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Ask to Join Battle of the Bands (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Salem, Massachusetts was home to many things. One of which was a show that was to be showcasing a battle for some of the best bands in the world. Now this show was great for the exposure of said bands. Many people were coming from all over to be apart of the battle. There even a couple of bands that were from overseas.

    It was a week before the show was susposed to start. There were bands in the process of getting checked in, and set up for their sound checks. Though not everything as it seemed to be. There are times were things would come up missing, and even members of groups were gone without a trace. No one knew what had happened, they just hoped that they would show up for the competition.

    One such band that was just getting in, was the Witches of Moonrise. The group all looked to be in the process of getting out their equipment. They helped their groupies to unload what they would need. It showed in how they care for their people in how they treated everyone.

    Thorn looked to only guy in their group. "Hey Saphrax how is that song coming along? Do you think it will be ready by the time we have to perform?" In the light her fangs seemed to shine as she spoke.

    Saphrax spoke as he pulled out different guitar cases. "Yeah I almost have everything down for it Thorn. I just have a few vocal spots that need some work. It should be ready when we perform."
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yuuki looked around and she and her dad entered the venue, she looked around at the other bands who were here, "now whats the plan then" Bellamy asked checking his phone, Yuuki sighed "I don't know dad, I have to admit I'm a little worried, there don't seem to be many solo acts" she said fiddling with her hands uncomfortably, "don't worry, you'll be fine" Bellamy said patting her head, she shrugged him off and readjusted her hair, she sat down on a bench and watched the bands work around her, she didn't have much to do with her dad do most things and the fact that she was by her self. She quietly hummed to herself.
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  3. "Oh yeah, maybe the witches will come back to life and cast a spell on you!" Caspar grinned as he hovered his hands above the band's youngest member and wiggled his painted fingers while mockingly spooky noises through pursed lips.
    "Stop, you're scaring the kid. Besides, they weren't real witches- it was an unfair trial." Rolland huffed as he shoved Caspar out of the way and wrapped a large arm around Jason's shoulders, but almost immediately a goofy grin curled onto his lips as his voice dropped to a dramatic narration "But maybe their ghosts will be out for revenge!" Rollie and Caspar broke out into a fit of laughter, using each other as support so they didn't fall over in the moving van.
    Jason, the butt of the boy's joking, crossed his arms over his chest and waited for the other's to stop laughing- though that time didn't seem to come as Rollie and Caspar continued to slip little comments that would have the other barrel over in laughter each time. Jason rolled his eyes and decided to move to the front of the van, at least Arthur wouldn't laugh at him. He was being serious about Salem being ominous, everyone knew about the witch trials- but that wasn't it. The place was bad news, even in modern times there was all sorts of creepy stuff going on. Of course, the idiots in the back weren't going to listen to him. Jason pulled him self into the passenger seat and looked towards Arthur, who was driving the vehicle. Though neither male ended up making a sound, they had already pulled into the large venue and were looking for a place to park. After a few minutes, Arthur pulled the large van into an empty spot and turned it off- at that point, all for of the men were huddled at the front of the car and looking around the large area. They had never seen so many musicians in one place, of course the group had performed at concerts and stuff- but this was different. This was live TV! If they did well, it could be the break that the band needed.
    "Well!" Rollie grinned as he clapped his large hands together, "Let's get this baby rolling!" the the young man excitedly commanded with one finger in the air as if imitating a commander on a battle field. Each of the musicians nodded in unison, but when Arthur opened the door a squeak from Caspar cause him to close it abruptly.
    "Wait just a minute! You're going to go out... looking like that?" the dark haired male asked rhetorically as he pointed accusingly towards his peers, but, not to his surprise, each of the other men looked down at their attire and then muttered 'yes's. With a sigh Caspar gestured to the other people all around the venue, "It's all about image, boys. You never know when a camera is gonna get shoved in your face, this is the media lifestyle- you don't want to get caught looking all sloppy moppy out there, now do you?" Caspar asked again with a cocked brow. The others seemed to go over their options before shrugging and getting out anyways, leaving a devastated Caspar to bitterly mutter an insult before following.
    "All that matters is that we perform well." Arthur shrugged as he opened the back of the van where all of the instruments were located.
    "Wrong." Caspar muttered under his breath, though he knew that it was no use trying to change his band mate's minds, "Guess I'll just have to carry the team with my magnificent on-camera presence." the male sighed dramatically and leaned against the side of the van as the others unloaded everything.
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  4. Maker crossed her arms and pouted as she leaned back on her seat and placed her legs up on the dashboard. "Why are we traveling on the Jeep instead of getting an actual van like the other bands?"
    Azumi, who was sitting the middle of the back seat, flipped the page of her book, "Spy Cat", and sighed loudly before replying. "Because we agreed this is more comfortable."
    Ron smiled as he drove down the street. He never got tired of his little sisters arguing. It was unlike them to get along without them disagreeing on something for more then an hour. "You two should try to get along before we arrive. Don't wanna scare away the crowd."
    Maker rolled her eyes as she popped her bubble gum with her mouth and looked out the window. "They live in a town with witches, I doubt my adorable look will scare them."
    Both Azumi and Ron chuckled at the comment made by their sister. Azumi laughed at the fact that there were no witches and that Maker's believe in them was silly, while Ron thought that he was more afraid of an angry Maker then an actual witch. The three siblings finally arrived and after finding a nice place to park, Ron began unloading the amps while Azumi adjusted her bass around her back and Maker did the same. Their band had been popular locally back in London and now they wished to try and get their name know across the US and by they it meant Maker, since Azumi and Ron just did it for fun.
    Maker stretched her arms towards the sky as she took in a deep breath and looked around the scenery. "You think I'll finally meet a cute boy?"
    Azumi placed her hair behind her ear and shook her head slowly. "You just broke up with one before we came over here."
    Maker's eyes glared at her sister. "He was hitting on you!" She looked away and began walking ahead.
    Azumi's expression showed she was now upset. "He thought I was you! We're identical!" She called after Maker as she followed.
    Ron finished unloading their things when he noticed he had been left alone. "Of course they did..." He said with a smirk as he began securing the Jeep. "Now I gotta take all of this alone."
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  5. There seemed to be a lot of press that showed up for contest. Most were detained by the security of the event, though some had press badges to be allowed into the place. One such person was Danielle Havoc. She was a spritly woman, with olive skin, and a plump figure. Though despite her profession, she seemed to be quite expressive and welcoming. She was followed by a camera man, who seemed to look like her. Turning towards the camera, Danielle, spoke into it. "Hello everyone, today I bring you Salem"s battle of the bands. As you can see behind me, there are bands pulling in and unloading. Most of these bands are well known throughout the whole U.S., though there are a few that come from overseas as well. Today we are going to take you to see a few of the contestants, and hear their thoughts on their chances to win."

    With that, Danielle walked along until she came to a jeep. She would not have stopped normally, but she felt that the group would be a great subject. Especially the girl who looked to be mad at hrr twin. With a bounce in her step, she walked up to the group. She had told her cameraman to shut off the recording, so she could ask them an off the book questions. "Hello my name is Danielle Havoc, I am from Salem local news, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your band. I am tasked with getting some info for each of the bands before the contest. That is if you will allow me to ask you guys a few questions."
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  6. The band was still unpacking about 10 minutes passed, partly because of the mass of things they brought and partly because of the horsing around that came up every couple of minutes. Also, Caspar was no help- but at this point the group expected very little from the male when it came to manual labor. "Hey! Careful with the boys!" Rollie yelled out, causing Arthur to nearly drop one of the two small drums he was carrying. "Oh come to papa!" the large male cooed mockingly as he scooped the toms into his arms. Arthur let out an irritated huff before peeking in to see the van nearly empty, he wasn't sure where he was supposed to put the stuff, however. Rollie's drum kit was all separate, plus the three other instrument. Arthur sighed as he rubbed the back of his head- a manager sure would be useful right about now. The group had all agreed to get rid of their last manager, he was just a real drag. But to be honest, none of the band members knew anything about actually getting gigs or releasing songs- hopefully this show would help them find a new manager. "What's up Art, you're looking awfully stoic. You're not sick again are you?" Rollie asked as he looked towards the lead singer.
    "That was Jason." Caspar corrected his band mate with a chuckle while examining his bright pink fingernails.
    "It was one time, guys, why can't you just drop it?" Jason groaned as his face flushed with pink and he remembered the time he had puked on stage. Mocking the band's youngest member aside, all of the boys looked up at Arthur and anticipated an answer. Honestly, out of everyone, Arthur was the leader. Sure Rollie talked the most, and most the major decisions were made by Caspar- but Arthur was the heart of the band, and when he didn't perform well, none of them did.
    "There's a lot of bands here." Arthur said with a shrug.
    "What an astute observation, it's almost like where at a competition!" Caspar clapped sarcastically causing Jason to elbow him. The whole group took a good look around them once more, it was a bit nerve racking. "Well you know what they say, keep your friends close and you're enemies closer-" Caspar smiled the other's to look up at him as the all knew what the next words to leave his mouth were going to be, "Let's go meet the competition." Caspar clapped excitedly.
    "I'll take the kid. You take grumpy pants." Rollie nodded to Caspar as he grabbed Jason's shoulders and whizzed him away, leaving Arthur and Caspar to themselves. And with that, the band had split up.
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  7. Maker stopped walking when the reporter walked up to them. Her upset expression changed completey to a jolly one. She had practiced for an interview in front of a mirror ever since she can remember. She placed her hands in front of her and stood in front of Azumi, trying to get all the attention, while Azumi just stood behind her sister with a polite smile.
    "Of course! I'm always up for an interview!" Maker answered loudly.
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  8. "Well I would ideally like to talk to all of you, as it would be about your band." Danielle said as she looked to Maker. She did have her microphone with her. Signaling towards the cameraman, to start the footage rolling. "Ok I just want to ask you guys a couple of questions about your band. First would you guys like to introduce yourself?"
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  9. "Of course! We are the Rock Ah Fellas! I am the lead singer and guitarist, Maker Towers. NOT TO BE CONFUSED with this one!" She gave Azumi an angry look, but Azumi just smiled and waved. "This is my twin sister, Azumi and over there..." She pointed at Ron who was struggling to pick up his drums. "Is our drummer, Ron Towers. We are all siblings and future champs of this competition!"
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  10. (@EeviumZ and I discussed this, unsurprisingly. We'll likely discuss most posts, as our characters are in a band.)

    Neon was driving a van, next to him in the passenger's seat was Talia, his best friend and bandmate. In case it isn't clear, they're in a band, or whatever you want to call a duo of people who work together to make specific vocalizations, pitches, and sounds to make something people call a song. Anyway, this van held all their musical equipment. A guitar, microphones, a piano, (Which was annoying to move, but they had to bring it,) etc. They had heard about this TV show thingy that broadcasted a contest of bands to see which one was the best. They obviously weren't going to pass this up, so they immediately left for Salem, Massachusetts, the location for the contest. "This is gonna be super fun! Right, Talia?" Neon asked his friend as they were nearing their destination.
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  11. "You seem pretty sure of yourself. Are you guys not worried about whats been happening to other bands that have entered but disappeared? I think there have been about 3 bands that have just left without a trace." Danielle had a much more serious face on, as she asked the question. She really did need to know what other band would make of some bands just up and disappearing.
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  12. Maker looked confused as the questions turned to something more serious. She had no idea what the reporter was talking about. But, Azumi did and she stepped up.
    "Well I think that is a very serious situation and hope that the local authorities are taking the correct precautions to prevent from any more participants disappearing. That also goes for the people in charge of security for this event. An event like this can be remembered for being and amazing event or a tradegy. I just hope it's the first one."
    Maker nodded towards her sister and stepped up again. "Exactly what I was thinking!"
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  13. "I can assure you that security is cracking down here. Only people pre-approved can get into the place. Unless you are in a band you have to literally jump through hoops to get into the place." Danielle's face changed from serious to a more calm tone as she changed the subject once again. "Now that, that is out of the way, what are plans on doing with the prize money that the contest is offering." The prize was over 5 million dollars. It was a lot of money for some, who do not have the fame that big bands have. This especially true since most well known bands started out in this very contest.
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  14. Azumi smiled. "I want to open up a music school with accessible prizes for anyone so that they can..." She was pushed aside by Maker. "It's undecided! We're here for the experience, not the money." Azumi looked at her twin. "That wasn't the question though." Maker sighed. "You sound cocky if you already have plans for a prize you haven't won!" Azumi crossed her arms. "It's hypothetical question! You're supposed to imagine the what if!" Maker shook her head. "It's disrespectful towards our enemies!" Azumi looked offended. "Competitors, not enemies!" Maker placed her hands on her hips. "The friend of my enemy is my enemy, which side are you on?" Azumi rubbed her forehead. "It's the enemy of my enemy is my friend..." Maker stuck her tongue out at Azumi and smiled at the camara. "We don't know."
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  15. Rollie wrapped his arm around Jason's shoulders, the larger male grinning wildly as his more passive companion simply looked about. It was all a lot to take in, "Hey kid, look- cameras." Rollie gestured as the walked past a group of three that were being interviewed.
    Jason huffed, "Stop calling me kid, I'm only like 3 months younger that Arthur and yo-" Jason was caught off guard when he looked to were Rollie had gestured and his eye grew wide as his pupil's sparkled. Real cameras. Not some fans iPhone- these were real cameras, like news cameras... news cameras that would be broadcasting!
    "And a couple of cuties too. Two for the price of one." Rollie grinned as he teasingly whispered in Jason's ear.
    "Ew, don't say that out loud!" Jason gasped as he shoved Rollie away from him, the larger male simply coming back with a mockingly offended gesture. "No-" Jason shook his head intensely as a mischievous grin grew across Rollie's lips.
    "It would suck if..." Rollie began with a look of fake innocence.
    "No." Jason interrupted.
    "Be a real shame if someone were to-"
    "Interrupt their broadcast." Jason continued shaking his head as Rollie looking around, probably for something to throw at the camera. When Rollie looked back at his band mate he could tell the other boy was upset. "Oh, come on, J." Rollie rolled his eyes, "It's paparazzi, we may never get this chance again." Jason didn't budge. "Fine, I'll leave the reporter alone." Rollie sighed as he turned around. Then, without warning the larger male smirked, "-but it's about time you got a girlfriend." with that, Rollie shoved Jason by the shoulders. The small male stumbled backwards a few steps before bumping into one of the blondes from behind- from afar Rollie gave him a thumbs up before turning away and acting as if nothing had happened.
    @Hecotoro @EmoKitty21

    Caspar sighed as he looked around, "Well those two are undoubtedly going to get into trouble. Shall we pretend we don't know them?" the male asked as he looked over towards Arthur, who was focused on other things. "Oh, Art- loosen up, won't you. It's not good to preform when you're stressed. We'll do fine." Caspar smiled as he moved to block the male's view and catch his attention. Arthur just nodded in response. "Well, then let's have a little fun." Caspar smiled as he took Arthur by the hands and lead him into the crowd. Caspar looked around for someone to chat with, he had always considered himself a good judge of character so he decided to scan for someone who seemed like they'd get along with Arthur. Suddenly, someone caught his eye. It was a girl by herself, other than an older man, perhaps she was a soloist with her manager. Though she seemed rather distant. "Let's say hi." Caspar smiled once Arthur had also caught a glimpse of the same person. Caspar dragged the less than social male behind him as he approached the pair with a wave. "Greetings, Greetings. My name is Caspar- this is my buddy Arthur. We're part of a band that's competing, and we figured it'd be fun to take a break from all the back breaking work to get to know our competition." Caspar clapped his hands excitedly before extending both hands to shake with the girl and man, "May I ask your names?" Caspar purred.
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  16. "Well Azumi, I can say that is a lovely dream, one that I would love to hear about more after this. It is very inspiring to see that people who come from the ground want to make a difference in others lives. It shows a sense of honesty and can really be a great asset for any community that you belong in." Danielle smiled as she listened to the girl's dream. Well until her sister interrupted her. When Jason bumped into the girls, she had a little smile on her face.
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  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yuuki looked up at the two people who had walked over, Bellamy on the other hand suddenly picked up his ringing phone and walked away to take the call. Yuuki shook the guys hand "Hello Caspar and Arthur, my name is Yuuki and that was Bellamy, my manager/dad. Is it just the two of you in your band" she asked with a curious expression, "I'm here by myself, I'm a soloist" she said with a large smile on her face.
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  18. Azumi was suddenly pushed forward. "Excuse me." She replied with an apologetic tone. Maker of course did not like the fact that her interview was interrupted that way and stepped up to the new guy. "Hey! Watch where your going! Nobody pushes my sister." She crossed her arms and glared at Jason. Azumi pulled Maker back. "Relax, it was an accident, we are kind of standing in the way." Maker now glared at her sister. "Oh come on! There's plenty of space, he is just trying to get in front of the camara!" Azumi looked at Jason with a hopeful smile. "That's not true, right?"
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  19. Caspar nodded intently as the girl spoke, Arthur just sort of stared at her blankly. "A soloist! Aren't you just adorable!" Caspar smiled as he clapped his hands together, there weren't many soloist at the contest- she sure was brave to come, perhaps her father persuaded her to do it. "Oh, our band. Unfortunately not." Caspar sighed dramatically as she asked if they were alone.
    "There is four of us in total." Arthur finally spoke up, "We're a four piece band." he added simply as Caspar nodded along. "What genre do you perform?" Arthur asked as Caspar smiled like a proud father when their kindergartner makes a new friend.

    Jason looked up at Azumi then Maker and back to Azumi before quickly getting overwhelmed. He shrunk back slightly as the more aggressive twin yelled at him, "I didn-" the boy's answer was inaudible but the other twin seemed to actually defend him. He continued to look between the two girls as they argued, his gaze subtly drifting back to Rollie. Rollie, who kept his distance, was thrilled by the scene that ensued- his eyes were wide as he bounced excitedly and winked at Jason. Jason shook his head in response to Azumi's question, she was certainly less scary than the other one. "I'm sorry- I just fell. I really didn't mean to disturb you." Jason said timidly- who on earth gave that girl permission to be so scary. Jason felt like crying- god this was all to embarrassing. As if his band mate had sensed the boy falling apart, Rollie suddenly appeared on the scene.
    "Sorry girls, my pal here can be so clumsy." Rollie smiled widely as Jason glared at him. What a jerk- Rollie was just making him look worse!
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  20. Saphrax-
    Saphrax had seen what most would assume would be a larger guy pushing someone who was smaller then them, so with a purpose, he strolled up to the guy who put his arm around the one he pushed. "Really dude? That is what you say about the guy that you pushed? Why would you do that unless you want to only make yourself look better in front these two." It seemed that he was angry to see that a smaller guy was being pushed around by someone who was much bigger and stronger as well. Turning to the girls, he pointed over his shoulder towards Rollie, and addressed them. "This one was the one who made him bump into you. I am sorry to interrupt, but I can not stand when someone who is being picked on." Turning his attention to Jason, who he thought was really cute, he showed a concerned look towards the guy. "Are you ok? If you need a safe place to be, me and my bandmates would gladly let you come to hang with us." It should be stated that his fake vamp teeth were on display as he glared at Rollie, and had a look that could kill.

    With a hand motion, Danelle signaled to have the camera turned off. She was a bit amused by the way that others were coming up to the band that she was interviewing. It should also be noted that she stood off to the side, so not to disturb the people talking.
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  21. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yuuki frowned at being called adorable but turned to Arthur and said, "oh, uh mostly Indie Pop, but I sing most genres" she then "what genre does your band play" she added as she stood up to talk better, "do you guys do this kid of thing a lot, I've done music contests and things but never a battle of the bands, I didn't even know I could enter without a band" she said matter of factly.

    Bellamy was still on the phone talking with someone about the recent disappearances, when he caught the commotion, he didn't react he just watched on, the news reporter was probably here about the missing bands, he would have to watch out for her.
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  22. Maker's expression changed when she saw Rollie. She smiled and gently waved her hand up and down playfully. "That's okay! Nobody got hurt anyways. My name is Maker Towers." She was about to offer her hand when Saphrax joined the conversation. She seemed upset again but this time Azumi stepped up. "It's no problem really. People have their own unique ways to get attention. Besides nobody was hurt." Maker pulled her sister back. "Yeah yeah, boys play around like that. No problem. Anyways, who are you guys?"
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  23. Rollie looked up when another voice was introduced to the group, his stupid grin slowly faded. Did that scrawny dude really just insult him? The larger male's brows furrowed as he turned towards Saphrax with a growl, who the hell did he think he was? Jason was waving his hand frantically, panic over taking his features as he tried to calm the situation- though he couldn't muster any words to leave his lips. This was all bad- everything was going wrong. Jason couldn't pry his soft brown gaze away from this new male- he had quite the look. With bright hair and matching eyes, multiple piercings as well as the fangs. He sure seemed sweeter than the vibes his look was giving off. When Saphrax offered his assistance to Jason, the boy wasn't sure what to say other than a timid, "Oh, thank you." causing Rollie to glare at him, Jason immediately tightened his lips and averted his eyes. Rollie's narrowed gaze stayed burning on the other male, it didn't look like either was planning on backing down. Suddenly, one of the girls spoke up- introducing herself and somewhat breaking the tension. Rollie was almost surprised that the girls were sticking up for him, but he smirked triumphantly and nodded at their words. "Eh, whatever- some people just don't know how to have fun." Rollie huffed as he sent a challenging glance towards Saphrax. "I'm Rollie, this is Jason. We're already in a band, so he's doesn't need anyone else to 'hang-out' with." Rollie spoke with a huff.
    "Don't mind him, we're just high-strung." Jason offered a smile, "It's our first time at a competition like this." he added with a hint of excitement in his eyes.

    "Mostly pop." Arthur answered Azumi before Caspar added-
    "And rock, too. It's our first time, as well. Good luck to you, then." Caspar smiled as Arthur's attention was elsewhere. When Caspar followed Arthur's gaze, his own green eyes grew wide. "Oh shit." Caspar muttered as he watched the scene between Rollie and the others unfold. "Uh sorry, Yuuki. It appears our friends have run into some trouble." Caspar sighed. "I'll be right back-" the male smiled sweetly before walking towards where his other bandmembers were, leaving Arthur behind. Arthur didn't seem too bothered by being left with Yuuki, his mellow gaze focusing back on the girl. He just sort of stared at her, however, without saying anything.
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  24. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yuuki glanced over at the commotion, she wondered what was going on and watched Caspar as he went to go and deal with his other band members, she then slowly turned back to look at Arthur, she noticed he was staring and said in a jokey tone "you know it's rude to stare, right?", she crossed her arms and added "so, what else do you wanna talk about exactly because I'm at a loss, uh, oh I know seeing as Caspar left, which person in your band is your favourite, you must have a favourite right?" she said excitedly.
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  25. Arthur narrowed his gaze on Yuuki, when she made a comment he averted his gaze- perhaps not catching her joking undertone. After Yuuki asked a question, Arthur narrowed his gaze and stayed completely still. At first it appeared that he wasn't going to answer the question, but after a bit of time he said "Jason" in a simple voice. "He's quieter than the others." Arthur added just in case the girl planned on asking a follow up question. "Do you play too? Instruments? Or just sing?" Arthur asked after a bit, it seemed that the topic that captivated him the most was music, and he sort of failed to make conversation about anything else.
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  26. Saphrax was not impressed by the way the man was looking at him. Rollie had looked at him like he was weak, probably because of how small he was, but looks could be deceiving. Though he did calm down when Jason had said he was ok, and that he would have liked to hang out with him and his band. That caused a smile to form on his face, as he was starting to form a little crush on the guy. Looking to Jason he was the first one he introduced himself to. "My name is Saphrax Blackwell, it is nice to meet you Jason, though your bandmate is another story." Saphrax was not happy with the over confident man who had pushed Jason. Though he anger was gone when the girls began to speak. He was glad they were not upset with him for his outburst, but he would not apologize to the big buffoon. "I am sorry girls for making a scene, though I did want to come over here to see if Jason was ok. I hate when people look like they are getting picked on, so please excuse my outburst." Saphrax did not speak to Rollie, or even offer him an apology, instead he turned to Jason, and asked. "So would you like to come meet the other members of my band?"
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  27. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yuuki listened to Arthur as he answered and then pointed to her acoustic guitar nearby, "yeah, I play guitar and that's it, I used to play piano but I haven't in a while. Uh do you play anything?" she asked, realising this conversation wasn't really going anywhere. She noticed that the commotion was over and started to wonder whether or not to bring up the rumours about the disappearances, but decided against it, the guy seemed awkward enough.
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  28. Jason smiled at Saphrax, it would be cool to hang out with someone other than his band mates- he figured the other guys would be okay with it. This guy seemed nice too, it'd be a nice change of scenery from his usual rambunctious crowd. Jason opened his mouth to respond, but Rollie beat him to the punch, "What the hell is your problem? If you're seriously trying to pick a fight, then why d-" this time Jason was cut off as Caspar rushed into the scene panting. The thin male rested his hands on his knees as he took a moment to regain his breath, though it was a short run, Caspar wasn't exactly in top condition as far as physical ability.
    "Well, looks like we made friends. Yay." Caspar smiled mockingly as he gave weak jazz hands, glaring at Rollie who shrugged in response. "Sorry for any trouble caused, please don't get us kicked out, we'll pay for anything he broke-" Caspar spoke quickly, trying to cover anything that could've possibly happened in the short time he was absent.
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  29. "He didn't do anything wrong." Maker replied to Caspar. "I think it's sweet he is trying to help his friend meet people. But this other guy showed up walking big and tall into a conversation he wasn't invited to." She looked at Saphrax and then at Rollie. "Anyways, nice meeting you! See you later okay?" She smiled and dragged her sister away. Azumi just smiled and waved at everyone as Maker pulled her.
    Ron on the other hand had finished unpacking everything and was now trying to figure out how to take everything on his own. He sighed and scratched the back of his head. Maker and Azumi were long gone now and he had hoped not to be their butler for once, but he couldn't force himself to make them carry heavy things.
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  30. Arthur stared at Yuuki for another moment before looking off towards her father and then back at her. "Is it just you and him?" Arthur asked suddenly, with his typical monotone voice and bored expression.

    Caspar smiled at Maker and her sister, they seemed like nice girls. Caspar narrowed his eyes on the other male, the supposing conversation interrupted. Regardless of who's fault it was, Caspar knew that Rollie would only make things worse- and the last thing their band needed was a bad reputation. Caspar motioned to Rollie with a tip of his head, "Come on, let's go. I left Arthur alone with some sweet little thing, and I'm just now realizing that it was probably a poor decision." Caspar sighed as he pulled on Rollie's wrist. The larger male rolled his eyes as he pulled away fro Caspar before putting his hands in his pockets and following.
    Jason stood for a moment, clearly hesitating. "Can I actually, hangout with Saphrax?" Jason asked in a quiet voice- thankfully Caspar was used to such a voice so he picked up on it.
    "Who's Sa-" Caspar started before pursing his lips and nodding, "oh" Caspar said lowly. The older male eyes the stranger up and down, he looked at Rollie, who was shaking his head, before looking back at Jason. "Sure? But keep you're phone on. We'll probably set up to practice soon." Caspar instructed. Before Rollie could protest, Caspar was pushing him away saying something about young love. As Caspar pushed Rollie from behind, he wasn't watching where he was going- thankfully Rollie stopped right before colliding with another male. Caspar popped his head out from behind his friend before gasping. "OMG! I'm so sorry." Caspar jumped forward and began apologizing again. It appeared the group jut couldn't stay out of trouble. Rollie watched the male, moving everything by himself before looking back at Caspar.
    "Need a hand?" Rollie offered, knowing all too well about band mates refusing to work.

    Jason watched Rollie and Caspar leave and he smiled nervously, kinda surprised they actually let him go. "Can I meet your band?" Jason turned to Saphrax with a wide grin, if they were all like Saphrax then he was sure they'd be different than his band. Before Caspar picked him up, Jason wasn't even much into performing so he didn't have much experience with other bands. It was exciting to think he'd be able to see different types of musicians- hopefully they were all as nice as Saphrax was. "Please." Jason added, for some reason doubting that Saphrax really wanted to hangout with him.
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  31. Saphrax smiled as they left he was glad that he would get to hang out with someone who was more level headed then the big man who talked an even bigger game. It became even bigger as Jason asked to hang out with him and his band. He was so glad that his naturally resting frown was not present, but a full blown smile was instead there. It should also be said that he was starting to form a crush on the quiet spoken member of the all male band. "Well we are over this way, come one I will show you our bus. Well it is more of my Uncle's as he runs a touring company, and he allows the band to use it when we need to go out of state."

    The pink haired male started to walk towards his other band members. He waited for Jason to follow, as he really was wanting to show him their set up. Though he did hope Sage was on her best behavior, as the last time he tried to make a friend, she had ruined that chance. The girl could be intimidating when she wanted to be. Looking to Jason, Saphrax was a little worried that she would scare him off.
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  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yuuki turned to look at her dad, "depends what you mean but the answer is still the same, whether you mean here right now at this contest then yes, if you mean normally then also yes, my mum isn't in the picture anymore" she said not wanting to go into it anymore, "well..um..I'm gonna go practice a bit so see maybe I will see you later, bye Arthur" she said before walking off to find a secluded spot to practice singing, she didn't walk far and leant against a column looking around she figured no one was particularly close so she wouldn't be intruded on. She began to practice singing, "How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you, And longer, if I can. How long will I need you? As long as the seasons need to, Follow their plan...".
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  33. Jason nodded eagerly as he followed behind Saphrax. The boy became even more excited when Saphrax smiled back at him, he liked the other male's smile- it was large a gleeful, granted the pointed fangs were a bit threatening. They had a whole bus? The boy wondered how big their band was, couldn't have been many more people than his own. Jason wasn't quite sure what to imagine- a bunch of Saphraxes?

    Arthur's lips pointed slightly downward in a subtle frown at Yuuki's works, he nodded as she excused herself- staring as the girl disappeared before letting his eyes fall to the floor. Arthur then gently sat down on the bench that previously supported Yuuki, figuring he should wait for his band members to return. As Arthur tapped his fingers together and zoned off on the dirt floor, a soft sound caught his attention. Singing? Arthur lifted his head as he listened to the voice, it was gentle and angelic. The boy's gaze scanned the area for the source of the sound before he slumped down and decided just to listen.
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  34. Ron looked at Rollie. "Thanks for the offer but it's not my first rodeo. Besides, this keeps me in good form." He chuckled. "But that's what happens when you have little sisters huh?"

    Maker and Azumi just wondered around the crowd. While Maker was excited about winning the contest, Azumi seemed more interested in all the different instruments.
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  35. Saphrax smiled at Jason, when he saw the look when he mentioned bus. It is not that they had much other things then the others here, but they did have some connections to their families who own those types of businesses. As they got to the bus, he gestured for Jason to follow him. He then boarded and waited for his friend to follow. The bus was not the biggest one that was there, but it was nice by any means. The driver was an old family friend, who loved music. "If you want Jason, I can give you the tour of our bus, and you can meet the others if you would like."
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  36. "Ladies and gentlemen," The bus driver began saying over the buses loudspeaker. "We have arrived."
    Chase jumped out into the sunlight of Salem. "WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!" He shouted. "Battle of the bands, here comes Star Zexyl!" He runs off to the closest food stand, as his sister hops off the bus and runs after him shouting, "Chase!" She turns around as if she is about to give up, but she just turns to Zak and says, "I'll try my best to drag him back to unload the bus. Good luck with Lin and Audrey!" She runs after her brother and Zak shakes his head. For the oldest one of them, Chase sure doesn't act like it. He stares at the trailer and spins his drumsticks and starts humming the tune to Take On Me. He steps back onto the bus and says, "C'mon love birds! It's time to unload!" Lin's large figure bolts up from the back seat of the bus, and Audrey follows. Zak gets back out looks at the trailer again and sighs. And so, He thinks to himself. Thus begins the unloading process.
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  37. Rollie nodded along with the other fairly large male, sisters? Of course, Rollie's mind wandered to the two girls from before- they were the only pair of sisters he had seen here, after all. Rollie grunted after receiving a shove from behind, "Alright. Good luck with that." Rollie smiled as Caspar pushed him away. Caspar wheeled Rollie towards Arthur, who was focused on something in the distance. "Oh, what's up, Art. I heard you got a girlfriend." Rollie shrugged nonchalantly as he plopped beside the boy on the bench. Arthur didn't say anything as he peeled his attention away from the singing and looking at his band mates.
    "Jason?" Arthur questioned simply.
    "Huh? Oh, he went off with some freak." Rollie shrugged, earning him and elbow to the bicep from Caspar. "Whatever, he better be back before we start practicing." Rollie muttered bitterly.

    Jason timidly stepped onto the bus, offering a friendly wave to the driver who was situated at the front. "Oh, yes please!" Jason grinned excitedly in response to Saphrax's offer, as he looked about the large vehicle. The boy was glad he met Saphrax, he made a friend- an hopefully more were just around the corner. He loved his band, of course, but dropping everything and suddenly leaving home for a band competition was rather unexpected and he missed his friends from school and his family. Ever since he joined the band he had been really busy, actually- he hadn't had much time to just relax and have fun.
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  38. Saphrax smiled as Jason had agreed to seeing the rest of the band. He led the fashion focused boy further to the back of the bus. The place was kept very tidy, though there were things like crystals that were around the place along with herbs for both cooking and for other uses. Saphrax himself had led the boy to were the rest of the band were. There were three others that were in the band, Thorn, Sable, and Rowena. "Jason these are my bandmates. The one who looks like she should be on the front page of a magazine is Thorn. She is our lead singer, though she can play other instruments if she wanted to."

    Thorn looked up from her book, and gave a small wave and smile towards the young male. "Nice to meet you Jason."

    "The one who looks like she would rather gut you then say hello to you Sable, she is our drummer. The girl has a mad sense of rhythm, and a mean right hook. Just be nice to her and you will not be the recipient of said right hook." Saphrax had a bit of smirk as his words were received with a glare from the blonde. Most of the time the two did not see eye to eye, but they still acted like they were the only ones to be able to pick on the other.

    "I see you have met our guitar player already. Seeing as you are still here, he has not found a way to run you off yet. Saph I can not wait to see how far this one..." With the a jab from Thorn, Sable was cut off. Though that did cause her to turn her attention on the singer.

    "Did you forget about me Saphrax?" The person who spoke had dark purple hair, that faded to neon green. She had some of the same features that the pink haired young man had, but there were quite a few differences between the two. She was much taller then her cousin, and it seemed a little broader as well.

    "No I could never forget about you. Jason this is Rowena, she is my younger cousin. She will basically talk your ear off if you let her." Saphrax gave Rowena a smirk to show that he was joking with the girl, though to outsider it would not have looked that friendly.
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  39. Ron had finished unloading everything and place the girl's luggage back inside, since he remembered they were staying at a hotel. He took the amps and instruments over to the registration area, where he left them under the band name. To his good luck, his sisters were already registering. He ran over to them, getting mean looks from the ones still in line, but Ron was unaware of them. "Azumi! You two were gonna register without me?"
    Azumi looked surprised while Maker laughed. "Maker said you were already here, so I thought you had done it already." Azumi looked guilty.
    Ron shook his head. "What did I tell you about blindly following Maker?"
    Maker puffed her cheeks. "Hey! It's not my fault you're too slow."
    Ron crossed his arms. "I was unloading YOUR instruments."
    Maker smiled and hugged Ron. "And that's why we love you. Now let's just register and go get something to eat at the hotel!"
    Ron sighed as if giving up and joined his sisters, waiting in line for their chance to register.
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  40. Jason's gaze wandered from object to object as he passed them, eyes somewhat behind the rest of his body as he followed behind Saphrax. When the pair suddenly stopped, Jason took a step backwards before offering a nervous smiling at the group of people ahead of him. They were all girls- maybe that's why Saphrax was so different from his band mates. But, they were still rather intimidating to Jason. The first to be introduced was Thorn, a pretty girl with dark hair and bright eyes. When Thorn gave a friendly greeting,Jason reacted in a similar manner offering a wave and quiet nod. Next to be introduced was Sable, she was the same height as Jason but seemed to be much tougher. When Saphrax mentioned the girl's fighting capabilities, Jason looked up with bright, widened eyes; expecting it to be a joke, but he soon found out that it was no joke at all. She actually reminded Jason a lot of Rollie, he wondered if the two of them would get along-i t was more likely that there would end up being a fight. When Sage first commented about Saphrax, Jason grinned and bobbed his head eagerly, but the girl's words seemed to turn bitter just before she was cut off. Jason's brows furrowed and his deep brown eyes clouded with worry, what was she going to say? What did she mean by how long? Jason mind wandered briefly, but he found himself unable to muster any sort of courage to ask about it. Lastly, Jason met Rowena- who seemed friendly enough. They were all just as eccentric as his crew, to be honest. And the more they talked the more he began to question Saphrax's character. The boy shook away the negative thoughts that intruded his mind, swallowing a lump in his throat before offering a smile "Well, it's very nice to meet you all. I hope everyone has fun and does well in the competition." Jason's words were a bit forced, but none the less amiable as he stood rigidly beside Saphrax. Honestly, he was kind of scared to get any closer to Sage.

    Caspar sighed as he typed away on his phone.
    "So are we gonna get Jason back or what?" Rollie suddenly asked in a gruff voice.
    "Oh, drop it already. Let the boy have some fun, we've still got time before we have to register." Caspar dismissively sighed and waved Rollie away from him. The large male rolled his eyes and turned to Arthur before sighing- talking to that kid was like talking to a wall. With Jason gone and Caspar busy- Rollie found himself incredibly bored.
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