the present and helping his people that way. He just wants to find a group who won't send him off and indoctrine him as a soldier. So the Yantralian Corps.

    I need a place for Jerry to pop in...and maybe a Kasinn monologue :p Maybe he helps guide Shard, Pixel and company back to Mossley? Jerry not Kasinn obviously
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  9. Pixel can guide them just fine, and I think I might actually have Shard save the Prince from the honestly really good trap Ignette has created using his first Dragon Sorcerer spell.
    Which after the battle should probably be looked into by the magic users considering Shard can use magic without a conduit and that’s extremely odd.
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  10. Maybe after the Prince is safe, Pearl could meet Jerry and go off with to search for a unique gem she heard of that helps with memory loss and Agni follows us back for a surprise attack?
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  11. I was thinking something similar, see if I can get a Servant of Evil Themed Character
    It is in fact, an excellent idea! It'll allow for what is essentially the most devastating form of Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry. Armored Horseback riders who charge in on armored horses.

    Given the times, there's little to nothing capable of stopping 300 pounds of man, horse, and armor charging at a gallop. A Line of Heavy Cavalry will tear through infantry like wet paper before circling around to clean them up. They're absolute killing machines on the battlefield.

    BUUUT, it does have it's drawbacks. Heavy Cavalry are extremely expensive to produce and maintain. Similar to Levia's horse, you'll need Warhorses as opposed to normal horses. Warhorses are specially bred to be able to maintain the load, and they're carefully raised through grain, hay, and other vegetation in a combination that provides them with the nutrients they need to grow large, powerful bodies.

    When you factor a warhorse into the equation the Cavalry Charge takes on a completely different level of power. Warhorses can be anywhere between 1500 and 2000+ lbs, meaning at their largest they can hit a metric ton, and that's without any armor on. When you line up say 100 of these horses and their riders, and give them lances... YIKES.

    Nothing on the battlefield is going to stop a Lance with almost two tons of force galloping behind it.

    But like I said before they're very expensive. Their specialized feed is probably the cheapest part to rearing them. Warhorses also need specialized armor, armor that's very hefty. While the horse will be powerful enough to charge with half a ton on it's back, it's a very demanding task so after a few charges the horse could very well die from exhaustion. That means each individual soldier must come equipped with multiple horses so they can switch mounts in battle. Usually they carry 1-3 extra horses along. So take whatever number you thought you were gonna spend on horse food and triple it.

    If you're going to have at least twice the number of horses traveling with the army, you're also going to need people to take care of those horses. Each unit of heavy cavalry must be accompanied by a logistics unit or support personnel who'll take care of their extra mounts and do various other tasks. (Usually this was assigned to squires, and one to two men accompanied the Cavalry unit.)

    That being said, if you field a Heavy Cavalry Unit of 1000 men, your total will come up to around 2-3000 men and 2-3000 horses, of which only 1/3rd are combat capable.

    I should also mention that injuries to horses usually mean the end of it's career so you can assume a number of horses will need to be swapped out after every battle.
  12. Yeah... far too inconvenient. It's much more trouble than it's worth, especially for our small group.
  13. Does anyone have any ideas, aside from the one Sailor gave me earlier, about how I should implement Yacker around now?
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  14. I'll be looking for an opening with Bodhi. But making sure I get on top of the ball right away this semester in school comes first. As for Jordan, I don't think his age will be an issue. He may not become besties with the other people because of his age gap, but he's not someone who's into "besties". I was aiming for someone a little different. Personally, I think Jordan's older age gives this story a bit more material to work with. Plus, there's more than just teenagers and young adults running these kingdoms, I'm sure.

    If you have any other reasons for Jordan's age to lower (or if you just want him to be younger for the sake of it) you can private message me so we don't take up space here.

    (I should get a post up over the weekend)
  15. Behind the Scenes:

    Hitoshi sat at the fire in boredom. "Jeez, not fighting is boring. I am glad I don't hear any explosions going on over there." Little did he know...
  16. So will Gwen still get to knock an arrow out of the way?
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  17. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Is Gwen fast enough to catch/knock an arrow out of the way?
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  18. She might not be but her Wind tome sure is
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  19. So, I have an idea for Yacker. Basically, if the Infernians want an archer for their plan to kill the prince, and say none of their archers are very good at that exact aim needed to fire a fire arrow at some explosives in some armour being worn by a soldier, they would try and find the best nearby archer, this is where Yacker comes in. Naturally, he'd be hesitant, but end up firing the arrow. Anyway, cue someone saving the Prince or something. Then, in the ensuing battle, Yacker eventually switches sides, realising how much money he'd gain working directly for a prince.
  20. Seems good for me. Maybe you can place Yacker somewhere near Ignette or the captain so either me or Eeveechu can pull Yacker in.
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  21. Name: Zero strike
    Age: 17
    Gender: Boy
    Species: Human
    Class: a dragon sorcerer (Shadow dragon sorcerer if there’s a element)
    Positive Attributes: strength and charisma
    Negative Attributes: Dexterity
    Backstory: He wanted to become a mage when he was younger so he tried his best to learn magic but his magical powers were better than a shadow mage or a sorcerer, So he Met a shadow dragon the two faced off one was knocked out another was tired, The winner was Zero but He had some scars that was during the battle
    Family: His parents are still alive
    Friends: No friends
    Homeland:a small town
    Allegiance: He beleive that someone stronger than he is, then learn the ways on how to be stronger
    Extra: N/A
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  22. I've gotta reject that. Sorry. Your form is incomplete and we don't really need two Dragon Sorcerers right now.
  23. Yantarlian Alliance:
    Princess Mermana
    Prince Ven

    Have I missed anyone for Yantarlia?

    Inferian Alliance:
    King Aniran



    Ok. So this is the people from the doc....I'm sad cause I've missed some Bios that need to be added to the doc...Also, I'm not sure when majority of you will appear...
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  24. Also it's physically impossible for more Dragon Sorcerers to appear. Shard is only one due to his backstory.
  25. I don't think you put Gwen in there
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  26. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    missed Zephyr for Yantarlia
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  27. Kk. Thx :love:
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  28. So, who responds in ze rp now?
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  29. @SailorInSpace what the what? You missed Hitoshi! But who would know? He is in neutural btw
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  30. Seriously, who's turn is it to respond to the rp?
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  31. I'm sorry. We goof too much in the discussion thread so I ended up missing some ;-;
    Anyway, I am going to fix the doc ^-^
  32. I'mma make a post now. You can put your character in you know
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  33. I did do that, I was the lastest person to respond to the rp, I believe.
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  34. My bad. Sorry. Just went to the forum and saw. *Facepalm at myself.*
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  35. Tis ok, everyone misses alerts and stuff sometimes.
  36. Some important questions:
    1) What is the date?
    2) What season are we in?
    3) The factions are split into 4, if you thought of it as a four square, is Infernia across from Yantarlia on the square?
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  37. And now I'll have to post later because I've gotta leave the house for a bit.
  38. @SailorInSpace where is Pearl right now? Is she still in the forest because maybe I can bump into her and Pixel when I go scouting
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  39. Yeah. She hasn't left Shard and co yet. And please do. I don't know what to have her do yet except walk ahead of everyone scouting. Maybe I could send her ahead to scout because she wants Shard's path safe and she meets you who is also scouting and you both fight a monster together?
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