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Battle Revolution: The Frontlines

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Shocari, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. After a few insane experiences on PBR that I've mentioned in Chat(especially going against 6 frelling Arceus), this thread has now come into being. Here, you can mention Wi-Fi stories from PBR, be they so hilarious in your match-ups, or if you experienced a thoroughly intense battle that was waaaayyy too close for confort. I have a really good example of each.

    First off is my hilarious story. I was using my Rain Team against a guy with 6 Arceus. I sent out Kingdra and Registeel(I literally do that every time), and he used, well...two Arceus. Kingdra Hydro Pump'd while both Arceus Seismic Tossed each of mine, then 'Steel Rain Danced. I don't know what n00b spirit possesed him, but he Fire Blasted Kingdra. IN THE RAIN. So, not only did Kingdra carry 4x resistance to that, but the rain cut that attack power in half to boot.

    Next was the fun battle, which incidentally, occurred right after. This girl(Dawn...how original) had a team full of Legends(Palkia, Dialga, Heatran, and Cresselia were used) against my Rain team(love it to death
  2. well how about this, I'm fighting a guy how has obviously hack the game, as all 6 of his Pokemon where shinny starters that where in master balls, he kept using the elemental hyperbeams on me, in the end i kick his butt, guess what he does then, as his final Pokemon faints he DC's on me, what a baby

    this other time i ended up battling the same person 3 times in a row even though we both select not to battle again, was there no once online at that time?
  3. How about this... I fought this chick who had easy Pokemon like Weedle, Hoppip, and Magikarp. So you'd think i could beat them even with my Yanmega (horrible stats and movesets) But her Karp had Fire Blast, Draco Meteor, Solarbeam, and Earthquake. Her Hoppip had Explosion, and her Weedle had Hydro Pump. I kind of shrugged and kicked the crap out of her. It was different, seeing a useful Magikarp. Ive only battled her one other time.
  4. This one is pretty intense. I was battling someone on Shoddy for a little while, testing a new team, before deciding to get off. I got on Battle Revolution to test the new team even further, when I uncharacteristically put it on Single Battle. So I was searching for an opponent and the person I found had what looked like a team I had fought before. Thinking nothing of it, I select my three and start.

    Well, they started with a Azelf, I with Weavile. I Pursuited on the switch when he brought out his Weavile, and then he Choice Scarf'd a Brick Break on me(I could tell because my Weavile took two hits, and my next poke was Brick Break'd upon). With my Electivire now in play, he switched back to Azelf, and then I realized that this was the guy I had battled on Shoddy, because we both had been making the same moves. Not knowing if he knew this too, I used Ice Punch instead of Thunder Punch and managed to freeze him. From a previous battle I guessed he had Flamethrower, which he might use to thaw the ice, so I shifted to Dragonite.

    The prediction was correct, and the ice thawed before the Flamethrower became very ineffective. Knowing he'd probably switch to Weavile, I Dragon Danced. I was about to use Fire Blast when the disconnection thing appeared on screen. He either quit or his connection sucks, but the battle was fun on there and Shoddy, so I hope its the latter.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    I've only battled on PBR Wi-Fi twice, although both battles were reasonably eventful, if both for reasons that would usually warrant an epic facepalm.

    Battle 1 was probably the easiest battle I've ever had, because the opponent immediately forfeited the match. They opened up with Espeon, and I lead with a Heatran. Guess Heatran's just THAT ugly, eh?

    Battle 2 made me say "screw this, I'm doing something else." I expected him to do something interesting after he utilized a Dewgong with Fake Out and Rain Dance...but then the shit hit the fan - his strategy was little more than to spam Sheer Cold and Fissure to try and get hax KOs. Naturally, I destroyed him without breaking a sweat (his Gastrodon's Fissure missed five times in a row against Regice - I don't call him Regihax for nothing.)

    After that, I decided to ditch random PBR battles and do something more productive with my time. There's only so much bullshit I can take in one day.
  6. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    I REALLY hate people who disconnect from battles when they're losing (in any game). For me, it's one of the worst forms of cheating. You've put time into that battle, and you deserve the victory. I rather like the setup that Rock Band 2 has, which is that if your opponent disconnects it counts as an automatic win for you ;).

    Still, asking for something like that in a Pokemon online game seems to be like asking for the moon, considering that the game code can't even police obviously hacked Pokemon ::).
  7. Heres a story i played my cousin battle revolution and transfered my team made my character (So on...so forth) i end up battling some dude with 3 palkias and dailgas with the following moves:
    Roar Of Time
    Earth Power
    Ice Beam
    Draco Meteor (Without Losing Special Attack)

    Draco Meteor (Without Losing Special Attack)
    Spacial Rend
    Earth Power
    Thunder Bolt

    All both level 100 holding There Orbs

    He may not have cheated but i think he did... it was a really unfair match I actually beat 5 of his pokemon but couldnt manage to beat his 6th pokemon Dailga i had my Garchomp with 20 HP left, he finished me with a critical Roar Of Time.Overall it was a good battle i had some fun even if he did cheat.
  8. These two happened back to back;

    I got on and connected with this girl who had a team consisting of one Shiny Misdreavus and five Drifblims. I threw out Izzy (My Drifblim)for kicks and Charley (Rotom) for Ghost type shenanigans. The narrator cracked me up as usual, "Is it getting chilly in here or is it just me?!" and there's not much else to say other than I won with a torrent of Thunder from Izzy and Ominous Wind/Thunder from Charley.

    Next I fought this "Novice Trainer" sporting a crown and a legendary team.
    Kyogre, Deoxys, Regigas, Salamence (not legendary but...), Heatran, and Dialga.
    He owned Crobat with Psychic and managed to take down Saria (Leafeon) after I downed Kyogre. I took out Deoxys next, but Rosa (Ponyta (for now)) and Charley just couldn't hold thier own against Regigas and Salamence... I got his trainer card though! ;D

    PBR is there strictly for the "lulz" not for actual battles, in my experience anyway.

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