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Blackthorn Battle Carnival

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by systema, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. A refreshing breeze drifted through the mysterious village carved into the side of a looming mountain. It was a perfect day and this was reflected by the strangely busy nature of such an inhospitable village. The explanation behind the tense and crowded atmosphere was simple; it was the Blackthorn Battle Carnival. This tournament was a relatively unknown tradition within Blackthorn, which featured elite trainers champing at the bit to prove their power. The observers reclined on rocky ledges above a crude and sandy arena. The aura of excitement was palpable as the trainers limbered up.

    That's the basic story: eight trainers competing to have their power evaluated by Blackthorn's renowned elders. If anyone's interested please let me know via this thread. I'm looking for up to seven other people. Normal PRP rules apply.
  2. I hope i wouldn't be grave digging by doing this but I would be interested if you're still willing to go through with this RP.
  3. Sure :) i'll edit the story if you have any suggestions, e.g. single or double battle, number of pokemon per contestant or special conditions. If not i'll go right on and start this up :) .
  4. I really don't have any edits to make, its good as is if you ask me.

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