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Best and Worst HG/SS Overworld Sprites

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Subject says all. Which overworld sprites in HG/SS are your favourites and which do you dislike?

    Out of all the overworld sprites I've seen thus far, Charizard is easily my favourite of the bunch. It's bloody adorable, it is. Runners up would be HootHoot (which gave the critter so much personality), Steelix (massively awesome), and, strangely enough, Magcargo. Many others are very well done, but Magcargo just looks perfect to me.

    Of the one's I dislike... Chikorita takes the cake. It looks like someone smashed in its head! The thing is rather hideous. :p Another I'm honestly not too keen on is Raichu's. It just looks strange, like its malnourished or something.

    I can't think of any others that stand out to me for better or worse. What about you guys?
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  2. Best: Snorlax, He just looks so adorable stomping around.

    Worst: Ninetails, its head is enormous...
  3. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I agree with both Jeydis and Linkachu. Snorlax and Charizard are beyond adorable. Charizard is probably my favorite at the moment, because it's just the cutest thing in the world. It's like a chibi Charizard following you around. They really did a terrific job of making it. I also really love Bayleef, it just looks really terrific and cute.

    I agree with you both again, Chikorita and Ninetales look pretty awful. They make me want to cry a little bit, especially because I love Ninetales so much. D:
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Onix gets the absolute worst. You don't get to appreciate ENORMOUS MAGNITUDE OF ROCK SNAKE.|
  5. I find the Solrock overworld sprite absolutely adorable, but I suppose I may be a teeny tiny little bit biased there.

    I agree with El as well about the sizes - I beat the Elite Four recently, finished the credits and found myself in my bedroom with Sophia, my Gyarados, sat next to me. By rights I think it should be larger than the house, no?
  6. I think it's a tie between Eevee and Arcanine for my favorites.

    However, the worst, in my opinion, would have to be Chikorita. That one is probaly the only one I don't like out of the other 492.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Best is charizard because its adorable!
    Worst ones are chikorita because it's legs dont really look right and lucario, its a shame because lucario is my fave pokemon but it looks horrible following you for some unexplainable reason...
  8. OH! This is about the Pokemon themselves! Bah I don't care I'll say it anyway. I love the cameraman's sprite (the balding guy). He always catches me off guard cause he blends in, oddly, too well to any backdrop. I even saw him at Mt. Silver and didn't recognize him!

    More on topic, I was expecting something cuter for Leafeon's sprite, it looks a bit... Bug-ish.
    And Probopass looks too narrow. I do like most of them though, despite my nitpicking. I hope they do something with all these sprites in Black and White version. I'd hate for all of that programing to go to waste.

    BTW, anyone else disappointed that Wailord doesn't take up the whole screen?
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  9. Very much so, Trop xD I haven't seen Steelix either but I bet he's not as big as he's meant to be.
  10. I feel like the Torterra sprite should be larger than it's represented in game - granted, Torterra's only about 7 feet tall, but it feels like he's only half that when I'm looking at his sprite.

    That said, it's incredibly awesome to have Palkia following you around because it dwarfs you.

    Other good-looking ones are Electivire and Magmortar. Diglett is pretty cute when it's following you around, too.
  11. I definitely haven't seen many Pokemon overworld sprites so I'm basing this post off the very small portion that I've seen. My current favorites are Feraligatr, Pidgeot, and Ampharos because they look so cute following you. Pidgeot especially looks cool flying behind you. My least favorite so far is definitely Ninetales; I was especially disappointed by that one because I was looking forward to evolving my Vulpix who's overworld was pretty cute. Ninetales' however looks oddly squashed. I also agree with the general consensus that Chikorita's overworld is fugly. Meganium's isn't much better because it looks like it has exaggerated eyebrows. Shame because I adore Meganiums ♥
  12. I agree with you there, my Torterra looks puny when he follows me around
  13. Tee hee~ Floatzel, it can has beer belly~

    That and the Eevolutions are my favorite overworlds. The eevolutions really do look canine, and as a set they're actually quite adorable.

    My least favorite would be the hoenn starters. Just look at them, they're 90% head. Mudkip and Torchic are pretty much heads that float behind you. And speaking of malnourished, Mewtwo's overworld is really creepy. It has no torso and all you can see are its glorious thunder thighs.
  14. Yups, Steelix (I have one) is only as large as Gyarados.

    My favorites HAVE to be Umbreon/Charizard/Pichu tied. I don't know which ones are better ♥ I also seem to like most of the flying pokemon, like Honchkrow, Lugia (epic) and Skarmory. Okay...I love most of them! <<<<♥

    Chikorita. Epic. Fail. Pikachu. Epic. Fail. (And I actually like Pikachu as a Pokemon T_T) Flaaffy. Epic. Fail...GOLDEEN EPIC FAIL
  15. I have seen very, very few, but out of the few I've seen, Togekiss is my favorite ^^ It flies behind you :'D
    Miltank is pretty cool, too ^^

    I do rather dislike Aerodactyl. I love the critter to death, but...it looks kind of...bad as an overworld xD
  16. My few favorites so far are the Rotom forms. Including the mow Rotom, when it looks like you are being chased by him when you run. xD Spinarak (I think I misspelled on that..) while you bring him to Bugsy's gym. It's funny and cute that he scuttles back and forth. And the Ho-Oh when he comes to the Bell tower. Awesome detailing. :D

    My least favorite would be the Pokemon with big heads. O_O Even Steelix......he's high and has a big head. D:
  17. I say the Rotom formes are the best, as well. Particularly the fan. It's just so cute! :3 I also quite like the Togekiss and Staraptor ones. I really love Jolteon's shading, too.

    The worst is Mewtwo, hands-down. It's head is way to big for its body. Chickorita has to be the second worst.
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  18. Best:

    Wailord (It looks so TINY!)
  19. The VERY best--

    Ivysaur's is BEAST

    Ivysaur is my least favorite of the original Grass trio, but its sprite RULES.
  20. I dislike Scythers and Turtwigs.
    Glaceons and Togekiss' is BEAST.
  21. Mew's and Giratina's Altered Forme are the best.

    I really hate Gible's though. Its sitting there with its mouth open as if it were the dumbest thing ever is not good for it.
  22. Chikorita's is perfectly fine and adorable IMO.
  23. I agree. Giratina is HUGE!
  24. thepokemontrainer, you don't have to agree to every opinion that gets posted here. If I didn't know any better, I would think you're just trying to get your post count up. Moreover, you don't offer any reasoning as to why you like any of these sprites. Warning you for SPAM. Keep it up and you'll win yourself a one-way ticket out of these forums permanently.
  25. I wish NSM had such high standards as they do here... :p

    Anyway. That forums is dead though.
  26. Luke is here to unsilence the silence or whatever....
    I never get to see many overworld sprites as I try to keep the pokemon enslaving and locking up in a tiny, dark, smelly dungeon with only a single grain of uncooked rice to eat each year catching to a minimum but the best in my opinion is Skarmory, it is just so cute and powerful looking behind you like an good and obedient little slave who has no tiny idea that he is doomed forever! MUHAHA!!! epic flying killing machine!
  27. Woopers' second sprite. It just looks so goofy and cute!
  28. i like nidoking but i hate altaria because its wings are so fat
  29. Definitely Eevee is the best, it just looks so cute i just wish it was real!

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