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Private/Closed Blades of Azoth (Medieval Fantasy RP Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jan 5, 2019.


Which inspiration for this RP do you folks like the most?

  1. Dungeons and Dragons (Major inspiration)

    13 vote(s)
  2. Fire Emblem (Major inspiration)

    14 vote(s)
  3. Tales of Vesperia (Minor inspiration)

    0 vote(s)
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles (Minor inspiration)

    0 vote(s)
  1. Ashnard is a evil prick who was really an asshole through and through. He's literally a puppy kicker and a horrible, horrible man. I think he was just motivated by madness, as the Mad King would imply.
    Michalis is just a nationalist, though holding his little sister hostage to force his other sister to work under him was an awful thing. I don't Macedon was actually that bad though, as in actual state. He just wanted power.
    Zephiel hated humanity. He just wanted everyone dead and replaced with dragons. Reasonable considering his dad.

    I think the king is whatever he is, and I'm totally willing to be him. A guy who makes good points but is so smug and arrogant he comes off as someone you want to sock in the face. Still, he managed to organize an army to take over a continent...And is apparently succeeding at it. Somewhat. There's probably more than the King, he's an Arc 1 Big Bad it seems :p But if any of you guys think you got a better idea...well might as well execute it, because mines still pretty boring lol, he might have more depth but he's not as hammy as candy-stealing puppy kicker. And a lot less fun to kill.
  2. Primarily, I don't actually want to be the King. I think my evil character would fit more as the Major General or something. I've been itching to try militaristic RPs and its evaded me at every turn lol.
  3. I don't want to take the evil king too. Everytime I play antagonist I usually end up with semi-serious character like Ignette. I think someone charismatic or intimidating can be a good evil king.
  4. True facts the Evil King IS just hungry lol

    You see all those Tea and cookies Ignette had to just GIVE OUT to the enemy???
    Infernia had to donate all their tea and cookies to the army as part of the war effort, and all the good food production is in Yantarlia and so my final conclusion is
    The Evil King’s motivation is that he just really wants a goddamn burger man
  5. But yeah, what everyone else said. Even though it is possible for me to do the Evil King, idk, I think the idea I had just works better if it’s not direct royalty and is just some other important person.
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  6. Who's turn to respond?
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  7. I don't know, I am not sure what I can have Ven respond to as he gave his orders to his crew. Unless I missed something.
  8. Same, I can't respond until @Eeveechu151 does or I'd be technically ignoring Pixel after asking her questions.
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  9. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Zephyr doesn’t have much to do until the actual meeting starts, so not me really
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  10. Carolean could react, but he is just spectating Prince Ven and the Infernia army and wondering what would happen. Think @Spoiled Bread is needed for plot progression
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  11. Yacker doesn't have anything to do unless someone has an idea for him.
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  12. Why not intercept Agni and thwart his first attempt to make it to Yantarlia?
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  13. I bet some people are just busy, no time to make a good post, might as well wait, right? I can blame em' because I am in school
  14. I think it's @Eeveechu151. Ignette still asking for his approval.
  15. Yeah, I'll try to get a post up soon.
  16. Hm, might be a good plan to decide what my other options are as well.
  17. I've just realized the work week ends tomorrow and we already have 417 comments under here and our rp is going really well...

    *Pours everyone chocolate milk.*
    Cheers to this lasting us all year for fun times together! :love::angel::arr:
  18. Hear, hear!
  19. W-wait, I like strawberry milk more.
    The damn Yantarlians have it all so we’re gonna need to mount another invasion
  21. strawberry
    what the hell did you do to that poor cow?
  22. It was fed cotton candy.
  23. And we'll be fed a warning if this continues
  24. I figured I'd make another bio.

    Name: Olivia Beskad
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Class: Cavalier
    Appearance: Stands at 6 feet tall with dark skin, clear muscles, Black hair tied into a ponytail and Dark blue eyes, she has a few scars on the left side of her face, the two most noticeable ones being a light vertical scar near the right end of her lip and a diagonal one crossing over her right eyebrow. She wears a Beige tunic and pants underneath light, slightly scruffy Bronze armor plating mainly on her upper torso and shoulders, black boots and a Red cloth around her waist.
    Her horse is a full jet black and bulky type, wears a simple saddle with a Beige cloth underneath as well as a bag for Olivia's items.
    Personality: A very serious and hardened warrior, always relishing the chance to fight yet careful on who she (Or Adrian) should fight. She mainly stays at Adrian's side as she wishes for him to be a strong warrior like her closest friend, Adrian's father, Samson. She can sometimes get protective over Adrian and rarely trusts anyone who Adrian doesn't trust.
    Equipment: She keeps an iron lance on the saddle of her horse and has a scabbard for her weapon on the left side of her waist.
    Weapons: Scimitar, Iron lance
    Positive Attributes: Strength, Dexterity
    Negative Attributes: Charisma
    Backstory: Olivia was raised harshly in Canyotopia, always having to steal to survive, training hard whenever she could until she earned a name for herself and earned the attention of Infernia. General Samson went to fight the female warrior and show her the true meaning of battle, the battle lasted for almost a full hour and ended in a tie, both fighters too exhausted to even raise their weapon. Olivia and Samson began to share a mutual respect for one another as warriors and even joined him in several battles. Years later, she learned that Samson gained a son and desired that he become just like his father, so she dropped by whenever she could to train with him until one day, she heard about Samson's execution for speaking against the king. The news broke her heart and she went to join Adrian in his quest for revenge and the kingdom's 'redemption'. Training him whenever she could as they laid low for a while back in her homeland of Canyotopia.
    Family: N/A
    Friends: Samson Griffin (Deceased), Adrian Griffin (Alive), Heather Marigold? (Alive)
    Homeland: Canyotopia
    Allegiance: Wherever Adrian goes, she goes.
    Extra: I have a special little surprise on what happens to her in the story.
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  25. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    41 year old only cavalier? yikes
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  26. Approved overall, except one tiny thing that may not matter. Can we lower the age a little? If @Eeveechu151 doesn't care, then me neither. Just curious if we ever made an age limit?
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  27. I'd make her a Paladin but idk how soon my chars will be introduced.
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  28. Age is just a number here Scorch XD
  29. Yeah, age doesn't matter, but she may have some thoughts about how old she's getting.
  30. Sorted and I was thinking of a random adult number lol. She was meant to be Adrian's father's friend, with Adrain's age nowadays, I figured she'd be old enough.
  31. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    seems like a gunter
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  32. That was kinda the vibe I was going for, I'll make heather's bio later.
  33. OMG yes! and I love Gunter! OwO
    Pearl must meet her! @Red Gallade
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  34. It'll have to wait until sometime the party get to Canyotopia... or near the border to it at least.
  35. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    hmmm one of us will have to think of a reasoning why hazel's group hasn't attacked them yet. Maybe they formed an agreement of some kind?
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  36. *Sips Tea*

    I dislike both Chocolate and Milk, the combination of the two is an ungodly abomination the likes of which is only rivaled by other cursed foods like Caramel and Cheese cake. I'll need to politely decline your toast by tossing it into the fires of the 18th level of hell. Though, I will toast with an empty glass since I'm only against the Liquid and not the celebration.

  37. TL;DR: Screw your chocolate milk in a polite way
  38. Pearl: You are banned from recieving Icicle Cream. You may never enjoy its love. Good day. *Bows and leaves* :D
  39. Well then...

    Name: King of Infernia, Kasinn Aniran
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Great Lord
    Appearance: Tall, fierce, and dressed in red, gold, and black, Kasinn is inmistakably the king of Infernia. His hair is best described as a mane- long, way too long. Atop his head sits the Infernian crown, similarly colored to his robes and armor. Gold with black and red jewels. Whilst out of combat, he wears the mentioned robes, ornate and extravagant, but in reality very thin. Because y'know. Semi-Active volcano. In battle, Kasinn loses the robes in favor of plated armor. Once again, black and gold with the insignia of Infernia upon the pauldrons. In his armor, he also dons a cape. Some say he resembles his father when he was young. But he'll just tell you he's a shining hero that history shall recall, not a pitiable king who ran a dying country.
    Personality: A rather ambitious man, Kasinn simply wants to see his people healthy and prospering. Even if it means he must take every other country under them. Some call him greedy, some call him a tyrant, but he calls himself a savior. For he believes his long term plans will ensure the survival of Aeridan as a whole, not to mention be a mutual benefit.

    In a way, some could call him an optimist. He expects the four countries to work in harmony once he unites them under one banner. Of course, he's also a pessimist, since the reason he started the war was because he was certain his fellow royals would laugh his plans out of the room.

    He presents himself to the people as a shining beacon of light, someone who will relieve them of their hardships and bring them to new lands. Indeed, he shall. His people are everything to him- and freeing them from the dredges of Infernia is his ultimate goal. There's no cost too great for the next generation. No matter how many men have their blood spilled, if his achievement comes to realization then he will view it as a success.
    Equipment: Since Kasinn will likely not meet his fate on the field of battle, he doesn't have much equipment besides his weapons to use. Though, at all times he carries sealed letters on his personage...He hasn't told anyone for whom they are for.
    Weapons: Clarent, a royal sword of passage. Wielded by his father before him. Said to have been used by an ancient descendant to slay a dragon. Colored gold and black, presumably from whatever it was crafted out of. His shield is Calad, similarly wielded by his father once. Just as his sword is, colored gold and black, with a red Infernia symbol proudly displayed.
    Positive Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma - He has to be both of these, lest he be overthrown by the masses of unsavory folks. There's enough weight on his shoulders without worrying of revolts.
    Negative Attributes: Dexterity - Truth be told, his sword hand is not an elegant one.
    Backstory: Born as eldest child to the Infernian throne, Kasinn has seen the throes of Infernia. While the palace walls may of been magically cooled for convenience, you'd have to be incredibly sheltered to not see the blatant awfulness of Infernia. With their only major export being ore, and food only coming from what little fertile land was near the border and got imported in. Animal life was scarce, and the people were displeased.

    He's theorized his plan and mulled it long before he ascended to power. Seeing Iuppiter hoard their advancements. Yantralia watching from their fertile lands. Canyotopia and their merchant empire. So he's quietly influenced things. Encouraged people to join the army. Influenced his father to increase military budgets. Slowly, but surely, he assured when the time came he could strike as a viper.

    And when it did, he was not surprised when some were displeased. Indeed, the odds were against them. But Kasinn thought himself a smart man. And so, to insure his hold on the army, he made sure that any influential figures who could go against them- say, a general of high regard -would be dealt with. And publicly executed. If you weren't with him, you were against him, and a future of happiness. He could convince the people against them. Why live in squalor and ash? There was so much more out there, bandits and beasts be damned.

    He knows the path ahead won't be easy. He's well aware of the risks. But once his country comes to realization- no matter whose blood was spilled, no matter how many good men died, they did so to establish a future for their children, and their children! An era of peace and prosperity. He knew that he would be a hero of history to come.
    Family: His deceased father and mother left him successor to the throne. I assume there are some siblings who may or may not approve of his methods.
    Friends: He's probably well associated with what few noble families exist in Infernia. As well as associated with any generals and their families. Provided he hasn't killed them cough cough Adrian cough
    Homeland: Infernia
    Allegiance: Gee. Who do you think the King of Infernia is allied with.
    Extra: Man who genuinely believes what he's doing is right, and is leading his nation with the promise of a better tomorrow? Or power hungry tyrant who scares his populace into place by showing that no one is safe if they as much as dare disrupt his plan. I dunno. Your choice.

    Ok, there's my concept. He's a total asshole, but he makes good points. Still, everything he's done...is because he didn't think the royals of the four capitals would cooperate with his plan. He's 100% in the wrong still. Bad dude here :p I'm not sure if he has any brothers or sisters, and obviously they would be taken. Unlike the generals, he'd likely show some mercy to his siblings if they went against his plan. By throwing them in the dungeons, because he still has to punish them. Or maybe not. I dunno. Maybe Eevee or Sailor won't like him. In that case, I'll just rewrite him into a general. Just change some keywords and make him be manipulated into thinking war is the only option :p
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  40. He looks fantastic! Mind creating a DM so Sailor and I can discuss how he relates to certain plot elements, though?

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