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Private/Closed Becoming a Legendary Hero (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Foxex, May 19, 2020.

  1. The final day of the recruitment fair had finally came to a close at noon. The sun shone brightly in the sky but the heat was not overbearing, a gentle breeze blows consistently, cool and light. There were still quite a number of people around talking to some of the remaining recruiters, though most of the crowds had already disbursed. Hopeful adventurers had either ventured off with whatever guild they had been accepted into or were instructed to gather at some meeting spot before they were to head off. In the reception plaza of the city stood a particular small group of six individuals and their traveling and adventuring gear. The plaza was a large circular area paved with large square stones, and a large fountain of water in the center. Various other guild recruits were waiting around along with several travelling caravans.

    The caravans lacked any wheels or animals that pulled them since they levitated with a faint shimmering glow light violet and white light that from the bottom, the bows and canvases of the caravans were in all types of styles and sizes, most of them appeared to be made for transporting people with a wide bed, seats along the side and an overhead covering to shield the passengers.

    The six individuals were instructed by the recruiter of the Abyss Walkers to wait at the current location for their ride to the guild house. The recruiter was quite vague on what to look for in particular or who to even be on the lookout for, hell, the recruits didn’t even learn their name. They were contacted by letters after they had dropped off their recruitment request forms. The fact that there was only six potential recruits for the guild was also something of an oddity as other guilds had chosen over thirty to fifty potential recruits.

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  2. Hunheart stood where they’d been instructed to wait and looked around at the group around him. The most notable of the group was this absolute giant of a guy who he assumed to be a werewolf, they were naturally tall but he couldn’t be so sure he actually was one, some people were just tall. Next up was an elf, who definitely looked like he had a fire affinity, but that guess was based purely on his hair and eye color, since most of the students at his school who had a fire affinity had looks that reflected that. Additionally there was a female half dragon, she seemed to be the only girl in the group. The last two people included a kitsune with three tails, and a human, like him just without the weird magic arms. They certainly seemed like quite the cast of characters, but he couldn’t help but wonder why they were all contacted by the Abyss Walkers of all guilds.

    “Did you all get letters as well? That recruiter guy was pretty odd too, do any of you know what we’re supposed to do from here? He asked, being the first to break the silence. He didn’t say much since it wasn’t like him, but he just couldn’t stand awkward silences. Originally Hunheart had no plans of joining the Abyss Walkers, they seemed far too above him so he was extremely surprised when he got a letter inviting him to the guild. “Does the fact that there’s so little of us make us special? Or is there another reason...” He thought to himself.
  3. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Joseph grinned. "I don't know where they are, they probably think they can keep us waiting since they're the most powerful guild and all." He had a joking tune, but he really hoped the guild wasn't too strict. "The missions we'll be able to go on must really be something special." Snapping out of his daydream, Joseph's stomach growled. He winced a little, but otherwise tried to hide it. He took out a candy bar and chomped down on it. He took that time to eye his competition, but no one in the crowd looked powerful enough to lower his confidence.
  4. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    He's looking at us. O.S complained
    Yeah, I know. Loufe saw from the corner of his eye the pure arcane-smelling dude lookin at him. His size often brought attention, so this wasn't unusual.
    Not that O.S cares.
    Hey, want me to-

    O.S gave a whine. Loufe sighed, he was certainly stuck with a group of characters. All of them smelled like magic, and some of them had a animalistic scent along with it. The exceptions were googly-eyes and a short knight wannabe, and some charred-smelling elf .
    Suddenly the googly eyes spoke up, and then the elf did.
    Loufe leaned against a wall "Yeah, I got a letter. How they figured out my location is beyond me. I guess they'll prepare a test of sorts, although I'm just guessing." his eyes glew a bright cyan, courtesy of his arcane magic, and he grinned "Whatever it is, it better be exciting, or we're out."
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  5. Levi's large ears twitched every time the rumbling of a caravan started or the rattle of a pebble could be heard a it was kicked out from under the foot of an eager soon-to-be adventurer departing with their new guild. His blood red gaze shifted from person to person at the slightest movement or change of expression. As time passed the plaza grew less and less crowded. He wasn't the only confused person of the bunch, and some made it more clear than others, while worried and a bit skeptical, Levius' expression was one of solemn duty and he kept a calm composure besides the occasional chew of his lip. Was this some kind of joke? Surely, their guild would come, yes? The young man had switched between pacing and standing next to the fountain for what seemed like a very long time. The few others around him were quiet- he too didn't make a noise. Eventually, Levi- who was sure he'd make a bad impression if caught sitting when the guild leaders arrived- gently lowered his body towards the fountain and sat on the edge of the large sculpture. The kistune reveled in the cool mist from the fountain, though one wouldn't be able to tell from his monotonous gaze, he slid his single travel item, a canvas messenger bag, from over his shoulder and placed it by his feet as to give his body a break. Not the Levius was particularly tired, but he figured it would be better to rest now as one couldn't be sure what would happen after the joined the guild. After some unaccounted for amount of time, suddenly somebody spoke up.
    Levius slowly raised his gaze to glance at where the hearty voice had come from. It was a young man, seemingly just a bit older than Levi with a peculiar appearance. Of course, the young Kistune's gaze was immediately drawn to the seemingly human creature's arms, they appeared to be made of pure concentrated magic. Interesting. Either he was born with the trait, meaning he has a type of arcane beast in his blood, or the magic is some sort of spell of equipment that replaced his arms. Despite his odd appearance, he seemed like a pretty average character- making a simple comment that seemed to be aimed towards making conversation more than actually having his questions answered. Levi's analysis was brief as his attention was brought to the other male who responded, he seemed to be a bit older- of course this caused Levi to wonder why he wasn't already with a guild. He was elf, obviously, but he didn't dress like a traditional elf. He spoke something about mission that was rather irrelevant, by his tone of voice and brief display of excitement Levi immediately determined that he wasn't going to like this male- who seemed rather childish considering his age. Lastly, the large male spoke. He was a bit of an eye sore, certainly taller than average with a bit of a brutish appearance- Levi assumed he was a werewolf, but whatever animal he was supposed to resemble was obviously beastly. When he spoke, Levi narrowed his eyes and his ears flicked forward. Levi couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something off with that dude- even worse than the elf. Test? Levius had never considered that there would be a test, he wondered if this large brute was actually intelligent, or if it was a random guess. He also spoke of being excited, he'd probably get along well with that other male- they both seemed to live for the thrill of things. Levi brushed the werewolf's words as irrelevant, but as he processed the sentence again his expression momentarily changed to a glare before he quickly shook it. Did he say we? So confidently too, it obviously wasn't just a slip up. Did he have a partner? Was there two of him? Was the other also accepted into the guild? Levius seemed to fall even quieter as the people around him caused many questions to flood his mind- what was this guild that they would accept such a bunch of weirdos?
    Levi reached into the front pocket of his bag and pulled out the letter. Allowing the other's to chatter softly as he reread the letter, much to his dismay it didn't give any hints. Levius folded the paper and gently slipped it back into his bag before looking up at the sky as a way to check how much time had passed. Apparently there would be a vehicle picking the group up. Most likely a caravan, but seeing as this group was so tiny there could easily be a different vehicle that could fit them. The Abyss Walkers were a group shrouded in mystery, Levi could only dig up a very limited amount of information despite thorough research. There didn't seem to be a theme or common characteristic among the group of recruits around him, but he was sure that many young adventurer want-to-be's had signed up with request forms for the legendary guild, and yet there were only 6 people. Not to mention, 6 odd people. Levi was sure that there were adventures who were stronger and more experienced than him, and from the looks of it the others weren't exactly the best of the bunch either. Levi could make sense of the situation, and the more he though about it the more he stressed over the idea that something was wrong. Levius shook his head quietly, clearing his mind- there was no point in raking his brain for answers he didn't have. For now, he'd go one step at a time and he'd have to make the most of what was around him.
    Standing up suddenly, Levi's dark gaze didn't falter as he gave a short bow to the others. No matter who they were or what they were like, these people were now his guild mates and he would have to accept that and respect them for it. "Hello." After lifting his head, Levi didn't make eye contact with anyone in particular as he introduced himself "I am Levius Greer, I hope that I will one day be able to look back on my memories as an adventurer fondly." Levi said simply. The odd phrasing of his words weren't aided by any expression as he stayed standing and looked around once more for a caravan that had the slightest possibility of belonging to their guild. It was unclear whether his words were a joyful greeting or an ominous threat, though he seemed to move past it quickly as he stood, clearly waiting for the other's to introduce themselves.
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  6. Fuyuko had been looking around, and an invite to Abyss Walkers was a bit of a surprise, despite her mother being a former member, she saw a very tall person, taller than her father when he polymorphed, an elf who most likely had fire Affinity, a kitsune with three tails, another human, and an elemental Demihuman, to which, she asked something.

    "Hi, I'm Fuyuko," Fuyuko looked at the Arcane Elemental Demihuman, "Do you have any Idea when we're going to Arrive at the guild?"

    Fuyuko was trying her hardest not to flirt with the guy, as her scales on her cheeks shimmered in the sunlight, there were tents being disassembled as new guild recruits moved about.
  7. Hunheart looked up from the ground, which he’d been staring at while thinking as he was asked a question, the voice sounded pretty feminine so he presumed it was the half dragon girl. “I’ve got no clue when we’ll arrive. I’m in the same boat as you, I’m not sure what we’re doing here or why we’re here, I’m sure someone will be coming for us soon though.” He told her as he turned to look in her direction. He was quite blunt with his answer, he didn’t want to reveal too much about himself to these people unless he knew he was going to be with them for a while.

    Although it seemed that his initial conversation starter had been a success, he hadn’t been expecting anyone to reply to him specifically, guess he should’ve been prepared. She mentioned her name was Fuyuko, he didn’t reply with his own name though, he didn’t feel it was necessary yet, especially since they could be separated when they arrived at the guild.
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  8. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Clinton stood wearing a heavy set of armor and bearing the handle of a hammer on his shoulder while the head was planted upon the ground. With the rest of the recruits he looked around for their awaited ride, though maybe a bit more eager than some.

    As the rest of the group began introducing themselves and making chatter, He listened with a humble smile. When the letter that they had received were brought up, Clint looked down at his own letter. An odd drop of fluid dripped onto the paper, and Clint looked to the sky expecting a rain cloud to be staring down at him. No cloud, only blue skies. His second instinct was to wipe his forehead, and there he found the source of this odd fluid. Clint had built up a heavy sweat from walking around with his questionably large set of armor, and he hadn't even noticed. He looked back to the other recruits and wiped away the sweat on his chest, hoping the others didn't notice.

    Now facing them, Clint swiftly picked up on the fact that he was the shortest of the group, outmatched by even the dragon girl. Damn. He did his best to ignore that fact and retreated back to a grin. "Hey I'm Clinton Orwell. I look forward to fighting along side all of you."
  9. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Joseph finished off his snack fairly quickly, almost talking with his mouth full to be included, but he decided to use his manners with his future peers. He swallowed the rest of the food and looked around. Some of the people didn't seem too friendly, but he wanted at least one to be on good terms with him. He decided to talk to the guy who was the first to talk. A dragon-lady beat him to it. making him hesitate mid-step as he observed this. The more the merrier. Joseph thought as he resumed his stride. "Hey, what's this party gossiping about? Fill me in on the juicy details." He said that as a joke, and hoped they'd take it as such. A small knight came up and joined the group. "I'm Joseph, how're you doin'?" He pointed finger guns at the three, alternating his hands between each and winking.
  10. The fist to introduce herself after Levi was the only female of the group. A small framed girl, with scales and bright eyes. Not unlike many members of the group, she had quite an unprecedented appearance. Her cloak was also rather odd, not made of any fabric he knew of as it was covered in seemingly protective skills. Levius wondered were she could acquire such a piece of clothing, and if it had anything to do with her reptilian appearance. She then promptly asked the glowing-armed boy a question. She didn't ask the whole group, directing her focus to the magic oozing male. Perhaps they knew each other, and she was simply more comfortable with speaking to him. But, Levi found himself assuming that Fuyuko wanted the boy's attention for less professional reasons. While he did answer, the other male didn't even offer his first name. Levius' first thought was of how rude such an action was, was this boy not raised with any sorts of manners? They were teammates, it was only polite to... Levi's mouth dropped slightly as he came to a realization. Did this male not trust the others? Levius could understand not giving any details to the enemy, but they were a team now and it was important to show your trust in your teammates. To assume that anyone in the group had any sort of malicious motives for acquiring his name was to immediately mark them as the enemy. Perhaps this was a tad judgmental, and jumping the gun a bit soon. The chances that his assumption was correct were very slim, and yet Levius couldn't find any other reason for the boy to not state his name. Levi took silent note of the slight gesture, but another male soon spoke up. This boy was dressed in heavy armor, and apparently suffering the consequences of, what Levi found to be, his rather inappropriate attire. Still, Clinton spoke with an honest tone, granted a bit excited. Levius sighed, it appeared many of his guild mates were rather immature, not that it could be helped. Joseph, the elf, introduced himself in a friendly manner- as Levi found himself observing the conversation he wasn't a part of. Levius managed to eaves drop while keeping his eyes on the horizon. Levi assumed that the letter was vague for a reason, whether it was so it couldn't be traced by an enemy or it was supposed to be some sort of test was unclear, and Levi hated not knowing whether not not he was doing the right thing. Were they supposed to do something other than just stand there? If it was a test, were they failing already?
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  11. “Maybe I’m being a little too judgemental...” Hunheart thought to himself as more of the group introduced themselves, most of these people seemed nice enough, he couldn’t really see how this might be a trap. It still could be, but there was no way these people were in on it if it was, although that kitsune seemed to be staring him down it was probably due to his intitial rudeness. After fighting a mental battle in his head on whether or not to, he decided to speak up and introduce himself, as he was the only one yet to, other than that tall guy. “I’m Hunheart. I apologise for not introducing myself sooner, I just found it strange how we were all gathered here and suspected something was up. I’ve always had trust issues, so I hope you can all understand and can forgive me.” He explained. Maybe he was being too formal, but he didn’t know these people yet and didn’t want to come off as lazy or narrow minded.
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  12. Fuyuko heard two different people speak, a Clinton and the Elf.

    "Hi, Clinton," Fuyuko was getting a bit impatient due to how long they were waiting, "I look forward as well."

    Fuyuko was waiting, but her dragon instincts were trying to kick in, but was cut out when the Arcane Elemental demihuman responded, revealing his name as Hunheart. She looked around at the rest of the group, realizing she was the only female in the group of six. She also continued looking around and saw the continued recruiters leaving with their recruits. She then turned towards the group, then at the sky.
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  13. As the six individuals conversed a small white colored portal opened in the sky that was hardly visible to the eye.


    A rather odd looking caravan shot out of the portal in an instant sending visual ripples of air outward from the portal. Upon closer inspection the caravan was not even a caravan it appeared to be a modified boat of some kind, with a flat bottomed hull and modified bow and stern for more aerodynamics. The overall design of it was sleek and smooth white with gold and silver colored trim accented by red arcane magic wings designs wrapped streamlined along the hull that seems to be giving the vehicle its flight capabilities.

    The strange vehicle emitted a deep humming as it circled the plaza several times at a rather surprising speed. It descended rapidly and parked itself several meters away from the sic individuals. The vehicle never touched the ground, instead hoovering a few feet off the ground. It was much larger than any caravan now that it was closer.

    Upon closer inspection the side of hall had a silver symbol shown on a gold plaque the appeared to be made of two scythes connected at the hilt forming a makeshift circle and a three pointed vortex design that spiraled into the center into a warped skull design made from each of the points of the vortex, the symbol of the Abyss Walkers. The same symbol that could be found on the wax seals of the recruitment letters that were sent out to the hopefuls.

    The vehicle was open topped and inside was like a typical luxury boat with plentiful cushioned seats and couches that were built in as part of the boat. An invisible dome dissipated from around the top of the ship, only invisible due to the fact it distorted the air around it when it disbursed.

    From the side of the ship that faced the plaza and the six hopefuls, the side opened and a ramp descended down. At the top of the ramp stood a young lady dressed in a traditional black and white maid outfit with a large white bow on the back and two long dress tails. Despite the simplicity of the outfit, upon closer inspection her uniform was extremely detailed and intricate displaying an extremely high level of sophistication, care, and value down the every ruffle of her multilayer dress and her decorative floral tiara. The young lady appeared no older than eighteen years old with bob length light sky blue hair that covered her right eye which matched her hair in color. Her skin appeared porcelain like as she stood atop the ramp in an extremely proper posture before taking out a pocket watch and checking the time, almost an hour past noon. She smiled and quickly replaced it before walking down the ramp, calm, collated, and proper.

    When she reached to the bottom of the ramp she approached the six recruits and smiled before greeting them in an elegant curtsey. “Greetings Hopefuls! Our apologies for the extended wait. My mistress had some unfortunate delays this morning and we sincerely apologize and we hope it did not cause any inconveniences for you all.” The young maid quickly scanned each of the six hopefuls and smiled, satisfied. “Now, if you don’t mind stepping aboard we have to be heading of as quickly as possible thank you. I will take care of your luggage and bags.” She stepped aside and gestured to the ship’s boarding ramp.

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    Joseph watched the ship descend. Finally. Gotta love the flashy entrance though. He had no luggage besides a small bag of items, but he preferred to keep it on him. "All right!" He raised his fists in excitement, then dashed onto the boat. Spinning around, he shouted at the rest, "Hurry up, if you don't wanna get left behind!" Joseph pivoted back to resume his dash, landing on a cushioned seat. "Whoa, these are really soft." He took his bag out from under his poncho and set it on the floor in front of him, and then stared at the others, wondering how quickly they'd follow.
  15. Hunheart was next onto the odd boat/caravan, opting to carry his luggage with him since all he’d brought was a knapsack with the essentials in it. This kind of luxury he was definitely not used to, but he wasn’t against it. It was nice, especially since he could enjoy it now that he’d let his guard down. He hoped that his entire time with the Abyss Walkers would be like this, though knowing what kind of job he was getting into, he knew that wouldn’t be the case. As he sat down on one of the nearby seats, he looked around the boat at all of the exotic and luxury decorations as he began to wonder what his time with the Walkers would be like. He didn’t know much, but he did know that whatever was ahead of him, it excited him.
  16. Levi didn't notice when the portal in the sky opened, and the strange vehicle that shot out of it caused Levi to lean back in a defensive position as he rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. Rather than immediately making it's way towards the group, the boat-like vehicle show cased its impressive speed with a few laps around the plaza before stopping in front of the young recruits. Levius looked up at where he could've sworn the caravan had come from, yet there was no longer a portal or even a trace of magic in that area. Still, Levi was sure he would've notice the approaching vehicle if it had come from any specific direction, was there a reason they entered in such a way? The guild's base was sort of a mystery, Levi assumed they didn't even want to give a hint to where they were based- that meant if anything bad happened while they were there nobody would be coming to help. When the vehicle came to a stop, a few of the people around him got excited, visibly dropping their guards- Levius did the exact opposite, granted upon examining the familiar design of the guild's logo upon the side of the vehicle Levi nodded slightly and accepted that this was most likely their ride.
    As the boat "opened" what one could assume was the master of the guild exposed herself, but from her youthful face and maid-like attire, it seemed she wasn't who Levi had expected to see. Actually, she didn't look much older than him- she was probably younger than some of his fellow recruits! She first checked her watch and upon her last set of words, Levi was sure that her punctuality was because she was serving someone. Whoever her "mistress" was, she must've been the guild leader. Right?
    Joseph was the first to race onto the ship, did he have no decency? He just jumped right aboard without even acknowledging their host. Not to mention, he cut ahead of the only lady of the group. Still, his playful cries did the boy's rudeness justice as it appeared he was simply over excited. Hunheart was next on the ship, he took a much calmer approach. Levius decided to wait Fuyuko to board first- his mother would be ashamed if he acted in differently. While waiting stiffly, Levi's gaze traveled swiftly towards the woman who was supposedly in charge of the group for now. He found it odd that an adventurer would be wearing such attire, yet what kind of guild has an actual maid working for them? "Miss? I am Levius Greer, pleased to make your acquaintance." Levi took a few stride towards the girl offering the slightest bow, regardless of her position in the guild, Levius still saw her as someone who deserved the utmost respect, "If I may ask, your mistress is the guild master?" Levi didn't wait for an answer, clearly a bit unnerved as he pressed on "Why didn't she come here herself? And why were our acceptance letters not delivered by hand?" Levi caught himself and gave a sort of awkward cough before regaining composure. "I, uh, understand if you can't answer these questions." he added quietly. He didn't want to make a bad first impression, and he certainly didn't want to be kicked out so early on. But this girl must have had the answers to the questions that had been plaguing his mind.
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  17. Fuyuko was third, after Joseph, she thought, Hunheart, to board with a backpack of her stuff, she picked a spot across from the Elf and the Arcane Elemental demihuman.

    "I just realized something, I'm not completely sure, but I may have a legacy status, if I remember right, but I was still recruited on other conditions, my overall skill and abilities." Fuyuko mumbled, thinking aloud, "I would have made Mom proud, and hopefully Dad, wherever he may be."

    Fuyuko continued thinking, waiting for the carriage-boat to leave.
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    The hour of first impressions had begun, and Clint felt great pressure to really turn some heads. He began by making his way onto the ship with a goofy strut that he had hoped would display his confidence. He carried his hammer by his waist holding like how a soldier would march with a rifle.

    As he passed by Levi and the young maid lady, he overheard Levi mention the lady's mistress being the guild master, and so Clint swiftly turned around, now facing the women. "You're mistress is the guild leader? What's she like? Is she strong? How strong is she? How does she fight?" Clint lost control of himself as he bombarded the women with a library of questions.
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    Loufe raised an eyebrow when the ship had come. How the heck did it just come in? And he was no expert in vehicles, but he knew that the machinery in front of him was certainly weird looking.
    Either way, he had no right to complain. He went over to enter the boat, and entered.
    Someone sticks out. Literally.
    "Shut it" Loufe whispered softly.
    Unfortunately, O.S had a point, thanks to his size, he felt uncomfortable in the ride.. The people around him weren't making it easier. Loufe briefly considered asking if he could just follow them in wolf form, but decided that he may as well humor them. They might explain something here.
    Besides, who knows is O.S would bother running all the way.
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  20. With a gentle smile the girl responded: “Very nice to make an acquaintance Mister Greer. My mistress is the current acting Guild Master and is currently dealing the issues that caused the delay this morning and could not come out to personally meet you, that is what I am permitted to inform you about. My mistress will meet with all of you in time.” The maid smiled, there was an intonation of sadness in her smile, hardly noticeable. She bowed once more as Clint ran up and assaulted her with his barrage of questions. “My mistress is the current acting Guild Master,” she repeated with a smile at Clint, “and I am sorry, but it is not my place to answer the rest of your questions. I apologize again, but may we please quickly get onto the ship so we may get moving, Mistress Xuki does not like to be kept waiting, and it would be in your best interests to not keep her waiting as well, any other questions pertaining to the guild members can be asked once we get moving, and I will anwser them to the best of my abilities, knowledge, and what is within my place to answer.” The maid bowed her head once more and gestured to the ramp of the ship.

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  21. Levi listened to the woman, relieved that he assumed correctly about her mistress- it would've been awkward if he hadn't, especially since the other guy joined in. Clint asked... a lot. Not to Levi's surprise, their host couldn't answer the questions. Of course, while it seemed Clint was lacking in self control when he bombarded the poor woman with questions, Levius wouldn't have minded at all if the questions were answered. Who wouldn't be concerned about the guild master's capabilities? And the mysterious reputation of the Abyss Walkers made Levi all the more curious. There was something about the maid's words, or the way she said them that seemed to contradict her confident and cheery exterior- but whatever it was, was so quickly fleeting to the point that Levi shrugged it off as a voice crack. "Oh! My apologies." Levi gasped upon realizing he was keeping the ship waiting, it seemed he had gotten caught up in imaging the guild masters' current situation. The young Kitsune promptly walked aboard the vessel and looked at the group that was already seated.
    Levi's calm gaze scanned the crowd. Fuyuko and Loufe both seemed to be talking to themselves- Levi found it best not to sit next to them in case they snapped suddenly. Hunheart, Joseph, and Clint were less occupied with themselves as they seemed rather excited to start moving- while Levi shared their enthusiasm, he didn't want to be seen as immature so he found it best not to engage with them. Instead, Levi sat in the farther corner from the others, sitting upright in the comfortable seat and crossing his arms over his chest. "Excuse me, miss." Levi began again. She did say she would answer any questions she could, and Levius figured he'd better try to get an understanding of things while he could. "Um, sorry, I don't think you gave us your name." the male added politely, not wanting to refer to the girl as miss every time he addressed her. After her response, Levi looked over the edge of the ship, "Where exactly did this vehicle come from? I guess I wasn't paying attention when it entered the plaza." Levi sighed before looking back towards the woman.
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    "Right, sorry" Clint said to the maid, as he hadn't considered they were probably in a rush do to the tardiness of the pickup. The boy rushed up the ramp.

    He looked around and took a seat by the tallest of the recruits, that being Loufe. Quite curious about his fellow recruit's skills in battle, Clint figured he'd bring the topic up in some small talk. "So what kind of combat do you specialize in? You're rather tall, so I'd have to imagine you get up close an personal, no?"
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  23. "It's quite alright." the maid smiled and followed the last two passengers onto the ship. The side of the ship closed and the entry ramp vanished quickly as the maid pressed a button near the entrance of the ship. She sat down in the driver seat of the vehicle which was very similar to the driving seat of a boat with the exception of a few extra panels of buttons, gauges, controls, and a few levers. Most of the user interface was made of sky blue arcane magic, appearing like hologram images when the maid touched both hands onto two bumps on the control console. The ship came to life again as it levitated slightly higher into the air. The same invisible force field reformed over the open top of the vehicle as the ship ascended, the maid was piloting the vehicle with ease and a slight smile as an arcane projection of the map appeared in front of her highlighting the rout they were going to fly before minimizing in a corner of the control interface but still could be easily seen.

    Hearing Levi’s questions, the maid grinned. “You are right! I never gave you all my name, how rude of me! One moment!” she said pulling a lever sending the ship flying off at an incredible speed into the distance, the city below them disappearing behind them only to be replaced by thick green forests far below them with occasional trails being seen breaking the foliage. The force field around the vehicle reduced the, would be, bothersome winds to a gentle enjoyable breeze despite the speed they were traveling. The ship emitted a pleasant low humming sound as it flew. Once the ship was steadily flying the maid turned her char to face the six individuals, “Sorry for not introducing myself earlier, I am Carol, Head Housemaid, and Head Nurse and Nanny of the Abyss Walker Estate.” She stated proudly. She looked around at their surroundings as the vehicle tore through the air still increasing in speed.

    "Where exactly did this vehicle come from? I guess I wasn't paying attention when it entered the plaza." Levi sighed before looking back at Carol.

    “This ship is known as the Guilded Phasebird, one of several vehicles that Abyss Walkers own. I am not surprised that you didn’t catch it when it entered the plaza. As the name suggests the Guilded Phasebird is able to travel vast distances using phase portals given it has picked up enough speed.” Carol turned back to check on the console, “And we are almost at that speed so we will be phasing shortly.”

    Carol’s definition of shortly was roughly ten minutes before the Guilded Phasebird had reached its optimal speed. When it did, the bow of the ship began shimmering a white light as if it was trying to push through a white elastic barrier. Carol pressed a few buttons, flipped a couple of switches, and pulled a lever on the control console. A white beam of light shot out from the bow of the ship, quite a ways ahead, the white beam turned into a large circular portal, tearing a hole in the air revealing a mountainous forest area within. As soon as the portal had finished opening, the Guilded Phasebird flew though it and exited out into the mountainous forest area, a vast difference from the slightly hilly grasslands and forests of the previous area. The ship exited the portal with the same shockwave it did back at the city plaza, the portal was closed as quickly as it opened. The Guilded Phasebird slowed down and descended slightly as it flew through the region. It was beautiful, the sun was warm and the temperature was mild, large flocks of colorful exotic birds began flying alongside the ship, they flew by many varying sizes of crystal clear pools of water, several waterfalls of varying height, and several mist filled valleys.

    “Lady and gentlemen, I welcome you all to the Star Reach Mountains!” Carol announced as they zipped around several huge mountain sides while still gradually descending. The peaks of these mountains reached high into the clouds not climbable by typical adventurers.

    After several moments the ship was finally pointed and headed to a visible location. Well-hidden and tucked away within the mountains was a huge clearing there were still trees but far fewer than the forests surrounding the area, there were stone paved walkways, fountains and other embellishments, grassy hills and plains, it resembled large fancy estate grounds. From the air there were three massive houses spaced out comfortably in the area one of them being much larger than the other two and was the one the Guilded Phasebird seemed to be heading towards.

    The ship landed in a large oval stone paved area that lead to a huge castle-like mansion. A large oval shaped garden was in the center of the oval area with a large ivy covered stone monument made of three arching and twisting stones that were carved and positioned in a way that they spiraled around one another into a singular point to sky. Strange symbols, and markings unique to each of the three stone pillars covered their surfaces. On marble stone tablet in the ground that faced the mansion doors was an engraving that read:

    A Monument to the Celestials
    May ignorance be the best weapon
    Against the Unknown

    As the ship landed Carol pressed a button on the console and the panel on the side of the ship opened again, the ramp appearing once more. “It was nice meeting you all, but this is your stop. I will be seeing you all again, now hurry up and line up in front of the monument, you don’t want to keep them waiting!”

    The mansion doors opened almost immediately right after Carol had finished speaking and three individual stepped out from the shadows of the inside, a huge man dressed in a dark grey overcoat with a high collar and wearing a cap, the combination almost completely obscuring his face completely with the exception of rare flashes of red when the light caught his eye. A very demi-human girl that appeared no older than fifteen sat easily on the man’s right shoulder, she had light shoulder length pink hair and a pair of large lynx ears on her head, her cat eyes staring with intensity and interest at the six newcomers . Next to the man was a much smaller naturally tanned skinned girl with silvery light blond hair. Her body was almost completely covered under a white cloak with black trimmings and electricity design motifs. She appeared to be holding a sword in her left hand. They descended steps of the front door and waited for the six new recruits to line up.

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  24. Hunheart sat in shock for a moment, had what Carol said been right? Was he hearing ok? She really said they were at the Star Reach Mountains. “Those portals must have some real power behind them if they can send a whole vehicle full of people somewhere so far away so quickly!” He thought to himself, trying to figure out the logistics of it in his head but failing miserably.

    Hunheart suddenly snapped back to reality when Carol had told them this was their stop. He looked outside to see three large mansion-like houses, all standing perfectly apart from each other. Was this their new home? If so, Hunheart could DEFINITELY get used to this. As he marveled at the luxurious homes exterior, he remembered that he had to actually exit the caravan now, it probably wasn’t the best idea to keep the guild masters waiting. Carol had told them that after all. He stepped off the now grounded caravan with his knapsack, and walked over to the steps where they were waiting. He didn’t recognise any of them, and found it pretty weird that a girl who looked younger than him by at least three years were one of the guilds top dogs.
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    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Loufe turned, short knight had a question.
    "My style? Well, I suppose my style would be ranged combat. Close quarters would be difficult. I may be tall, but not really muscular as you see."
    Tell me about it.
    Loufe's eyebrow twitched, then he continued "Being a werewolf isn't all it's hyped up to be." he said with a weak grin.
    Eventually they landed in the location they were supposed to be, in front of a monument. The maid, apparently named Carol, left, and n her place a trio of people. A huge golem of a man and two girls who were very much dwarfed by the man's intimidating stature and aura.
    Wow, talk about showy. Why does he have two girls on his sides. Is he a-
    Bap Bap Bap." Loufe interrupted silently, then went over to line up, wondering what was going to happen next.
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  26. Fuyuko had hopped off when Carol said this was her stop, and looked around.

    "This is the place that my mother always talked about, it's huge, almost as big as Dad's cavern." Fuyuko thought aloud.

    She continued thinking aloud about the place until she almost, quite literally walked into the monument. She looked up to find a man at least a foot taller than her, and two girls a little taller than herself.

    "Hi there, I'm Fuyuko," Fuyuko called out to the three she spotted from almost running into the Monument.

    She then decided to get in line, finding her self next to the werewolf.

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    Joseph wasn't much for the flashy portal, but he sure enjoyed the view. Especially the view of the mansion that he guessed would be his new home. He slung the bag over his shoulder and bounced up immediately upon landing. Joseph gleefully marched down the ramp and onto solid ground as he took the full view in. What a place. Joseph hadn't seen many large and beautiful buildings, he lived in his own makeshift house on the roof of a building somewhere in the slums. In the moment, he forgot all about his old place. He lined up a along the others, his attention now focused on the three people coming out of the mansion. "Joseph Solfang, reporting for duty!" He straightened up and saluted, relaxing his body immediately after.
  28. As the vehicle came to a soft landing, Levius found his mouth dropped and body rigid at the sight of their supposed guild hall. Of course, he had noticed when Carol used the word estate to describe the property, but she really wasn't kidding! This wasn't some shack in the woods full of reckless adventurers. There were maids, for goodness sake. Levi could see the difference in even the bright, well groomed grass compared to his home on the farm. The gardens, the statues, the multiple marbled establishments- Levi had only heard of such a dignified place on TV. And the owners of such a place was a pair of snobby aristocrats, not a guild of heavy-footed, reckless adventurers; how could an adventurer even have so much money? Was this really a guild hall?
    Carol's cheery voice broke Levi's trance, the boy giving his attention to her after reluctantly peeling his eyes from the magnificent building. Attempting to quickly fix his expression, Levi closed his mouth but failed to rid of the amazed smile among his features. "Thank you very much." Levi gaze Carol a slight bow as the other unloaded the vehicle. This was it. It was finally happening, right? Hunheart was the first to move, a trend that seemed to accompany the boy, he was bit overeager, but Levi was slowly beginning to realize that his judgments that fell upon the group at first were too quickly decided. For while Hunheart was excited, he was also brave and likely a natural leader. Following after the strange armed boy was the werewolf, who still made Levi instinctively defensive, followed by Fuyuko and Joseph. Preoccupied with expressing his gratitude towards the maid, Levi was a bit late on noticing that other people were approaching from the largest building. As his feet sank into the perfect grass, Levius almost had an urge to bend done and touch to ground to make sure it was real. He carefully walked after the others and lined up, making sure his shoulders were back and posture perfect as his thoughtful gaze fell upon the approaching group and his brain immediately began analyzing.
    The three, from afar didn't look all that special. They all looked pretty young, and other than the large man's size they didn't seem very strong or intimidating. Granted, they seemed like a tight knit group- though their different species made it clear that they weren't family. At least not blood relatives, that was. From just looking, one would assume the large man was the leader. Only because he appeared to be the strongest, while something about the woman riding his shoulder seemed immature and the sword wielding woman was completely stoic. And yet- that didn't make sense. Carol said her mistress was the guild leader, and the man before Levi was definitely not Carol's mistress. Perhaps none of these people were the guild master, but instead her advisors or underlings- her right hand men. That would mean the master still hadn't made her appearance, was she still occupied with the problem that Carol had brought up. Wasn't this a priority, or did she find the recruits to be of so little value that she simply didn't want to deal with them herself? No, that was unlikely- she must have still been busy. And yet, for Levi there seemed to be a lot of things that still didn't make sense no matter how he pieced them together.
    Eventually, Fuyuko called out and Levi felt his heart drop. No! How could she offer such a casual greeting? What if the guild master was among the small crowd? Levi couldn't believe the girl just said "Hey there..." to their superior authorities of the guild, yet she didn't seem too worried about it. And when Joseph introduced himself, Levi's eyes grew wide. If he didn't introduce himself at this point, it could be seen as rude. He didn't want to be the only one to not greet the trio, and yet they were too far away fro him to get a read on their opinions of the other's loud introductions. Levius bit the inside of his cheek, a brief conflict coming over him as he wagered on whether or not the higher-ups would appreciate him proclaiming his arrival. Finally, Levi settled for a subtle bow of respect, but kept quiet- deciding he could always speak up if needed, but he wouldn't be able to take back words if he said them too soon.
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  29. Fuyuko, when she had stood next to the tall human, took a look at the monument, in the Deceased section, found a name that hit her, hard, a 'Fuyumi Akai-o'. Fuyuko had a tear hanging in her eye, her mother, Fuyumi, died six years ago while working for the Abyss Walkers. She then looked up at the three, and back down at the monument, fighting her grief, she was very close with her before her death.
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    Clinton listened to Loufe, a tad surprised at the response. "Ranged combat, huh. I guess close-up isn't for everybody." I really would kill for that height advantage though, Clint thought to himself as he looked up the werewolf.

    Carol began to explain the vehicle they were traveling on and Clint listened as best he could. "The Phasebird." Cool name, he thought, though Clint was still waiting for the "phase" part to kick in, and before he knew it, the environment they breezed through shifted to wondrous mountains and forests. Clint nearly jumped out of his seat, he was so caught off guard, not to mention he was quite honestly feeling a bit nauseous. The boy managed to keep his composure and take in the views.

    “Lady and gentlemen, I welcome you all to the Star Reach Mountains!” Carol announced, answering anymore questions Clint could have had.

    The ship had landed and before Clinton had a chance to dash off the ship, he realized just how nauseous the trip had made him. As the others made their way off of Phasebird, Clint collected his hammer and tried to get a hold of himself. He fumbled down the ramp, unable to keep his balance with the weight of his hammer. At the bottom of the ramp, the boy fell to his knees as he did all he could to not stain his first impressions with vomit. Clint ended up managing to pull himself back up with his hammer and join the others in the back of the line.

    Once Clint had adjusted himself, he got a good view of the three individuals at the doors. Clint swiftly changed into a strict and tall stance (as tall as he could make it). "I'm Clinton Orwell!" He announced. Was that enough? "Er- Pleasure to meet you!" he added.
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  31. The cat girl sitting on the man’s shoulder watched the six hopefuls with sharp eyes as any cat would their prey. After all six of them had lined up, and each of them gave their own greeting and introductions or lack of introduction. Every time one of the hopefuls spoke, she raised an eyebrow as one of them rolled their way to the base of the ramp, the cat girl’s ears twitched almost like she was annoyed at the sound of their voices.

    The Gilded Phasebird took off again once the last passenger got off the ramp.

    Once all six of them had lined up the cat girl smirked as she slid off the man’s shoulder and landed soundlessly on the rock paved ground, she was holding a thin stack of papers and she flipped through them pulling some out and rearranging them. She paid the recruits no attention until she was done fidgeting with her papers which only tuned out to be six papers.

    The girl walked in front of the six recruits and crossed her arms as she spoke, “I am Xuki, she is Rami, and he is Hanz.” She gestured to the other two individuals now behind her, “That is all you will need to know about them for now.” She smiled showing her fangs. “ You unlucky six had the exalted honor to be put under my responsibility to get you all up to OUR standards before the final evaluation to determine if you will become official members of the guild. SO!” she shouted, “These are MY RULES! ONE! You do what I say. If I tell you to walk on your hands the entire day, you better do it! TWO! You WILL DO AS I SAY! THREE! Do not kill each other, please. It leaves a terrible mess and I don’t want to have unnecessary work for our fabulous cleaning staff.” Xuki paced up and down the line as she stated the rules paying to mind to the recruits.

    She walked up to Hunheart and inspected him before looking down at her papers, seemingly showing more interest in the paper than the actual person. “For an Arcane hybrid you sure are pretty pathetic to look at… not to mention an eyesore. How do you sleep at night glowing like that?” she said looking up to meet the young man’s gaze. She frowned and moved on down the line, flipping a page.

    “Werewolf eh?” Xuki snickered, “I hope your puppy is more impressive than you are.” Xuki flipped another page of her papers and moved on. Xuki immediately frowned seeing the dragon hybrid, Xuki glanced down at her paper for only a second before she sighed and looked up at Fuyuko meeting her gaze as Fuyuko fought her grief. “Wait here sister….” Xuki said under her breath so quietly that Fuyuko would be the only one to hear, perhaps Levi if he was listening intently. Xuki turned around and rejoined with Rami and Hanz. To the recruits, it appears that Xuki spoke to the two of them, Hanz nodded in agreement, and Xuki handed Rami Fuyuko’s paper and Rami promptly turned and went back into the house. Hanz now looked directly at Fuyuko, his stare was steadfast and intimidating, but at the same time there was a sense of sadness in them.

    Xuki took in a deep breath and turned back around looking as feisty as before and approached Joseph, she looked him up and down and sighed, “Boring elf….” She muttered and moved on. Standing in front of Levi she folded her arms again. “Fox boy eh? Multi-tailed too huh? Only three? Gonna need to try harder if you want a chance….” Xuki smiled with amusement, ‘too bad….”

    Finally she moved to be in front of the heavily armored Clint. Xuki began laughing aloud. “How you doing in there? Still learning to walk are we?” she continued to laugh, “You ever fight against a fire user? You’ll be served up well done! Take that off when you get the chance would ya? Your making me sweat just looking at you.”

    After finishing her evaluation of each of the recruits, Xuki moved to be in front of all six again. “You’re not the worst lot I’ve seen, but far from even being mediocre… and I don’t accept mediocrity.” Xuki folded her arms once more and nodded. “Jokes aside, I hope all six of you have gotten along well so far, because the six are now a team! Congratulations!” Xuki clapped excitedly, though it was obvious she was mocking them. “For the entire duration of your preemptive training, and all the way to your final evaluation, you will be graded as a team, your individual accomplishments, triumphs, and achievements mean nothing to us, you succeed as a team and you will fail as a team.” Xuki slowly looked at each of the hopefuls. “I cannot emphasize this enough, the Abyss Walkers see all fellow members as family… as brothers and sisters, and you do not turn your back to your family or let them fall.”

    Xuki’s gaze fell on Fuyuko. “Now, one upside for you six, Fuyuko here is a legacy recruit, her mother, Fuyumi, is a member and fellow sister to us, sadly she now guides and watches over us from the Celestial Gardens. So that means you six get held to a much higher and better standard that will make Fuyumi proud.”

    The doors to the mansion opened again but this time a much more typical looking young human woman stepped out, she had fair skin and long straight black hair that ended just above her waist, and her large expressive almond shaped eyes were a deep red. She was dressed in a white tank-top under a black leather mini-vest with a short loose black leather skirt, and a pair of white high top combat boots. A pair of red combat protective gloves were tucked under her belt. She held a neatly folded piece of cloth that seemed to be wrapped around an object roughly the size of the girl’s palm.

    The young lady walked briskly at the six new recruits, upon seeing her Xuki stepped aside and fell silent as the woman approached Fuyuko she was slightly shorter than the dragon demi-human. “I am Alyssa, you probably don’t know me, but I was with your mother when she was killed, and I was also one of her trainers.” She handed Fuyuko the folded bundle of cloth, “These belonged to her, and she would have wanted you to have them. We can talk more later when we get a moment, but right now I don’t have the time nor is this the place, so focus on this and we can talk later. Stay strong alright?” Alyssa smiled giving her a pat on the side of her arm. Alyssa stepped back and looked at the six of them. “You guys will succeed, just work at it a bit and get to know one another… Aria hand-picked you six out of hundreds, and she’s not been wrong yet. I’ll see you guys at dinner, Walter is cooking up some special things tonight for the recruits make sure they’re not late Xuki.” Alyssa nodded at them before returning back into the house, Rami and Hanz following her.

    Xuki nodded in confirmation. “Now, pick up your stuff and let’s go on a tour of the house shall we?” Xuki said with a slight smile.

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  32. Hunheart stared blankly at what appeared to be a 15 year old girl as she insulted him, he shrugged them off having dealt with stuff like that before as he began to wonder what the hell a 15 year old was doing with the Abyss Walkers. He figured she was probably much older and just didn't look it, or at least very experienced, if she was a part Abyss Walkers already, so he didn’t underestimate her ability though he was still skeptical. As Xuki continued to explain how things worked around here, he picked up specifically on the “training” part. If they had been accepted into the guild, then why would they still have to prove themselves? He pondered on this for a bit as he got ready to go on the tour.
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    O.S growled I don't like her. Too sassy, that's my job. C'mon, you seriously won't let me eat her? She's small enough, one bite, and no one will know.
    Loufe sighed No. Sassy or not, she's now our boss....I guess. Besides, I had to deal with you for years. She ain't much compared to that.
    Although, something she said bothered him.
    I hope your puppy is more impressive than you are.
    Did she already know? Was he that obvious? He wondered how he was even considered to join this team then, considering his "mental problem".
    Hey! I'm not a problem!
    Either way, there wasn't time to think. Sassy wanted to show them around. Loufe didn't have luggage, so he simply waited for the others to begin the tour.
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  34. Fuyuko was initially confused, but then realized this whisper had something to do with her mother, as Rami left with a paper. When Rami returned, another woman appeared, introduced herself as Alyssa and handed her a cloth.

    Fuyuko accepted the cloth and found a pair of armlets inside, both were grey, but one had chains etched into the metal, the chains were similar color to Hunheart's right eye. She slid them on to her upper arms, and was wondering about them a bit, since she had no idea about their abilities, the only time she had seen them was when she was at home, all she remembered was the one with the chain etching was called 'Restraint'.

    "Thank you, I was not expecting these at all." Fuyuko responded as she walked with Xuki and her fellow recruits, her backpack in tow.
  35. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Joseph had to hold back his laughter as the small girl went down the line insulting his fellow recruits. He knew she had to be stronger than she looked, but the elf had a hard time believing that, making it all the more hilarious to him. As she got to him, he was disappointed when all she came up with was "boring." Am I just that perfect? Joseph joked to himself. Then Xuki went on about mediocrity, and about family stuff. Joseph considered himself a friendly guy, but three-tails- or Levi- didn't give off a very familial aura. He also was a little displeased when the dragon-lady received more attention than him. I've only gotten two words in my direction this far, and they called me boring! Joseph wasn't angry, rather determined to do something. To prove them wrong. That's how he got this strong, and if it wasn't enough, he'd make himself do better. When invited in the house, he could barely hold back a roar of excitement, but he joined with his team for the tour.
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  36. Levi's large ears flicked as he watched the group in front of them, the most expressive being the small cat-creature who seemed more annoyed than anything else. When the girl left the man's shoulders and walked to the front of the group, it dawned on Levi that she would be in charge. Was she the leader of the trio? Honestly, she was the last one that Levi would have assumed to be the leader. He knew better than to judge someone's strength off of their appearance, but she acted just as young as she looked! Xuki. Rami. Hanz. Levi made mental notes before Xuki suddenly changed the subject causing Levi to narrow his eyes. She had to know that the recruits would have questions- all she was going to give was the names? Was she trying to be obnoxious, or did she have a reason that she was covering up with her teasing grin? When Xuki suddenly raised her voice, Levi visibly flinched before quickly straightening and narrowing his eyes, what was her problem?
    After stating her 'rules' Xuki moved on to examine each recruit. Levi kept his eyes ahead of him as he did his best to pay no mind to the girl's comments about the others, he found his ears swiveling to pick up the insulting remarks that the small girl spit like fire. Hunheart and Loufe were the first to assume the verbal abuse, Levi pulled back his shoulders and did his best to look tough knowing he would soon be a victim as well. Though, Fuyuko's commentary took a bit longer than the others. Xuki spoke to Fuyuko and then walked away to speak to the older guild members, Levi caught a slight whisper about waiting but didn't pay much attention to it. His gaze rapidly flicked between each of the three adventures and Fuyuko as he tried to understand what was happening. He gulped at Hanz's burning gaze which bore into Fuyuko- what had this girl done to deserve such special treatment? And why didn't she warn the others before subjecting them to what could be a dangerous situation? They then dropped the subject of Fuyuko without doing anything, except for Rami, who left with the girl's papers. Levi's narrowed glare scanned Fuyuko once more before he turned away with a straight face.
    In time, Levi came face to face with the girl who looked even smaller now and yet her eyes seemed even fiercer. Levius locked his gaze onto her's, doing his best not to show how nervous he was. Fox boy? The correct term was Kistune, but who was he to correct her? Knowing the girl, she was doing it on purpose. Levi instinctively looked behind him and nodded at his three swishing tails, when he turned back around his lip twitched at the girl's last comment. Try harder. What was he supposed to do to grow and extra tail? He found his pride injured at the insult and, as anyone would, wanted to rebuke- but he stayed silent.
    When Xuki backed up from the bunch, she gave what seemed to be a compliment but it quickly digressed into her labeling the group of just short of mediocre. "Jokes aside..." the small girl began, though Levi assumed nobody appreciated her jokes nearly as much as she did. As Xuki explained, Levi bit his tongue. Evaluation? Team work? So now, the test was truly beginning. Levi sighed inaudibly at the girl's words, he understood the part about family. Any guild should have bond that was stronger than their lives, but did they expect him to already be so attached to his fellow recruits. To be honest, he wasn't very found of most of them. When the subject of Fuyuko came to light again, it suddenly made sense. So the girl's mother, deceased, had been a member of the guild. Fuyuko seemed like an honest girl, granted a bit shy, Levi's ears pinned to his head as he suddenly felt bad for her. If it were his mother who had died while part of the guild, he'd do his best to avoid the place as much as possible- and yet Fuyuko followed after her mother's footsteps. Why? Levius couldn't quite understood it, but he respected the girl's honor in carrying out her family tradition. Alyssa was yet another new face, at this point Levi was used being introduced to people and by now he wasn't assuming they were the leader anymore. Perhaps they wouldn't meet the guild master at all until after the test. Though as the list of people in his mind grew longer, he found himself less and less excited about meeting the woman behind it all. Though, at the slightest hint, Levi's ears pricked forward and he found himself curious all over again. Aria: at least he knew her name.
    When Xuki ordered the house tour, Levius picked up his bag and placed the strap across his chest, the contents resting at his left side except the sword that was strewn across his back. Levi fell in line with the others as they prepared to enter the house, though he found one question still lingered on his mind. The werewolf didn't seem like the most approachable person around, though Levi had seen him talking on the ride to the guild and he didn't seem hostile then. Levius waited for the others to pass as he stealthy slipped beside Loufe before giving a casual nod. "Who are you always talking to?" Levi asked without even looking at the male, "As teammates, we should know each other's secrets, yes? And I want to know who else is with you." Levius said flatly as he recalled the many moments of suspicion that the tall male had caused by using terms like 'we' or yelling at someone who wasn't there.
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    Loufe flinched at the other guy's question. He never spoke with him yet, but he clearly was suspicious of him for who knows how long.
    "Wha-m-m-me? Who? What? I-I mean, you must be hearing things. I'm not talking with anyone" which was technically the truth "I think you're just confused."
    Greeaat job there Loufe. I'm sure they'll never suspect you. You realized you're gonna turn wolf eventually right? I'm not gonna pretend to be you.

    Shut up, it's not just your general unlikeability. What are they gonna think of the guy who talks to himself, who apparently is two people in one? That he's sane?

    Are you?


    "Anyway! I suppose if we're gonna be a team we may as well introduce ourselves. I'm Loufe, nice to meet you." he put out a shaky hand toward the other male.
  38. Ridleymon

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    Clint watched as the little cat girl verbally butchered all of his fellow recruits. Well, all except Fuyuko, who seemed to be somewhat of a special case compared to the rest of them.

    As Xuki approached the boy, he began conjuring up ideas of how to impress her rather than being chewed up and spat out like the rest. The best Clint could do however, was a friendly smile. He looked down to Xuki which was an oddity for Clint when in engaging in conversation. Clinton steeled himself for the worst but was surprised to find that he was greeted with laughter. Is that a bad thing? It certainly isn't a good thing, He thought to himself. Clinton was too caught up in dissecting the meaning behind her laughter, he wouldn't be prepared for when Xuki let the boy have it as she mocked his armor.

    Clint felt his forehead and realized he was sweating again, though this time it was due to the intensity of first impressions. "Oh, the armor isn't that hot. I actually need it for my train-" he said, shortly cutting himself off as he realized that Xuki had already moved on. It's too late now. Damn. Clinton's straight posture soon loosened as failure echoed throughout his brain.

    That posture was quickly restored from its slouched state as soon as the cat girl mentioned team training. Clint saw a new opportunity to prove himself.

    Xuki then mentioned something about Fuyuko's mother and how Fuyuko was a "legacy recruit" meaning that the six of them would be held to a higher standard. Clint now looked over to the demi-human recruit, much more intrigued by her. She must be pretty strong then, no? Clinton questioned. To add to his curiosity, a brand new face, Alyssa, came out from the mansion and brought the girl some sort of new gear.

    Xuki had grasped back onto Clint's attention once she told them to grab their stuff and follow her for a tour. Clint swiftly grabbed his hammer and diligently followed right behind Xuki. Maybe a bit too diligently.
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  39. Levi narrowed his eyes as the werewolf stuttered like a child caught in a lie. The nervousness of the other male hinted that whatever he was trying to hide was important to him, was it something he was ashamed of or was it something dangerous? Levi's blood red gaze spent a long time studying the brutish male's face before looking down at his extended hand. Every bone in the boy's body told him not to take Loufe's hand. He wanted to spit on the hand and turn away with a witty, spiteful comment. Still, he couldn't muster the courage to make such a disrespectful gesture. "Levius." Levi said flatly as he shook the werewolf's hand, "Your tower of lies will one day crumble- the taller you build it the the more damage it will cause upon it's collapse." Levius' voice was low as he tightened his grip around the male's hand before releasing it. "Please excuse my prying, and I urge you to forgive my intrusiveness, although I do wish to better understand my teammates." the boy bowed slightly before raising to make eye contact "However, do not be mistaken, I am not a fool." Levi added with a soft, almost menacing voice, Levi then dropped the subject completely as he looked ahead of him.
  40. Though Xuki paid no mind, she could hear the whispers and questions the six recruits were asking among themselves and smiled to herself as she neared the mansion doors. The large reinforced double wooden doors opened to their maximum as she neared. “Welcome to the Abyss Walker Headquarters, this is the first and the largest of our houses scattered across the world.” Xuki stepped through the doors leading the six.

    Inside the doors revealed a massive entrance hall that was a fusion of marble and a dark wood that was not exactly recognizable to be of any known species. There was three visible levels and a high domed ceiling that doubled as a magical mural depicting stars and constellations, the stars would twinkle and shift, and the constellations would have bright lines that connected them together to show their shapes. Upon walking into the mansion directly across from the main entrance was a grand staircase that lead to the second floor balconies and branching from the same landing was another set of stairs that lead up to the third floor balcony. Marble pillars held the balconies of each floor all around the outer ring of the hall that went up to the ceiling, the two largest pillars being by the entrance to the mansion and was carved in a way that a large dragon was wrapped around each pillar.

    To the left and right was another pair of mirroring marble spiral staircases that stood alone and away from the wall that led up past the ceiling. Two double doors line the left and right walls with stone pedestals with an assortment of floating glowing clusters of crystals of different shapes and sizes. On the floor in the center of the great hall was the circular symbol of the guild made from different colored marble.

    A huge framed picture of several individuals was on the wall in-between two high arching stained windows on the open landing of the second floor with smaller versions that followed the stars up onto the third floor.

    Xuki turned around to face the group, there was an elderly man with lines of age and experience showing on his face. He was standing to her right as they entered, the man was tall, slender and was dressed in long formal black trousers, a long sleeved white wing collar dress shirt, a thin dark purple tie and matching vest with black gloves and dress shoes, and a monocle on a chain on his left eye resting on his nose along with a few other chains around his waist and pockets. His raven black hair reaches slightly past his shoulders and is tied into a tight pony tail. He has a longish sharp nose, a strong brow, and intense expressive eyes. To the man’s right was a young lady that looked like an exact copy of Carol except her hair was the color of fire with eyes to match except her left eye is covered. She was dressed in the exact same uniform as Carol was.

    “Now pay very close attention recruits. This is Arkady Ashcroft.” Xuki gestured to the elder man.

    “Greetings Miss. Xuki, and its pleasure meeting you all. I am Arkady Ashcroft, but you may address me as Arkady or Mr. Ashcroft, whichever you prefer. I’ve been in service with the Abyss Walkers for nearly a decade now. And I hope to make your stay as pleasant as possible, if you all need anything, do not hesitate to ask me or any of our staff. I am sure you all have met Miss. Carol, this young lady here is her twin sister Cadence, the other head Housemaid.” He spoke with dignity and sophistication, and radiated an aura of command and authority.

    Cadence bowed deeply six with a smile at the group of six but said nothing.

    “Thank you Mr. Ashcroft.” Xuki smiled at the butler

    Arkady bowed his head at her and at the group, “Any time Miss. Now if you’d excuse me I have preparations for tonight I must attend to.” Arkady turned around and promptly walked away exiting out of one of the double doors along with wall with Cadence following on his heels.

    Xuki smiled and nodded and turned her attention back to the group of six. “He is the Butler to the entirety of the help staff on this entire estate, which means Mr. Ashcroft is the boss and the man in charge of everything on the premises, he is also a very good source of information so I do encourage you to utilize his services when you guys can. He is also quite the formidable opponent if you need an opponent to spar with, come to think of it…” Xuki pondered for a moment, “Carol and Cadence are quite good too… maybe later….” She seemed to be talking to herself. She led the six of them into the center of the hall and stopped again and gestured to the massive framed picture on the wall.

    The picture depicted six individuals, they were all relatively young, no older than seventeen and several of them looked like younger versions of people the six have already met. To the far left of the picture was a young woman that looked like a younger Rami, but without the cloak and she was holding a sheathed katana standing with her arms crossed, next to her was a young Alyssa dressed in a very similar way she currently was, she seemed to be cheering in the picture with one arm in the air waving and smiling.

    Next to Alyssa was an extraordinary beautiful Kitsune girl with all nine tails that spread wide behind and intertwining with the people in the picture, she stood with a hand on her hip and her other hand on shoulder of the boy next to her crouching on one knee.

    The boy next to the Kitsune had long black backswept hair that seemed to fade to a pure white slightly past halfway of its length, with warm light tan colored skin, and his eyes were a strange violet turquoise color being more turquoise around the pupil and shifting to a violet. He held two scythes in each hand, one he held backwards near the blade and had the tip of the blade stuck into the ground, the other he had resting over his shoulder the blade curving overhead. These weapons were strange in their design, almost alien-like, extremely minimalistic with large portions of the blade being simply missing, but had enough to still be unmistakably a wicked and ruthless weapon.

    Next to the crouching boy was a younger looking Hanz and he still looked exactly the same at a bit smaller in stature but his face was still obscured in the picture.

    On the far right of the picture next to Hanz was another girl with the same skin tone as Hanz and Rami. Despite her youthful and exotic features of her face, her body was well developed. She had straight pure black hair that went down to the small of her back decorated with intricate gold chains and other bright precious gems and intricate charms. She has bright emerald green eyes. She was barely clothed at all wearing a simple white decorative top that left little to the imagination with red triangular patterns and a matching low hanging loincloth that revealed both her legs and quite a bit of her behind, she had on simple brown cloth shoes and a transparent shawl that hooked around on her fingers. She was leaning on a large metal bladed ring that went up to her waist, the ring had three evenly space outward protrusions that resembled bladed wings. She had her back to Hanz and had on a simple smile.

    “These are the six original founders of the Abyss Walkers, they are all still active members, and you’ve already met Hanz, Alyssa, and Rami, in time if you’re lucky you might meet them all.” Xuki looked at the picture and smiled. “Any questions so far?”

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