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Black Heart's Sprite Gallery :T Requests OPEN (see thread for details)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Black Heart, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Black Heart's Sprite Gallery

    Sprite requests are OPEN
    Hey hey hey guys I'm Chris 8)
    I'm an amateur at spriting so don't expect anything amazing, please. ' 3'
    I usually do an update anytime I feel like it, and requests are a bit strict.

    Nobody likes them, but we gotta have them. Da RULES:
    1) Thou shalt not steal (my work) If you want to use something I made, please please please ask me first and give me credit.
    2) Only one request at a time for now. I'm only me, and me is an amateur spriter so please, be patient.
    3) No spam. I will seriously crack down on this one. If it doesn't have to do with my sprites/your request then it is spam. Also, by request I mean *asking* for a request. Not, "d00d wur is mai spraiit i axxed fo it liek thurty-fiev secinds ago??" That is just annoying and I will consider dropping the request if I see that. And rule three leads to my final rule.
    4) "I only take requests if you comment on my work first." Magpie's epic rule. Follow it.


    Without further ado, Black Heart's sprites~


    I. "The Yo-Yo Trio" The first thing I ever sprited, I imagined them to be a really powerful triple battle group. They are in fact siblings, great at yo-yo-ing, and their Pokemons' pokeballs are also their yo-yo's. Denny, the young boy, has a Stoutland and a Voltorb. Derrick, the older leader of the trio, has a Slaking and an Electrode. Donna, the young girl has a Purugly and a Voltorb.

    II. "The Reaper" Pretty self explanatory. Dark colored clothes, big ass scythe, soul-holding bag...he is like a modern day-looking grim reaper. He specializes in Pokemon with blades on their bodies. His strongest Pokemon is a female Scizor, and accompanying his Scizor are two Scyther, the children of Scizor.

    III. "Chris Auburn" My future RP character. Chris is always calm and collected, and he is also super intelligent and somewhat arrogant. He doesn't think much of his fellow man, and has no problem beating down somebody who bothers him. He never really smiles or laughs because he is pretty depressed. Empathetic people like his brother notice his depression, primarily because of the sad look in his eyes.

    IV. "Trent Holland" Being really shy and afraid of most Pokemon, he sort of prefers both Pokemon and humans not to exist. He doesn't act on his preference since his closest friend is in fact a Pokemon, that being a Togekiss he has known since he was saved by it as a child when he was being attacked by a pack of wild Houndoom. He lives in the monastery of a Christian academy (which he attends, hence the Christian uniform) with Togekiss and his surrogate father, Pastor Holland.

    V. "James Auburn" The older brother of Chris Auburn. They are rivals, James is the champion, all that good shit. He is the happier and more immature of the two brothers, and seems like more of a protagonist than Chris. Although he doesn't act very smart, James is super intelligent and quite empathetic as well. His Pokemon are all human-like, and he prefers double battles. His two strongest Pokemon are a Gallade and a Gardevoir, which were two Ralts' he rescued before he became a trainer.

    VI. "Siegfried" This is a quiet kid, and by quiet I mean when he actually talks he is practically whispering. He started his Pokemon journey when he was only seven years old, with a Whismur as his only Pokemon. And now three years later he is quite powerful. He prefers small, quiet Pokemon but his strongest Pokemon is ironically an over-sized Exploud which in turn is ironically quiet when it is not in battle. In fact, there is a lot of irony about this character now that I think about it.

    VII. "Aden" This guy's hair was so fun to make c: He goes to a prep school called Ashford Academy, and he wants to be a wizard, so he calls himself "The Ashford Wizard." Even though he is actually immature, he's always trying to look and act all mature and smart. He wears the cape pretty much everywhere he goes. This is his logic behind the reason he wears it: to make people think he is a mature and smart wizard, but most people just think he's weird. He specializes in fire and psychic type Pokemon, his strongest being a Darmanitan which sometimes gets stuck in Zen Mode.

    VIII. "Odin" Evil team time c: One of the three Generals of Team Rebirth. (the evil team of my region) Odin is sort of the leading General of the three, and is the leader's right hand man. Rebirth is an underground organization Hell-bent on curing the planet of Pokemon, as they think that Pokemon have only caused humans trouble since the dawn of time. They are abusive to Pokemon and although they rather not use them, the members tend to have them for backup. The organization has been known to be very ruthless, and they often kill Pokemon, and people, who get in their way. Odin is apparently the strongest in Team Rebirth, as their leader has never been seen before. Odin tends to use steel and dark type Pokemon, and his strongest is a Bisharp.

    IX. "Laser Guy" This is what happens when you try to make a sprite without having a good idea of what you want to do. Let's see...Laser Guy really has nothing to do with anything, it makes a desperate attempt at a creative sprite. He can shoot lasers out of his index fingers so he treats his hands as a laser gun.

    X. "Fenrir" One of the three Generals of Team Rebirth. Fenrir is the weakest of the three Generals, but he is still very powerful. He seems to be somewhat indecisive about his choice to join Team Rebirth. It is very noticeable that he does indeed care about Pokemon, but he hides this when he is around other Rebirth members. Fenrir tends to use pure dark type Pokemon, and his strongest one is a super-powerful Mighteyena.

    XI. "Freya" The last of the Generals. Freya is by far the most outgoing and cheerful of the three, and to be honest she doesn't even seem very evil and nefarious until you see her shady side and... Trust me, you don't want to see her shady side O-O She commands fire type Pokemon, and she loves beautiful looking Pokemon. Her main Pokemon is a shiny Magmortar that is probably gay.

    XII. "Umbra Squad Grunts" Fenrir is the General of Umbra Squad, the squad of stealth, subterfuge, and other dark tactics. (get it? cause they're dark type) Anyways these are the average grunts of the squad, and as the grunts love their leader, they tend to dress like him. Personalities also reflect, as the grunts are very thoughtful and actually seem to care about their Pokemon like Fenrir does. This is not really allowed in Team Rebirth, since they are seeking to destroy all Pokemon. But Umbra Squad is a bit rebellious.

    XIII."Stella Squad Grunts" Freya is the General of Stella Squad, the squad of distraction, explosions, and most notably: theatre. The grunts are exactly like Freya. They freak out over their looks, always act, are cheerful most of the time. It's freaky though, because they seem to be always acting. When they are not on missions, they are acting like dramatic idiots at the Rebirth HQ. Even though they are happy go-lucky, and don't seem to hate Pokemon, they still follow the ideals of Team Rebirth to the very core, unlike Umbra Squad. The guys are metrosexuals, and the girls are complete flirts... Okay complete whores, not gonna candy coat it.

    XIV. "Erimaki 'Kouen' Ushio" (Scarf 'Flame' Tide) Erimaki Ushio is a member of the Ushio Family, (Tide Family) a clan of ninjas that all have their own odd power that can either supplement... Or deteriorate, their ninja guile. Erimaki's in specific, is simply a mystical scarf that allows him to do a number of things with it. For one, he can use it as an extra "arm" to hold weapons, help in combat, and help for freerunning...or whatever ninjas call it. It can also cloak him completely, allowing him to hide easier. (how he can use a mystical white scarf for camouflage, I don't know but don't question it...just accept it) Erimaki is also next in line for clan head, as his father is the current one.

    VX. "Thor and Sif" Because Odin is a wealthy business owner, who owns a large estate and is well known by the public, he has to be extra careful to not be found out as being on the Generals of Team Rebirth. So, he cannot have any grunts, and he really doesn't even have a squad at all. Thor is is just like his father, intelligent, heartless, and powerful. He uses steel type Pokemon just like his father, and his strongest one is an overgrown Aggron. Odin's wife, Annette, found out that Odin was part of Team Rebirth. She tried to take the children, who were infants at the time, and leave Odin, but she was never heard of again. Odin then raised the children to be members of Team Rebirth. Sif is like her mother, kind-hearted and sweet in every sense of the word. Usually, this would be disdained by Team Rebirth, but since Sif is Odin's daughter, she really just does what she wants. It's obvious that she disagrees with the organization's plans, and she actively argues with Odin about it all the time. She is great friends with Pokemon, but the only one she owns is a shiny Eevee (which Freya helped her to find) Thor and Freya...they aren't like normal members of the organization. Odin is very protective of them, and so every member has to treat them with respect. Freya treats Thor like a child, and treats Freya like a daughter, or a girl friend. Fenrir treats Thor with hatred, and rivalry, Fenrir and Thor are always butting heads, and Odin really can't do anything about it because Fenrir is like a second son to Odin. Fenrir is in love with Sif, and Sif is in love with Fenrir. It is sort of forbidden love though, sort of like a Romeo and Juliet thing.

    XI. "King Ortus" King Ortus (Ortus=birth) is the leader of Team Rebirth. He has an undying hatred for Pokemon. Nobody in the region knows why. He created Team Rebirth to "purge the world of the Pokemon scourge," arguing that Pokemon are a threat to humanity's well-being. He actually thinks that Pokemon are evil. Ironically, he uses two Pokemon for his plans. And even more ironic is that he doesn't seem to hate his two Pokemon, but rather he cares for them like a human cares for a friend, rather him treating them like a trainer treats his Pokemon. He has a Gardevoir and a Gallade, who are just about the most human-like Pokemon one would ever lay eyes on. It also appears that King Ortus can communicate with Gallade and Gardevoir. It's hypocritical, yes. But King Ortus doesn't care.

    XII. "Yure 'Kouu' Ushio" (Vibration "Rain" Tide) Yure Ushio is the younger sister of Erimaki. Although she is soft on the inside, she always puts out a tough exterior so she can live up to the expectations of her father and older brother. Yure's ability is to create super-powerful vibrations from anywhere in her body, primarily in her hands and feet. The vibrations are so powerful that they disrupt the particles in the air near the area of the vibration, and this causes the particles to burst into golden, plasma-like energy. It is unknown exactly what the process is called, but Yure calls it "ignition." She "ignites" during combat, by centering the vibrations around her hands and feet, and uses the energy to cause massive damage. She has been known to destroy two-story buildings with one punch by igniting.

    XIII. "Binsoku 'Raikou' Ushio" (Agility 'Lightning' Tide) Binsoku is the younger brother of Erimaki and Yure. He is still in basic training, which incorporates ninjutsu, Pokemon training, weapon handling, and academics. Binsoku is very hyper, and it is natural that his power is super fast reflexes and lightning-quick speed. He is also very confident, and he thinks he is on the same level as his brother and sister. Binsoku is the one who gave himself, and his siblings their nicknames. Erimaki is "Kouen" (flame) because Erimaki has a hot temper and if you piss him off you are likely to get choked by his scarf. Yure is "Kouu" (rain) because she has a lot of moodswings, and she goes from angry to happy to depressed in short periods of time, just like rain goes from heavy to light to...whatever else rain is like. Finally, Binsoku gave himself the nickname "Raikou" (lightning) because he is the quickest ninja you will ever see. And him being very hyper, sometimes he acts ADD and cannot pay attention to anything longer than a millisecond. Also, Binsoku is a fan of the three legendary dogs, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, and he says he is going to spend his whole life searching for them.

    XIV. "Tsukai Ushio" (Bearer Tide) Tsukai is the father of Erimaki, Yure, and Binsoku, and the head of the Ushio Family. He is the holder of the ancient Ushio Family power, "Hateshiganai Ushio." (Eternal Tide... I don't know Japanese, I'm just looking up the words so if that is grammatically incorrect then please correct me) Eternal Tide is an ability that only the Ushio Family head can have, and it allows the bearer of the ability to have the power to "enchant" objects, making them invincible, immortal, and completely indestructible. But the catch is that, if an object is enchanted, it will lose the enchantment if the person lets it get away from himself/herself. Also, only inanimate objects can be enchanted. Tsukai spent nearly his whole life enchanting things, then un-enchanting them, and doing experiments on this ability. He has gotten it down to a science, practically. Although it remains to be seen how the ability works.

    XX. "Ushio Ninja" The ninjas of the Ushio Family are the graduates of the Ushio Ninjutsu School. Either a member of the family, or an outsider who marries into the family can attend here. They learn many different martial arts, including tae kwan do and karate, and they learn to handle many different weapons, academics, and also just the arts of ninjutstu. As soon as a student of the school graduates, they are officially known as an Ushio Ninja, and are issued standard outfit and weapons. Binsoku is currently enrolled in the school, and even though he is not really focused enough to do well in the academic portion of the school, he is a top student in the arts of ninjutsu and combat.

    XXI. "Julian Cross" Julian Cross is the most ironic vampire to ever exist. He is a Christian, but he is a blood sucking demon. He is very calm all the time, seeing as how he doesn't have any emotion, since he is undead.

    XXII. "Cedric Odom" My little brother's personal character. He is a master swordsman, and always has a calm complexion. He isn't a Pokemon trainer, because he hates Pokemon. But he doesn't kill them like certain other Kings Ortus', Odins, Fenrirs, and Freyas,


    When Laser Guy has that smug grin on his face, I would recommend staying away from his fingers x-x

    Fenrir may not be the strongest of the three Generals of Team Rebirth, but no other trainer looks as awesome as he does when he is getting ready to kick someone's ass :O Few members of Team Rebirth think on the level Fenrir does, and that is why he doesn't agree with everything that the organization does and/or aspires to do.

    Being an orphan, and knowing it too, Trent only has one parental figure, and that is Pastor Holland. Although Trent is actually a really nice person, he puts out a rough exterior so he doesn't show his weak side, which is the void in his heart from having no parents.

    Editing out the hat of N and putting in the rest of James' hair was so tedious, and the fingerless gloves don't really look right but I couldn't figure out a way to fix it so whatevs @_@

    I hate this mugshot X-X Changing the clothes was easy, but what's-his-face's fancy cowboy hat was almost impossible to transform to Odin's hair. I might change it in the future when it's not impossible to make his hair c: Odin is about as cold hearted as his Bisharp, who has no actual heart to speak of. Odin is basically the iron fist of Team Rebirth (play on words, since his team is primarily steel type) and he has no problem disposing of any and all who get in his way. It is safe to say that the last person you would want to piss off in the Pokemon world is Odin.

    Another trouble-maker with the hair, The Reaper was sort of annoying to make. The clothes were easy, the scythe was a little hard to get the shape right...and well let's just say I need more practice on the hair. o///o I don't have an actual name for him, but The Reaper likes his self-proclaimed title so other people just roll with it. The Reaper is usually an easy going guy, but in battles and when he's collecting the eternal souls of others he turns very serious.

    My first upload after a little break, I am back with Siegfried's mugshot! I did him without the hat, because I seriously don't think I could do the hat right yet, so I just put him with how his hair looks. i really like Siegfried, he reminds me of myself a bit actually (besides the feminine looking part)



    Commanbug (kum-an-bug) The Commando Pokemon Bug/Fighting
    Being masters of stealth and combat, Commanbugs are at the top of the food chain for bug Pokemon. Commanbugs are capable of commanding other bug Pokemon to do their bidding.


    Salapede/Tunolimence (sal-uh-peed/tun-oli-ments) The... OH SHI- Pokemon Bug/Dragon
    These rare insect-reptile hybrids spend their days either searching for food in its forest home, or in the sky. True masters of both forest and sky, these rare Pokemon are unforgiving to any and all who enter their territory.


    Drifkrai/Darblim (driff-cry/dar-blim) The Mediator Pokemon Dark/Ghost
    It is said that these rare Pokemon only appear to a dying soul, to guide him/her to the afterlife. They are capable of communicating with humans via telepathy.


    First request: Skyy
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  2. Re: Black Heart's n00b Sprites :{D

    I think that those are really good for your first sprites ever. And I mean really good. Mine wasn't any near that level at the start, so bravo! But I think that the girls hair look a bit flat, and it makes her head look really small. But other than that, these are great.

    As for transparent background, I'd sugest that you download GIMP or any other painting-program.
  3. Re: Black Heart's n00b Sprites :{D

    There are several ways to make transparent sprites, and for most of 'em, you don't even need GIMP.

    http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/http:/ ... 1592#p1592

    There are some tutorials on transparency. Even though the post is in the Art board, it still works just as fine for sprites. Find the one that's easiest for you. A few posts down, there's a post by me that helps on transparency without having to download any programs. Quite nifty.
  4. Wow, these are your first EVER? They're fantastic! The only thing that needs touching up is the hair on James's mugshot.

    Still: Excellent! I don't usually read bios and stuff like that but you just did brilliantly. I'd be very interested to hear the rest of the story.

    Keep it up, I'm impressed.

    (The Laser Guy is awesome).
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    These aren't that bad for an amateur/beginner spriter~

    I could go on about shading techniques, scratching hair and other stuff, and anatomy in general, but I'm not quite in the mood at the moment. XD All I can say is that it takes some good practice to become a good spriter.

    You do seem to have talent, I can say that. ^^

    Keep spriting, you :3
  6. Wow thanks so much! Yeah they are my first ever, and to be honest I'm sort of astonished at how well I'm already doing myself, not to brag or anything. I do plan on going back and revising James and Odin on their mugshots, the hair is just messed up.
    Yeah I'll be sure to start a fan-fic or an RP when I've got more ideas for the story~
  7. Well when you get the chance PM me with you advice
  8. your work is amazing. really. you should be proud of yourself. i love freya btw! shes beautiful and i really like her bio too. shes kind of like me in a way. you should do more girl sprites ( : -- may i please have a request? a trainer sprite request? id really like one. i just dont know how you go about doing them lol. if you do choose to take my request, how should i tell you how id like my trainer to look like?
  9. Truly Amazing! They are brilliant you are probably the best first time spriter i have ever seen, if you keep this up people might start calling you the [shadow=red,left][glow=green,2,300]king of spriting! [/glow][/shadow]
  10. Alright tell me the details and I'll make it :D

    And there is really no specific way you need to request. Just put some character details, maybe choose what sprite you want me to base it off of. And if you want put in some character background and I'll mold it off of that too.

    Lol wow thanks! Yeah I think I'm the king already...but other people beg to differ ;)
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  12. Alright I'll get on it right away. If I can, I'll add the waist accessory, but it has some reeaally tiny details, so it probably won't be perfect. The only thing, what is that black thing behind her head? It looks like a hood but I'm not quite sure.
    #12 Black Heart, Aug 16, 2011
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  13. Alright I'll get on it right away. If I can, I'll add the waist accessory, but it has some reeaally tiny details, so it probably won't be perfect. The only thing, what is that black thing behind her head? It looks like a hood but I'm not quite sure.[/quote]

    im not sure either lol. it might be a piece of clothing from where her shirt is ripped on her shoulder, you know? u dont need to put that in tho. again, thank you so much!
  14. im not sure either lol. it might be a piece of clothing from where her shirt is ripped on her shoulder, you know? u dont need to put that in tho. again, thank you so much!
    [/quote]No problem. I'm just about done. All I need to finish is the hair, which is complicated but not too much of a hassle. I was able to put two of those small pokeballs on her belt, but it that's all that would fit. It'll be done and posted in less than half an hour I presume.
  15. [​IMG]

    There you go Skyy c: First request, might not be too great but I think I did well so I hope you like it!
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  16. its perfect! ( : it looks just like her.you did an amazing job, thank you so much.
  17. Anytime :D
  18. Hey guys it's been awhile since I've done any updates, because of school -_-
    Anyways, here I have the latest trainer sprite. Turns out editing my first post doesn't say that the topic has been updated, so from now on I'll be sure to post a new reply when I got something new.
    For now, I've got these:


    Yeah, it's the Grim Reaper. Death Incarnate ya know? I didn't want to do a scythe cause... Well I'm too lazy O 3O And also, who ever said he had to carry around a weapon in the first place? I mean, he should be able to do his job just fine without it. Whatever. I made the nether-portal-thingy just by recoloring and touching up on Gastly's gas aura a little bit, not anything too fancy.


    This is Takeshi. (unbending like a bamboo tree) He is a priest from a small village to the northwest of Icirrus City. The thing about Takeshi is that he has many odd abilities, the most prominent one being the ability to open a swirling portal at any time, that people can use to travel anywhere he remembers. The head priest of his village deemed him chosen by God. He travels throughout the whole world, and tries to be the best person he can be. The whole reason he left his village to travel the world is for three reasons: One, he needs to find his biological father, who can explain why he has his strange abilities. Two, he wants to help people throughout the world, and be a hero and all that jazz. And three, he loves drawing. Takeshi is very stubborn, and once he decides he is going to do something, there really is no persuading him otherwise. He doesn't have any Pokemon, except he befriended a Smeargle that follows him everywhere. Whenever Takeshi gets the chance, he will whip out his handy dandy notebook and draw whatever it is that has caught his eye. In specific, he enjoys drawing Pokemon. Smeargle, who Takeshi calls Van Gogh due to his personality complex, (he falls in love with every female Pokemon he sees) does...paintings or whatever, whenever Takeshi takes one of these art breaks.
  19. Re: Black Heart's Sprite Gallery :T Requests OPEN (see threa

    Those are great first time sprites on the first post, mine were all like backwards shading.
  20. Re: Black Heart's Sprite Gallery :T Requests OPEN (see threa

    Wow these are good.I like the Grim Reaper one.

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