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Ben's Pokemon dream world exchange service

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by ben98, May 10, 2011.

  1. I started a dream world exchange service I already have a Bellsrout, Lickitung, Lotad, Oddish, Darmanitan, Stantler, and Exeggcute from the dream world. if you have anything I don't have tell me your female pokemon and friend code. Okay here's my friend code

    Friend code: 2064-9139-3139

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  2. I'll trade Tangled Feet Doduo, Hustle Nidoran♀, Flame Body Ponyta, Hustle Rattata, and Early Bird Sunkern females for Gluttony Bellsprout, Cloud Nine Lickitung, Own Tempo Lotad, Zen Mode Darmanitan, and Sap Sipper Stantler females. The females I am offering are bred from my Dream World females, in case that makes a difference to you.

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