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Private/Closed Beginnings In Cherrygrove Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by VIcc125, May 7, 2018.

  1. A roleplay centered around traveling throughout the Johto Region. Our characters are all Novice Trainers; having just received our first Pokemon. They've yet to meet for the most part, and we'll be kicking things off in Cherrygrove City, nestled on the side of the Goldenrod Bay, with Violet City straight ahead. Some of us might be from Johto, others Unova, or Kalos- It doesn't matter. Whether you're looking to take on the Pokemon Gym Challenge, participate in Contests, or even just go on a fun adventure with no strings attached, you're more than welcome to post a character.

    General Rules:

    - Each post must be a minimum of 100 words long. It should also be formatted correctly, and adhere to proper English Grammar rules. This is just to preserve quality roleplay.

    - You must play a Human. You don't have to be a Pokemon Trainer if you don't want to (but why wouldn't you?), but you can't just be a Pokemon. You do, of course, have full control of your character's Pokemon.

    - Characters should be between the ages of 10 to 17. We're kids going on a Pokemon adventure after all.

    - Furthermore, all characters are Novice Trainers. Like it says in the opening paragraph, we have just only received our First Pokemon.

    - No Legendary Starters, or Starters that evolve into Legendary Pokemon. You know it won't be approved by the Moderators anyways. Pretty much anything else is fair game.

    - Pokemon may only have Four Moves at any time.

    That's about it for the rules. If you're interested, post your character below, using the character bio at the end of this post. There are only 5 character slots open, not including my own character.

    And, of course, if you have any questions, just ask.

    Accepted Characters:
    Elise Fontaine
    Kira Azalea
    Diego Lima
    Dominick "Dom" Shigure
    Gaia Riko

    Character Bio Template:


    Pokemon Species:
    (Be realistic please. These are inexperienced Pokemon, after all)
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  2. Name: Jason Braun
    Age: 15
    Jason is a very attractive male, even for only being fifteen. He has a strong jawline and cheekbones that aren’t very pronounced, giving his face a superhero-esque rounded rectangular shape. His short brown hair is brushed back, feathered, and kept in place with small amounts of hair gel. His eyes are an emerald green color.

    Jason’s body is slim, but toned, which is evidence of his two favored hobbies/activities: swimming and running.

    Despite being a trainer on the road, and therefore dirty, Jason takes great pride in his fashion choices. His favorite jacket, which he always wears, is made of soft leather that is dyed red. It has a high collar and tight cuffs, and a zipper down the middle that Jason leaves unzipped. That exposes his simple white v-neck, which has short sleeves. He rounds these choices out by wearing a pair of dark blue denim jeans, that are slimming. His running shoes match his jacket, being almost the same exact shade of red.

    Jason considers himself to be a calm and collected individual. Even in tough situations, he endeavors to keep his head clear, and his heart from beating too erratically. He understands that panicking very rarely helps solve any kind of situation, and is resolved to avoid it.

    He is slow to anger, rather, he usually hits exasperation first. This is usually evident be his facial features: a raised eyebrow, and the corner of his lip turned down.

    When it comes to meeting strangers, Jason tries to be open minded and friendly. The road can often be frolic with danger, and leaves one weary. Because of this, should a trainer stumble upon his camp for the night, Jason will invite them to sit and rest, as well as offer them something to eat.

    Pokemon Training has been a staple of most of his life, thanks mostly to his mom. As such Jason has adopted his mother’s mindset of befriending a Pokemon before trying to train it


    Jason was born in Blackthorn City, Johto, and grew up on the fertile grasses on the plateau. His parents own a small ranch on the outskirts of Blackthorn, and it is the only home Jason has ever known.

    His parents, Percival (a Pokemon Researcher) and Anastasia Braun (the Dragon Type Master to end all Dragon Type Masters), purchased the land when Ana was in her second trimester, with the intent to build their own comfortable homestead on the tranquil plains. The result was a two story building, built from white wood, with a big stable painted red, all surrounded by a wooden fence that stretched for a whole acre.

    The open space was the greatest necessity; both Percival and Anastasia had been talented trainers in their youth, and needed a space where their Pokemon could roam free. And with twelve different Pokemon free on the ranch, Jason had a very educational youth.

    He grew up learning to care for Pokemon; being taught the difference in diet between a Slaking and a Corsola, how to groom a Mamoswine compared to a Sunflora, and most importantly: when it was acceptable to wake his father’s Charizard, and when it was not.

    That last one earned him a few nasty burns. Charizard was both very aggressive, and very grumpy.

    The lessons that Jason always looked forward to, however, were the ones taught by his mother, a trainer who had been born into Blackthorn's illustrious Dragon Tamer Clan. Jason knew that, of his two parents, his mother was the most experienced trainer. And as such, her lessons usually focused less on caring for Pokemon, and more on how to use them in battle.

    She held mock battles where she would pit her Pokemon against each other, most often between her Altaria and Salamence, to educate Jason on the different Types of Pokemon, and their effectiveness against other Types.

    And when night fell, they would retire indoors, where Ana would regale Jason with stories of her youth; when she traveled the roads of Johto, capturing Pokemon, and chasing her “destiny.”

    It came as no surprise to either of them, when at the age of fifteen, Jason decided to follow in her footsteps. Jason was ushered off to Professor Elm's lab in New Bark Town, to receive his very own Pokemon.

    Pokemon Species: Cyndaquil
    Nickname: N/A
    Appearance: Cyndaquil's appearance is typical for his species; there seem to be no physical abnormalities.
    Personality: Cyndaquil is incredibly curious, more so than his trainer. He tends to run off on his own, if no one is keeping any eye on him. He's kind and loves people, especially if they feed him. Nothing fires him up more than a good battle, which makes him a perfect fit for Jason.
    Backstory: Cyndaquil was bred by Professor Elm, to be given to new Trainers. Until recently, he has only ever known the lab and its fields.
    Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember
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  3. Yes, Johto! I loved HGSS, and I'm always up for a good adventure RP. Let me know if there's anything I need to fix in my bios!

    Name: Elise Fontaine
    Age: 16
    5’4" (± 162 cm)
    119 lbs. (± 54 kg)
    A naturally light build coupled with a lack of regular physical exercise means she has little defined muscle. Shoulder-length, wavy blond hair and cerulean eyes. She wears a plain blue t-shirt and bootcut jeans when on the road, though her own fashion choices attempt to push her towards blouses and skirts. Little to no jewelry.
    Personality: Elise is a sweet girl; kind, extroverted, and overwhelmingly optimistic. Having been well-socialized as a child, she has no trouble getting along with the average person. Facing challenges with a positive outlook (and handling failure just as well), there's little in life that truly bothers her aside from her own lack of ambition.
    Being just old enough to start worrying about the future hasn't done Elise any favors. There aren't any careers that stand out to her, nor does she have any goals to strive for. "Pokémon trainer" was a title her parents suggested—an easy way to get out of the house and start trying to find herself. As such, she doesn't view her journey as some be-all and end-all; it's more of a fun adventure that isn't meant to be taken very seriously.
    Whether that's a bad thing is up to interpretation, but her carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude may sometimes grate on others. It's only towards being a trainer, thankfully. She may not take Pokémon seriously (yet), but people are another thing—friendship is something Elise cares very deeply about.
    Backstory: Born in Kalos but moving with her parents to Johto when she was 3, Elise has spent most of her life in seaside Olivine City. Her mother, Charlotte, worked as a chef in the local café, and her father, Terrell, was a simple fisherman. Relatively low-income for a family of three.
    Her father had a Pokémon, a Starmie, which was where Elise's fondness for water-types began. Much of her time spent away from her friends was on the beach of Route 40, taking the Starmie for walks and watching it swim. Although she never swam much herself, she appreciates the ocean and considers it one of her favorite places.
    Not showing any interest in either of her parents' jobs or in any other occupations, they eventually decided that having her own Pokémon could help Elise discover something she'd like. A quick trip to Newbark (guess which one she picked), and she soon set off on her adventure.

    Pokemon Species: Totodile
    Nickname: Benthos
    Appearance: Pale blue scales, a yellow chevron across his upper belly, and a single row of crimson spikes on his back extending to the tip of his tail. His eyes are a deep red-brown, typical for his species.
    Personality: Benthos has all the energy of a young Pokémon. Excitable and hyper beyond belief, he's got a strong taste for adventure and battle. His teeth are fully grown in and very, very sharp. Elise makes a point of warning other trainers, as his bite is something to watch out for.
    Backstory: Raised as part of a starter program by a researcher in Blue Point Isle, he was given to Professor Elm when he was old enough for a trainer. He spent most of his younger days scuffling with other Totodile, and is quite happy to see new sights.
    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Mud Sport, Water Gun
  4. Name: Kira Azalea
    Age: 16
    Appearance: https://gamerblam.deviantart.com/art/Kira-741777977 (Kira)
    Personality: Kira is very easygoing and friendly to most of the people and poke she'll meet,she is mostly calm and relaxed around her friends and pokemon. She does care very much about her pokemon and others.
    Backstory: Kira grew up in Alto Mare and heard the legend and tales about the city,including the ones about latios and latias. She enjoys hearing about other pokemon as well but later her parents and herself moved to Sinnoh . She also has enjoyed seeing pokemon preform as well.

    Pokemon Species: Piplup
    Nickname: Basil
    Appearance: A Normal Piplup that wears a Dark Blue Neckercheif
    Personality: Naive,Cheerful,Loyal,Calm
    Backstory: Basil was one of Kira’s first Pokémon,he has always loved the water and ocean,enjoying swimming and other things,but he can still be Naive and clumsy.
    Moves: Bubble,Tackle,Growl,Pound
  5. @limniris Absolutely you're in.

    @Gamerblam You're invited to the party as well!

    You guys are more than welcome to go ahead and post in the rp, but I'm gonna wait until we fill up before I post again myself.
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  6. C65


    Name: Dominick goes by Dom
    Appearance: He has light brown hair and green eyes. He has a perky nose. He wears a dragon pendant with a red jacket and black pants.
    Personality: He is a roll with the punches type of guy. He is a free spirit and is a little wild. He is a little brave, but mainly flees from big trouble.
    Backstory: He is from Unova and brought his starter Pokémon with him. His dragon pendent came from a merchant in iccarus city that he stole from and he had to flee Unova and on the way found an Oshawatt. His mother was a famous trainer according to Unova legend and his father left him.
    Starter: Ronin the Oshawatt
    Appearance: The Oshawatt has a scratch on its stomach, but otherwise it isn't just a normal Oshawatt
    Personality: Pretty quiet and not very violent it does not have a Pokeball and has followed with Dom as a mutual trust and it does not like battling just to battle.
    Backstory: This Oshawatt was to be trained with others in Unova but after losing a very important duel with the leading Oshawatt, Ronin left the group and has been with Dom ever since.
    Moves: Water gun and Tackle
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  7. @C65 You're missing the majority of the Pokemon form. Fix it please, and I'll accept you.
  8. Name: Diego Lima
    Age: 17
    Appearance: He has dark purple hair that he dyes himself, his natural hair colour is jet black, he has a rather tanned skin colour, he has hazel eyes, he is 5"11 his build is quite lean with a bit of muscle. He wears a black denim jacket over a white shirt, he wears, blue skinny jeans with black trainers. He has a necklace that has a silver Cubone skull on it, he also as a black backpack. Additionally, he has a black ring on his right thumb.

    Personality: Diego is a very cheeky and rebellious bloke. He likes to break rules, and push boundaries. He expresses himself with his looks, like his dyed hair and jewelry. He is an extrovert and lives life to the fullest. He isn't bothered about a goal or a career. He just wants to travel and create memories with his buddy Don the Cubone. He is a very confident character and doesn't back down from confrontation. He is always friendly to strangers but if anyone is rude or he doesn't like, he tends to let the other person know how he feels. He his blunt and an open spirit. However, despite his friendliness, he finds it difficult to open to people, since he has been alone with his mum and partner pokemon. He doesn't have the sharpest memory or intellect, but he is loyal and is a good friend to have around. He also can't resist the urge to spurt out a pun whenever he thinks of one, whenever he does though, Don gets annoyed at his bad pun and hits him with a Bone Rush.

    Backstory: He grew up in Saffron City, Kanto. His family didn't have much money and he lived in a very small house with his mum. Diego didn't behave when he was at school since he would get into fights with the teachers and the students and never followed the rules, he frequently got told by his peers that he'll be nothing when he grows up, but he didn't care. He didn't have a very good relationship with his dad since he was just a stupid drunk that did nothing with his life and takes out his anger on others. He got along with people that treated him nicely, but he never had any close mates, apart from one friend called Arin, they were pretty much brothers. He received a Pokemon when he turned ten years old from his Mum, they traveled to Lavender Town where there was a Pokemon adoption center and in the groups of pokemon, there was a Cubone just simply staring out the window. This lone Pokemon caught Diego's attention and saw himself in the Cubone. So he adopted him and named him Don. Diego always wanted to go on a journey but he couldn't really afford to get to any other regions since he just wanted to get out of Kanto. However, his mum picked up an extra job so she could save up for a train ticket to the Johto Region and gave it to him on his 16th birthday. He got a part-time job, cleaning the Saffron Gym and saved up money for his trip to the Johto region. However, later that year his friend Arin had a genetic disease which he didn't tell Diego about and unfortunately passed away. This crushed Diego and after his mourning he realized how valuable life is and decided live life to the fullest and head to Johto.

    Pokemon Species: Cubone
    Nickname*: Don
    Appearance: He has a silver necklace that has a pokeball on it.
    Personality: Cubone is a very calm and collected character. He is very protective of Diego and almost acts as a voice of reason for him. He likes to be with Diego since all they have is each other. He has a deep hatred for bad puns, so whenever Diego makes one, he can't resist just hitting him with a clean Bone Rush right in the gut to shut him up. He usually threatens to attack people who disrespect Diego, sometimes getting them into trouble.
    Backstory: Cubone never really had any parents in his life. His mum died before he hatched out of the egg, and he never knew who his dad was. However, he was found by Mr.Fuji who lived in Lavender Town. He brought back and got taken care of in the Adoption Center there. He got bullied by all the Pokemon and would usually get into fights but was a kind Pokemon at heart. Then when he got adopted by Diego and his life finally was filled with purpose. He promised himself that he would always protect Diego for as long as they are together with his life.
    Moves: Bone Rush, Headbutt, Endure, Aerial Ace
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  9. @Gpig5 After you liked my post, I started to wonder when you'd post a character! Climb aboard!
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  10. Thank you! I will tomorrow, It's really late for me. See ya then
  11. C65


    I fixed it, is it better?
  12. @C65 Looks good to me. You're in!

    Although, you don't have a last name.
  13. C65


    Umm Dominick Shigure will be his last name.
  14. I love gen 2!

    Name: Gaia Riko
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Gaia is an average sized kid who isn't very strong built, he has dark green spiky hair with lime eyes, he wears a black zip up jacket and blue jeans, he also weaes red tenneshoes, he also wears a red bandana around his neck but will tie it around his head when he gets serious.
    Personality: Gaia is very stubborn and confident in most things,he is always looking for a challenge, he thinks of stratagies during battle and is willing to take risks for the chance that it will help win the battle or susceed in his goal
    Backstory: Gaia was abandoned when he was very young and took in by a young couple in cherrygrove city, when gaia turned thirteen he was given his first Pokemon that was just hatched from one of the couple's old Pokemon from his trip to the alolan region when he was a trainer, he then spent the next year learning about the sport of Pokemon battling and trained his bond between his pokemon

    Pokemon Species: alolan sandshrew
    Nickname*: Shard
    Appearance: shard is a normal alolan sandshrew but was given a couple accessories when he was training with gaia, he wears red goggles that he wears above his eyes,
    Personality:shard is cheerful and filled with pride, but in battle acts intense and driven to win
    Backstory: when Gaia's adopted parent traveled the alolan region he caught an alolan sandslash and brought it back to photo, which later bred with another pkemon that later layed shards egg
    Moves: scratch,ice ball, furry cutter, powder snow

  15. @Starry Phantump Welcome to the club.

    The thread is right here guys. I've set things up with the first post. Now it's up to you guys to post, so that we can establish a turn order!
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  16. So, what are all of your characters prospective plans? Prospective teams?

    I don't think anyone'll find it surprising that Jason's taking on the gyms. He has some real negative feelings about the Blackthorn Gym, and earning that badge is his real end goal.

    As for his team, I'm shooting for the following: Typhlosion, Noctowl, Ampharos, Heracross, Golduck, and Nidoking.
  17. I intend to make Kira be a Coordinator,though for the moment im going to have her training for those things at the pokemon center.

    For her team im shooting for are the following
    A Totodile
    An Oshawott
    A Buizel

    and those are just I hope to eventually get on her team
  18. I plan on Gaia aiming for the gym challenge

    As for my team I'm thinking of
    Alolan Sandslash

    It may change but this is what I'm thinking as of right now
  19. C65


    I'm shooting for Dom to mix his team around much since he will be mainly bonding with his Pokémon and also take on the gym challenge, but I'm thinking his main team be a Samurott, Scizor, Gengar, Arcanine, Victreebel, and a Dragonite
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  20. Elise won't be spending all of her journey sightseeing, but she won't challenge most gyms. My end-game plan for her is to have enough character development to decide to go to Ranger school. Most of the water types in Johto are on the other side of the region from where we are, and I don't expect to reach Whirl Islands anytime soon, so I think she'll stick with just Totodile for the meanwhile... I'd like for her to end up with a Gyarados and Dewgong eventually, but that's about it. She doesn't care much about catching new Pokemon.

    BTW, @VIcc125, do you want to do a rival battle? Elise doesn't yet know anything about battling, and Jason has prior experience with this, so I kinda expect her to lose despite the type advantage, especially taking Smokescreen into account. Does that sound like a good plan to you?
  21. @C65 I don't mean to be rude bit could you use commas when you post, it makes it much easier to read then without them
  22. C65


    @Starry Phantump It's no problem, I will try to use commas in my posts as much as possible from here on out.
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  23. @limniris Yeah, we could do a battle. Jason could teach her a few things, and barely edge out a win due to experience.
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  24. i feel like whatever happens, happens when it comes to the pokemon my character catches.
  25. Give me about an hour guys, and I'll have something up.

    Also, don't forget about Kira. She's still on her own.
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  26. @Gamerblam you can interact with my character, he's sprinted through Cherrygrove and headed toward route 30. If ya want
  27. Well thanks for the offer,but then again im having Kira practice a bit at the pokemon center.
    Still afterwards she could run into you,just an idea.
  28. todoroki

    todoroki Previously gamora

    hi i'm new in pokecharms- by private/closed does that mean it's too late to join? this rp looks really interesting!
  29. @togepidemaru yes, sorry but I think you should find another rp to get started:)
  30. todoroki

    todoroki Previously gamora

    alright, that's chill thanks anyways!!
  31. I'm just waiting to get blown away by this ursaring:@
  32. For future reference: Don't Powder Snow an Ursaring xD
  33. .

  34. Wait so who is still on Route 30?
  35. @Gamerblam Elise did start a conversation with Kira in the Pokecenter! If you'd rather I move out of it to talk outside I can edit my post.
  36. Oh we can move that outside
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