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Because my last one didnt go too well...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by khan, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. (Because my last one didnt go too well I would enjoy if you pm'd me before posting if i can't do this moderator's please let me know and i will not do this again and i hope to have a lot of fun)

    "No Shane, I don't care what your friends are doing, You are too young to have a pokemon!" Shouted Shane's mother. "Mom I'm fifteen! almost all my friends got pokemon and left town a year ago! Your not being fair!" said Shane "Shane as long as you live under my roof, you will follow my rules! Now go to your room!"

    Shane stormed down the hallway and went into his room. He could not take it anymore 'As long as you live under my roof, you will follow my rules' His mom said 'I guess if I leave, Mom can't do anything to me. Yeah tonight I'm leaving, and mom can't do a thing about it!'

    Shane packed a bag with everything he needed, this was going to be the first time he left Azalea town so he took a few pokeballs that his older brother left behind 'I'll go to Union cave and try to catch a pokemon there'

    Shane opened up his window and started dashed as far away from the house as he could. He stopped behind the pokemon center to catch his breath "Huff, huff i did it! i actually did it! Now to the cave!" Shane kept running and he passed the town line "Woo hoo!!!!!! i made it! Yeah!! Ahh!" said shane stumbling over a rock. "Hehe, I'll slow down now"

    Shane kept walking until he reached Union Cave "So this is Union Cave, maybe my first pokemon is in here..." Shane continued through the cave warily holding out a pokeball. Just then, a pokemon, Sandshrew came out from the ground "A sandshrew!? hmm...yeah your going to be my first pokemon." The sandshrew looked very young but it didn't look like it would give up easily. Just at the moment when Shane was going to throw a pokeball The Sadshrew curled up into a ball and chraged him " Waah rollout! How does it know such a strong move?"

    Shane dodged the attack as the sandshrew kept attacking,this continued until the two could hardly move and Shane had but one pokeball left (the sandshrew crushed the others with rollout). Shane with his last bit of energy threw the pokeball at the Sandshrew, and fell to the ground. the pokeball rocked once, twice, three times, and stopped. "I got it, From all your spinning, I'll call you, Helix." said Shane grasping the ball.
  2. (just one bump and if this doesn't work I'll let this one die and I'll move along)
  3. (OOC: Do you mind if I join? I'll be using an old 'friend' of Kari's, my other RP character.)

    "Well, that was impressive!" Dove was not lying either. It had been quite a while since she had seen anyone catch a Pokemon with such determination. She clapped at the younger boy (at least, she assumed he was younger than she) and almost started at the echoing it caused. Even after all the years she had been a wandering trainer, she fretted over the smallest things. Luckily Scion, her Jolteon, was always there to help her not be a scared-y Meowth.

    She had gotten slightly lost in the cave since venturing in on Route 32. Encountering a Lapras had made up for the error, though it was not a particularly impressive specimen. Spending so much time underground had turned the creature's hide a much paler shade of blue than is usual and it was quite the runt.

    Gradually, the cave lightened as Scion ran small currents of blue electricity across his fur. In the half-light Dove's usually brown hair gained an eerie glow and the few patches of skin she showed became ghostly. Her clothing did not catch the light and she ended up looking like a floating face and series of disembodied fingers. Sometimes she wondered whether Scion did this sort of thing on purpose and if her old 'friend' had been a bad influence. Dismissing the idea that such a thing was possible, she turned back to the young trainer.

    "Sorry, I've been rude," She smiled politely, hoping that her etheral appearance would not shock the boy too badly. "My name is Dove and this is Scion," She motioned to the Lightning Pokemon by her side, who flared up his electricity. "And we're a little bit lost. Could you help us? This is our first time in Johto."

    (OOC: You didn't give much detail about the state of things inside the cave, so I made it up a bit after checking the Union Cave page on Bulbapedia (I've never played G/S/C). Dove was Kari's first and only travelling partner (that was human at least) and they parted on less than friendly terms. She still thinks about him a lot, despite her best efforts; Kari on the other hand, remembers her only when he has a low ebb, thus marking how different these two have turned out.)
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Referring to the rules:

    4. Double, Triple, Quantiple, et cetera, posting is not allowed. Use the modify/edit button. The sole exception is if you're bumping a topic that has fallen behind with new information pretaining to this topic. Art/Writing topics may also be double/triple/whatever posted by the artist/author to post new material - but ONLY by the topic's creator.

    This is NOT a valid reason for a bump. Especially when it's A ONE DAY DIFFERENCE.

    You get a warning. I'd lock this topic but someone decided to respond and saved your posterior. Consider yourself lucky.
  5. (Whoops sorry about that won't happen again)

    "Oh thank you Miss Dove." Shane bowed to the woman. When Shane looked up he was slightly startled at the woman's appearance but thought it must have been the lighting "Umm...I wouldn't exactly be the best person to ask for directions This is my first time out of My home town...But I'll try where are you going?" Said Shane.

    At that moment Shane dropped his pokeball and out emerged Helix who seemed much more tame even cuddling up against Shane a little. "Wow, someone seems happy" This ended when Helix caught sight of Dove's Jolteon Helix charged right at it. "Helix! No! Don't attack Scion!" Shouted Shane but Helix wouldn't listen (I'll end here for now because I gotta go grocery shopping with my sister)
  6. (OOC: Kind of wondering what I got myself into here, your descriptive skills are somwhat lacking. I'll keep at it, hopefully I can help you improve; plus I want to RP.)

    Dove was a little surprised. Never before had she or Scion been attacked in such an unwieldy manner. As world weary as the pair were, this was a new experience. Dumbfounded she watched the small rock-rodent roll ever closer. In normal circumstances, an Electric-type versus a Ground-type was simiple: earth does not conduct, so ground would win. However, disparity in experience must be taken into account. It was quite obvious to all involved, except perhaps to Helix, that the fight would go the other way.

    Scion was a Kanto champion. He had bested opponents of nearly all types and from all corners of the globe. Due to his past ventures, the grizzled fox knew when to fight at top form and when to go easy on an opponent. This was a time for the latter. Dove but all her faith into her companion. They had been together longest out of all her Pokemon and had been through the most hardships together. She needed to give him no instruction, he dodged the first attack with grace only one such as he could have. Running alongside the rolling yellow ball, he carefully took aim. With great precision he landed a bite squarley on the Sandshrew's tail, knocking it off balance before it could roll into a wall.

    "I shall guess, young trainer, that he is your first Pokemon?" Dove was mildly entertained at this, it had been a long while since she had met anyone new to the 'career' of training. Scion was wholey disinterested, as usual. Without further ado, she gently tossed an Ultra Ball to the boy. "Here, you can keep her. I was only going to trade her away at some point anyway."

    (OOC: Yes, Dove can be surprisingly formal at times. Scion is impartial to all things but good battles, good food and a certain Persian.)
  7. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    (No offense, but this story needs more than two characters so if you don't mind I'l try and throw in my two cents here.)

    "Jeez, that was one tough geodude, eh Sparks?" Dean asked his Pichu, Sparky after a particularly irritating battle in the tall grass outside the tunnel they call Union Cave. Sparky gave him a "how funny" look, then smiled, jumped onto his shoulder, and said simply, "Pi!" So, this is union cave, huh?" Dean said, turning to the cave (and the mountain attached to it) looming over them, "I heard a sandshrew rolling around in there just now, sounded pissed at something... Heading inside, Dean saw an eerie blue light illuminating a young woman and a teenager who looked 15 or 16. Walking toward them, he called out, "Oi, you there! What are you doing standing around in such a dangerous area?" At that moment he realized a pokemon battle had occurred and had Sparky take a potion from his backpack, lest the trainers be unprepared. Pichu obliged, managing to completely ruin his dark red hair. Dean arrived were they stood and asked quickly, not even introducing himself, "What's going on here? Is that sandshrew alright?"then," Sparks, the potion." Sparky gave it to him, and he stooped over the sandshrew spraying the potion on it's bite wound.

    (see new character! write what you will, to counteract or support him)
  8. (Not at all mate, and Tatile is the pokemon whatever i choose or is it a specific one?)

    Shane was shocked at how quickly the battle had ended he knew that Helix could not win but that he would at least get one good hit in on the Jolteon lighting the caves. He was rather shocked that Dove just gave him an ultra ball with a pokemon in it. "Are...are you sure you want me to have this miss Dove? I mean, I can't control a younger pokemon like Helix, so how could i possibly control an even stronger pokemon?"

    Shane ran over to Helix who seemed to be shaken up after his 'Battle' so he cradled him in his arms "hey buddy let's get you to a center..." Before Shane could move even two steps another trainer approached him and Dove noticing that the trainer had a potion Shane laid Helix on the ground and watched the healing process.

    "I might as well look and see whats in it" said Shane tossing the ultra ball. After the flash of light it was to Shane's surprise that a young Eevee emerged out, but it was not normal, it was gray, being that most Eevee's are brown, this one was clearly unique "So miss Dove, does she have a name?" The young Eevee immediately began to cuddle with Shane, it seemed alot more docile than Helix, which nice for him.

    After the new trainer had finished helping Helix, he had jumped atop Shane's head, Helix seemed to like standing on top of people. Shane Bowed to the trainer "Thank you, I'm Shane O'Riley, who are you?"
  9. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Forgetting that other people were around, Dean was confused when a question was directed at him. "What? Oh, the name's Dean, and this is Sparky, but I call him Sparks most of the time. So this is your Sandshrew then eh? looks like he bit of more than he can chew." As the three trainers conversed, Sparky jumped from Dean's shoulder running off to play with the newly released Eevee, nearly shocking it accidentally on a few occasions. "So what happened here anyway? I hope you were just having a friendly battle, or was one of your pokemon feeling a little scrappy? By the way, what are you're names? "
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Sooooo, Khan.
    What exactly made you decide it's a Shiny Eevee? Particularly when she mentioned that the ball contained a Lapras?

    This falls under the definition of Autoing, or the controlling of another RPer's character without their permission - a rule violation that is not tolerated here. And as this isn't the first rule violation in this thread, I am officially closing it and giving you another nice little warning.

    At this rate I'm afraid you might find yourself banned, so, please. Read all the rule threads relevant and Shape Up, or be Shooped Out.
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