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Black and White Anime Discussion ~SPOILERS~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. So, this is where you discuss the Pokemon Black and White Anime.
    Now, this is a SPOILER, so you have been warned:

    A blog comment by storyboard writer Takahashi:

    “Finally, filming Pokémon has begun!
    It was three episodes of the new series, but it looks like the heroine isn't the main girl from the games.
    I went "Huh!?" when I saw the character chart last time, but it really looks like the heroine is an original child. It appears that Takeshi isn't in it, and a new rival character who is similar to Shinji is in it too. By the way, the heroine is cute but amazing... her hair style is pretty.”

    So, what do you think of this? Also, which starters do you want Ash/Satoshi to get? Discuss!
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  2. If the show is planning on being as predictable as it was with the last two sagas, Ash is probably getting Tsutaja (aka the Grass Starter) Although since he was denied a Water Starter for the last two gens, Mijumaru would be a welcome change. Maybe his new co-star can get herself the Grass Starter this time around.

    Also the fact that she isn't apparently the token game female intrigues me. If she by some chance is the game rival, I'd like that (was already totally calling it from before DP even started)
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Agreed re: everything for Ash's first starter. I'd love to see him obtain Mijumaru because it'd be a welcome change, but he's most likely to capture a Tsutaja first.

    As for the female not being our teenaged heroine... Kinda makes me sad. This would've been a nice chance to age all of the main characters a bit, but it seems that probably isn't their plan for the Anime series. Still, if Brock stays gone the male player character might take his place. It'd once again give us our token teenaged male companion and help promote the games like May/Dawn have in the past.
  4. I'm happy with the break from the norm. In the past, it's often a player character who somehow gets incorporated into the anime. I'm curious on what he personality is. I would love to see an independent tomboy, one who doesn't seem helpless every other episode.
  5. I hope the heroine in the anime has just as an amazing hairstyle as the heroine from the game.
  6. Hmm, well I suppose I'm a little disappointed in the female heroine not being the leading lady in the anime. I like her.

    I think right now I want Ash to get some cool looking clothes more than anything. Seriously, he has ugly clothes...

    I also would like him to choose the Fire starter (and I'm not just saying that 'cause it hasn't been said yet in here) I don't like the idea of him with the grass starter or the water one. I want him to have Pokabu C:

    Also I like Brock so I hope he doesn't leave D:
    maybe he could get a starter, that would be cool :o
  7. Aww, the Black/White female charrie won't be the new heroine? That's so utterly disappointing! It would've been such a welcome change after May and Dawn. I feel slightly better that there will be a charrie like Paul. However if they did include the male charrie, that would erase my disappointment over not having awesome ponytail girl. It's always sad that the male protagonists get very little screen time. I want Ash to get the water starter--something he hasn't had since Totodile. And for the love of all things fuzzy, EVOLVE THE THING. SERIOUSLY. Every person who's ever gotten the water starter has failed and not evolved it to it's final form which is a huge waste and bigger shame.
  8. Wow. So the girl is original this time around. She's probably gonna be based on a mixture of the past (Blue/Leaf/Green (whatever you wanna call her) and Lyra) heroins and the new heroin. Although, it would be extremely nice if they would actually show some change in her personality, like instead of being some new trainer, just receiving her new, lets say, "Pokabu", aiming to become a ring leader in a Poke-circus/ Pokemon co-ordinator, she could be a trainer like Ash with experience, with a different pokemon, and aim for something else. Also the whole "Lets be friends" thing is getting a little old. I would like for her to show some personality for once instead of just acting as an excuse for fillers, y'know, like May and Dawn acted. They were nice but still the same. Maybe she could show some personality like being, lets say, "Huggy", were she likes to hug people, or she could act like Lyra did in those few eps and have a crush on Ash, or be the new group's "Brock" only with guys. Maybe she could be a spoiled princess, I just want something different, and her team, well the past girls have always gotten the cute critters, I would like for this girls to get some kind of moster or something (Steelix, Tyranitar, etc.).

    As for the 3rd seat in the group..... We don't even know if there will be a third guy this time, though thats not likely. If they have too, I would like for the 3rd person to either be the hero or heroin. Honestly, I don't see why it always has to be 2 guys, seriously, even though I don't really watch the anime, I still find it creepy for there to only be 1 girl in a group of guys (stares at 3rd gen). THough who knows, there could be a 4 man group this time, with both chartacters plus Ash and *insert name here*. But if it is a dude, something original would be nice, something like a rival to Ash who vows to defeat him at one point and participate in the gym challenge as well, or just someone who has a covered past, kinda like Mitsumi in the DP adventures manga. If its a girl, same thing, except maybe she could act blonde, you know, oblivious to stuff, usually the prettiest.

    Ash most likely will get Tsutaaja, but who knows, since they're going to change this much, why not change the starter? He could go back to getting all 3 starters again (please please please), or he could just get Pokabu or Mijumaru. For his team, I would like to see him change it up a bit (Pikachu, birdie, grass starter, fire starter/ random fire critter, water, filler). If he doesn't get all 3 starters, I would like to see a change in his types. (Pikachu, Pokabu and/or Mijumaru, Ground, Dragon, Bug, fighting, dark, etc.) He's starting to get predictable. Plus his clothes,

    Agreed. He needs a little change, like wearing a different style hat for one, maybe something with long sleeves. Dear God no more Blue or Black colors, they are getting old, maybe something Red.

    Rival...Did they say if the rival would be a boy or girl? I really hope its a girl, but acts like Paul. You never see any serious girls in the anime and I'm kinda tired of it.
  9. I think we all know that they will never get rid of Brock. If they do then the creators will put in someone just like he was, like Tracy for example. Ash is hopeless without Brock. It would be like when Ash forgot to bring food to Petalburg Woods all over again.
  10. My thoughts exactly and I dont want em to get rid of him, hes awesome.
  11. No worries, we all know Brock will be staying with us. No better place to study breeding and find pretty girls than hanging out with the kids. Hang on, Serebii update.

    Flaming Chimps, Sand Alligators, Cog Wheels... hrmm... the new professor?
  12. Suddenly the 'Professor Ivy scenario' becomes a viable reason for Brock to not be in Isshu...at least outside of phone calls. The only other reason I can think of Brock sticking around is..well, Croagunk. Except Croagunk in a region not of his origin? What niche does he have other than being a now unecessary Gen 4 promoter?

    Although I do like Brock (he's the guy who gives exposition on EVERY-FRELLING-THING there is about Pokemon) His poor excuse for a team (cute, but not that well-developped) and little development in Sinnoh makes it difficult for him to stick around in Isshu without becoming lost in Ash and token female's shadow.

    Speaking of other characters still sticking around.

    Prepare for a new motto? And maybe a new roster of Pokemon? I see Yanmega and Mime. Jr being replaced. Yanmega has been an odd critter to attach to Jessie from the very beginning, and Mimey has lost his screentime considerably back from when he was a 'brand new Pokemon.'
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  13. If Brock were to head off, this new girl could easily be the one that tells Ash to breathe. Infact, maybe someone like Ana from Shaman king to accompany Ash could be fun. I'd love to see someone like her siccing Hihidaruma on some poor unfortunate. On regards to the starters, all hail the Snowman-otter.
  14. I would actually like Brock to fuck off >> No disrespect to one of my favorite gym leaders but the guy's gags are getting old and such, I would like a new character to fulfill his place in the anime. I also would LOVE Team Rocket to go away too, but I can't hope for too much >>

    All for this season of Pokemon, I just want Ash to mix it up and the main female lead not suck so much ass >>
  15. Several things: Ash needs to get ANYTHING but Tsutajaa. He's had the Grass starter for ALL FOUR GENERATIONS FOR GOD'S SAKE. Plu, I agree with Gentlemen_Virgil. He needs better clothes, more casual.
    Hot female isn't the heroine? Bummer... She's pretty and It would be a nice change from all the "damsels in distress" that have been previously shown. And I think that they should ditch Brock for the new guy. He's cool and I wanna see something new. And Team Rocket needs to GET THE HELL OUT. Giovanni doesn't care anymore, so just go, please.
    Ash needs a girlfriend. Seriously. Even if it is for one generation, I don't care, just get him a girl! And Professor Ivy? All the more reason for Brock to leave! He'll just pull his usual crap and she'll turn him down, he'll cry and then he will see a Nurse Joy, or the feamel lead and fall in love. Then repeat the cycle. (Gosh, I sound like critic!) Yet, if he leaves, then the producers will replace him with some guy like Tracy (NOOOO! NOT AGAIN!) and screw it all up. So, Brock should stay. he is funny sometimes, so why not? He should get a starter too. He's never had one so why not? That's all I have... For now... *Evil laughter*
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  16. Brock actually did have a starter but as far as we know, he never fully evolved it. It happened in early Hoenn. Brock caught(I think) a Mudkip. He managed to evolve it into Marshtomp, though. Plus, how can you hate Tracy? At least he isn't always stalking Jenny and Joy.
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    While I don't dislike Brock, I also really liked Tracy, too. He's really the main reason I wouldn't mind seeing Brock gone for this next saga or indefinitely. Change can be tough, but it also helps to freshen things up a bit, too... And in a long-running series like Pokemon, fresh is good. XD

    And ahaha... Y'know, I think it'd be really fun if Ash finally did get a more serious love relationship. His relationship with Misty was subtle at best, and the kid's much more mature now than he once was. It could at least offer some new character development opportunities. Just, personally? I'd rather it not be with a female character who travels with me. ;p
  18. I can't believe I haven't posted about this before now XD; Anyway, I don't really care if Brock leaves or goes because I agree with RX. Though Brock does add the exposition to the anime, that seems to be about it as far as his character goes. Even though I love Croagunk Poison Jabbing him, we could really do without him. A rival similar to Paul? Well I'm not sure if they'll have Paul "reform" or not by the end of the Sinnoh league (I hope not), but I'm glad Black and White will have a similar character. I also hope this rival is a girl because I think all of Ash's main rivals have been male--and a good female rival would make up for all the crap May and Dawn put us through.

    Wishful thinking mode: I'd love for the male traveling companion to be the coordinator this time around if Brock were to be replaced and not just because I dislike most of the male coordinators we have already. I think it would add an interesting spin if his personality was more 'aggressive' towards contests than either May or Dawn if that makes any sense at all.

    And on a final note: I would LOVE to see Ash's team actually do some rotating or, ya know, catch a Pokemon when he has six in his party. It would bring back the spirit of the first season big time.
  19. Oh, I totally forgot about Mudkip! I mean, who could? The reason I don't like Tracy is because he annoys me. I have no idea why, but he just does. Plus, he disrupted the original team in the Orange Islands, so that's another thing. Peace out.
  20. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Oh God no. Pokemon is a kids show and is about magical animals beating the fuck out of each other for fun - not drama, romance and all that crap. Digimon pushed it a bit too hard with stuff like Kari and TK and just made it vomit or headache inducing depending on which episode it was, and more to the point, it just completely detracted from the whole point of the show: monsters fighting!

    The only really deep character interactions we need are with the Pokemon. Ash's relationship with Pikachu is a billion and twelve times more interesting and watchable than any possible relationship he could ever have with whatever annoying female they cast in such a role (and the obvious drama that would obviously have to ensue concerning inevitable break-ups, love-triangles and all that rubbish). The only possible reason the whole Misty being in love with Ash thing even worked was because Ash was utterly oblivious to it (in no small part because such an attraction never actually existed in the original material) and it was funny. Actually committing to a relationship would just ruin it completely.

    Besides, we all know Ash is gay anyway.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Says all.

    But I'm a sucker for romance in anything, it just needs to be done right. And it can be done right in some cases (I've see it)! Just... not many. So guess yeah, best to just avoid it in Pokemon altogether. Boo. :p

    The Misty thing, though... Heh, I dunno. I've read the reports on its fabrication, but I've also watched the 2nd movie subbed myself. Seemed like it was more than just a dub plot device to me, that's just my personal observation. ;p
  22. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Well, by the 2nd movie, they'd have been well aware of what the Dub had conjured up. In the original Indigo League series though, there's absolutely no indication of Misty being infatuated with Ash. Hell, it's barely in the dub too because there's just no material for it - the majority of the whole concept was based solely off of Misty's Song.

    The only real time it was shown in the anime (via the original script) would arguably be in the Orange Islands in the Gym Battle against Rudy and in Gotta Catch Ya Later when she left.
  23. I hope the BW saga is shorter than DP was. DP had many good episodes, but the length was absurd. 200 episodes spent in a single region? That's even longer than Johto was!

    As for the cast, I agree get rid of Brock. He hasn't been a good character since...Johto or Hoenn? I'm sure Dawn's leaving so nothing much to say there.

    My only problem with the show now is we're stuck in the, "newbie beginner girl" rut, every gen. It was fine with May as it was the first time they did it, but by the time Dawn was introduced it started to get old. I don't know if I can sit through another beginning 10 year old girl with mostly cute Pokemon for the third time in a row.

    In case of old characters cameos, I think we'll see Dawn for a few eps like how the other girls cameo'd. Misty probably won't appear at all if DP was any indication, I don't think the writers even care about her character anymore. I can't even remember the last time Misty was even in an episode...was it back when Hoenn ended...lol?
  24. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    This is a pretty strange complaint. If we look at the length of each region's saga, it's not exactly that massively longer than anything that came before, nor is it out of line with what one could expect:

    Kanto/Orange Islands: 117 episodes
    Johto: 157 episodes
    Hoenn/AG: 192 episodes
    Sinnoh/DP: by July we'll have 183 episodes and we can only really expect about 10 more on top of that before B/W starts in September.

    In other words, if DP is longer than AG, it will be by 1 or 2 episodes at most. So if AG wasn't too long for you, I don't see why DP would be considered longer.

    It's also really hard to complain about the length of the sagas when they're intrinsically linked to the development and release of the games. They take as long as it takes to make the new Generation of games. If that needs extra time, then we have to wait longer.
  25. Maybe the new female will be a "gym leader" like misty was. I really hope that the cut the beginning trainer crap with any new partner he gets
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  26. Probably not. Whenever the images of a female player character are released for a game, she's not a leader. She's most likely either the rival (i.e. May.) or the childhood friend (i.e. Lyra.) of the male player character. There was no female player character for R/B/Y, so that's why Misty was in the anime. So, the games tie to the anime, basically.
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  27. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Actually, if you'd read the info from the blog you'd note that the female is supposed to be completely new this time 'round - presumably with no design connection to any of the B/W females. It's honestly not a change I was expecting to see, but it's probably for the best. Never a bad idea to mix things up, and if we'd gone from May to Dawn to this new B/W female it really would've been pretty stale.
  28. Really? Well, shows how much I know. So, what's this new female supposed to be like? P.S. I can't see the Bulbapedia period. So I wouldn't know.
  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Toastie linked to the blog entry in the first post of this topic. We don't know what she's supposed to be like, only that she's an "original child". Quite a mystery, and I'm interested to see pictures of her and Ash's new Paul-like rival.
  30. Interesting. I just found a possible leak of Black/White anime art.

    http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/u ... _anime.png

    Four new Pokemon, looks like one of 'em is a Tsutaja evo, another a Mijumaru evo. The female certainly fits the 'original child with cool hair' description, plus Ash's outfit is based on Black's outfit. It's possible it's a fake, but very intriguing...

    EDIT: Dammit. Inb4'd by Alex :p
  31. ...That thing next to Jessie. It looks Koffing and Zubat did the nasty and had that thing hatch from the egg.
    Anyway, I'm hoping the female character will be better than Dawn. I don't like Dawn as an anime character. She's okay as Rowan's assistant in the games, but she's just obnoxious in the show. Maybe they should get a lady who can stand her ground, and possibly just a crush between her and Ash. (As in they both like each other, but they don't like like each other)

    As for starters, he needs Pokabu and leave it at that. Has Ash ever gotten a Dark-Type? He needs one. Haunter doesn't count, since he didn't really capture it. Or maybe he can just have three of his older Pokemon. Pikachu, obviously, Snorlax, and...I dunno, Muk or Kingler? And to wrap it up, Ash could have the Pokabu, the sand croc, and maybe the bird or Chinchilla?

    And it would be cool if Ash's rival has the female protagonist from the game, and, as others have mentioned, maybe have the new guy taggin along as a coordinator. Just like Ash was in the Wallace cup. That would be cool.
  32. There isn't just one wave of fans, there are newcomers as well. It probably won't be darker.
  33. The anime's fairly violent as it is anyway. Need I remind you how Flint's Inernape kicked Pikachu in the face?

    Your pedophile comment, chris is rather prejudistic. The man could just be a background character shown as a point of height reference to the other characters, or plays a role as a character of the day or might even be related to the female character in some way. Flaming artwork that isn't even confirmed to be official and bashing with sterotypes is rather immature. You could at least do well to give a better reason for why you dislike the designs.
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