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Black Forest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Moose, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Before I get started on what I discovered, no, the topic title is not wrong. I simply decided it would be the most appropriate considering what I'm about to tell you.

    Anyways, I am the proud owner of Pokemon Black Version that I got at launch along with Pokemon White Version (which my friend also got, but we both reserved them together to get the extra trinkets for reserving both).

    Before I started my adventure, I already had a save file from a ROM of Pokemon White Version. I looked online for a converter so I could convert the save file to be operable in a USA copy of the game, and then for a converter for the save to be used in the opposite version.

    Now, everything in the game was flawless. It played exactly like Pokemon Black Version. All Pokemon showed up just like in Black, there was no White exclusives or such appearing in my game. This made sense, as the save file should not effect that information.

    However to my surprise, when I arrived at Black City, there was no city. It was empty, barren. No people, no buildings, just a Pokemon Center. I looked online for a solution, and saw that many people got this problem because of failure to Entralink with the opposite version before 10 hours is up. Naturally, I Entralinked with my friend to get people into my Black City.

    I got people, about 9 people, to move to my Black City. There was tall buildings, a market, and lots of people street. However after closing the Entralink to my friend and after saving, when I went back to Black City, it was once again barren. However it was not barren like it was previously-- buildings were just little stumps, people were scattered about in different locations, some even on where the buildings should be. Moving around would cause wild Pokemon battles with Pokemon found in White Forest.

    I had no idea what was going on, however I assumed it was a glitch, so I turned off my game and tried again. Unfortunately it remained the same, a glitched Black City that functioned like White Forest. A Black Forest.

    After I saved however and went back to Black City, it was literally completely White Forest. The music, the character speeches, even the title of the area was called "White Forest" in the map. Black City literally transformed into White Forest for me after Entralinking with a friend. If I showed someone gameplay of me playing in it, you'd swear I was playing White.

    I have no idea if this is some feature of the Entralink, but after researching this, absolutely no one has gotten this before. I think it's a glitch from importing the save, because the hex for Black City and White Forest depend on your save file, and not the game itself. Both areas are programmed into your game (the same is done for everything that is exclusive to the other version simply for the Entralink-- you need the map of White Forest programmed into your game in order to traverse it in your Entralink with a White version). It somewhat makes sense, and that the programmers got lazy with it.

    It's the most insane thing I've ever experienced in Pokemon since Missingno. However I'm not too disappointed considering I get the perks of White Forest while playing Black. I'm just afraid something might bug up in the end and I'll lose all my Pokemon.

    Sorry if I'm kinda "blogging" at the moment but I felt the need to relay this experience to everyone. If anyone else has ever seen this happen before, tell me. I'm interested.

    Oh, and while I'm on this topic... the fact that my modified save triggered the opposite version exclusive area, that would mean there is a way to modify a save of Black to trigger White Forest or other version exclusive things... though I've yet to find anything different in my Black aside from the "Black Forest".

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