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DPPt/HGSS Battle tower - help required

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Lord Feraligatr, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Hi, I'm trying to get the last of the ribbons for my empoleon and am having a bit of trouble. I've won 31 battles in a row on single, 28 in a row on doubles and 14 in a row on wifi. Please note that my Empoleon was my starter so i cannot change his IV or nature and can not give him egg moves but still want to use him for ALL of the battles. Any of the other pokemon can go, breed or be changed completely. I would appreciate any help, thank you.


    Gengar. (i use it as a special sweeper, great coverage)
    EV: Hp 4 SpAtk 252 Spd 252
    IV: HP — 28 ;Atk — 18 ;Def — 2 ;SpAtk — 25 ; SpDef — 8 ; Spd — 30
    Item: focus sash
    Shadow ball
    sucker punch

    I start off with gengar depending upon what type pokemon he faces will determines what action I take. Hypnosis is for a bit of protection for the team.

    Electivre. (i use it as a physical sweeper, great coverage)
    motor drive.
    EV: Hp 4; Atk 252; Speed 252
    IV: (unknown)
    Item: expert belt
    thunder punch
    ice puch
    cross chop

    Recived from Poketopia and one of my favourite pokemon from sinnoh. It has great attack, ok speed but awesome coverage. This guy hassaved me more than just a few times. I try to come in on something that will either run away or not be able to kill me in one move and then blast a way with one his moves until something that'll kill him arrives.

    Empoleon. (My tank and all round star)
    EV: HP 248 ;Def 48 ;SpAtk 32 ;SpDef 180
    IV:HP — 28 ;Atk — 2 ;Def — 27 ;SpAtk — 25 ; SpDef — 8 ; Spd — 15
    Item: leftovers
    grass knot
    ice beam

    As you can see from the EV's he is my tank and due to my weird EV spread he can take hits on both ends of the offensive spectrum. Grass knot and ice beam are there for coverage. Surf takes advantage of both STAB and torrent (when activated). I start by using substitute and then unleash my attacks upon my foe.


    Bronzong (my wall)
    EV: HP 252 ; Atk 86 ; Def 80 ; SpDef 92
    IV: unknown
    Item: light clay
    Gyro ball
    Light screen

    I start off with bronzong. Light screen is there to give my sweepers some special defense help, I use hypnosis then might use gengars dream eater on the next move. Earthquake is great with bronzong but I do have to make sure its partner is immune to the damage before use. With a sassy nature and no EV's in speed gyro ball can do all lot of damage.

    Gengar — as above, I also start of with him

    Electivire — as above

    Empoleon — ice beam is removed with blizzard


    Gliscor (my sword dance physical sweeper)
    EV: Hp 4; Atk 252; Speed 252
    IV: (unknown)
    Item: expert belt
    Ice Fang
    Swords Dance

    I start off with gliscor, sword dance and then hopefully sweep with either earthquake or ice fang. Ice fang is there for coverage, roost to recover any HP lost. If I face any one with an ice or water moves than I switch with empoleon.

    Empoleon — ice beam is removed with blizzard

    Thank you very much for reading, please post a comment.
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  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Overall, your movesets are very good. Just a few things to try out for you:

    - A better option than Focus Sash (and Sucker Punch as well) would be Substitute. Although Substitute won't protect you against a faster foe, more often than not you'll be able to tell who can outspeed you and who can't, plus it gives you scouting ability and a free turn to use Hypnosis if your opponent doesn't destroy the Sub straightaway. Combining Substitute with Petaya Berry also boosts Gengar's already mighty Sp.Attack, allowing you to perform a "suicide run" of sorts when Gengar's HP is low.

    - Electivire's fine as he is, although Choice Scarf can provide quite a shock since Expert Belt is almost always the expected item, and many opponents will not expect to have to face an Electivire that already packs over 400 Speed without Motor Drive being triggered. Although this surprise tends to last a total of one turn, that one turn can easily be the one that tips the battle in your favour. The move lockdown can be a pain though, especially on something with Electivire's coverage. See what works best for you.

    - Empoleon is alright, although for tanking purposes you generally need a more tanky moveset, since right now your moveset is more akin to a sweeper Empoleon than a tanky one. For tanking, Rest/Sleep Talk with two attack moves usually works best since it allows Empoleon to keep its HP up easily whilst still being able to dish out impressive damage. Hydro Pump becomes viable with Sleep Talk available as well since Sleep Talk picking Hydro Pump will not take any PP away from Hydro Pump, although its weaker accuracy when compared to Surf is still a bit of a pain. I'd avoid using Blizzard in double battles - its poor accuracy and halved damage when aimed at two opponents, as well as the fact that it can still miss one opponent even if it hits the other makes Ice Beam still the better choice. Hydro Pump again becomes viable since unlike Surf, you won't end up damaging your team-mate with it.

    - Bronzong is fine as it is. Stealth Rock can work reasonably well on it, but its up to you what to go for - the iron bell has a large amount of tricks to mess around with.

    - Gliscor is OK too. Expert Belt probably isn't the best option for it though since two offensive moves doesn't really make the most out of the Belt. Muscle Band works just as well, and Life Orb + Roost is a viable option as well, although I personally prefer the Muscle Band since it allows Gliscor to retain its impressive resilience.

    Not much more to say than that really. Again, you have a very solid team here.
  3. Gengar should really have Focus Blast instead of Sucker Punch as he will outspeed most things anyway, Dark and Ghost will similar coverage, and fighting coupled with ghost gives total coverage of every Pokemon in the game.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Interesting you should mention Focus Blast actually - the Blast also works very well if you can keep a Sub alive since the bad accuracy is offset by you essentially getting two shots at the move, as opposed to Gengar missing and then being killed immediately afterward. Other moves that work well with Substitute on Gengar besides Focus Blast and Hypnosis are Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray and Destiny Bond.

    Gengar + Substitute is deadly when used right.
  5. Thank you very much for posting guys and ill take what you have said and try to adjust my team according. Is there any other pokes that you could suggest to use instead of gengar, electivire, bronzong or gliscor for the battle tower ? ( respectively for those types of battles)

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