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Beyond A Simple Dream

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by PKM_Rival_White, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Chapter 1:
    Flames ripped through the land below destorying everything in its path as the thunder above roared violently illuminating the dark sky. The earth shook while the water from the ocean began to build up causing huge waves to crash against the shore. A single man stood up on a huge aged rock watching as the earth began to destory itself. His light blue clear eyes stared in horror as strains of his green hair swayed in the polluted wind. Two colossial figures were soaring in the sky fighting with one another. As each made contact with each other the earth would tear itself up more. Flames burned from the mouth of the white beast while electricity began to charge inside the black beast.

    The man began to run towards the center where they clashed in the heavens. His heart began to race as each small step felt like an eternity. His legs froze when his eyes caught sight of a single white feather then two figures appeared standing on top of a mountain that towered over everything.

    The man tried to speak to ask who they were but no words exited his mouth as if he had nothing to say. Before he could even blink the figures and the great beasts clashed causing a bright light that blinded him.
    N woke up almost falling off the bed. His hands were clenched holding the sheets tightly. A few drops of sweat dripped off his chin as he tried to take to calm down.

    "...just a dream..." N shook his head wondering if it meant anything at all. The dream itself brought upon the memories of his defeat with the young trainer at the top of the tower, and his father's words which for N was heart breaking yet those events occured a while back so it shouldn't still bother him as much as it was. He was sore from his travels and had rested at the Icirrus pokemon center.

    N took his leave after he got dressed and packed everything he needed. It was fall and the leaves were changing all around. The smell of fall was something N did like and it calmed his restless self. He took out a pokeball, "Go Zoroark!" A dark wolf like pokemon appeared yawning as it stretched.

    N noticed a swamp below then looked at Zoroark, "...let's train so maybe..." He paused thinking that maybe one day he would run into the young trainer again and win on his own. Zoroark seemed to understand what N was thinking walking over to him letting out a small growl.

    N and Zoroark walked into the swamp trying to trudge in the sticky wet soil. A large blue frog like pokemon caught N's attention rather quickly.
    "A Seismitoad...They shoot paralyzing liquid from their head bumps. They use vibration to hurt their opponents." N had researched a lot of pokemon over the years to ensure he knew how to deal with them when it came to fighting them for their freedom but oviously the dream did not happen for N.

    N stepped forwards as did Zoroark. The noise caught the Seismitoad's attention but not in a good way. It began to expand itself a bit in aggression. Zoroark got into position the battle was about to begin...little did they know this battle would be the beginning of a long road for N.
  2. Chapter 2:
    "Zoroark use Night Slash!" Zoroark charged forwards as its long claws turned a dark color ready to tear into the toad. Zoroark's arm pulled back aiming at the head as Seismitoad's hand began to glow readying for a drain punch at close range. Suddenly flames shot into Seismitoad causing it to fly back into a tree. Zoroark had barely missed the flames that just grazed its fur.

    A tall red bird looking pokemon emerged from the thicket. Its wrists burned with fire as its sights were aimed at the toad pokemon. N wasn't sure what exactly was going on whether or not that pokemon was wild.
    "Blaziken did you get it?" A girl with brown hair that was covered somewhat by a red bandana appeared looking a bit flustered as she wiped the leaves off her red clothing. N could tell this person was not from his region of Unova.

    "Are you okay?" Those were the only words N could think of in this odd situation. The girl looked up towards him completely surprised by his presence then noticed his pokemon, "...I did it again didn't I?"
    N scratched his head in embarressment, "I dunno?"
    The girl began to look frustrated, "I always end up intruding on another's battles UGH!"
    "Its fine." N wasn't bothered by it just more like surprised.

    The girl clearly wasn't listening as she sulked. A strong blast of water smashed against Blaziken causing it to fall over. Zoroark quickly used dark pulse letting the dark energy hit the toad directly. N took out a bottle that said hyper potion on it then ran over to Blaziken while Zoroark delt with the enemy. He sprayed some on the wounds hoping Blaziken would recover quickly. The girl ran over checking on her pokemon in worry.
    "...Um thank you...my name is Sapphire."
    "N..." He stood up watching the battle ready to step up but it seemed Zoroark had exhausted Seismitoad to the point of victory.
    N's eyes turned a bit looking at Sapphire but the noise of Seismitoad fainting broke him from the distraction. Zoroark made a noise of victory growling like a cat who was being pet.

    N walked over to Zoroark, "Good job...return." A red light shot into Zoroark then retreated back into the pokeball.
    Right when N turned around Blaziken began to stand up with its legs shaking a bit.
    "Blaziken time for a rest." Blaziken returned to its own pokeball. Sapphire looked towards N with eyes that seemed to be studying him.
    "Where are you headed?" Sapphire asked in an odd tone.
    "I am just traveling I really don't know..." The truth was he was traveling to clear his mind.
    "Excellent! I am looking for a friend of mine...so why don't we travel togeather?"
    "...I don't..." Before he could finish she interupted happily.
    "Then its decided! Me and you are traveling partners till our roads end!" She crossed her arms proudly looking upon the person who would travel with her.

    "But first I'm starving!" She pouted then perked up, "You're treat right? good!" She put her arm around N's arm then pulled him towards town, "Buffet!"
    N could feel his wallet shrinking as he sighed being pulled around like a doll.
    The path had been opened...the red strings have been put in place as N would experience the greatest adventure he wouldn't have thought possible.

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