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Open Be my Val3ntine? (Post apocalyptic RP discussion thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Astrapi, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

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    Be my Val3ntine was a codename for event leaving devastation among millions. Taking place on Valentines day, Be my Val3ntine was an attack taking place in the middle of America, then the UK, then Australia, and every other place you could think of. Nobody knows quite what it was (Many believing it was some sort of demonic creature and a twisted few) but the effects have scarred what the world once was. It left people crazy, and killed hundreds more. Valentines day has become odd in a sense, seeming to last a week, stretched out as if time itself was hurt. Yet everything moves in the same pace. You are a survivor of the main attack on America, and you are trying to find out who and what did this to you.

    This RP is loosely based of the story of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl who survived the bombing of hiroshima when she was 2 however went on to die at the age of 12, believing if she folded 1000 paper cranes she would be well again. However she only got to 644, and her family and friends completed the last 356.

    Keep violence PG-13
    Despite the title, romance is not the main focus of the RP, but if you do include it don't go further than a kiss.
    After effects of the attack drove people crazy, it didn't give them superpowers.
    Try to keep from being a Mary Sue
    Hate the character, not the person.
    The roleplay takes place on valentines day, Febuary the 14, 2031. The attack was on the same day, 2021.
    One character only please.


    Age: (No younger than 14)
    Date of Birth:
    Personality before the attack:
    Personality After attack:
    Attack after effects:

    Name: East Finch
    Nickname: Finch
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: 14/8/2015
    Appearance: Tall, around 6ft, slender young girl with aluminium blonde hair gradient to ginger, then dyed black-blue at the tips. Her eyes are indigo. She wears shorts, a white top, blue hoodie, blue trainers and a purple bandanna.
    Personality before the attack: East was very positive yet rather shy, and she loved nothing more than a bit of fun.
    Personality After attack: After the attack, East became quiet and stubborn, yet often flicks between quiet to bonkers. She believes that she caused the attack because she had powers and the government was coming for her.
    Attack after effects: The attack left her with something similar to Bipolar disorder, she often gets manic episodes and flicks between moods easily, and also sees and hears things that aren't there, which drive her mad. Doctors have tried to use the medication they would for Bipolar disorder with her, yet it just made her much worse. 'There's not really much anyone can do' Is all the doctors said, before sending her home.
    Relatives?: Died in the attack. Had a brother, sister, mother and father, and sometimes gets hallucinations of them being with her.
    Other: Nawp

    Hope this goes well.
  2. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Yes, I got tagged! But I'm not sure if I'm interested... Sorry..
  3. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Aww, thats okay
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  4. I might join this, but I need to wait until tomorrow to do my bio.
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  5. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    That’s okay :D
  6. Name: Astra King
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: 12/11/15
    Appearance: She has blonde hair down to her waist which goes orange about half way down because she dyed it. She has a black skirt above her knees and an orange crop top, as well as cropped, ripped hoodie which is black and has a hood with two cat ears on it.
    Personality before the attack: She can be hyperactive, full of energy. She’s sarcastic at times, and loves to crack jokes and pranks. She doesn't care about many others or what happens to them.
    Personality After attack: She's still hyperactive, sarcastic and makes jokes, but now gets emotional and very protective. She would do whatever it takes to protect her or who she cares for. She has little trust in other people, though.
    Attack after effects: She taught herself to use any type of weapon and always has to have one on her. She has little to no trust in a lot of people.
    Relatives: She left them before the attack and any love interests were killed.
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  7. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Accepted! Thanks for joining
  8. Name: Nemo Cinders
    Preferred name: Cinders
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Date of Birth: July 4
    Personality before the attack: Before the attack, he was a normal person. He was somewhat quiet and kept to himself, and he had very good grades in school. He was in school when it hit, and all of the people in the room were killed; some slowly, some quickly. For some reason, he wasn't. He wasn't particularly social, and he didn't have much personality, but it never bothered him.
    Personality After attack: He forgot the trauma of the attack and his life before the attack completely. Then, he went on a search for himself, who he is, who he was, and so on. This means that he just does pretty much whatever he can to discover his true identity. He has no holdups about murder.
    Attack after effects: Aside from amnesia, he has gotten very good with knives, axes, and machetes. He also knows how to use a gun. He is still pretty smart, but since his amnesia, he has forgotten to study and started focusing a lot more on exercise and muscle.
    Relatives?: All died.
    Other: I may not be able to roleplay as often as I can when I am in school.
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  9. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail


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