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Bennett's Thread of Art & Stuff (Read the first page please.)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Bennett856, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Alright, let's get some things straight, there are three things you should keep in mind before you post on my thread.

    1.) I don't take requests. This is because I do other things, drawing is a past time and I don't want the added stress of requests on my shoulders. If I draw someone, it's because I felt like it, not because they asked.

    2.) Dont pester me about artwork. I don't spend every breathing moment drawing things, I also write things as well. So I don't want to see people asking me when I'll submit work. I will, it may just take a while.

    3.) I use reference material. If my work looks similar to an image you saw on the internet, thats probably because I used that image as a guideline for things like pose and backgrounds (if there are any). Dont point it out, I already know.

    All that aside, lets get down to what I've drawn lately.


    Here's a picture of my Marowak Caelin. I spent a lot of time on this, drew it up last week. Marowak always seemed a bit podgy to me, still, I think he's made of win with the Thick Club attached. In this image, you can see my failed attempts at shading, hooray! Marowak Evo for Gen 5, seriously.


    This piece is of an original character of mine, named Lucian. He's an Irician (pronounced E-Rick-E-An, if that helps), a draconid shapeshifter type of race from the Eneres Basin in the land of Eradan. This is just some concept type art I drew up in my last maths class, lemme know what you think, don't heseitate to ask questions about him either.
  2. Ehehehe... Marowak for the win.

    Also, the other sketch is nice... that for D&D?
  3. Nah, I don't do D&D as much as I do World of Warcraft. But anyway, it's done in a character sheet style, like D&D.

    Oh, and I'll get back to the RP as soon as get some more of my writing done. There will definatly be an update before week's end.

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