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Ask to Join Beware my power - Lantern Corps RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Generation Sect, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Bio template-
    Lantern Corps:

    My OC:
    Name: Willan Ripp
    Age: Unknown, but young for his species
    Gender: Male
    Species: Makaotica (A humanoid, orange skinned species, with red lines running along the back of their heads from their foreheads. They live on average longer than humans, and have an enhanced physiology.)
    Lantern Corps: Red
    Sector: 2824
    Appearance: Taller than your average human, wearing a standard red lantern uniform. Light yellow eyes.
    Personality: Ripp has a habit of turning on a dime. Despite being extremely loyal, after misplacing his loyalty multiple times he now trusts no one, even his own Corps. He takes out this anger on everyone, but the person he was is still in there somewhere.
    Backstory: When he was young, his extreme loyalty was manipulated. He was tricked into joining the Makaot military, where he committed countless atrocities on other worlds, against the moral code of his society all because he was told to. When this was discovered, the soldiers were blamed, him being one of them. In anger, he planned to fight back, but was arrested to be executed. In his cell a red lantern ring chose him, and he found his way to the dying Ysmault.

    Red Lantern Willan Ripp was on route to a huge disturbance. Near Oa, on a space ship escorted by Green Lanterns. The entire thing was now drifting in deep space, the once proud, light green space cruiser now covered in... black, liquid like webbing. He could actually see the dying lights of fallen green lanterns. He floated down to the side of the ship, into a small crevasse in the side where he looked at the black webbing. He attempted to slice it open with a construct blade, but it just reformed back together. He gave up, and blasted his way through the wall into a cargo bay. Dead aliens, of myriad races, in working uniforms. All dead, some bloodied and brutally killed, others suffocated by the black liquid, some poisoned, seemingly spreading black gas. What happened here? He looked around. He had not much time to check the crates, find out what was so important, before more Green Lanterns showed up.
  2. Name: Ajax Mason
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Lantern Corps: Green
    Sector: 2814
    Appearance: African American human male, standing at a massive 7'0. Unlike Hal Jordan, Ajax chooses to not wear a mask. When he does not have his ring equipped, his attire usually consists of a white t-shirt with a leather jacket and blue jeans, as well as a pair of black combat boots, and his eyes are blue. When equipped with his ring, he dons the usual Green Lantern uniform and his eyes take on a green color. He has short black hair and a short beard.
    Personality: Ajax is laid back, but he knows when to be serious. However, to the disdain of many other Green Lanterns, he doesn't find many situations in which he should be serious in. He does what he needs to do, but he does it his way. His way usually ends with a low to no amount of casualties, so he proves to be an effective member of the Corps.
    Backstory: Ajax was once a Marine, and served dutifully. He was honorably discharged four years later. He then started a career as a Police officer, which was cut short when he was recruited to join the Green Lantern Corps. Though he only has a year of experience under his belt, he's proven his worth and effectiveness to the Corps multiple times.

    Ajax made his way to where they lost contact with the transport ship. He was the junior member of the Corps on this mission, the other four lanterns with him having a few years more experience. According to their designated leader, there may be more reinforcements later. For the moment, however, it was just the five of them. All of their rings had been freshly charged, so that would not be a concern. Upon approaching the ruins of their cruiser, they were horrified at what they were witnessing. "What in the hell is this?" Ajax muttered. Their commanding officer was the first to be shaken out of the horrified state. "Focus. Priority one is survivors." She said, motioning for the Lanterns to split up. "Mason, you're with me, we'll check the cargo bay first. You three, check the bridge. We'll meet in the center." She ordered. The Lanterns split up as she had designated. Mason and his CO aimed their rings at the Cargo-Bay area of the cruiser, and fired blasts at it in an attempt to break it open.
  3. Ripp looked back to the opening of the cargo bay, the huge, shut door suddenly starting to fall in. Lasers. That meant Lanterns. Most likely Green Lanterns. All Atrocitus wanted was to know what was going on, simple thing. Of course, he expected the Lanterns to come to the scene of the massacre to save their own, but there didn't seem to be much saving to do. He attempted to lodge himself between to large crates, only to turn backwards so he could see what he was backing into, coming face to face with a rotting corpse, half of the face torn while the other half looked as if the skin had been ripped away. Cleanly. He quickly dislodged himself from between the crates, far away from the mangled flesh as possible when he flew away. Luckily, he just avoided the black gas it started spewing. He flew to the other side of the bay, hiding behind the back of a second crate. He would attempt to wait out the Green Lanterns, and maybe they would notice some clues he didn't, maybe even leading him to the answer.
  4. (Could we have two characters?)
    As they dislodged the door, Mason and his CO flew in, aiming their rings around. "Immediate view clear." His CO said, putting her ring down as she descended on to the cargo bay floor. Mason followed. As soon as his feet touched the ground, Mason took a look around the entire bay. "The crew here is dead. No sign of survivors." He informed. "Stay sharp, there may be some elsewhere on the ship. Move up. I'll make sure nothing else important is in the bay." His CO ordered. Mason nodded, and moved on to a hallway on the ship. As Mason did so, the Lantern CO noticed a rotten corpse lodged in between two crates, and moved in to investigate. What she hadn't noticed, however, was the black gas leaking from the corpse.
  5. (Sure)
    Willan saw the lower ranking green lantern leave onwards to another hallway, but the other one moved towards the body. The gas started to spew faster and faster, starting to billow towards her. It was almost like the bodies were being controlled. He moved to the other side of the crate he hid behind, seeing another body, with small amounts of black gas from it. It was mostly whole, but had large black growths all over it's skin, presumably a victim of the gas. He seemed more fresh than the others, probably the first to make contact with an infected body. What could have done this? He sweared he had heard about something like this, but this plague was something different. Almost controlled, but he couldn't think of anybody who could have done this, even on board the ship. He could have exited, but he didn't want to alert the Green Lanterns. He decided to bide his time and hope they left.
  6. (I'll let you decide the Lantern COs fate while she's there, same as the other three unnamed Lanterns.)
    Name: Kc'p (Pronounced "Kip".)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Species: H'lvenite (Literally a talking space-squirrel species.)
    Lantern Corps: Green
    Sector: 1014
    Appearance: Kc'p is a bit larger than an average earth squirrel, with deep, brown eyes.
    Personality: Kc'p isn't as strict as some Green Lanterns, but she's not as loose as Mason, either. She does what she's told, and does it how she's told to handle it. While she may not always be fond of it, she goes through with it. The only times Kc'p doesn't is when she's working with Mason. When off-duty, she can be a rather awkward but friendly person.
    Backstory: Kc'p was actually a slave, captured by slavers at a young age on her home planet of H'lven. Only a year ago, she escaped captivity through sheer willpower. Coincidentally, a Green Lantern ring was searching for a Green Lantern, and chose Kc'p. She was put in the same class as John Mason, only arriving about a week before Kc'p did. They became good friends over time, and often worked together.

    Kc'p was headed towards the coordinates she had been sent from Oa. According to the Guardians, something bad was happening, and there were only five Lanterns available on Oa, so she was being redirected there to assist. According to the Guardians, she was the only other Green Lantern that wasn't occupied at the moment. It would take her longer to arrive there than it would've for the Lanterns sent from Oa, though. That was for sure.

    John kept his ring raised, aiming it around, in case there was something else lurking around, So far, nothing. That was good, and bad. Good, meaning there were no hostiles around. Bad, meaning there were no survivors in this area either. He moved forward in the corridor, noticing more bodies similar to the ones in the cargo bay. "This fiasco is something else."
  7. The gas started to envelop the second lantern, in a mist surrounding her upper body. He didn't want to know what happened, but this gave him a chance to leave. He could just lie to Atrocitus. But no, he was going to go off and investigate anyway. He ran through the only exit he could think of, the corridor the other lantern had headed through. He saw him, ring raised, ready for any surprises. He didn't want to enter the corridor, there were a lot of corpses and the lantern would be out of it soon. The corpses, however, were nothing like the others. No infections, just torn up, slashed and bloodied. And they had weapons littered about their bodies. The uniforms matched. Guards. Guarding the bridge. He knew a few Lanterns must have entered through the bridge, and he started to think. Infection stage in the cargo bay. Something must have got in there, or got out. Some various wounds on the bodies near the exit. Pure death in the corridor. Something was... born in that cargo bay. And it certainly wasn't from the bodies, although that could be a possibility eventually. It had carved through the corridor to reach the bridge. Where could it go from there? And then it dawned on him. It was still in there.
  8. Moving along, John aimed his ring at a locked door, and made a hammer construct with it. He grabbed the light hammer and slammed it into the door, knocking it down. Using his ring as a light, and keeping the hammer in his left hand, he made his in to the room. Around him were just more corpses. "Damn. What caused all of this?"

    At the same time, Kc'p had finally arrived at the Green Lantern cruiser. She, like the Lanterns before her, was horrified at the sight of the destroyed cruiser. She quickly shook herself out of it, and noticed the Cargo Bay door open. She flew in there. Taking a quick survey of the room, she saw no living beings. Most of the boxes seemed to not be out of place, but she noticed one at the far end of the room. It seemed as if it had fallen down by someone hitting it. It was no matter at this point. "I need to find the other Lanterns." Kc'p said to herself, calming herself down. She moved along the corridor, and spotted someone in red. Is that a red Power Ring on his hand? She asked herself, though she already knew the answer. Kc'p raised her ring, aiming it at the man whom she assumed was a Red Lantern. "You there! What are you doing here?"

    Upon hearing the high-pitched, although familiar, voice, John rushed out of the room he was in, and aimed his ring at the Red Lantern as well.
  9. The lantern knocked down a door, and then he was surprised by some sort of green lantern squirrel. Hey, he'd heard of weirder stuff be a lantern before. He was pretty sure he could take one lantern, but then the other one turned around. He realised he was cornered, with two Lanterns ready to fire and nowhere to run in the corridor. But he had a plan. When he had walked in, he had an off feeling about the corridor. Felt too empty, and why the dead guards were in odd positions around the walls. So he had knocked on the walls a little bit with his hand. And a large square, marked by blue light, that he had checked had a bit of an echo to it. It was hollow. Maybe this ship was more interesting than he thought. He spotted a small gap under the area of wall. He didn't want to take the risk of making a construct, most Red Lanterns struggled with it, and the control it required. Instead, he dived into the area of the wall, smashing straight through it and stumbling into what seemed like an elevator shaft, but all that was there was some sort of fusebox on the wall, wires spreading from the side along the ship, and downwards to the darkness below. The curious part was that the metallic tubes were covered with the black liquid, almost bonded with it. He took the risk, grabbing the wall by the fusebox, and created a construct platform below him, dropping onto it and falling down on it, into the darkness past the corrupted wires. He wondered what he would find.
  10. "We need to follow him! He's probably behind this!" Kc'p called out. Mason gave a nod of agreement. "You go first, I'll be in after you." He ordered. The H'lvenite nodded, and chased after the Red Lantern. Mason followed shortly after, right behind his comrade and friend. While they were attempting to follow the Red Lantern, Mason decided to strike up a conversation. "So, I didn't expect to see you here, Kc'p." Kc'p managed a smile at this, though her companion couldn't see. "Yeah, well, I didn't expect to see you here, either. The Guardians didn't mention who would be here." She replied. Despite their conversation, they managed to pick up the pace.
  11. Ripp looked up to see the light of the Lanterns chasing him down the shaft. The platform construct he was using hit the floor, landing on some sort of black puddle that had built up from the steady drip of the ooze that had surrounded the wires. He stepped out of the bottom, dissipating the construct. He looked to his right, to see a wall of huge battery like cylinders, all slotted into holes in the metal wall. Bare electrical charge could be seen, occasionally flashing through along the conductive metal towards another battery. They had gauges on them, with a meter, starting at red and ending at green. The entire green side was lit up. Obviously, it was some sort of power room. And not safe at all, probably why that entrance was so well hidden. He saw wires trailing from the bottom of the wall to the left of it. He looked to his left, only to be shocked by what he saw. A metallic pedestal, with another one upside down from the roof, with projectors for a force field around them that had been turned off. Many large control consoles in front, displaying systems for the ship. And on the bottom pedestal was a Black Lantern Power battery.

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