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Open Black Sea Otters Pokemon Story

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Black Sea Otter, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. This story is open for anyone to join.
    My name is Bossa Nova and i'm originally from the Unova region. My team is as follows...
    Samurott (Sammy)
    Golurk (Mickey)
    Decidueye (Robin Hoot)
    Lycanroc (Bloodstone)
    Noivern (Beatz)
    Mimikyu (Cute Spook)

    If you wanna, you could post a picture of your trainer card!

    You guys can can make up your own stories about meeting me and my team or make up your own battle scenario! I've also got a YouTube Channel if you wanna check that out! Have Fun!
    Here's one of my videos:
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  2. I am Ian Masuki, i'm fron Kanto. I've already took part in the Indigo League but lost to my rival Luke in the finals. My team has some Kalos Pokemon gifted by my brother:

    Noivern (Yuuk)
    Dragonair (Ryu)
    Greninja (Darkus)
    Charizard (Rokugatsu)
    Gardevoir (Aurora)
    Beartic (Polar Teddy)
  3. I am Jack Ross, i'm from Kalso. I took part in the Kalso League but lost to Ash Ketchum. He has been training to make his pokemon better:
  4. I could imagine how this battle would go down, you see my Samurott had a bad experience with a Charizard so it has sort of a vendetta against all Charizards. Once my Samurott saw Charizard it would instantly become angry and I wouldn't be able to control it so despite my type advantage, your Charizard which is likely more level headed than my Samurott would come out victorious.
  5. Also i noted that my Charizard have air dominance, difficulting your Samurott to attack it sometimes. Also his flying type attack could be used to counter attack your Samurott's attack. He has been since it hatched from it's egg, he has been raised to fight since then.
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    Moved to the discussion board as this is clearly a discussion thread. Certainly contains no actual RP content.

    Read the rules, please, and be mindful of which boards you use to post what!

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