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Big updates to Pokémon Café Mix, Pokémon Masters and Pokémon Go on the way

  1. Doctor Oak

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    UK_ Pokémon Presents _ 18.8.21 2-16 screenshot.png
    The cute coffee shop puzzle game, Pokémon Café Mix is receiving its first major update this Autumn, including a brand new name: Pokémon Cafe Remix.

    Updates will include new puzzle elements, more Pokémon, new dress-up options, and more ways of growing and developing staff Pokémon.

    Once this update goes live, Pokémon will now able to eat the delicious meals prepared for them, making them more friendly and more willing to become staff Pokémon. New puzzle skills that will make it easier to clear puzzles will also be introduced, as well as the ability to combine megaphones to make them more powerful. Any Golden acorns collected in Pokémon Café Mix will transfer to Pokémon Café ReMix.

    UK_ Pokémon Presents _ 18.8.21 3-13 screenshot.png

    For Pokémon Masters EX, the two-year anniversary celebrations start now with 3,000 gems available for opening the app up today. Fan-favourite, N, will also be returning with a new Synga suit and Reshiram, a Pokémon capable of doing damage to all foes at once.

    A special event will also allow you to scout up to 100 sync pairs at up to no costs with free daily 10-pair scouts.

    Meanwhile, a new Legendary Event: Howling Shield of Eternity, running from now until the 16th September, will reward players with Hop and Zamazenta in a story that centers around him and his Brother Leon fighting Eternatus with the newly-introduced power of Dynamax. Leon and Eternatus will also be introduced as a Sync Pair themselves.

    Later in the year, following the recent conclusion of the game's tournament story arc, a new story centred around Team Rainbow Rocket will also begin.

    UK_ Pokémon Presents _ 18.8.21 5-11 screenshot.png
    Finally, in Pokémon Go, certain Pokémon from the Galar region will be making their first appearance in the game (courtesy, it seems, of Hoopa...) from this Friday. Wooloo, Skwovet and Falinks will be available to find and catch from 10am local time this Friday until 8pm local time on the 31st August.

    Meanwhile, Zacian will be appearing in Five-Star raids from Friday until the 26th August, while Zamazenta will be available from the 26th August to 1st September.

    With no Generation 7 Pokémon available yet, it seems likely it might be some time before any of these Pokémon are available again in Pokémon Go for a while, so be sure to catch them while you can.

    Be sure to check back later for more news from today's Pokémon Presents.
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