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Black and White Nicknames

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. So, what are you going to nickname (or what have you nicknamed) your Pokemon in BW? This is the topic to post the planned nicknames in (and guess the origin of other peoples nicknames!)

    I haven't decided between Serperior and Samurott, so yeah :p

    Serperior -[​IMG] Kells
    Samurott -[​IMG] Kambei
    Vannilluxe -[​IMG] Cinnamyrrh
    Mienshao - [​IMG]Teriyaki
    Musharna - [​IMG]Morpheus
    Escavalier - [​IMG]Percival
    Volcanora - [​IMG]Choquilite

    Can you guess all the origins? Comment below~
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  2. Well, I'm going to attempt to name my critters, but no promises.

    Team White

    Samurott [​IMG]- Daigenki (yes yes I know that's his Japanese name, but I like it better and that's my choice.)

    Whimsicott [​IMG]- if it's a male, Bo. If it's female, Peep

    Heatmor [​IMG]- Bruce

    Galvantula [​IMG]- Spyda (lame pun is lame)

    Swoobat [​IMG]- Koko

    Haxorus [​IMG]- Axe

    and my team for Black

    Emboar [​IMG]- Boareflare (This was what I had named a fakemon I had created a long time ago that was a pig)

    Carracosta [​IMG]- Kilo

    and the rest will be the same, except I may change Haxorus for

    Hydreigon [​IMG]- Keel (guess who he's named after ;) )


    Druddigon [​IMG]- Karuga
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  3. Embarrassing enough, I haven't fully thought out my ingame team so I only have a few set in stone.

    Emboar [​IMG] - Lucy~
    Cinccino http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/f/f3/Spr_5b_573.png[img] - Unova after my GPX Cinccino

    Hydreigon [img]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/6/62/Spr_5b_635.png - Sabira
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Once Black & White were dated in North America I didn't play further on my Black save file, meaning my team was never fully completed. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to that save or try to recreate my exact team in the future, but these were their names:

    [​IMG] <-- Regal (M)
    [​IMG] <-- Eddy (M)
    [​IMG] <-- Zee (F)
    [​IMG] <-- Adana (F)

    I rather liked their names, even if a few were quite simple, so if I ever do retrain that team I'll probably reuse their names, too. Only exception would probably be Eddy who'd become "Edward" instead.
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  5. I normally only plan the nicknames of the starter Pokemon, often based off their Japanese names. Because of this, I have Snivy's name chosen to be Raja.
  6. I have most of my nicknames already decided:

    [​IMG] : Nazca (M)
    [​IMG] : Cytan (M)
    [​IMG] : Audax (M)
    [​IMG] : Aden (M)
    [​IMG] : Colbert (M)

    I still don't have a name for my Samurott. Any suggestions?
  7. A good chunk of my nicknames are based on video game characters (more specifically fighting games) can you guess what series they're referring to?

    [​IMG] Hazama (M)
    [​IMG] Sir Francis (M)
    [​IMG] Tager (M)
    [​IMG] Virgil (M)
    [​IMG] Either Brocoloco, King or Bancho (M)
    [​IMG] Kogal (F)
    [​IMG] Teapot (F)
    [​IMG] Kohryu (M)
    [​IMG] George XIII (M)
    [​IMG][​IMG] Rob and Nicky (M&M)
    [​IMG] Busuzima (M)
    [​IMG] Izayoi (M or F)
    [​IMG] Morpheus (M) (for a different reason than Toastie's btw =3)
    [​IMG] Cody (M)
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  8. Just a note, I'm terrible at nicknames (like, Grassie the Grovyle terrible ;D)

    Emboar-[​IMG]-Barbecue(It's bacon!)



    Swoobat-[​IMG]-Valapire(M) or Venus(F)

    Carracosta-[​IMG]-Tortuga(They spelt it wrong :() or Alicante

    Beartic-[​IMG]-Influenza or Primice
  9. Samurott: [​IMG] Tempest

    Darmanitan: [​IMG] Dynamite

    Garbodor: [​IMG] Aphrodite

    Carracosta: [​IMG] Pacific

    Gothitelle: [​IMG] Darjeeling

    Golurk: [​IMG] Rook

    Unoriginal nicknames a go-go 8D
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  10. Well, I've finally decided on my final team, and all of the nicknames! The good thing is, I can get all of my team before the 5th Gym, so I might just be able to remember them.
    1. [​IMG]Gigas the Male Emboar
    2. [​IMG]Fen the Female Musharna
    3. [​IMG]Odette the Female Swanna
    4. [​IMG]Torak the Male Zoroark
    5. [​IMG]Lebona the Female Lilligant (I'm getting Black but so what?)
    6. [​IMG]Sporen the Male Scolipede


    [​IMG]Sarc the Male Krookodile
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  11. I haven't really decided my starter as of now, but when B/W comes out and depending on what my girlfriend gets(which I have a feeling I know what she's starting with xP), I'm going to post all three down with my various team members.

    1.[​IMG]: Odysseus (M)

    2.[​IMG]: Franky (M)

    3.[​IMG]: Kenshin (M)

    4.[​IMG]: Leon (M)

    5.[​IMG]: Chromastone (M)

    6.[​IMG]: Elena (F)

    7.[​IMG]: Leah (F)

    8.[​IMG]: Broseidon (M)

    9.[​IMG]: 2Phat or Jubez (M)

    10.[​IMG]: Elwood (M)

    11.[​IMG]: Clinker-Ba(My last name is Clink or Klink, depending on the German or American :p)

    12.[​IMG]: Gottlock

    13.[​IMG]: Abraham (M)

    14.[​IMG]: Vesuvius

    I noticed my team isn't very varied XD imo anyways..
  12. I have a fewww~ My choices aren't the most mainstream, regardless ♥

    1. [​IMG] Sunshine the Cryogonal ♥
    2. [​IMG] Daisy the Stunfisk ♥
    3. [​IMG] Marimba the Maractus ♥
    4. [​IMG] Oliver the Simipour ♥
    5. [​IMG] Orin the Liepard ♥
    6. [​IMG] Precious the Garbodor ♥

    Well, that also sorted out my team! how lovely :>
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  13. Too lazy to post pics XP

    Felucia the Serperior(F)
    Iridonia the Haxorus(M)
    Korriban the Krookodile(M)
    Ruusan the Reuniclus(F)
    Kamino the Samurott(M)
    Mustafar the Volcarona(F)

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