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Private/Closed Bio-Tech Elementals

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SS-I Never, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. (Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/elemental-bio-tech-rp-discussion-thread.16893/) @Crims0n @Godjacob @Tlord22 @koopa000 @Lil Eliza123

    It was a cold fall in Forrestail Town. Many students were already starting their Junior and Senior year in Williamburg High School. One of those students was named Ryan Anderson. He decided to stay in the hallway of the school, and smoke a cigarette. Another student walked up to him, rammed their head into a locker near Ryan's head, and said, "Hey, dipsh*t! What do you think you're doing on my turf!?" Ryan looked around, then looked at the student, takes his cigarette out of his mouth, and blows smoke all over the guys face. The guy got annoyed, and said, "You think you're tough, don'tcha!?" Ryan looked at him, and said, "I think I'm a lot of things." The guy grunted and threw his fist at Ryan.....


    After a few minutes the guy was on the ground unconscious, and Ryan was walking away without a single scratch. When can a guy enjoy a good smoke around here? Ryan then decided to smoke outside of the school.
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  2. Serena! Are you okay? Oh god, this is...can you speak to me?

    Zack...there's not much time...

    Don't say that! I'll call for help! You're going to make it!

    No...this is...too important...you need...to listen to me...there's something I need...you to do for me...

    Zack was in the middle of getting stuff from his locker, deep in thought, when he felt someone tap on his shoulder. Letting out a sigh he turned around and saw a girl his age give him a look of concern.

    "Hey. I...I heard about what happened to your sister and..." The girl started to say before Zack cut her off.

    "I...I don't want to talk about it. Just, give me some space. I know your concerned and appreciate you want to make sure I'm okay, but I want to be alone right now." Zack said as the girl gave a sad nod before she left. Seemed news of his sister's relative recent passing had began to spread. Zack bet not too many people knew about it, and wanted it to stay that way.
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  3. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Phillip Cooper, as usual, was almost late to Williamberg High School. He was to endorsed on listening to his music on his headset and exploring the city to notice he should be at school soon. The lad now was running towards the school campus hoping that he hadn't missed the bell yet. His Timberland's stomped into the hallway as he was glad to at least not be late today. Jogging over to his locker, Phillip casually said "Hey" to many of the people that knows him within the school. He was quite decently well known, for his laid-back attitude at least. "Hey Phillip!" "What's up bro!" "Yo! Andrews!" All Phillip heard was friends and comrades greeting him. Maybe he shouldn't be late as much. The feeling of being known felt great for him. He craved the attention, almost as if he needed the attention.
    Ruby Blossoms, the average quiet girl of the school. It's not that she's shy, as a matter of fact, she has many decent friends and acquaintances in school. It's just she likes to spend time by herself with nature. As always, she was secluded behind the school, tending to the garden. As Ruby watered the plants, she admired them as they water droplets made the plants glisten in the sunlight. A smile smile could be seen. Ruby broke her thought, picked up her backpack, and headed back inside the school. Ruby was greeted by friends and people she knew, but she just gave nods and waves to them, acknowledging their presence around her.
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  4. Katherine and Cameron walked to Williamberg high school. "Hey sis hurry up. I'm worried that the bell will ring." Cameron said. Katherine skipped past her brother. "You worry too much Cameron." She said as she entered the school. Cameron followed. "Well se you at break time." She said as she walked to her locker. Cameron nodded and walked towards his locked down the hall.
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  5. As Ryan was taking his smoke break, he heard the bell of the school ring. Sh*t! I'm late, again! Ryan went inside of the school, got his back-pack out of his locker, and headed to his first class, Pre-Calculus. As soon as he entered the room, the teacher, Mrs. Jennings, stared at him. Ryan noticed this, and said, "What?" Mrs. Jennings stood up, and said, "This is the fourth time this week you've been late to my class! I've already given you detention twice the first two weeks of school, and you're very close to being suspended." "Cool," Ryan replied to his teacher, blowing some smoke out. Mrs. Jennings looked annoyed, and said, "Lose the cigarette, and take a seat, Mr. Anderson." Ryan grabbed his cigarette, put it out, and threw it away. He sat down at his desk, with his shoes on the table. Most people in the class were staring at him, and he could tell, so he gave them a glare, and that caused most people to stop staring.
  6. Zack sat in the back of the pre-calc class, watching the teacher chew a kid with a cigarette out. He focused little on this though, his mind busy with...other matters.

    I....I know you have it in you...

    Zack shook his head before he turned his attention to the class, trying to get his mind off things.
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  7. Katherine was sitting at a desk two rows away from Ryan. She looked at him. "Well that guy really doesn't have a care in the world does he." She though to herself. She turned around and faced the front. "Still, that rebellious attitude will never take anyone anywhere in life." She sighed.
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  8. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Phillip, actually on time for once, was glad that he was on time. He took his seat near the back by the windows and began listening to his music for a couple of minutes. Soon the bell rang and the class started off with a controversy. Looking at Mrs. Jennings, she seemed like she was in a bad mood as she called out one of the students, Ryan. Phillip, ignoring Ryan, then paid attention to the Pre-Calculus class. That learning session was short lived as Phillip began doodling in his notebook. But that doesn't mean that he didn't understand the concept of what the teacher was teaching. Phillip was quite the multitask-er, it just that he can't sit still for a long period of time.
    Ruby made it to class early, like she did with everyone of her class and took her seat near the glass windows, which was right in front of Phillip. Everything was going alright until her thoughts were disrupted by Mrs. Jennings scolding a smoker named Ryan. Ruby turned around and rolled her eyes at him. She gets easily annoyed with people who doesn't know the little things could hurt the most beautiful thing on the planet: wild life. Ruby ignored the catastrophe and continued on paying attention to class, as the diligent student she was, unlike some people in her class.
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  9. The bell rang, and everyone got out of class, except for Ryan. He fell asleep during the whole class. Mrs. Jennings went up to Ryan, and said, "*Ahem* Mr. Anderson, the bell rang." Ryan woke up, still a little tired, and looked at the teacher, and said, "What?" "The bell rang, now get to your next class...pronto!" Mrs. Jennings said. "Alright, fine," Ryan got up and went to his next class, which was P.E.
    As soon as he left, Mrs. Jennings sighed, and thought, "What am I going to do with him?"

    Once Ryan arrived at the gymnasium, for P.E., he was already in his uniform. Today in P.E., they were going to play a sport that Ryan enjoys very thoroughly, and would never want to miss...Dodge-ball! Ryan got ready in position, and awaited for the mayhem to sue. Dodge-balls started being thrown very aggressively, all especially being thrown towards him. But he wasn't going to be seen as a pushover. He dodged every single ball, and grabbed some of them, and started chucking them at other people. People were getting out left and right, and it was this mayhem that Ryan loved so much. The side that Ryan was on ultimately won the majority of matches. P.E. was over and, Ryan went through the rest of his day.

    It was finally lunch time, and Ryan sat alone like always, because most people were scared of him, or saw him as a nuisance.


    Outside of the school, stood a mysterious figure. This is where I will find the next generation. The figure then disappear.
  10. "Are you sure everything is okay? I mean I can pick you up if you'd like?"

    "No mom, it's fine. Being here...takes my mind off it. It's better for me."

    "Okay, let me know if you need me and I'll be there in a flash. I love you sweetie."

    "I love you too mom. See you later."

    Zack walked out of the office, having been granted his request to make a phone call to his mother during lunch. It just felt...good to talk to someone close after what happened. Zack quickly sat at a table alone, in thought over something.

    Ever since sis gave me...that...I don't know what to think. I don't even know what it is. Should I tell someone about it? Should I just find out for myself? Sis trusted me with it for a reason...I just hope whatever I decide is what she'd want of me.
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  11. Ryan was there enjoying his lunch all by himself. He actually likes his own personal space, and it makes him more comfortable while he eats his lunch.


    The mysterious figure appeared in front of Zack. She looked like a business woman, wearing very professional clothes and glasses. She said to Zack, "Why, hello there. My name is Mirdana, and I would wish to speak with you privately. Only if that's ok with you, of course."


    As Ryan was eating his lunch, he noticed the woman that had just entered, and now he was intrigued, so he decided to eavesdrop.
  12. Zack was busy having a drink of water when this random business woman appeared in front of him. After taking a moment to recover from choking he heard what she asked of him and thought it over.

    "O-okay. Sure. Lead the way." Zack said, agreeing to Mirdana's request.
  13. Mirdana smiled, and said, "Fantastic! This way!" Mirdana started taking Zack outside of school property.


    Ryan's curiousness overwhelmed him, and he followed the two of them outside of school property as well.


    Mirdana then took Zack to a manhole. The manhole seemed to have a weird symbol on it, but it basically looked like any old manhole in the town. Mirdana opened it up, and said, "May you please go in?"
  14. Zack had to admit this all felt...weird. He had no way of knowing what the symbol meant, why she wanted him to go in the manhole or what her motives were. However, for some reason, Zack trusted the woman enough to follow her instructions. Why? He couldn't tell you if you asked him. But he went ahead and did it.
  15. As soon as Zack stepped into the manhole, a portal appeared, taking him to what seemed like a lab. Mirdana followed him, and they were both in the portal together. As soon as Mirdana was in the lab area, she reverted back to her normal form. She now looked like a cybernetic angel, instead of a business woman. She said to Zack, "Zack, I am Mirdana. An Elemental that possesses the greatest element of all, Light. And you have been been chosen to be an Elemental."


    Ryan was a little disgusted to see two people go into a manhole without second thought, really. But he wanted to see what was going on so he went into the manhole as well. When he entered a portal appeared out of nowhere, and he was sucked right in. Now he was in the lab, and he noticed that the business woman looked like a rad cyborg angel sort of thing. But he didn't want to be caught, so he hid behind something that looked like a computer. The woman said some weird stuff about Elementals, and Ryan wasn't getting any of it. What the f*ck is wrong with this lady?
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  16. "Chosen? Elemental? What the heck does that mean?" Zack asked, clearly confused about what the woman was talking about. Really Zack had a lot more questions, but he focused on those for the moment as he waited for a response.
  17. Mirdana flew up to be in an even higher position than she was before, and looked down and said to Zack, "Yes, you have been chosen, to use this suit to it's potential." Mirdana raised her hand up to the air, and the little "box" that Zack was carrying with him flew up near Mirdana. The box then opened up, to form a futuristic, purple battle suit. "These suits hold amazing power, able to control many elements, from Earth to Fire. And an Elemental is someone who is worthy enough to wield these suits. To put it in simpler terms, you have been chosen to wield this suit, which contains the Element of Magic."
  18. Zack's eyes widened as the box his sister gave him flew in the air. Before he could voice a protest he listened to the woman give a description and his eyes widened even more as the realization of what she said as well as some of the meaning behind some of Serena's last words.

    I believe...you can handle this...I believe...you can help people with it...that you are worthy...so I'm making this choice...to give you the power to help...please Zack...take it....

    "So...so my sister was chosen by you? To be this Elemental? But if that's the case I can't possibly do what you ask. I mean, you didn't even choose me." Zack said, feeling he was undeserving of this power the woman spoke about. It was his sister's right, not his.
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  19. Mirdana looked down at Zack, and said, "It is not I, or your sister who decides is worthy to be an Elemental, and wield these suits. The suits lock into your memory, and they decide if you're worthy to use their power." Mirdana flew down, and put her hand on Zack's shoulder. She said, "You want me to tell you something, Zack? Your sister was a courageous and outgoing girl, and that's what made her worthy of the suit. She knew all the basics about the suit, so there must be a reason why she chose you as her heir." Mirdana put her hand up in the air, and the suit then reverted back into it's box form and landed on her hands. "We are all sad of your sister's death, but that is why you must accomplish her wish. She wanted you to be her heir, and now that she's gone, well...I think it is only necessary." Mirdana then put the box back on Zack's hand, and said, "You decide. Either see if the suit takes you, or just give the suit back to me, and you can go back to living your life."
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  20. Zack thought it over for a little while, thinking every detail of it. Eventually he let out a sigh.

    I owe it to you sis to at least try. To show your belief wasn't in vain...

    "Alright, I'll do it." Zack said, giving Mirdana a look of pure determination as he agreed to try the suit on.
  21. Mirdana smiled, and said, "I knew you would! Now, for you to open up the suit, press that button in the middle of the box." Mirdana pointed at the button as she said that.
  22. Zack gave a nod as he pushed the button right in the center of the box, just as Mirdana instructed him to.

    I won't let you down sis. That's a promise...
  23. Mirdana smiled, and said, "Good luck." And before Zack could say anything the box formed back into the suit, and overwhelmed Zack, by wrapping itself around Zack. Now Zack was in an area which looked like a void.


    Ryan was shocked to see what happened to Zack, and came out of hiding. He ran up to Mirdana, and exclaimed, "What the f*ck! You're just going to let that thing eat him!"


    Mirdana looked at Ryan, smiled, and said, "He wasn't eaten the suit is testing him. Hey, since you were here and listened to the whole thing. Do you want to become an Elemental, as well?"


    Ryan exclaimed, "Oh, hell no! I am not going to go through that crazy sh*t!"


    Mirdana smiled, and said, "It's totally fine, I understand. And what's that!?" Mirdana then pointed at something.


    Ryan wanted to see what she was pointing at.


    Mirdana grabbed a "box." Perfect. Mirdana pushed the button in the middle of the box, and said to Ryan, "Good luck."


    "Sh*t," Ryan said as he was tricked and was overwhelmed by the suit that wrapped around him. Ryan then noticed he was in a void, and looked off to see that Zack was very far away from him. He exclaimed, "Hey, dude! Over here!"
  24. Zack soon found himself in a dark void. Alone and surrounded by darkness...or so he thought. Soon he heard a voice and turned, seeing the cigarette kid from earlier. Zack was shocked, not expecting anyone else here as he walked over to the guy.

    "Funny, I thought I was the only one she brought for this little trial." Zack said, trying to suppress the fear and lighten the mood.
  25. Ryan said, "Uh...yeah, totally. I thought I was the only one as well." Ryan decided not to tell Zack what had happened.

    Ryan then said, "So what do you think is going to...." Then out of nowhere, two heads appeared out of nowhere, a red and purple one.

    They both talked in unison, "Ryan Anderson and Zack Evens, you both have made the decisions to wield the suits." The red one sounded raspy and had a deep voice, and the purple one sounded more up-beat.


    The red one went up to Ryan, and said, "Ryan Anderson, you have chosen to partake in wielding the Element of Fire. This element represents fury and anger, and yet it also represents passion and strength."
    The purple one went up to Zack, and said, "Zack Evens, and you have chosen to partake in wielding the Element of Magic. This element represents wanting to be more than what you already are, pursuing things even if they seem impossible."

    The red head stared directly at Ryan's eyes. Ryan felt a bit uncomfortable, but then he noticed the eyes of the head. The eyes showed every single event of his life that he can remember. The purple one did the same with Zack.

    The heads then went back into their positions, and said in unison, "It is decided. You are both worthy of wielding the power of the suits and the element belonging to it, and become Elementals." A light then shined around Ryan and Zack.

    They both woke up to see that they were back in the lab. Mirdana smiled as she looked at Ryan and Zack, and said, "Congratulations." Ryan and Zack are now wearing the suits that correspond to them.
  26. Zack took a moment to collect himself, everything about that was just so...bizarre. However, he passed whatever trial needed to wear the suit. He thought over what the purple head told him: about his his element Magic symbolized wanting to be more than you are and reaching for the impossible. Zack knew his sister fit that to a tee, now he had to show he could also fill those shoes. He had to, for her sake.

    "So, now that I have the suit...what now?" Zack asked, wondering what the woman had in mind. She wouldn't have given them these suits without a good reason for it.
  27. "Well, now it's time to get to the point," Mirdana said. She put her hand in the air, and one of the computer screens turned on. The screen showed these weird looking objects, that looked sort of like weapons, but more abstract. "These weapons are known as the 'Goruden Buki.' Each one of them can enhance an Elemental's elemental ability." Mirdana flew up, and said, "Not all Elemental's are good people, there are Elementals out there who are corrupted. There elements can really mess with humanity, and they will do anything to enhance that pleasure of feeling over-powered." The computer screen changed to show the Earth. "Now each weapon is found somewhere, around the whole world. And now it is our job to retrieve these weapons before the corrupted Elementals do. Any questions?" Mirdana said as she looked at Ryan and Zack.
  28. Jackson was sat down on the roof having a jam sandwich as he did ever lunchtime after all this was the most peaceful place on campus the birds tweets sing a song that embodied happiness. Yet today he was unable to get into the swing of things the birds weren't on the roof today and was able to hear sound of car horns beeping at each other to get out they were in a rush. However, he knew this was life and that he just wanted the peace so that he could relax but hey at least he wasn't in need of helping people to deal with the local bullies as since last time he'd put them down they been trying to stay hidden and if they were doing something making sure Jackson didn't know about it.
  29. Zack thought about. Find the all powerful weapons before the bad guys did. Sounded simple enough. However, something troubling entered his head.

    "So, my sister....died trying to find these Goruden Buki? Tell me, do you....do you know who took her from me?" Zack asked. Zack and the rest of the family were called when Serena was brought into the hospital. Zack made it and, after a request for privacy, listened to her dying words as she gave him what would ultimately be now his power suit. Zack had to know what really happened. What took her from him.
  30. Mirdana put her hand on Zack's shoulder, and said, "Your sister was killed by a BRC (Beyond Repair Corrupted) Elemental." Mirdana lifted her hand, and the computer screen showed an image of what looked like a gigantic monster, with a Predator looking mouth, attacking to who is supposed to be Serena. "She made a bold decision to go and find a Goruden Buki by herself. As soon as she found the location, the BRC Elemental sprung out of nowhere, and attacked her. She tried her best to fend it off, but the monster was too much. She laid there with serious injuries, but luckily one of her team members found her, and she was able to go to the hospital. But...you know the rest."
  31. Zack began to shake in place, fury over the image of the monster that killed his sister all to evident. Zack knew he had a duty, and he had to show Serena's faith in him was not misplaced. However, he had one thought running through his mind as he saw the image of the beast...

    I will avenge you. I'm gonna find that...that thing. And I'll kill it!
  32. Ryan looked shock hearing everything, and said, "What the f*ck! You're telling me I have to deal with sh*t like this! Hell no! I'm out of here!" Ryan said as he was walking away, but then he noticed something. How do hell do I get out of here, and how do I get rid of this suit?

    Mirdana looked at Ryan, and said, "Do only way out is if I make a portal, and to get out of the suit you just press the button in the middle of your chest."

    Ryan was shocked, and said, "How did you know!?"

    Mirdana smiled, and said, "'I know a lot of things,'" in a mimicking kind of way.

    This b*tch!

    Mirdana then said, "I don't tolerate cussing."

    Damn, she's good.

    "I know," she responded with. She then looked at Ryan and Zeke, and said, "Now, it's time for you two to go on your first mission. I need you two to help me find some more recruits. Look for people who you think are worthy of wielding the suits. I'll see you another time, goodbye." A portal opened, and Ryan and Zeke were sucked right into it.

    Ryan and Zeke were now in the sewers. Ugh, it smells like sh*t in here. Ryan looked down to see the button his chest, and he pressed it. The suit opened up, and reverted into a little box.
  33. Zack took a moment to collect his barrings before he also pressed the button on the suit and it reverted into a little box.

    Alright, now I have to find others. I don't know if I can be the Elemental you were sis, but I will try my best to not disappoint you...

    Zack turned to Ryan and let out a chuckle. "So, since we're going to be working together I think we should be able to refer to each other by name. Mine's Zack." Zack said, introducing himself as he waited for Ryan to do the same.
  34. Ryan let out a sigh, and said, "Fine, my name's Ryan. Lets just get out of here." Ryan then climbed up some ladders, and opened the manhole cover. He went out, and stretched for a bit, and said, "Our mission is to find new people, but I got nothing. I'm the nuisance of the school, no one wants to hang out with me. Do you have any ideas?"
  35. "Well, developing a better attitude might warm some people up to you." Zack suggested. He guessed Ryan didn't have an easy life, but that wasn't an excuse to act like the way he did.

    Like sis said, a smile and positive attitude go a long way.

    "I really have no idea. Maybe we can form a club or something. That might get some people willing to at least talk with us." Zack suggested, as he really didn't have a better idea at the moment.
  36. Ryan looked at Zack, and said, "What kind of club? Because people aren't going to join a club that says sh*t like 'Want to Become an Elemental?'"
  37. "Don't know. Just throwing an idea around. Maybe we can think it over back at the school." Zack suggested, not having the specifics of his idea thought out. For now though they needed to get back to school.
  38. Ryan nodded, and said, "Yeah, let's go before lunch is over." Ryan grabbed Zack and started running at high speeds to the school.

    They made it on time, and they went to the lunchroom. "*Phew* We made it here on time," Ryan said as he sat down. Ryan then started thinking of how they're going to recruit some new members, and he finally came up with something. "Zack!" he exclaimed, "How about we run a Talent Show!? We choose the people with talents that could help us!"
  39. "Sounds good." Zack said with a nod, not having much of a plan and that one being better than any other current option.

    "Well, let's go pitch the show to the board. I'm sure they won't mind." Zack said, wanting to put the plan into action as soon as possible.
  40. "Alright, let's go," Ryan said. The bell rang, and they had to head off to their next class. "I'll think of something, but we have to head to class. I'll see you at the end of the school day." Ryan then headed off to his classes like usual.

    It was finally the end of the school day. Ryan found Zack, and ran up to him. "Alright, so I got this made," Ryan said as he showed Zack the sign-up sheet for their "talent show." The sign-up sheet actually looked sort of professional.

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