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Battle on the Beach! Isabelle V. Chibi

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cody, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. It was still early morning on the beach -- the sun had not yet broken the horizon. Daylight was creeping its way into the sky, but it was not yet bright enough to see very far through the mist from the waves. The tide was very slowly making its way in, and soon all the shells and other treasures washed up in the night would be lost beneath the foam.

    Yet the beach was not empty. Wingull were already flying around, looking for a meal, and a few beachgoers who wanted to watch the sunrise took a moment to get comfortable on the sand. And yet there was one Trainer looking for a battle.

    "I know you're here!" Isabelle cried, perhaps a bit too harshly for the early morning. She then laughed to herself. People must have thought she was crazy, when really, she was just looking for a battle. "So why don't we get this started?" Not sure where to look, she slowly turned in circles on the spot, while insisting to any passer-by that "really, I'm not crazy"

    Continuing to talk to herself, hoping that Chibi would hear, anyway, Isabelle mumbled that she was hoping for a 3 vs. 3 battle, because by noon she had to be gone for lunch with her cousin. A breeze picked up and played with her shoulder-length blond hair. She brushed it out of her emerald colored eyes, and tried to calm herself. Impatient by nature, waiting for this battle was not easy for her. But it had to be done.

    (OOC: I kind of suck at starting battle topics. But Eh. And if you don't want to use Chibi, let me know xD)
  2. Re: Battle on the Beach! Isabelle V. Chibi(?)

    ((Eh, on such short notice I'll use her. :p))

    "You know, there's always something called a PokeDex, which can text people you know." A singsong voice came from Isabelle's left. The voice preceded the owner by a few seconds, and after those few seconds Chibi came into view, cartwheeling down a hill in the most carefree way possible. Of course, she wasn't all that good at cartwheeling, and halfway through she lost her balance and tumbled the rest of the way down. All the while a Vulpix ran at her side, barking in concern and skidding to a halt beside her owner.

    Chibi picked herself up, and instead of looking hurt she looked excited. She laughed and bounced back to her feet as if she were made of rubber. "You wanted a battle?" She asked, patting her waist-length firey red hair back into place. She smoothed out her clothes, which consisted of rather worn knee-length shorts with a light blue shirt that was covered with a birght green vest. The green vest made Chibi's jade-colored eyes all the greener, and even seemed to bring out the gold in them as well. "I'm always up for it." She smiled and Vyala barked her agreement.

    ((On a totally unrelated note, I really can't cartwheel to save my life. :p))
  3. Re: Battle on the Beach! Isabelle V. Chibi(?)

    "Well, then, why don't we get started?" Isabelle asked, bitterly. That texting comment got her a bit worked up, " I'l start us off" She winked as she pulled a Luxury Ball out of one of the inside pockets of her denim jest. Enlarging it to full size, she spun it onto the ground with a quick flick of the wrist and a half-smile crept onto her face as a Grumpig materialized. The Manipulate Pokemon did a small dance step as he appeared.

    "Me an' Pomeg'll go easy on ya." Isabelle laughed as she shrunk the Luxury Ball and slid it back into her pocket. "You can even have the first move." She gave a slightly condescending laugh and cracked her knuckles.
  4. Re: Battle on the Beach! Isabelle V. Chibi(?)

    Chibi blinked at the pokemon. The tiniest of frowns invaded her mind, but she didn't show it outwardly. "Suit yourself," she said, pulling a regular pokeball out of her jacket and enlarging it. She hated having the first move, but this time it was given to her. Vyala sat down next to her to watch the battle. With a flick of her wrist she sent the pokeball spiraling into the air, where it split open and released its occupant. The light formed into a weasel-like pokemon, with dark blue fur that morphed into a light cream color along its underside; its head and rear were decorated with bright flames.

    She gave the Quilava a chance to shake itself off before quickly snapping out a command. "Firestrike, Quick Attack!" Just like that the Volcano pokemon took of like a bullet, becoming a blue-cream blur as he raced towards the Grumpig. He zigzaged as he did, his path erractic in an attempt to confuse the pokemon as to where he would land a hit, and finally he charged, aiming for the Grumpig's side.
  5. "Amateur." Isabelle breathed, blowing her bangs out of her face. "Hold your ground, Pomeg."

    The Grumpig halted his dancing, and burrowed his feet into the ground, anchoring himself with his tail. Firestrike's attack hit Pomeg in the side, and the Grumpig winced as the Quilava hit him, but quickly stood back up, ready to attack.

    "Payback." Isabelle said, "and quickly!" the adrenaline was starting to pump, and Isabelle could feel her heart rate increase with the rush of a battle. Pomeg crouched down and lept toward the Quilava, one of his "arms" coated in a dark aura, which was pulled back to punch Firestrike.
  6. Chibi opened her mouth a tell Firestrike to avoid the attack, but suddenly a rather crazy idea popped into her head. "Firestrike, try to avoid it but stay close!" She shouted. She saw Vyala and Firestrike give her a confused glance, probably because the order nearly contradicted itself. But Firestrike complied, looking ready to bolt yet he didn't move. When the Grumpig got close enough, Chibi shouted her second order. "Quickly, while it's defenseless, use Heabutt!"

    Immediately realizing his trainer's plan, Firestrike almost seemed to grin. He rushed forward and twisted his long body to try and avoid the punch at such close quarters, but wasn't all completely successful. He managed to avoid taking a full hit, but the Psychic pokemon's fist scraped all the way down his side. The Quilava snarled from the pain, but he mainly focused on his trainer's orders. Bunching his legs and drawing his head back, he launched himself like a spring to counter the attack while the Grumpig was still nearby and weak from the attack it just inflicted. He aimed for the stomach and the flames around his chest burst up, for good measure.
  7. (OOC: Just saying that if it gets a little bit crazy (which it will) Isabelle is a Hoenn Champion...thought I'd explain that xD)

    Isabelle paused for a fraction of a second to think, when the idea shot into her head. "Pomeg, use Zen Headbutt!"

    Pomeg, who had just finished his other attack, quickly gathered the dark-purple psychic energy onto the crown of his head, bent over, and pushed off of the sand, sending some into the air. The two Pokemon collided head-on in the air, and Pomeg was knocked back into the sand by the collision.

    Standing up and looking back, Pomeg couldn't help but laugh at the crater he had created in the sand. Isabelle sighed; Pomeg could hardly go more than a battle without losing focus. Rolling her eyes, she called the Grumpig for his next attack. "Power Gem!" She spurted in between stifled laughs.

    Pomeg got a hold of himself within a few more seconds, and stood back up. The Manipulate Pokemon began dancing in a strangely rhythmic way, harnessing the psychic energy from the pearls on his head. The sand from where his footsteps landed was surrounded with the same dark-purple aura that had covered his head, and was raised into the air. All the particles joined together into one continuous beam made, which followed Pomeg as he danced.

    When he was finished, his eyes opened and they were the same shade of purple. He let loose a cry of "Grumpig" as he thrust his arms forward, directing the spiraling beam towards Firestrike.
  8. ((And Chibi's a Johto champion, so we might be evened out a bit :p Although I do like teh crazies.))

    "Oi!" Chibi yelled as Firestrike hit the ground. He bounced up a moment later and shook the sand from his coat and flared the fire on his body again. He seemed rather dazed, but a good shake of his head seemed to clear most of it away. Then Chibi looked up to see what Pomeg was doing next, and another "Oi!" slipped out, although it was consderably quieter. "Firestrike, Dig!" She ordered before the beam was about to be released.

    Without hesitation the Volcano pokemon began digging, spraying plumes of sand into the air with his front paws. He quickly managed to dig a hole in the loose sand and wriggled himself into it just as the beam cut through the air where he had once been. Where the beam hit the sand, crystals sprouted up. Chibi didn't see Firestrike pop up immediately, so she knew he planned to attack.

    Knowing Firestrike wouldn't hear a shouted command, she crossed her arms and waited. After a few long, tense moments, Firestrike popped out of the sand behind Pomeg and aimed to bite the back of his neck.
  9. [Then teh crazies we shall have :D]

    Pomeg was fast, but not fast enough to completely avoid th bite coming from behind him. The Grumpig managed to bend his neck down so that the bite instead hit his shoulders. Pomeg quickly shook the Quilava off, and turned to face his opponent.

    "Pomeg, use Shock Wave." Isabelle said calmly. The battle had only just begun. The adrenaline may have been flowing, but Isabelle kept her mind in check.

    The Grumpig gave a short snort of approval, and light-blue electrical energy began crackling at his feet and working its way up his body. The sparks crackled into a beam, which Pomeg manipulated toward Firestrike, arcing it up to hit him from above.
  10. Chibi blinked rapidly, trying to come up with a solution to her newest problem. She could have ordered Firestrike to use Dig again, but that would have been fairly predictable and she didn't know if Firestrike was all that fast of a digger. "Firestrike, Swift!" She commanded after a second.

    The Quilava barked and the fire around his head and rear intesified, exploding into a firey brilliance that seemed to cover his whole body. Then, the flames abruptly turned gold. There was a spot of white light in one of the flames and a star shot out, glowing brightly and wreathed on golden flames. More soon followed, star after star, trailing golden flames behind them as they rose into the air. Firestrike directed them at the bolts of energy heading for him, and while some hit, others did not.

    Firestrike growled as a few of the beams hit him. His flames died down to their normal orange/red color, but the remaining few Swifts still circled, looking for a target. Wordlessly he directed them towards Pomeg, sending a handful of falling stars at the Manipulate Pokemon.
  11. ((I take too long))

    "Alright, time to get serious. Pomeg, Psychic," Isabelle brushed her bangs out of her hair, cracked her knuckles, and stared directly at Chibi. "deflect the attack."

    The Manipulate Pokemon's eyes glowed with the same Psychic energy, as did the black pearls on his head. A dome of psychic energy form around Pomeg, and quickly expanded to block the incoming Swift. The stars were assimilated into the dome, which faded away after the impact.

    "Again, Psychic, Pomeg." Isabelle's gaze had not yet broken away from staring at Chibi.

    The Grumpig did a simple two-step dance, waving his arms around, and a ball of psychic energy, light-blue in color, formed in-between his paws. He shot it forward with a snort, grinning as he did so.
  12. ((Me is unobservant. :p))

    "That's not exactly fair," Chibi stated, frowning at the attack. "You can't deflect a Psychic, not without another Psychic pokemon helping you. You can only avoid or be hit by it." She watched as the stars were obliterrated, then the Grumpig used Psychic yet again. Well this was going to be a challenge. "Firestrike, Endure!" She commanded, with a dome-shaped attack there was just no way he was going to avoid this.

    Firestrike howled and braced himself as the Psychic hit him. He was kncoked head over heels into the sand, but he was up a few moments later. Chibi watched him shake the sand out of his coat and flare the fire on his head back up. He did not seem terribly injured by the blast, even though she knew it hurt. "Smokescreen," she quickly called, deciding to even the playing field the little.

    Firestrike growled and stared at Pomeg, then his flames died down until they were almost put out. Then a thick black smoke stared puring out from the spots on his body where the fire usually came from. The Quilava raced across the field, spitting out smoke from the holes and his mouth until Chibi lost sight of Isabelle and her pokemon inside it. She watched until Firestrike reappeared at the very edge of the smoke awaiting her next order. "Rollout!" She told him.

    The Volcano pokemon nodded once and disappeared, somehow knowing exactly where his opponent was. He launched himself forward into a roll, and soon a deadly ball of fur was heading on a collision course with the Grumpig.

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