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Private/Closed Bell Of Avici (Sign Up)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. The Bell of Avici is a most curious treasure. Find it, give it a ring, and your greatest desire, whatever it is, will be granted. No request is too extreme. However, ringing this accursed bell comes with a heavy cost; upon death, whether you were good, or bad during your lifetime, you will immediately be condemned to eternity in Avici, the lowest level of hell. Here, the torture is so relentless, that you will not even have time to scream in agony.

    Knowing this, you, a mere pokemon gijinka, rung the bell. And now you have died, thus beginning your eternity in Avici, however, Muermonio, a benevolent overseer of the afterlife has given you a chance to escape this fate, if you can prove to her that you do not deserve the eternal agony which awaits you. Will you escape Avici? Your fate is in your hands...


    Right, now, it's time for the rules:

    1.) Appropriate sized posts, please. That means no one liners. But that also means, no pointless waffling just to make your posts longer.

    2.) When signing up, I want you to post a sample of your roleplaying. I'll accept, or decline you, based on how good it is, and how your general behaviour is on this site.

    3.) You can choose how and when you reveal why you rung the bell of Avici, or try to convince Muermonio that you don't deserve to go to Avici. But since I am the only one who can control her, the decision will be ultimately left to me.


    Character Time:

    Name: Valentina

    Age at time of death: 18

    Species: Primarina

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Valentina has light blue hair, which she keeps in a ponytail, much like a real primarina, and blue eyes. She wears a top with a frilled primarina's collar, and white gloves, coupled with a blue, frilled fishtail skirt.

    RP Sample
  2. Name: Halt

    Age at time of death: 20

    Species: Infernape

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Halt wears a white jacket, with gold marks on it that resembles the ones of an Infernape. His hair is long, and made of fire, but it flows down across his back and shoulder, and the flames burn down it. He has bright blue eyes, and wears gold wristbands like Infernape does as well. He is slim, and built for speed and power.

    Halt stood at the far end of a line of criminals. Unable to make a noticeable sound over all the screams of torture, he stood in silence as the line slowly moved forward. As he stood in the line, Halt thought about his life. 'Why did I ring the bell? I thought it was just a myth, but it's really true.' Halt mentally slapped himself, but knew he shouldn't. Halt wasn't in the right place to worry about the past. Now, he has to worry about out living death.
  3. Name: Jay
    Age at Time of Death: 19
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Jay has thick black hair that sticks up like a lion's mane. Under that he has blue ears, (Luxray ears), that stick up. He has a long ponytail that reaches his ankles and is tied with a yellow star, near the bottom. He wears an electric blue undershirt, with a black open jacket over it. He wears black jeans, and electric blue combat boots. He wears black fingerless gloves.

    Jax stood calm, relaxing his shoulder's against the brick wall. His face was streaked with a mixture of rain drops and tears. He grit his teeth as he thought about what he had done. He had screwed up, and others had paid the price for it. He sank to the dirty floor, wrapping his arms around his knees, hugging himself tightly. He raised his shaking hands ad looked at the blood, that was stained upon the fingertips. It was a fresh crimson. He ground his teeth together, clenching his jaw as he stared. At that point, he lost all hope of keeping his somewhat calm composure. The tears began to flow at a more frequent rate, and sobs could be heard through the alleyway. Sickening sobs, as he struggled to breath through his tight throat.

    Boom, pulled that up in a fly. (Like 20 minutes, RIP), But I think it might have backstory relevance.
  4. I'm going to make my form tomorrow (please save a spot for me!)
  5. Accepted! After Sun and Moon joins, we will have one spot remaining, and then the RP will begin
  6. Name: Akella and Domai
    Age at Time of Death: 17
    Species: Zweilous
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Both brothers are identical twins. Their skin is an unblemished chalky colour, lest for a smattering of blue scales across their faces and ridging their spines. Their cold blood prevents any colouration due to circulation, but their veins are a stark contrast beneath the papery colour of their skin. Their hair is a charcoal shade of black, their bangs covering their eyes and curving inwards, surrounding their heads in a bowl of dark hair. Two individual pieces of hair extrude from the back of their heads. Their fingers and toes both end with sharp, black claws, but Domai's hands are wrapped with a strenuous amount of bandage. Their mouths are filled with dagger-like teeth. They both sport dark shoulder capes overtop of tattered blue dress shirts and slacks and a pair of magenta suspenders. They function as one, oftentimes clasping the other's hand or finishing each other's sentences, but bicker frequently.

    Akella and Domai stood in solemn silence, holding the precious bell in their clawed hands and understanding the implications of its existence, of what they had planned to do upon obtaining it. The gravity of it had begun to weigh down on Domai, who bowed his head and stifled his tears into the crook of his own neck, the right side of their shared body trembling against the morning air. Akella raised his pale face and let the sun wash over them, renewed in strength and confidence. Inflating his chest to enforce this newfound vigour, he clamped his hand around the bell and shook it fervently, his eyes fastened shut.
    The change was not instantaneous. Domai's knee first buckled and his arm fell limp, his tears streaming silently down his pallid cheeks and a burning sensation burrowed itself where their two torsos interconnected, pulling Akella down with him. Looking over to his brother with an arousal of horror and excitement, he could see himself growing further apart from Domai, to who he had shared his entire life with. He compressed his fingers into the space where their clavicles merged and the tissues of their shoulders inaugurated to grow and pushed against it, his heart fluttering as the tissue of his own shoulder distinguished itself from his twin's. Noticing this with a cry of shock and awe, Domai joined in, dragging his body away from Akella's with a series of pained grunts. By the time they had finished, they were both panted and sweating, each with four limbs and a body of their own and a patch of empty space between them.
    Akella held his hands in front of him and burst into tears, laughing and sobbing simultaneously while Domai stared up at the rising sun, completely stupefied.
  7. Name: Mist
    Age at death: around 23
    Species: Mismagius
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (sorry, I'm not good at describing appearances and personality so I'm going to start head first. Thank you.)
    Mist hair color is unknown because she always wears a purple hat on top of her head, which resembles the top of a actual Mismagius head. her torso is a purple dress with three red gems in the front, which change color depending on how she's feeling. on her wrist there's a focus sash tightly wrapped around the wrist. While on her hands were purple gloves made out of cool, smooth, texture, rubber. At the bottom of her long dress it seems like she levitating, but that's the long dress covering her feet, which has some sort of bracers from Kalos. Her eyes are a greenish color, which sparkle when she feels happy. Her personality is clumsy, and likes to accept challenges by her friends. She is a creative thinker, always coming up of ways to do something.
    This is her famous quote:

    "There is a million ways to do something, a million ways to be happy, a million ways to battle, sometimes a million ways to die... and of course, a million ways to live life." -Mist, Cruise RP.

    Rp preview (or backstory, if you must.)

    Mismagius was sitting alone in an area she can't even recognize. She was mad she fell for his brothers dirty dares. Buy ringing this bell for half a million berries. However she wasn't alone, a few other Pokemon were around her, feeling the same fate as hers. She needs to get out of here, she needs to live life. Without it, she can't accomplish her dreams. "Heh, a million ways to live hell..." she said out loud to himself. "But there might be a million ways to make it out of hell, alive..."
    She thought to herself. When he saw the rising sun in the overworld, and the blood moon in the sky, she cried.
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