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Private/Closed Blades of Azoth (Medieval Fantasy RP Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jan 5, 2019.


Which inspiration for this RP do you folks like the most?

  1. Dungeons and Dragons (Major inspiration)

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  2. Fire Emblem (Major inspiration)

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  3. Tales of Vesperia (Minor inspiration)

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  4. Xenoblade Chronicles (Minor inspiration)

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  1. [RP Thread]

    For over a thousand years, the four kingdoms have lived in peace.
    Infernia, land of the raw flames.
    Yantarlia, land of the sweeping waters.
    Canyotopia, land of the harsh deserts.
    And Iuppiter, land of the floating cities.
    Each of these four lands, residing on the continent of Aeriden, supported each other to become a thriving community. Humans, residing in the former three kingdoms, and elves, residing in the latter kingdom, united to form the backbone of society itself. The fairies ensured the land remained peaceful, while the dragonborn and the "lesser" races survived on their own terms.
    But a few years ago, that all changed.
    The former king of Infernia perished, and his oldest son rose to take the throne. Despite all prior signs, this oldest son wanted nothing but the conquest of the other kingdoms. The new king wished to take the entirety of Aeriden as his domain.
    Yantarlia was the first to resist, striking at Infernia as soon as they entered their territory. The two kingdoms began to battle - Yantarlia to maintain existing world borders, and Infernia to break them down.
    As for Canyotopia and Iuppiter? Canyotopia decided to remain neutral in the conflict, allowing both kingdoms to do what they wished, while Iuppiter broke ties completely with the other kingdoms.
    While the King of Yantarlia remains on the home front, guarding the kingdom alongside his eldest daughter, the Prince of Yantarlia takes to the battlefield to strike against Infernia alongside his soldiers.
    But a new arrival will soon shake the war effort... What happens when a man arrives from outside of the four kingdoms? How will he change the tide of war?
    And what does him being a Dragon Sorcerer mean for the mythology of Aeriden?

    So! If that opening legend didn't clarify things, this is a medieval fantasy RP taking heavy inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons and Fire Emblem. @SailorInSpace and I have been working on this RP concept for a fair bit of time now, and I personally am a pretty big fan of what we've come up with.
    In terms of the actual RP, we'll start off with a small group and slowly expand it over the course of the RP. The adventure will begin with the encounter with Shard, who by his backstory (which he doesn't know about, oops!) is critical to the plot and world, and from there will focus on the Yantarlia-Infernia war.
    In terms of characters, you can have as many characters as you want and you can take members of the royal family, but keep in mind that the characters will be introduced to the plot slowly and when it makes sense. Furthermore, if your character starts the story with an Upgraded Class (basically the evolution of a previous class, see the class list) then we won't be getting to them for a while.
    We'll discuss where to take the plot as a group, as Sailor and I don't have everything figured out yet but do have events and overall plot.
    Ah, but we should probably get you the stuff so you can make your characters, right? Here ya go!

    INFERNIA - Next to a volcano, this kingdom is very hot. A harsh, steamy landscape as it was built near the side opposite of lava flow. Houses here are built of stone. Currently at war with Yantarlia due to their new king.
    YANTARLIA - A swampy land of caves and marsh. Lots of merchants call this kingdom their home. One of the only places a rainbow jewel called “Irrescant Marxia”, named after the first king, can be found. Currently at war with Infernia due to Infernia's new king.
    CANYOTOPIA - A giant desert with Canyotopia acting as an oasis. Cracked ground, cactus plants, and a few inns along the route to the city surrounding the castle. Not much is here but smiling rays of sun...and heat. Lots and lots of heat. Currently neutral in the war.
    IUPPITER - A large, floating city in the sky that operates off of steampunk like mechanisms. A very mechanical looking place. Tall buildings. Several floating islands surround Iuppiter. Currently avoiding the war.

    Humans: The most common species in the world, humans live freely and established three of the four central kingdoms themselves. Humans tend to place themselves at the center of things, but no one can deny the perseverance and will humanity has shown time and time again.

    Elves: Elves are biologically on a superior mental level to humans, being slightly farther in societal evolution. This has led to a renaissance within the elven kingdom of Iuppiter, which has such things as gliders, flintlocks and even a flying ship. Any Elven character either won’t be showing up for a while or needs a detailed explanation why they’re in the human kingdoms.

    Fairies: Embracing the mystic side of the world, the fairies choose to live scattered about the world, having no one kingdom or central governmental body to connect them. Instead, all the fairies live free to do as they will with the magic power within their very blood. Fairies are usually only about five inches tall, but some can use spells to grow up to five feet.

    Dragons: Truly impressive beasts, dragons are merely a myth within the four kingdoms. Despite this, the dragons are monsters beyond the power of any other sentient creature, but for the most part choose to live their own content lives far off in Dragalia. DRAGONS ARE NOT AN OPTION FOR REGULAR CHARACTERS. AS FAR AS PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED, THEY'RE MYTHICAL.


    Half-Elves: Half-elves can be picked out from full elves by the fact that they can only grow hair on their head, and not on their face. (They get eyebrows and eyelashes, silly!) For the most part, all half-elves are half-human, half-elf. There are a few exceptions, however.

    Sprites: Sprites are the result of fairies getting a bit frisky with humans or elves. Sprites are magical spirits, usually tricksters, who can use their natural magical connection to Aether in very creative ways. The mixed blood does limit their connection, however.

    Dragonborn: You don’t want to imagine how they’re born… Dragonborn are some of the most fearsome creatures out there, with a humanoid body averaging about seven feet, long lashing tail and extremely strong scales. Despite this, dragonborn are usually excellent companions.


    Mermaids: Mermaids often live in small groups out in the waters, commonly found inside of ponds. Some mermaid choose to prey on travelers, but most are extremely friendly and helpful.

    Nymphs: Many legends exist about the nymphs drowning ships at sea and taking travelers for their own benefit. Few are true, as the nymphs usually choose to live in their aquatic solitude.

    Dryads: Being tree spirits, dryads are obsessed with making sure nature gets the best of what’s available. They tend to be able to tap into nature and life itself to get a clearer picture of things.
    NOTE: Classes listed with a - in front are derivative of the class above; for example, a Mage can become either a Sorcerer or a Sage.

    Lord: Lords are exclusively of royal upbringing and royal blood, oftentimes raised to live and die for the kingdom. This means they know how ruling works, and may one day be expected to rule themselves. Use swords and shields.
    -Great Lord: An evolution of the Lord class, Great Lord is a title usually only occupied when a royal takes the throne. With high standing and almost unlimited political power, there are few Great Lords, but the ones that there are are well known. Use swords, shields and lances.

    Cavalier: Lightly-armored horseback knights, cavaliers tend to focus on speed and mobility, moving around the battlefield quickly to clear out the foes they can handle. Cavaliers have a reputation for being somewhat squishy, however… Use swords and lances.
    -Paladin: When a cavalier dedicates themselves to combat and fighting alongside their chosen master, they take up the armor and shield of a paladin, legendary defenders of royals since ancient times. They use the strongest horses for unparalleled speed. Use swords, shields and lances.

    Mage: Mages are studious, learning magic like ordinary folk learn the common language. They are fluent in Rune Speak, the magic cant, and through use of tomes and staffs can tap into the power of the world to cast powerful magic. Use tomes and staffs.
    -Sorcerer: Focusing on offensive power, sorcerers are to be feared on the battlefield. Putting their years of magical training to use, they spew out powerful magic on the regular. Expect to duck for cover when they begin to chant. Use tomes.
    -Sage: The sages choose to focus on the defensive side of magic, using their variety of spells to aid their allies through restoring their health to improving their attributes. Sages are often considered the most vital part of any major battle. Use staffs.

    Knight: A powerful warrior, knights are deadly duelists that take any and all challengers on foot. Their armor glistens in the sun, and tales are abound of the legendary honor and determination of the knights of the kingdoms. Use swords, shields and lances.
    -Swordmaster: A true master of the blade, Swordmasters possess skill with their sharp edges unmatched by any other. Swordmasters mainly seek to pass on their skills to others, but a select few use these skills for personal gain and motivations. Use swords.
    -General: These armored warriors are exceedingly deadly. Generals have almost impenetrable armor, and have mastered the art of war. Their massive amount of equipment does make them somewhat slow, however. Use swords, shields, lances and axes.

    Archer: Excelling at long-distance fighting, archers are elegant trappers who like to play the enemy into their hands through careful positioning and manipulation. The best archers are able to think three steps ahead of their opponent. Use bows.
    -Sniper: Never underestimate a sniper. These elites have no time for games, finishing the fight quickly and efficiently with their long-distance, high-accuracy arrows. Snipers will always take up the back lines, ending threats from a distance. Use bows.
    -Gunslinger: A class exclusive to the elves, due to only the elves using this technology. Gunslingers are masters at quickly and efficiently ending fights with their powerful flintlocks, muskets and blunderbusses. Use guns.

    Thief: Tricky and cunning, thieves are extremely quick and slippery, able to use the shadows and seedy darkness to their advantage. Profit is usually first and foremost on their minds, but like any people, they can be convinced to fight for a cause. Use swords and daggers.
    -Assassin: Deadly warriors no matter the situation, if an assassin is sent after you, write to your next of kin. Assassins merely seek a paycheck when not fighting for a cause, but when they are, they are the foes’ worst enemies. Use swords, daggers and bows.
    -Mercenary: Abandoning the sneaky part of their work, mercenaries choose to use their combat skills to make a living as muscle-for-hire. When you get the trust of a mercenary, you have an honest and powerful ally at your side. Use swords, shields and daggers.

    Fighter: Fighters are renowned for being the rural counterpart to the urban knights, being the commonfolk who decided to grab an axe and fight back. Fighters are the most common units in any army due to how common they are. Use axes.
    -Barbarian: Barbarians are known for their savagery and bestial fighting style. You can come from the noblest upbringing and still turn out as a barbarian. Barbarians are often extremely deadly when they get going in combat. Use axes.
    -Warrior: Well-rounded combatants who quickly learned on the battlefield, warriors are survivors who know how to take down an enemy. They are trustworthy and strong-hearted no matter where they are in the fight - so long as you’re not their enemy. Use axes, shields and bows.

    Pegasus Knight: Pegasus Knights are essentially the cavaliers who decided to take to the ground instead of the air. The same applies - usually considered squishy, exceedingly fast - but more so due to the insane speed of pegasi and how easily arrows can shoot them down. Use lances.
    -Pegasus Paladin: You’d be surprised how well a pegasus can fly with armor. The best of both worlds, pegasus paladins are armored warriors able to travel at high speed. They are truly jacks of all trades, able to handle almost any situation. Use lances and shields.
    -Pegasus Mage: A fusion of magic and weaponry, the pegasus mages fight from afar or up close, able to launch off powerful magic and attack with a swift strike at about the same time. The pegasus mages are fairly weak, however… Use lances, tomes and staffs.

    Fey Sorcerer: The fairies have an innate gift, allowing them to tap into the mystical field of energy that spreads across the world and the source of all magic, Aether. Fey Sorcerers use this gift to unleash powerful and impressive magic spells. Use Fey Scrolls.

    Dragon Sorcerer: Unlike the other magic-users, Dragon Sorcerers tap directly into the life energy of the user to create a variety of powerful elemental attacks. Dragon Sorcerers don’t exist in the normal kingdoms and are exceedingly rare - Shard is the only known one. They are their own weapon.
    Species: (See Species List)
    Class: (See Class List)
    Positive Attributes: (ONLY TWO: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma)
    Negative Attributes: (MUST HAVE ONE: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma)
    Shard Tempus (Neutral Dragon Sorcerer): @Eeveechu151
    Prince Veneok "Ven" Calilas (Yantarlian Royal Family Lord): @Godjacob
    Pixel (Yantarlian Army Fey Sorcerer): @Eeveechu151
    Pearl (Yantarlian Army Mage): @SailorInSpace
    Gwen Carvos (Yantarlian Army Mage): @Rohan Kishibe
    Lily Torin (Yantarlian Army Pegasus Knight): @Eeveechu151
    Zephyr Aurelio (Yantarlian Army Pegasus Knight): @Crims0n
    Jasper (Yantarlian Army Knight): @SailorInSpace
    Jaxite Nagraal (Yantarlian Army Cavalier): @ScorchPlayz
    Ethel (Neutral Archer): @Generation Sect
    Adrian Griffin (Anti-Infernian Army Knight): @Red Gallade
    Serias Cestram (Neutral Thief): @kyuukestu
    Carolean May (Neutral Thief): @DarkHydraT
    Princess Mermana (Yantarlian Royal Family Sorcerer): @SailorInSpace
    Hitoshi (Neutral Archer): @DManArt&RP
    Yacker Naegi (Neutral Archer): @Fraseandchico
    Arc Carvos (Neutral Sniper): @Rohan Kishibe
    Solace (Neutral Assassin): @Eeveechu151
    Hazel Kro (Neutral Assassin): @ScorchPlayz
    Jordan Sale (Neutral Assassin): @Mockingchu
    Kristopher Kro (Neutral Sorcerer): @ScorchPlayz
    Bodhi Turre (Pro-Infernian Army Sage): @Mockingchu
    Arsa (Infernian Army Cavalier): @Godjacob
    Agni (Infernian Army Fey Sorcerer): @SailorInSpace
    Ignette (Infernian Army Fey Sorcerer): @Spoiled Bread
    Giles Gillenix (Infernian Army Fighter): @Generation Sect
    Vixen Fey (Infernian Army Pegasus Knight): @ScorchPlayz
    Rinea Heartlock (Neutral Gunslinger): @Fraseandchico
    Scall (Yuan-Ti Lord): @Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    As you can tell, you get a lot of freedom for how to make your characters. But for some examples of filled-out character sheets, I'll provide my own.
    Name: Shard Tempus
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Dragon Sorcerer
    Appearance: Shard has white hair with azure blue eyes, and pale skin. The palm of his right hand has an unrecognizable rune on it. Shard is 6’1” and wears a dark purple cloak with silver trim. The cloak also has similar symbols on it to Shard’s palm. Underneath the cloak he wears a beige tunic, grey pants and brown boots.
    Personality: Shard is extremely kind and calm, but is also very curious and occasionally thick-headed. He likes to outthink his foes through analysis and strategy.
    Equipment: Shard doesn’t have any equipment except his cloak, but there may be more than it seems to his garments...
    Weapons: Shard carries no weapons.
    Positive Attributes: Intelligence and Wisdom - Analysis and Strategy, as said before.
    Negative Attributes: Charisma - Shard isn’t exactly good at talking to people :p
    Backstory: Unfortunately, for some strange reason, Shard can’t remember his history… He is a foreigner, however, obviously not coming from one of the four kingdoms. His outfit is foreign, and no one in the kingdoms have white hair.
    Family: Doesn’t remember if he has any.
    Friends: Doesn’t remember if he had any.
    Homeland: Can’t recall, but he’s not from the four kingdoms.
    Allegiance: Neutral, for the moment.
    Extra: Due to being a Dragon Sorcerer, he’s able to use unique magic spells that drain his life energy. These will be awakened over time.
    Name: Pixel
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fairy
    Class: Fairy Sorcerer
    Appearance: Pixel is usually very small, being just over four inches in her normal size, but is capable of growing to 4’6” through magic. She has purple hair done up in a ponytail in the back with two strands of hair over her shoulders, and gleaming green eyes. Her skin has a faint pink tone to it. She wears a green tunic and brown shorts with a purple wristband around her right wrist. In her smaller form, she has the usual fairy wings.
    Personality: Pixel likes to have an ego, but is quick to admit when she’s being foolish or is in over her head. She tends to be an optimist no matter the situation, and can always see the best in people, despite her cocky attitude.
    Equipment: None, really.
    Weapons: Carries two Fey Scrolls on her - Fairy Dust, which creates a magical paralyzing powder, and Moonlight, a spherical ball of energy capable of blasting through things.
    Positive Attributes: Constitution and Charisma - She loves talking to people, and is surprisingly tough.
    Negative Attributes: Dexterity - Despite what you might think from her wings, she’s actually fairly clumsy.
    Backstory: After witnessing the destructive effects of the war first-hand, Pixel decided to enlist to help out. Due to how few fairies actually joined the war effort, the prince of Yantarlia asked for her direct help in a secret and special mission. Pixel headed to the outskirts of Yantarlia, and after getting some directions for her mission from Pearl, she accidentally bumped into Shard - literally.
    Family: She had family, but ever since leaving to live on her own she hasn’t seen them.
    Friends: The Yantarlian Prince, Pearl
    Homeland: Yantarlia
    Allegiance: Yantarlian Army
    Extra: n/a
    Name: Lily Torin
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Class: Pegasus Knight
    Appearance: Lily has long brown hair going down to her midriff as well as shining chestnut eyes and pale skin. 5’7” in height, Lily usually wears steel armor with a reddish-brown bodysuit underneath. She has a birthmark under her right ear in the shape of a six-pointed star.
    Personality: Lily is extremely loyal and determined, having a spirit to continue fighting for her cause no matter what. She’s a defender who likes to help people, but won’t hesitate to kill those she deems enemies. She has to, in order to be a knight.
    Equipment: Her armor, of course, as well as her pegasus steed Dawn.
    Weapons: Lily wields a steel lance.
    Positive Attributes: Strength and Constitution - You don’t get to be a top knight at 18 without being tough or strong, and Lily is both.
    Negative Attributes: Wisdom - She can sometimes miss the most obvious things...
    Backstory: From a young age, Lily always looked up to the stories of the heroes of old, knights and all. It was her dream to join the knighthood of Yantarlia, and through dedication, made it up the ranks. She was still a rookie when the war against Infernia started, but she gained experience on the battlefield, now fighting on the front lines for the kingdom. Her victories and selfless dedication to the cause did get the attention of the Yantarlian Prince, and upon meeting him, Lily was smitten. Lily continues to fight, but now usually fights on the same battlefield as the Prince.
    Family: Her mother, since her father left home when she was young.
    Friends: The Yantarlian Prince, her fellow Yantarlian Pegasus Knights.
    Homeland: Yantarlia
    Allegiance: Yantarlian Army
    Extra: Has a secret crush on the Yantarlian Prince~
    Name: Solace
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Assassin
    Appearance: Solace has long shoulder-length black hair and black eyes with a dark skin tone, and several scars over his body - the most noticeable is a scar in between his left eyebrow and temple. He usually wears a grey cape with a black sleeveless tunic, grey pants, black fingerless gloves and black boots. The belt around the bottom of his tunic contains his sword and dagger scabbards, the hook for the rope and four leather pouches.
    Personality: Solace is a man of dark humor and realism. He chooses to never beat around the bush, but is usually willing to talk.
    Equipment: Solace usually carries rope, smoke bombs and a pack of emergency food.
    Weapons: Carries a steel sword, steel dagger and throwing knives.
    Positive Attributes: Dexterity and Wisdom - The two most important things for an assassin.
    Negative Attributes: Constitution - For all his boasts, Solace isn’t that durable...
    Backstory: Not much is known about Solace, as the ones who do know his history are often put down before they can tell anyone. Solace is supposedly a working name, though, and he’s an assassin that’s made several big kills over the past ten years, from random criminals to barons and anything in between.
    Family: He’d never tell you who he has as family.
    Friends: You don’t really get the chance to make friends in Solace’s line of work...
    Homeland: Canyotopia
    Allegiance: Whoever pays him
    Extra: Probably won’t join the main party for a long while due to his skill and him being an upgraded class from the start.

    Let me tag a few people. @Godjacob I know you're flooded with RPs but you did say you might be interested, and how about some of my fellow Fiction Crossover RPers @Blatant Mokery, @Comic, @Shen: Ghost Gym Leader, @BurbleBurble and @The Bog Hog? Lemme invite @Mockingchu, @Generation Sect and @Rohan Kishibe as well. Sailor will post his sheets soon, and once a few more people join in, we can talk about what exactly we're going to do with the opening scenario to start the RP.
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  2. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    I’m afraid I’ve already reached the maximum RP’s possible while retaining a social life and job XD I apologize
  3. Ah, that's fine. Hope to see you around!
  4. Very very intriguing.

    Now, this isn't necessarily medieval, am I correct? I only ask because you describe the floating city as having 'steampunk' like mechanics, and steampunk just so happens to be my favorite fantasy style.

    If I were to create a character who utilizes said technology, on a minor scale of course, would that fit okay?
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  5. Well, it's mostly medieval, but the thing about the elves and Iuppiter is that they're much more advanced than the rest of the world. So it really depends. I'd advise creating two characters - a character you can use within the human kingdoms, and an elf that uses steampunk technology. I actually have plans to create an elf character sometime down the line that uses a blunderbuss. ...shoot, I should create a Gunslinger class, shouldn't I?
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  6. Well I was going to be creating a Half-Elf who is intending to leave said sky city near the beginning of his run in the rp.

    Haven't decided the details as the idea for this character sprang to mind right after reading your description. But I intend for his reason for leaving to drive some personal plot forward later.

    Which of the two main cities involved in the conflict would be in the worst condition? I intend for him to depart into war.
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  7. Actually, that could work really well. But you'd have to figure out exactly how he left the city, since Iuppiter has been completely disconnected ever since the start of the war.

    Neither capitol has been attacked, because these aren't just cities but kingdoms, but Yantarlia is in the worse condition due to their less aggressive military force and stakes in protecting the land.
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  8. For shame Eeveechu, you invited Kyuu and Soul over on my Fantasy RP convo and didn't mention me? Shame on you
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  9. Pearl (SailorInSpace)

    Name: Pearl
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Class: Mage to Sage
    Appearance: Fair, tanned skin. Long teal hair, ice colored eyes, and pearl colored lips. Her nails are normally painted teal. Her civilian clothes consist of a dark blue sweater that reveals her shoulders a bit, teal ruffle skirt with dark blue plaid designs, black leggings with teal and white diamond designs, white boots, and pearl earrings. She wears a white a headband that has a blue rose on accessory on it no matter what she is doing. Peal is 5’9”.
    Personality: Calm, Wants to help others, and is easy to befriend. Pearl has a habit of hiding her negative emotions from others. Somewhat playful after falling in love.
    Equipment: She almost always wears her blue dress like mage gown and red boots. Her gloves are red in this outfit. She dawns a teal belt around the dress to hold potions and various liquids to make potions with. A long, red hooded cloak covers her. A teal spell book with coral colored pages only she can read.
    Weapons: A white staff that has a snowflake gem design on the inside of the curved top. It can freeze opponents (Frost) and create ice bridges across water. She can cast Freeze (a blue icicle forms around a foe), Avalanche (a foe is attacked with a stream of snow), and Sparkling Dance ( Pearl does a dance that creates blue light around her that she sends off to heal a teammate). Positive Attributes: Intelligence and Wisdom--She spent years to learn and excel at magics because of her respect for the princess. Wisdom and intelligence naturally came from that.
    Negative Attributes: Strength and Constitution--She is a very good example of brains over brawns. She can’t really take attacks.
    Backstory: Since her parents died when she was young, Pearl spent 13 years under the care of her brother. She immediately took to Princess Mermana as her parents were employed as castle Sages. The princess often read mage fairytale stories to her and let her watch as she practiced magic. Pearl often felt alienated for the grades she received.
    Family: A brother named Jasper.
    Friends: Shard, Pixel
    Homeland: Yantarlia
    Allegiance: A graduate of Jewel Academy and officially documented as a Mage of Yantarlia.
    Extra: Love using magic to create what she calls “Icicle Cream”. She sweetens it potions, which often leads to funny after effects.

    Jasper (SailorInSpace)
    Name: Jasper
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Knight
    Appearance: Short and messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a toned, muscular body. Jasper is 6’1”. Scars can be found all over his upper body. His civilian clothes consist of a white sweater with a dorky mermaid picture (Pearl bought it for him), a pair of red jeans, and blue boots. A red watch and blue beanie hat.
    Personality: Proud, loud, and rambunctious at times. Mature only when needed to be. Loyal.
    Equipment: Red suit of armor that has blue detailing on the shield. It details a sea serpent roaring at the sky.
    Weapons: Nothing special. Just a steel sword.
    Positive Attributes: Strength and Constitution--Jasper grew used to being Pearl’s sword and shield. To keep her fed and healthy, Jasper embraced strength. As for defense, it sort of followed after training as a knight.
    Negative Attributes: Dexterity and Charisma--Speed in a suit of armor does not work well. Jasper pays far too much attention to Pearl to be charismatic.
    Backstory: Similar to Pearl, but Jasper was popular in school. He retained that popularity when interning with the knights in the castle. Most of Jasper’s nights were spent training his body and weapon usage.
    Family: Pearl
    Friends: Princess Mermana, but she doesn’t have much time for him.
    Homeland: Yantarlia
    Allegiance: Atlanta’s royalty
    Extra: Loves bacon

    Princess Mermana (SailorInSpace)

    Name: Princess Mermana
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Class: Sorcerer
    Appearance: Medium length white hair, pink eyes, and snow white skin. She wears a long, coral pink mermaid gown with green ruffle lace across the left shoulder and down the center. The ruffles at the bottom are green as well. Along with green high heels, Mermana also has a green ribbon tied into a bow on her wrist. Her hair is usually done in a seashell bun in the back.
    Personality: Kind, compassionate, and willing to help others if she is able sending others to others to help.
    Equipment: Doesn’t go out enough to use (and still wouldn’t be allowed to wear if she did), but has a closet full of somewhat revealing sorceress clothes she mostly plays dress up in. For magic tournaments, she is forced to wear tight clothes that cover every inch of her body except her face. It’s mostly a purple robe with pink ties in her ceremonial ponytail.
    Weapons: Take a wild guess what a princess is not allowed to touch and imagine Mermana attempting to hoard it all in the castle armory. She uses a pink spellbook with a kelp green lock only she can open with an incantation. The book mostly contains harmless spells and doubles as a venting journal. Her most dangerous spell, known as Blood Puppet, uses the water in a living beings blood to control their movement. She can only use this spell when embracing her darkest emotions and is stressed out. Blood Puppet causes her to go to a dark place, so she vowed to herself to only use it if she feels someone is about to be taken from her by death. Princess Mermana can also use Poisonous Bulb (wraps a water shaped blossom around a foe to poison them), Tsunami (pushes all enemies away from her---CAN EFFECT PARTY MEMBERS), and Bubble (a heal spell Pearl taught her).
    Positive Attributes: Intelligence and Charisma--A smart Princess capable of getting many to do her bidding.
    Negative Attributes: Dexterity--She’s klutzy.
    Backstory: A shy and obedient girl before Pearl’s parents died, Princess Mermana would spend the day “helping” (making messes) the parents with potions. After they died, she decided to be a princess who would defend herself. She was told off by her own parents for it, but she gave the ultimatum that she would never attend another lesson for etiquette again. When she scared her parents by not coming out of her room or talking for days, the royal pair caved. Princess Mermana soon learned how to wrap people around her finger.
    Family: King and Queen of Yantarlia
    Friends: Most of the castle.
    Homeland: Yantarlia
    Allegiance: Royalty of Yantarlia
    Extra: Loves Icicle Creams various effects on others. Likes to laugh.

    Agni (SailorInSpace)

    Name: Agni
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Fairy
    Class: Fey Sorcerer
    Appearance: Fairy size--2'00". Enlarged size--5'8". Dawning armor the color of blood and possessing eyes as intense as the morning sun, Agni is a force to be reckoned with. The fairy's yellow hair matches his eye color. Dark brown skin. Apple red lips. Black wings with red veins that etch out the shape of a flower in the center of both.
    Personality: A rage filled brat who wants the world to burn. Does not understand love at all.
    Equipment: Fairy armor purchased illegally in Yantarlia that looks similar to Jasper's--Agni's is red in color with a neon yellow cape.
    Weapons: A neon yellow Fey Scroll used to summon a lightening beast called Lightoboe. The beast can take the form of any animal or monster Agni. The fairy also has the magic skill to blast foes with lightening in his enlarged state.
    Positive Attributes: Strength and Intelligence--Magic and power all this fairy knows.
    Negative Attributes: Wisdom and Charisma--Did I mention he was a brat? Yeah....he can't decide when to quit either.
    Backstory: This fairy was corrupted a few years ago by an ancient flower that stained his clear wings black and red.
    Family: No one he cares about.
    Friends: Nada, as in none.
    Homeland: Not a memory in his head.
    Allegiance: To Infernia
    Extra: The phrase he uses to summon:
    "Scream, scream, scream, a dream,
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, scream up a stream.
    Come down from heaven! Lightoboe!"
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  10. L-listen, Rohan, I already tagged you! Same reason I didn't ask Godjacob there! Anyways, you in?

    Your other three characters were already in, Sailor, and Agni looks good. All approved, I'll add them to the list!
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  11. Well, crap. There was also a Dragon Ball RP I saw I had interest to join. Might be biting off more than I can chew, but ah screw it I am on break so why not XD

    *Sees character list*

    Well, somebody should probably have an Infernia OC XD. Though they are the one-dimensional bad guys if the prompt is anything to go by, but eh we need a more expansive POV. I need time for an OC.
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  12. Oh trust me, I want to give the villains tons of depth. An Infernia OC sounds good, but I'd recommend you also make a character that can join the main party early on.
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  13. I read the classes and I have some question

    Why doe a Knight promote into a Swordmaster?

    Why does a Fighter promote into a Barbarian instead of a Berserker?
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  14. Man, so violent XD
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  15. Simple answer? It works, and this isn't directly FE. I'm allowed to bend things how I want here, so I will. Swordmasters are legendary wielders of the blade with extraordinary honor, so an evolution of knights. Barbarians are basically Fighters who get buff and give in to their carnal instincts.
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  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Hello there!
    I’m interested in this roleplay definitely, but how much of the “inspirations” would i need to know to post efficiently in this roleplay?
    I know the basics of Dungeons and Dragins with their classes/rank basics already. But like, how much of Fire Emblem would I need to know because it’s a major inspiration for this roleplay after all.
  17. Not much, really. Mostly just the types of weapons in FE. The weapon types should be listed with the classes, though - swords, lances, axes, tomes, staffs, bows, daggers and fey scrolls. The latter two aren't usual FE weapons, actually. The RP itself is disconnected from FE, but you might be able to spot some FE conventions and inspirations in there, like how the Class system works. That should be all you need to know, though - aside from the weapon types, everything else is in the first post.
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  18. They are in Fates
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  19. Fey scrolls are in Fates?
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  20. Name: Yacker Naegi
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Archer
    Appearance: Typical clothing worn by bandits and such. He has short(he cut it with an arrow head) blonde hair, red eyes, and peachy skin. He also has no shoes, of any kind. His outfit is seemingly more clawed at than typical bandit clothing. He also has a shoulder pad on his right shoulder made of cloth. He has a quiver on his back.
    Personality: Quite rude and selfish, and seems to really want money for himself seemingly. However, he mainly wants money to be able to help his group out so they, himself, and any future generations of their families don't have to do what he has to do. He also tends to be extremely worried about his allies. He tends to prioritize working for people with traits he finds to be good, such as people who aren't too naïve or have a certain spunk to them, over those who pay well.
    Equipment: His bandit outfit and quiver.
    Weapons: Yacker uses a steel bow he stole one day.
    Positive Attributes: Dexterity, Strength - He's used to doing manual labour and hard tasks, and sometimes using a bow requires a large amount of force.
    Negative Attributes: Intelligence - he, well, no way around it, has never had any education aside from teaching himself how to pillage and archery. Oh and how to lead a group of bandits successfully.
    Backstory: Yacker was born into an average farming family, only for his family to be killed by a group of bandits while he was asleep as a baby. He has no memory of this since he was a baby at the time. The bandit leader took pity on him, and spared him, instead raising him to be a bandit. He has left the gang since then, deciding to travel instead and work more as a mercenary instead. He has shown large amounts of skill with a bow throughout his life.
    Family: None, although because of his upbringing, he thinks the bandit who raised him is his dad.
    Friends: His old bandit gang.
    Homeland: Yantarlia.
    Allegiance: Yantarlian Archer who serves the one who pays the most. (Neutral)
    Extra: N/A
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  21. Looks good, approved!
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  22. I get to RP with Frase :0
    Also, I love your character. Pearl and he could have an interesting dynamic.
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  23. I'm assuming all of mine approved, right? :p
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  24. Yeah, if they're on the character list, they're approved.
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  25. Agni was extra, remember?
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  26. Yeah. He's on the character list still, because he's a character that was approved.
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  27. I didn't realize you added a character list and could update it...:(;_;>=O
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  28. That's what the big white "Edit" button is for :p
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  29. I suppose i can work on cooking something up for here. Gonna be a bit difficult though.
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  30. Ah, now I found something that interests me. Don't mind if I do...Once I figure out which of my characters to use.

    Cause I got a lot that could be used but I'm not sure if I should.
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  31. As someone who's enjoyed a couple of the FE games, and wishes to join more fantasy kinds of RPs, I like the look of what you have going on. (Although I feel like this should be the last one I join atm due to all the others I have lol). Plus with how major this appears to be, it's gonna take me some time to think of a good character for this RP... and I sometimes come off as a perfectionist when it comes to my own work.
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  32. That's perfectly fine, all three of you! Can't wait to see what you folks come up with!
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  33. I also have a couple of questions.

    1: When we make our chars, are the weapons they have already set like iron/steel or can they be unique? (In appearance, not strength)

    2: Are all character from Infernia meant to be evil? because I already thought of something where my char is good but from Infernia.

    3: Like the weapons, are the dress codes for the classes set or can they be more unique? (And I mean that as in being a Swordmaster but not look anything like a samurai like in Fates?)
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  34. 1) They're allowed to be unique, but if it has a super elaborate and unique design you wouldn't commonly find, please name the weapon and explain how the character got/made it.
    2) No, actually. That's what I meant by the complexity. In fact, most Infernians don't even want to fight the war, but are doing it out of loyalty to their country.
    3) Please, go as wild with the designs as you'd like! Though it'd be nice if they have some semblance of the class reflected in their design. Also when making the classes I actually based them off of the Awakening classes, not the Fates ones :p
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  35. Name: Arc Carvos
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Elven
    Class: Sniper
    Appearance: Short shaggy golden blond hair, blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. Wears a green tunic, grey pants and black boots.
    Personality: Arc doesn't care much about what people think of him, he just does whatever he wants and whenever he wants. Can appear to be cold at first but is a nice guy.
    Equipment: A Bow
    Weapons: The Dragon-Shot
    Positive Attributes: Dexterity, Intelligence
    Negative Attributes: Charisma
    Backstory: Not much is known about Arc, he was born in Iupiter but one day decided to leave his birthplace after his father passed away. He now wanders around the world, seemingly without any real goal.
    Family: Elven Father(Deceased), Elven Mother, Gwen(Half-Sister)
    Friends: None that he knows of
    Homeland: Iupiter
    Allegiance: Neutral

    Name: Gwen Carvos
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half-Elf
    Class: Mage
    Appearance: Has shoulder length golden blond hair, blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. Wears a white tunic under a red mage robe, wears a white skirt and brown boots.
    Personality: Peppy and full of energy. Does her best to help out.
    Equipment: Thunder Tomes, Fire Tomes, Wind Tomes
    Weapons: Tomes
    Positive Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom
    Negative Attributes: Strength
    Backstory: Born in Yantarlia from a human mother, Gwen lived a pretty normal life. She discovered she had a gift for magic and began studying it. She learned of her elven lineage later on in her life from her mother. Gwen and her mother were caught in the middle of the War between Yantarlia and Infernia as they were citizens of the former. Gwen's mother dies in one of the numerous attacks on the capital when she protected Gwen from the invading forces. After said tragic event, Gwen enlisted in the army to help end this war as soon as possible.
    Family: Elven Father(Deceased), Human Mother(Deceased), Arc(Half-Brother)
    Friends: TBD
    Homeland: Iupiter
    Allegiance: Yantarlia
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  36. Alright, I should also ask, how do the classes 'advance' into the advanced class and does their attire change along with it? (Sry, I tend to be a fashion critic sometimes)
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  37. Looks good! You'll probably be able to use Gwen from the start, and Arc will come later. I would appreciate it if you delved a bit more into Arc's history, though, as we need a bit more information about why a full elf left Iuppiter, how, and why he uses a bow and arrow instead of the tech Iuppiter has.
    I haven't figured out quite how they advance just yet, but it's usually a choice of a path one decides to follow. There are fashion changes, of course, as a Thief and a Mercenary are going to have quite different attire. These changes happen based on the characters themselves, however.
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  38. I plan on changing Pearl's outfit when she reclasess.
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  39. Well you see, I edited arc's Bio and gave him an unique Bow which is related to his father, him leaving also has to do with his father and Gwen
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