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Private/Closed Beginnings In Cherrygrove

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by VIcc125, May 7, 2018.

  1. (Please post your character here, and wait to be approved by me. I am only accepting 5 other characters!)

    “The City of Fragrant Flowers,” or more widely known as Cherrygrove City, was a neat little town tucked between the edge of Route 29’s pine forest, and the Goldenrod Bay. The buildings were closely clumped together, and the brick streets that wove around them were more akin to a hiking trail than the asphalt roads of Goldenrod City itself. Flowers of a magnitude of colors bloomed from every apartment terrace, and even more could be see on the distant rolling hills of Route 30. And, if the sweet scented wind was anything to go by, the city was aptly named.

    It was still early in the morning, no more than an hour or two past sunrise, and Jason was sat outside a boardwalk cafe near the Pokemon Center he had bunked in the night before. His view was gorgeous; nothing but the deep blue water of the ocean cresting upon the sandbanks, and the gentle curve of the bay’s white beaches as far as his eyes could see. He let out a contented sigh, watching as the condensation from his breath rose into the chilly air. Absentmindedly, he zipped up his red leather jacket.

    A snout nudged his right arm, and he knew to lower his shoulder. Cyndaquil’s tiny paws clambered up his bicep, and he plopped himself down on Jason's shoulder, letting his body warm his trainer's ear. Jason reached into a small bag and pulled out a fat orange berry. His partner’s snout immediately began to sniff the air, and Jason raised his hand to offer the Magost Berry to him. Cyndaquil's front forelimbs grasped it, and he guided it to his mouth.

    "You're never not hungry, are you?"
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  2. Crisp morning air, the early cry of a Pidgey and the distant chirping of a Ledyba. Route 29 had gone by quickly, as Elise hadn't a single Pokeball to her name yet. Cherrygrove would have a Pokemart, though, according to her map. Her first visit to a town on her own, and her first visit to a Pokemon Center. Well, not entirely alone-- beside her, Benthos walked a little awkwardly on large, webbed feet. It seemed her partner wasn't entirely used to land, still; he'd tripped immediately when she sent him out that morning. Professor Elm had assured her he'd be fine with just a bit of practice.

    "Hey, you alright?" The Totodile gave a cheerful, gravely croak, waving his stubby arms. "Okay, okay. If you say so." She'd wanted to keep him in his ball at first, so as to not encourage wild Pokemon, but Elm had said to let him roam. So far, she'd had no trouble with battling-- Benthos had been nothing if not eager, and his lack of grace on land hadn't stopped him from defeating every opponent. It almost seemed a little too easy, but Elise supposed that was what you got with region-mandated starter Pokemon.

    Not that she was really complaining. All the better to be able to send home money to her parents and reassure them that she was doing fine. Elise was dragged out of her thoughts when the worn dirt path abruptly trailed off, and a sign stood in front of her. The scent of blooming flowers greeted her, along with a hint of something she'd recognize anywhere-- sea salt.

    Beside her, Benthos lifted his snout and sniffed, curious. "I think we'll like this town," Elise smiled.
  3. Kira was excited about going to Cherrygrove City,it was the start of her adventure of course. She and her Piplup were arriving by Boat,she still found the water and town amazing however,her Piplup also seemed to be jumping from excitement while on the boat. She decided to make her way to the Pokémart,mostly to grab some Pokémon food and some pokeballs,soon after grabbing everything she needed,she decided to head over to the Pokémon center,not entirely sure what kind of people she would meet along the way.

    Kira then looked at her Piplup for a bit. “So what do you think of this town Basil?” her Piplup stood up and raised her hand,implying she loved the City. “Well I’m glad you’re enjoying this place just as much as I am.”
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    Dom was laid on the beach on the west side of Cherrygrove and relaxed with Ronin and Dom was moving his hand through the sand feeling it and looks to Ronin
    "How are you today buddy?" His Oshawatt was standing and was admiring the water and looked at the new scenery. Dom smiled "It's a lot different than Unova it looks like we have our work cut out for a good life here." The Oshawatt looked at Dom then looked back to the water. Dom looked happy and felt a little excitement to live in a new region.
  5. With their morning snack out of the way, Jason knew it was time to get to work. There were plenty of things to be done, if the duo wanted to be ready to take on the Violet City Gym. The first thing on their to-do list was to purchase a few potions. Cyndaquil was a great battler, but he was far from invulnerable.

    Jason let out a yawn as he stood from his seat at the table, and grabbed his bag. With Cyndaquil perched on his shoulder, the young Dragon Tamer began to saunter in the direction of Route 30. If memory served, that was where the PokeMart was located.

    A light whistle escaped his lips, and Jason tried to mentally list everything he needed to do before he and Cyndaquil reached Violet City. He’d already covered their need for potions, but he would need to buy some Poke Balls as well. Those would come in handy on Route 30, where he would need to catch at least one additional Pokemon.

    A couple of Pokemon sprang to mind. A Pidgey wouldn’t be a bad addition to his team. In fact, having a Flying Type might put him on even footing with the Violet City Gym leader, who he knew to be a bird fanatic.

    Jason was snapped from his reverie, when Cyndaquil gave his ear a tug. Blinking, Jason stopped in his tracks, only inches from tripping over…

    A Totodile? Not just any Totodile either; this was one of the Pokemon he’d spotted in Elm’s lab back in New Bark Town.

    Cyndaquil, clearly recognizing the tot, quipped a happy greeting from Jason’s shoulder.

    “Sorry little guy,” Jason crouched down and offered a smile, “I should have been paying attention to where I was going."
  6. Gaia was spending his day atop his adopted parents house, sitting on the edge of the roof gave him a sense of joy. Shard trotted around Gaia impatiently"heh, your to anxious for adventure" he sighed staring out at the small City he'd known for years as his home. Gaia looked at corners of the town, trainers were arriving from route 29 and the bay"hm, I guess all these people are heading on there journey, maybe it's time we head out too" he thought to himself, he got careless while he thought causing him to slip off the roof"crap! Shard!" He yelled as he fell and hurdled to the ground, suddenly a pile of fresh snow cousioned the ground,he landed softly snow flinging around as he landed. Gaia looksd up and smiled at his partner" nice powder snow shard" the ice shrew chirped happily

    Later, Gaia was packing a black backpack full of things like potions and pokeballs while shard rested"phew, now I'm all set for the gym challenge" he grinned. After saying his goodbyes to his parents he left his home and headed towards route 30 with shard beside him"time to set off!" Gaia so loudly that he could be heard across the city.
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    Dom leapt up onto his feet and looked down to Ronin and patted his head. Ronin then blasted Dom with a little water. Ronin then shot a glare which made Dom laugh and he said "Oh cut it out you, and come on we need to bond with some other team members we can't just chill out here all day. Plus you wouldn't have to battle as much how does that sound." Ronin seemed to nod in approval and followed behind Dom. "Alright I knew you would cave in eventually. Ok but first I have to buy some stuff so just chillax for a little bit ok, just stay out of trouble." Dom walked to the pokemart while Ronin looked to the other trainers around Cherrygrove. Ronin then sat down in the middle of the path in Cherrygrove.
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  8. Cherrygrove was definitely a good city. It was smaller than her hometown, but the fragrance of blossoms and faint tang of seawater gave the town a nice atmosphere. Elise considered going to the Pokecenter or Pokemart to stock up on supplies first, that seemed to be where some other trainers her age were heading, but one of the said trainers caught her eye. A guy about her age, with a blue and yellow Pokemon perched on his shoulder. Beside her, Benthos let out a squeaking chirp in response to the other's greeting, and approached.

    "Ah-- wait, Totodile--" Elise reached for the Pokeball, prepared to return Benthos if he did anything disagreeable to the small pokemon or its trainer. She'd had to keep him from biting several people already. Thankfully, Benthos seemed familiar with the... normal-type, maybe? Struck by curiosity, Elise pulled out her Pokedex and scanned the little mouse Pokemon. Cyndaquil. Wasn't that one of the starter options, too? She hadn't payed attention once she'd learned one was a water-type...

    Well, Benthos had already got icebreakers out of the way. "Hi, I'm Elise. Sorry about my Totodile, I just got him this morning and he's kinda pushy. Are you a trainer too?"
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  9. Gaia walked up the road if cherrygrove that lead to route 30, he spotted two trainers. One with a totodile and another with a cyndiquill"hm, I wonder if they got their Pokemon from professor elm, I doubt it would be coincidentule for two trainers both with the photo starters leaving at the same time" Gaia made his assumptions unknowing he was wrong. Shard walked ahead of his trainer a bit anxious to adventure.

    Gaia soon reached the two trainers but continued to walk not wanting to be a bother. Suddenly a bird like figure leaped out of a tree and flew at the trainers"shard ice ball!" Gaia pointed towards the figure, shard listened and began to run, he then jumped up and curled into a ball spinning rapidly, the figure rammed into shards attack, the impact must've hurt considering shard was a steel type. The figure crashed into the snow revealing it to be a Spearow, Gaia sighed a breath of relief"geez, what was that about"he said looking at the unconscious Spearow, he turned his head to the trainers and smiled"hehe, sorry for bothering you...." He said nervous for their reaction
  10. Diego was asleep on the bus that was heading to Cherrygrove directly from Goldenrod City. It was a long journey, but it was the quickest way to get there. Diego felt a nudge on his arm which woke up Diego. "Those are my Chicken Nuggets!" Diego yelled as he woke up. He remembered that he was on the bus and snapped out of his dream. He glanced around at the other people on the bus giving him weird looks. "It's fine. There's no need to worry about the nuggets," Diego nervously chuckled as he turned to Don the Cubone with wide open eyes. "I keep having that nightmare that pokemon is stealing my chicken nuggets," Diego started to go on.
    "Cubone..." Don said calmly, but Diego ignored him.
    "Yeah, man. That darn Wigglytuff keeps jumping through the windows, grabbing my nuggets. It infuriates me, " Diego waffled on.
    "Cubone..." Don repeated still getting ignored, as he adjusted his seatbelt.
    "Yeah and just before the Wigglytuff would fly away with my Chicken Nuggets, he would pull out a Dunsparce and slap me around the face with it. I mean like what the fu-"
    "CUBONE!" Don yelled getting fed up with Diego. Diego jumped slightly and finally stopped talking about his dream.
    Okay, jeez. What is it?" Diego asked. Don the Cubone pointed out the window and you can see the bus finally approaching Cherrygrove City. Don agreed and contently followed beside him.

    The two finally got off the bus bringing their belongings with them. "
    Okay, Don. We should probably head to the Pokemart before we do anything to stock up on supplies," Diego said as he started to walk towards the Pokemart. Don agreed and contently followed beside him. As they reached the entrance a couple was exiting at the same time. Diego bumped into the woman by accident. "Oh, sorry hun," Diego apologized as he stepped back. The woman seemed rather shocked as if he did it on purpose. Diego has a puzzled face as to the reason for her reaction. "Babe! He just touched my butt!" The woman wined to her boyfriend.
    "Uh, what?!" Diego exclaimed as he looked over at her boyfriend, who happened to be a rather large, intimidating looking black man.
    "Aw hell naw! You didn't just touch her!" The man yelled at Diego.
    What? no, I didn't," Diego replied, denying the allegations. The boyfriend stepped closer looking even angrier.
    "Oh! So you calling her a liar then huh?! Imma beat yo ass!" The boyfriend yelled. Diego got rather angry at this point and decided he wasn't going to take any more.
    OKAY HOLD UP! I WOULDN'T EVEN WANT TO TOUCH HER UGLY ASS!" Diego yelled back, he then pushed the boyfriend back but because he was so big, he didn't even budge showing the difference in strength. Diego gulped thinking that he may have made a mistake. Diego could see the boyfriends eyes turn red.
    "Imma kill you!" The boyfriend yelled as he cocked back his arm for a punch. However, Don the Cubone flew up in front of the boyfriend's face in between him and Diego and cleanly hit the boyfriend round the head with his Bone, in order to protect Diego. The man stumbled slightly as he held his hand where Cubone hit his head. He did a furious look at Diego and pulled out a pokeball. "Ursaring! Kill these fools!" The man said as he threw the Pokeball upward. Diego grabbed Don and turned around to sprint off.
    Gonna be honest. I thought it would take longer to get into a fight in Johto," Diego said to Don as he sprinted off creating a small dust cloud behind him. "Ursaring!" The bear Pokemon roared as it ran after Diego with the angry man. Diego sprinted towards Route 30 just trying to get away, hoping to find somwhere to hide.

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    Dom walked out of the pokemart with a few pokeballs in his hand. He then saw Ronin in the middle of the dirt road and Ronin walked over to Dom. "Hey buddy so you ready to bond with some new friends?" The Oshawatt nodded and looked at Dom. "Ok but first let's check out what these two trainers are doing. They have some cool looking Pokemon don't they?" Dom picked up Ronin then walked over to Jason and Elise. "Woah cool Pokemon, but I think mine is cooler." Dom held out Ronin to the two. "He is an Oshawatt and he is from the Unova region. He's pretty cool right?" Dom smiled and played with his dragon pendent.
  12. Pretty. That was the sole word floating throughout Jason’s head. The girl in question had wavy blonde hair, and eyes the color of the sea. She was dressed simply, in boot cut jeans and a blue t-shirt. She must have been a trainer on the road then, and this Totodile must have been hers.

    Cyndaquil tugged on his ear again, letting him know the girl was speaking to him. Jason would have to give him a treat later, if only because he helped prevent him from looking like a fool.

    “What? No, he’s fine! I’m the idiot that almost tripped on him,” Jason spoke, cheeks going red (though whether he was shy or embarrassed, he wasn’t sure), “I’m Jason. This here is Cyndaquil.”

    Jason gave the slightest nod towards the little shrew on his shoulder, “I just got him yesterday, from Professor Elm in New Bark Town. That’s where your Totodile came from, right? I’m pretty sure that this is the same one that was presented to me yesterday.”

    Jason looked down at the blue tot, “no hard feelings, right? Looks like you found yourself a trainer for you.”

    A few moments later, a shrill cry echoed from above, and down from within the trees, a Spearow swooped towards them. On his shoulder, Cyndaquil flared his back up, and the heat almost burned Jason’s cheek. But he could worry about that later.

    “Ember!” Jason called for his Cyndaquil to respond.

    The shrew opened his elongated maw, and Jason caught a whiff of what smelled like burnt ozone as the lining of Cyndaquil’s mouth began to burn in a blaze. This Spearow was toast.

    Except that it wasn’t. Because, moments before Cyndaquil could follow through with his attack order, a spinning…. thing met the Spearow head-on, sending it crashing to the ground. As for Cyndaquil, the little shrew snapped his mouth shut, not wanting to spit fire at their savior. But it came at a cost. The fire that swelled within his mouth had nowhere to go, and so Cyndaquil shuttered, almost violently, and made a squeal.

    Moments later, smoke trailed from his nostrils, and he wobbled before falling from his perch on Jason’s shoulder. The young Trainer caught the Fire Type in his arms just before he smacked the ground. For a moment, Jason’s heart threatened to burst from his chest. Then Cyndaquil shook his head, and let out a cough, expelling the last cinders of his swallowed attack.

    Jason sighed in relief, and tucked Cyndaquil in his arms, before turning to look at their savior.

    “I, uh, appreciate the save, but I had that handled. That’s a neat looking Pokemon though,” Jason nodded at the albino Sandshrew, “is it some kind of rare Sandshrew? I’ve never seen one that color before.”

    Before he could get an answer, yet another person approached them, declaring something about his Oshawott being the “coolest” starter.

    “Yeah, your Oshawott is cool man, but you kind of just interrupted us,” Jason frowned at the newest newcomer.
  13. Gaia grinned"heh, im sure you did, but I had your back" he chuckled lightly, shard stared at thr cyndiquill in awe, its eyes sparkling at the fire shrew"oh shard, he's a special sandsrew from the alolan region" gaia answered the question. Out of nowhere a kid ran up to where they were, following him a strong built man with an ursuring that looked very angry"dammit, what did this kid do..." Gaia thought to himself, he trnsed up and was ready for a battle if need be, even though he would probably loose"um... Shard!"
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    Dom chuckles nervously. "Oops sorry I've just been so excited about living here. I'm Dom by the way." Ronin turned his attention to the Ursaring and trainer. Dom looked at the massive Pokémon and gasped. "Uh oh this doesn't look good that Pokémon is huge and so does it's trainer." Ronin backs off, but he still had its paw on his shell just in case. "Ok Ronin don't get too cocky you are not that strong yet."
  15. The Spearow divebombing out of nowhere was enough to make Elise pull back, Benthos snapping his jaws reflexively at air. She gasped when a new Pokémon, a pale shrew thing, used what looked like an ice-type move to save them. "T-thank you—" but her gratitude was interrupted as Jason's Cyndaquil began wheezing. "Oh no, is he okay?" Benthos tottered over, squeaking in concern.

    Sandshrew, Oshawott... Elise clutched her Pokedex and tried scanning them. The picture of the Sandshrew was indeed a different color from the one that stood before her. Jason must know a lot about Pokémon to be able to recognize that so quickly, she thought. As for the Oshawott, it refused to scan at all.

    Benthos suddenly let out a growl, teeth bared. "What's wrong?" Elise asked, before looking behind her to see what her partner was so worked up about.

    "Ursaring, the Hibernator Pokémon. In its territory, it leaves scratches on trees with its powerful forelegs," her Pokedex chimed. The Ursaring loomed over the group. "O-oh," murmured Elise.
  16. Diego saw a small group of trainers near the entrance of route 30 and so he decided to sprint towards them hoping they would help out. He ran through them and stood the other side of them putting the group between him and the Ursaring. "Sorry guys. Nothing personal, I just don't want to find out what it's like being in an Ursaring's digestive system," Diego said as he tried to think of a way to get out of this sticky situation.
    "Oi! Move out of the way!" The angry man yelled as he approached alongside the Ursaring. "Ursa!" Ursaring roared.
    "Um, Don. You got any bright ideas?" Diego asked. Don quickly scanned around looking for inspiration. Diego wasn't worried about a one-on-one battle between Don and the Ursaring, it's when the Ursaring is angry and doesn't care about destroying both Diego and Don at the same time.
  17. Shard, hearing his master's call stopped staring at the cyndiquill and ran in front of Gaia. The man looked like he would attack us just to get to the kid,Gaia didn't want to see what would happen if he kept still"shard, this ursaring isn't a joke, get ready Shard, hit it with a powder snow!"he shouted, Shard jumped up and blew an icy storn at the bear pokemon.
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    Ronin without warning used water gun on the Ursaring. "Ronin chill out. We don't need to get involved, you are not ready for a Pokémon like this." He shouted, as Ronin looked at Dom and used water gun again. Dom looks worried and knew something had to be done to calm down the trainer, so Dom grabbed Ronin and looked to the trainer. "Hey man, uhh I don't know what the other dude did but it couldn't be that bad right?"
  19. The kid that had saved them from the woes of being Spearow’s targets seemed a decent enough person. Maybe a little bit cocky, but there really wasn’t anything wrong with that. His Sandshrew, the bulky white thing, was what really interested Jason. The kid had called for it to use Ice Ball, which was, obviously, and Ice Type move.

    Sandshrew were Ground Type Pokemon. They always had been, and the fact that this heavier set one was very clearly an Ice Type Pokemon, had Jason going through loops. It was almost as if one corner of Jason’s reality had just vanished out from under him. If Sandshrew in Alola were Ice Types, what came next? Marowack that were Fire Type?

    He deduced that Alola was a weird place.

    “Huh?” Jason blinked, turning his head back to Elise, “yeah, Cyndaquil should be fine.”

    The Pokemon in question leaped out of Jason’s arms, to reclaim his perch on the boy’s shoulder. He gave a happy little quip once more.

    “We’ll get him checked out at the Pokemon Center, just to be sure, but he’s tougher than you might think.”

    He wasn’t, however, tougher than an Ursaring. When the giant bear loomed over them, Jason went pale. Now, Jason didn’t consider himself a coward by any means, but nor did he consider himself a fool. He wasn’t about to save some kid that tried to use him as a shield, from a rampaging Ursaring and its Trainer.

    Also, Jason just really didn’t appreciate being used as a roadblock.

    So, he excused himself with a “pardon me,” and scooped up the fallen Spearow. It could probably use a check up too. Then, he scooted around the large bear, and motioned towards the Pokemon Center.

    “Well, I have somewhere to be, so don’t let me get in your way. Elise, are you coming?”

    Hopefully, the girl would catch on to his blatant invite, and extract herself from this situation before it went even further South.
  20. "Aheh..." Neither the Sandshrew nor the Oshawott seemed capable of doing any serious damage to the giant bear Pokémon. Benthos was clinging to her leg, hiding behind her as much as possible even as he emitted a low growl. Elise understood quite clearly the dangers of fighting stronger trainers, but actually facing one was a whole other thing. What could she do? Benthos had leveled up a little on Route 29, but there was no way she stood a chance against a Pokémon like this.

    Lifting up the Totodile into her arms, she nodded to Jason and backed away from the Ursaring. Was it cowardly? Probably so, but she'd just started her journey this morning and wasn't interested in having it go downhill so fast. Checking out the Pokecenter sounded like a much nicer option. Benthos flailed a little and she put him back down, only to run after him as he bolted for Jason and his Cyndaquil. "W-wait up!"

    Once safely in the Pokecenter with her Pokémon held tight, Elise sighed in relief. That had sure been scary. Looking around, she took note of the nurse and the few other trainers scattered around the center. Not really much to do; Benthos was in perfect health. A little too perfect... unable to get a solid hold on him while at the same time avoiding his claws, spikes, and teeth, she quickly set him down on the floor.

    And... out the door he went. Elise held a hand against her face. "Sorry, Jason. I'd better go make sure he doesn't get hurt." With a quick passing smile, she left to follow her wayward partner.
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  21. ( I'm going to take control of the ursaring for a sec)

    The bear growled as the two attacks hit him barely fasing it at all, it quickly responded by a crush claw that was ordered by the large black trainer, it slashed it's claws at shard damaging him alot despite the resistance.
    Shard was knocked back and scraped across the ground as he landed"ah! Shard!" Gaia yelled a little nervous, the sandshrew attempted to stand up and regain it's posture but collapsed again and again as the pokemon didn't want to lose"I....I can't beat this thing, I hate to do this........!" Gaia grabbed the injured shrew and ran to the Pokemon center to heal shards wounds and meet up either the others"sorry!" He yelled as he ran
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  22. Diego got filled with guilt as the Sandshrew fainted from the Ursaring. So he decided to jump in front of the Ursaring. "Ay, Ursaring! Heads up!" Diego yelled. Ursaring pulled a puzzled face at Diego as Don emerged from behind Ursaring.
    "Look out Ursaring!" The angry man yelled. Ursaring swiveled around as Don connected his Bone Rush right on the top of Ursaring's head. "Ur!" Ursaring moaned as it stumbled back holding his head. "
    Use Headbutt!" Diego demanded. Don stepped back as it prepared its attack on the Ursaring firing toward the bear Pokemon. "Use Slash!" The trainer demanded Ursaring. The Ursaring roared as its claws shined as it gained its sharpness and slashed Don away. Don flew back bouncing off the ground then landing on its feet, with the momentum dragging him a bit further. As that happened, the trainer was quick to follow up the attack. "Use Hyper Beam!" The trainer yelled angrily. Ursaring opened its mouth wide as the Hyper Beamed quickly spawned in its mouth. "This Ursaring is well trained," Diego said under his breath. "Endure it!" Diego yelled making eye contact with Don. Don looked back at Diego with a determined look before the Hyper Beam quickly interrupted them hitting a direct hit. Don shot back destroying a tree and slamming the tree behind it. The Ursaring looked to Diego with a menacing smile, then started to eerily walk toward him whilst showing off its sharp claws. Diego stepped back to get a bit of distance and gulped. "Cubone!" Don yelled as it emerged from the bushes and struck an Aerial Ace to the side of Ursaring's face. Don flew down and launched himself from the ground for a second hit, hitting a clean Aerial Ace to the jaw. The Ursaring dropped to the ground, knocked out cold. "Waaaaaaay! Sucks to suck, doesn't it!" Diego yelled showing off his middle finger. The angry trainer looked like he was going to explode with anger, but he stormed off instead. "Yeah, you go back to your ugly ass girlfriend!" Diego cheered as the trainer walked off.

    Don had a rather concerned look at Diego. Diego realized this and knew what Don was meaning with his stare. "
    Yeah, let's head to the Pokemon Center and apologize to the trainers," Diego said before heading back to the Pokemon Center. He enters the Pokemon Center and glanced around the center searching for the trainers from before.
  23. C65


    Dom just had a bewildered look on his face as he watched a cubone defeat an Ursaring. "W-Well uh I guess time to catch some Pokémon." Dom scooped up Ronin and walked along the grass of route 30. He then made it to route 31 after training Ronin for a little bit and Dom was humming, and then he saw a weird plant that was moving. "Woah what is that?" Dom looked closer and the plant attacked with vine whip. "Oww hey it's a Pokémon. Hey buddy." Dom smiled and saw it was a bellsprout, and he had Ronin attack with scratch. "All right Ronin keep going buddy." Ronin once again attacked with scratch then Dom readied a Pokeball and threw it, and it shook 3 times and it clicked. "Woohoo our first friend." Dom took the bellsprout out of its ball and smiled. "Hey buddy how you doing ready to go on adventure?" The bellsprout made a cry of happiness. "Ok you can be the lead so you can train ok. Ronin you can chillax up here." Dom placed Ronin on his shoulders as he walked with the bellsprout, and trained it against other Pokemon and trainers as he made his way to Violet city.
  24. Kira would then walk out of the Pokémon Center and head over near the battlefield,mostly to practice for a contest. “Basil use bubble and then use tackle.” Her Piplup then used bubble and then used tackle to pop a few of the bubbles,she smiles and patted her Piplup on the head. “That was very good Basil,maybe we could win if we manage to perfect it,but then again we will need some more practice.”
    She then took a seat on a bench with her Piplup beside her and set down a bowl of food,surprising or not her Piplup enjoyed the food and ate most of it quickly. Though she did ponder on who she would meet along the way. She then glanced over at Elise and waved to her,giving her piplup a few pats on the head as well,she still was surprised to see someone else coming.
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  25. Another trainer walked into the Pokécenter at the same time Elise walked out. The purple hair was the first thing she noticed; as well as the little Pokémon following him. Was that some sort of... bone helmet? Tempted to scan it but more concerned about her runaway Totodile, she settled for smiling at the trainer as she hurried past. Peeking around the corner, Elise felt her jaw drop when she looked back to where she'd seen the Ursaring and the other trainers. The bear Pokémon lay unconscious in the dirt, no telling what had managed to K.O. it. Some passing pro trainer, maybe? Whoever it was, they weren't in sight.

    She heard Benthos before she saw him-- squeaking as he tottered across the town. Thankfully, he hadn't made it that far. He was heading towards some sort of training field. Elise picked him up gingerly, holding him at arm's length. He looked over his shoulder at her. "Just because I named you after a vocab word doesn't mean you shouldn't take me seriously," she muttered, walking up to where Benthos had been going. "We're both in this together, got it?" The Totodile just squeaked in response.

    There was another trainer on a bench in the battlefield, with her long brown hair tied to the side in a pink ribbon. Elise came closer, making sure to not let Benthos flail out of her arms again at the sight of the other blue Pokémon's food bowl. Some sort of water type? "Hi," she nodded to the other girl, feeling more than a bit awkward. "I'm Elise."
  26. C65


    Dom hummed and went to the Violet city pokecenter and got his new friends healed up. "Wow it looks so nice out at night welp time to challenge the gym." Dom is stopped by a gym guard who said he needed to beat the sprout tower challenge. "Aww come on oh well maybe I can get a new friend." He made his way into sprout tower.
  27. Kira gave a nice, friendly smile to the other trainer, seeing the pokemon as well. "Nice to meet you Elise, my name is Kira and this pokemon is my partner Basil, a Piplup." Her Piplup looked up and smiled before going back to eat some of the food. "I just got done working on one of my performances for a contest, but I still think it would need some work." She then looked at Elise for a bit "So what were you up to anyways, I'm just wondering." she then set her bag on the bench and looked around the place.

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