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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Doctor Bob, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. A short note from Doctor Bob- Venturing into unfamiliar territory, this is my first attempt at writing a lengthy story, so please try not to expect anything spectacular. Constructive criticism is welcome, and thanks for reading.

    Table of Contents:

    1. — (Prologue)

    Chapter 1 (Prologue)

    Warning: This chapter contains small amounts of foul language.

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    Spring- 2017

    Dark thunderclouds accumulated in the sky as two lone figures sporting large hiking packs strode through the Eterna Forest. One figure was obviously human; the boy had dark brown hair that covered his brown eyes and stood about five feet tall, he was wearing a Ranger uniform that was exclusively distributed by the Pokemon Ranger Organization, or the PRO. The PRO was the principal law enforcement agency in the Sinnoh Region; new members such as himself had to endure rigorous training to qualify for a spot in the force. Him and his Pokemon were heading toward the PRO Bravo team base camp for shooting instruction from the other members. His companion was a Blaziken with piercing golden eyes and lean, powerfully build muscles that showed through its short coat of fur. Judging from the Blaziken's features, it was a female.

    Trudging through the thick mud that was a result of recent rainstorms, he turned to the Blaziken and panted, "Jeez, Flara. I thought you said that base camp would be six miles from Floaroma Town. We've been walking for nine hours now."

    Frowning, Flara studied the map again while fumbling with a compass and replied, "I know, Bobby. But unlike you, I was actually trying to pay attention during Orienteering lessons."

    "We better find it quick, because it looks like it's going to rain soon." he said, casting a worried glance at the sky. Not seconds after his remark, rain began to pour down in thick sheets, blanketing the landscape in a cascade of water.


    Captain Rocher of the PRO Bravo team tapped his foot against the pavilion post, impatiently awaiting the arrival of the two new recruits. Judging by his wristwatch, they should have arrived four hours ago. It should be unlawful that a fifteen-year-old kid can be hired for this type of job, even if he does have a Pokemon to protect him. Rocher looked up at the sky as it began to rain again. Luckily the PRO campsite had a pavilion there, or it would have been a long, wet and miserable day.


    He turned around to face Rose, a rather bony Zangoose who had been on the Bravo team for just over a year; she was a good kid, but her only real purpose on the team was to translate language to Pokemon who didn't speak English. Also with her was Jack, a mute Lucario who was the team's resident technical officer, and Matt, a burly twenty-something who served as the team's weaponry expert.

    "Since we came down here for shooting practice and it's raining, why don't we go out and search for the new guys?" She laughed a bit. "It's not like we can do much good here."

    "We're leaving for home tomorrow morning, with or without the new kids, so go into your tent and pack away any unnecessary items that you won't need for the rest of the time we're here." Rocher replied, sounding a bit irritated.

    Facing the Captain, Matt said, "They could be lost, you know, and they may need their help. They're only recruits."

    Turning away from the rest of the team, Rocher growled, "If they don't make it here by tomorrow, they shouldn't even be here anyway. Stay at camp. The last thing I need is one of you getting lost in these damn woods."

    Displeased, Rose saluted, "Alright, Cap. But if anything happens to them, you know as well as I do that you'll be held accountable." Without another word, she spun around and headed toward her tent to pack any items that wouldn't be needed for that night and the following day. Jack and Matt did the same.

    Sighing, Rocher sat down in a chair and fell asleep, lulled by the sound of the rain.


    Rain hammered down while Bobby and Flara stood beneath a large tree, still trying to figure out the map while simultaneously attempting to keep it from getting wet.

    Looking up from the map, Flara said, "It looks like we're in the general area of the base camp, so why don't we just split up and look for it separately. We can keep in contact with the radio." Pulling out the second radio communication device, she handed it to Bob and smiled. "We'll find it." She assured him.

    Taking the radio, Bobby nodded in silent agreement, and the friends trotted off in separate directions search of the base camp.


    Nathaniel Jackson (or Nathan by his colleagues) was a brilliant man. For years he developed Pokemon drugs and supplements to increase one's fighting abilities. Some pharmaceutical supplements such as Carbos, Protein, X-Speed, and X-Special were but a few of the many health-boosting compounds Dr. Jackson had created over the long years of working in the scientific field.

    Recently though, Nathan had been studying the changes in a Pokemon's physical anatomy as it evolved. Devoting months of research, he concluded that certain isotopes of Dychronium combined with certain ions of Garthenium could theoretically strongly boost a Pokemon's physical abilities during and after the evolutionary process. He just needed the test results from the previous week's experiment.

    A knock came at his office door. "Come in." he called.

    His secretary walked into his lavishly furnished office and held out a folder. "Your test results, Dr. Jackson."

    Eagerly taking the folder as if it contained vast amounts of riches, he replied, "Thank you Madalyn." Nodding, she exited the room.

    After the door shut, Nathan carefully opened the folder and examined the papers contained inside. After a minute of scanning the document, he clapped his hands together in joy and excitement. "Excellent!!!" he cried.


    Knocking aside a tree branch, Bobby continued to trek through the muddy forest; it was already dark, and Flara had the flashlight. If we don't find this place in the next half hour, we'll have to set up camp out here… The unpleasant thought crowded his mind, and not paying attention to where he was walking, Bobby tripped on a tree root, falling face-first into the mud. The grimy, cold sensation stung his face, but instead of getting up he lay there, too tired to continue on; his legs and feet were throbbing with pain from walking so long and he had a pounding headache due to fatigue. Just as Bobby was feeling sleep wash over him, the radio beeped. Reaching down to his belt, he feverishly unclipped the radio from his belt and pressed a button to accept the call.

    "Bobby, you there?" Flara's voice sounded high-pitched and tinny over the radio.

    "Yeah… barely." He said, rolling over on his side and picking himself off of the loamy ground. Muffling sounds were heard on the other side of the radio.

    Flara's radio clicked. "Your name is Bob, right?" It definitely wasn't her voice, but a man's. "This is Captain Rocher. I'm guessing you got lost on the way, correct?"

    Fiercely embarrassed, Bobby replied, "Yes, sir. These woods are so thick that even with the map we got lost. It's my fault sir."

    On the other side of the line, Rocher smiled. "Don't get too apologetic, kid. Just get your ass over to base camp. Your buddy here started a fire, so if you get into a clearing, you should see the smoke."

    "Yes sir!" Bob shouted. With renewed energy, he sprinted through the dense plant life until he came to a break in the trees. He could see the smoke; base camp couldn't be more than three hundred feet away. Immensely relieved, Bobby trotted toward the base camp. Everything might just work out after all…
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