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Battle Of The Bands RP- Interested In Cameo's?~

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dark Soul, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Hello, fellow 'Charmsians~

    As you might've noticed, Tunduli has started an RP called Battle of the Bands- Although we're still pondering the name. Originally a brainchild of me, created by combining K-ON and Sanctuary (Although I will not explain this any further, to prevent spoilers~), we think this RP will be a lot of fun, especially by making it interactive in two ways;

    1) Adding redtext-links to YouTube videos of what our characters are singing~

    2) This is where you come in. The Battle itself consists of ten rounds and twenty bands, of which two; The Cheese Bubbles, Tun's band, and my band, the Sound Warriors. And although most of these bands will probably be random NPC bands, we came up with the idea of making YOU- that is, other RP'ers- Enter the RP with their own band, in the form of making a cameo in two or three posts~

    There is one catch though: Although you'd have won from a couple of NPC bands in the RP, you would eventually face either the Sound Warriors or the Cheese Bubbles and you would lose, because my band and Tun's band will be the two bands in the finale; Of which, on a random note, the outcome will be decided by a poll so that there will be no argueing over winning and losing... Not that me and Tun would ever argue<3

    So, our question to you: Are you interested in making a cameo in this wonderful RP, set in New York?~ We grant you freedom of musical choices, aka, you can do any songs you like (Although I do want to keep the lowest amount of swear words possible, kthnx.).

    If you are interesed, please fill in this form:

    Band Name: (Anything you like<3)
    Musical Styles: (If your band has no set kind of music, then just fill in ' - ' )
    Guitarist Info: (Personal info such as age, personality, a bit of background. This counts for all character info.)
    Drummer Info:
    Bassist Info:
    Keyboardist Info:
    Vocal Arrangement: (Who sings the lead vocals, background vocals, etc. Doesn't have to be set, if the arrangement switches around a lot then please fill that in.)

    There you go~

    Late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~
    -Dark Soul~


    People so far:

    Band Name: Trippy Tentacles
    Musical Styles: Poppy, upbeat stuff that makes people diabetic

    Guitarist:Ethan Ausden
    Guitarist Info: Around 16. Really peppy and upbeat, he comes up with most of the lyrics. Ethan heard of the whole band thing through eavesdropping, and nagged his friends into making a band together. They had technically been in one already, but it wasn't official. Ethan's guitar is a little worn, as he drags it around instead of using a case or anything. He often shivers when afraid. His clothes are generally rather, er, loud, lacking fashion sense.

    Drummer: Kiki Cocorinos
    Drummer Info: Kiki is 17, and really wishes she had the idea to form the band, because now all she drums out are silly happy beats. She'd rather be bashing it to metal or something. Her red hair is seriously messy, and she dresses in a much darker style than when performing, when Odette gets those ridiculous outfits for her. She's loud, rude, and doesn't care much for opinions. Still, she stands up for Ethan when people are being mean.

    Bassist: Terry "Tannie" Growdelle
    Bassist Info: Terry isn't that smart, but he can play rather complicated notes, as if he had many arms! He's the same age as Ethan, and is quite a bit taller than him. he mostly wears plain clothes, and it's hard to get a sense of personality from him. He did come up with the name for the band, though, so Terry accepted the invitation to join in.

    Keyboardist: Odette Kinkabyou
    Keyboardist Info: Odette is 18, and as such is the oldest. She mostly is a kind and protective girl, and wears many different clothes that are modestly fashionable. She prefers dresses, and wears them with her hat. Odette usually handles fixing up Ethan's messy lyrics, and her fingers move across a keyboard in a seemly manner, compared to Ethan's rather erratic playing when they switch up. She often wears a bowler hat, which lays upon her neck-length black hair.

    Vocal Arrangement: Ethan and Odette, whom often switch roles in doing lead and backup. Whoever's on guitar has lead, and keyboard is backup.
  3. Looks good, Tan~

    Minor update; I will soon create a temporary layout of the rounds and their themes, and depending on the amount of people we can get for cameo's here and their band's musical directions I think I can make this work~

    In addition, I forgot to mention that the base format like the one I posted is open for changes; Guitarist/Bassist/Drummer/Keyboardist is what I'd prefer as a minimum, but you could add or scrap members; Like harmonizing guitar or bass. Or if you feel you don't need, for example, a drummer (Which'd strongly limit you to a small amount of songs, so I can't really recommend it), go ahead. I'm installing a minimum of three person and a maximum of seven.

    Have fun~
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    yay this'll be fun >:D

    Band Name: Bach to Beethoven
    Musical Styles: A mix of classical and everything else, usually R&B, pop, and rap.

    Guitarist/Bassist: Linda Sorrels
    Guitarist Info: She's 15 years old and has that upbeat personality: optimistic, chatterbox, that sort of thing. She can also play the violin, and is considered the "leader" of the group since she made it. Ironically, she's also the youngest of the group. She found out about the band thing from a poster, and was able to get some of her friends together and make a band. She has dirty blonde hair, which is usually held in a side ponytail, and blue eyes, and loves anything to do with scarves, miniskirts, sparkles, plushies, and the color purple.

    Drummer: Rodin Palmer
    Drummer Info: 16 years of age and considered the "lone wolf" of the group. He's more open around Linda than anyone else because she was the first person who let him go to her house, even if it was for a project. He writes the lyrics to some of the songs, with help from Xia and sometimes Linda. He has wavy brown hair and hazel eyes, and wears darker-colored clothes, and has a sort of obsession with photography. He's also the cellist of the group.

    Bassist/Guitarist: Kelvin Richardson
    Bassist Info: Kelvin, age 17, is Linda and Virt’s neighbor and Virt’s best friend. He’s very outgoing and enjoys being around people, though he’s extremely claustrophobic. Because he has a short fuse, he often gets into trouble with his parents and has been known to run away on a few occasions until about two years ago. He has blonde hair, which he usually ties back into a short ponytail, and green eyes, and wears basketball shorts and t-shirts. He enjoys playing basketball, and is very competitive by nature. He can also play the cello, and is the co-founder of the band with Linda, though he lets Linda and Virt do all the "leader" stuff.

    Keyboardist: Virt Sorrels
    Keyboardist Info: Linda's older brother, he's 17 years old and is also rather outgoing, like Linda. However, he also thinks before he talks, and is considerably calmer than his hyperactive sister. Virt does most of the composing/music writing, since he's the only one that's taken music theory. He also plays the piano when he needs to. He has dirty blonde hair which usually looks somewhat messy and blue eyes, and usually wears a hooded jacket. He likes reading books, especially fantasy-esque books, and his favorite food is pasta. If Linda's gone or whatever, Virt usually takes over as leader.

    Main Vocal: Xia Tian
    Main Vocal Info: Linda’s best friend, she’s 16 and is considered somewhat crazy, silly, naïve, and sunny. The otaku of the group, Xia spends most of her time, if not watching anime or reading manga, playing videogames. She’s also very poetic, being one of the main lyric writers of the group. She’s from China, but has lived in New York since she was five. She usually wears her straight hair down. Her outfit usually consists of things that are black and white, and she has a strange obsession with hats, gloves, and scarves. Xia also plays the violin, like Linda.

    Vocal Arrangement: Xia’s the lead/main singer, with Linda doing backup vocals and whatnot. Some songs, however, put the boys in the spotlight, in which case Virt (for the smoother, darker songs) or Kelvin (for the more upbeat songs) would be main and Rodin would be back-up. If there’s a rap in the song, Kelvin will do the rapping. In rare cases all five of them are singing, in which Xia would get the soprano part, Linda the alto, Kelvin the tenor, Virt the baritone, and Rodin the bass.

    Other info (prepare to get confused): They do a lot of switching around. Like, a lot. Sometimes Linda will be the guitarist and Kelvin’s the bassist, other times it’s the other way around. Or, better yet, Linda and Xia do a violin duet and Kelvin’s the guitarist and main vocal, Virt’s the keyboardist, and Rodin’s backup vocals at the drums. Or they all put their “modern” instruments down and pick up their “classical” instruments, in which case Virt will be the only one singing. Or whatever. As you can see, it gets very confusing. XD
  5. Band Name: Final Boss
    Musical Styles: Modern (Like this) Though they do play video game theme Remixes. They like Good Charlotte

    Guitarist: Daniel Edwards
    Guitarist Info: 16, seven hours older then his twin. Favourite colour is black, though is not emo. Usually wears anything black. Is protective of his twin, and is somewhat hard to read sometimes. Can be cheery, and is more than happy to try new things. Has a Black guitar with the Triforce on it, much like his twins only white. Has actually shared Aaron's crush on Lucy to Joshua, who hasn't told Lucy.

    Drummer: Joshua Adams
    Drummer Info: 15, turning 16 soon. Loves to drum out a good beat, and is happy with whatever song the band plays. His set of drums have a picture of a fissure on them. Favourite colour is yellow, and usually wears yellow. Has actually shared Lucy's crush on Aaron to Daniel, who hasn't told his twin. His own Drum set at his home has Metroid stickers on it.

    Bassist: Aaron Edwards
    Bassist Info: 16, seven hours younger than his twin. Favourite colour is White, and thus wears a lot of white. Has a crush on Lucy, but is too shy to say anything about it, except to his twin, who has said nothing to anyone else, so he thinks. His guitar is white and has a picture of the triforce, much like his twins, only the triforce is black.

    Keyboardist: Lucy smith
    Keyboardist Info: just turned 16. Favourite Colour is blue, and wears quite a lot of it. Has a crush on Aaron, but is too shy to say anything to anyone. Joshua is like a brother to her, so she's told him about her crush on Daniel. Is a great baker, and shares her cookies with the rest of the band. Her keyboard has stickers of Princess Peach/Zelda/Samus etc. on it.
    Vocal Arrangement: Daniel/Lucy. Lucy actually doesn't have her keyboard in some performances, and is a lead singer.

    Random Band Info: All of them like video games. Daniel likes adventure/fantasy games, Joshua like FPS (like Metroid: other M, Halo etc.), Aaron likes medium-long fantasy games and Lucy likes puzzle and PC games (she is great at Touhou, managing to complete some of the hardest games on Lunatic without losing a single life). They practice at Lucy's house, for Daniel/Aaron's parents hate any noise at all, and Joshua lives in a flat. Lucy has a soundproof room her parents made for her and the band, seeing as they are incredibly fond of their daughter and wants her to continue her musical career. Whenever the rest of the band come over she gives them a batch of cookies for them all to have. Favourite multiplayer game for all of them is SSBB. They always come over to Daniel/Aaron's house to play video games together, so long as they keep the noise down.

    And there you go, Final Boss (Thank you Dark for helping me decide ^^)
  6. Ahoohoo yeah ♥

    Band Name: royale Blue
    Musical style: Not set in stone, but the usual territory is rock, rock-pop some J-pop and (yes) Indie

    Main vocals: Ian Roche
    Info: Ian is the giggly and slightly eccentric 14 year old Vocalist of Royale Blue. From an early age, Ian was taking singing lessons. He is considered the creative drive for the band, and along with the violinist Aoife, designs most of the costumes for the band. His casual style of blue jeans and winter vests worn with jackets and pins, is often viewed as the band´s main look, hence the name royale Blue. His mid-length dark brown hair and blue eyes, are seen with his pale complexion.

    Drummer: Darren Powers
    info: The 15 year old more quiet drummer of the band is seen as the band´s emotional support. Happy to sit back and listen, Darren´s wild red curly hair is seen to mosh faster than Animal´s when a particularly demanding drum role is played.

    Bassist: Shane O´Driscoll
    Info: At 15 years of age, and taller than the rest of the band, royale Blue´s bassist is the most logical of the band. Often the one to calm Ian and Aoife down after a costume inspiration, his temper is only tested if he fails to master a piece to perfection (in his eyes). He, like Ian has a head of long dark hair, albeit more split-ended.

    Guitarist: Vivien Roussel.
    Info: Vivien is the short-tempered guitarist of royale Blue. A giddy player, and often a self-proclaimed diva, Vivien is willing to play any song that has loud guitar contributions. Her hair as red as her temper, she often has beads braided into a handful of braids at the front of her hair, and excited brown eyes to match.

    Keyboard player: Thomas O´Hara
    Info: An experimentalist by nature, Thomas not only plays keyboard but is the most knowledgable in music-reading and writing. He has been trained in classical piano, and modern keyboard. Fueling his experimental nature, he can often be seen messing with simulated instruments on his keyboard. His blonde hair is usually covering his face when playing, until of course he whips it back in a show-off arc, revealing his deep green eyes.

    Violin player(electric violin if it fits better Dark :>): Aoife Shanahan
    Info: Aoife brings not only violin playing to royale Blue, but a passion for eccentric costume designs as well. Her blue, almost grey eyes usually shine greedily when herself or Ian concocts a new costume theme.

    Vocal arrangement: Ian, being the main singer, does most of the singing. However, if a song requires such, Aoife, Vivien and Shane usually do a bit of back-up.
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    No, not really, I'm just introducing Cheese Bubbles - and another rival band, Technically Numb.

    Band Name: Cheese Bubbles
    Musical Styles: Mainly upbeat rock, pop, and indie. Also some J-Pop because Lee and stuff c:

    Guitarist: Charlotte MacDonald (everyone calls her either Charlie or Lee though)
    Guitarist Info: Happy, bubbly and outgoing; rarely upset. Shes's fifteen and a half, in the same year at school as Darren, their bassist. She's always one to try and cheer up people, but she can sometimes get on people's nerves. Although she seems tough and happy on the outside, there's a very soft center to her. When not overly excited, she can be a (mildly) quiet and kind person. She won't seem to be shaken, but if she gets hurt enough, she'll definetly fall apart. She admires many people, and looks up to pretty much everyone. Mischevious, too. Enjoys video games (quite geeky) but if she plays them too much instead of rehearsing in the band, Darren gets quite annoyed. Her parents are from Scotland (flip yeah) but she has lived in New York City for all of her life. She has been singing all of her life; even when she was a toddler she would scream her lungs out to music. When she was eight, she picked up her brother's (right-handed) guitar, turned it upside down and taught herself to play. Because she found guitar quite hard to play due to her small hands when she was little, she bribed her dad to buy her a ukulele for her 8th birthday. She plays ukulele quite a lot now, and most songs she knows on guitar she knows on uke.
    She usually dresses in hoodies, scarves, fingerless gloves, and skinny jeans (also hats. lots of hats. She's just a better me, really XDD)
    (PS: She's a massive OK Go fan (OKGeek?) and has a crush on the drummer from Dark's band, Lucas.)

    Drummer: Donny Gonzales (sometimes Lee calls him 'Speedy' as a joke :V)
    Drummer Info: Happy and outgoing, humorous and jokey. He's 18, just out of school. He does enjoy a good laugh with his friends, and likes friendily-teasing his amigos (namely Darren). He isn't one to get annoyed or angry; he's rarely sad, either. Donny's very playful and jolly, and very laid back - he can often be found playing video games with Lee when the band is supposed to be rehearsing or practising. He's quite a ladies' man; he doesn't necessarily get a lot of ladies, but he is always trying to impress them and win them over. Donny only recently started playing drums, but he's quite good at it. Being the showman he is, he enjoys doing drum solos and big finishes. He can also play a little bit of guitar, but he isn't quite as good as Lee or Darren. His dad is American and he married Donny's mother, a Spanish lady, a year after he was born. He and his father had their names changed to Gonzales to show their love for Spain. When Donny was 10 they moved to California. At the age of 13 his mother died and they moved to New York to start a new life, and joined the school that Lee and Darren atend now.

    Bassist: Darren Town
    Bassist Info: He's 16, but he's known Lee since kindergarten - but he only met Donny in his last year of school. Shy and quiet, only really speaks to people he knows. Usually quite a deadpan tone to his voice. He's quite vulnerable and soft, but if you get him angry, he'll explode. Although on the outside he's shy and mysterious, behind the shadowed eyes and pale skin, he's quite emotional. The only thing he's really interested in is music and poetry, mention anything else and he'll probably drift off somewhere in his own head. He also likes computer games sometimes, but he gets annoyed when Lee plays them too much instead of practising. He's bisexual, but has never told anyone. Darren has been playing bass for most of his life, his dad was a bass player in a band, and so he had a go. When he was little he used to travel with his dad to his gigs, but at the age of seven, his parents got divorced. Darren's dad left his bass guitar for Darren, and he has practised ever since with Lee. He can also play piano rather well, but prefers playing bass - he taught himself piano for a girl he liked when he was 12; she loved piano music so he wanted to impress her. (Sadly, he got turned down; she already had a boyfriend who played piano and she didn't like the style Darren played in. "All that work for nothing".)

    Keyboardist: Jessica Dhabi
    Keyboardist Info: A newcomer to the band! When Rodriquez Ramirez told Cheese Bubbles that they needed a keyboardist, they started advertising around the school for one. After a few days, Jessica showed up at the music room and played for them, succesfully becoming their keyboardist (ttly not just because she was the only one who audtioned >> <<). She has been playing piano and keyboard since she was six, and knows just a little bit of guitar, mainly because her parents are very musical and believed that she should have a good future in music. Her mother played violin and her father piano, and they met in a competition similar to Rodriquez Ramirez'. Both of her parents are African, hence the name Dhabi, but she has lived in America for all of her life. She's a very upbeat person, quite a lot like Lee, and shares a lot of her fandoms, such as Damian Kulash, K-ON, and Kirby (she's not quite as good at video games, though). She's also quite a lot more stylish than her, keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, unlike Lee who just wears whatever she thinks is nice or quirky.

    Vocal Arrangement: Lee is the lead singer, and she sings pretty much all the time. Darren and Jessica do a lot of backup vocals, and sometimes, for the rare one or two songs, Darren sings lead.


    Band Name: Technically Numb
    Musical Styles: Quite a lot of indie and 'teenage pop'.

    Lead Vocalist: Sonny Peserville
    Lead Vocalist Info: Sonny is the envy of most teenage girls and the crush of most teenage boys. At first glance she seems like an angel; she's positively attractive, with blonde hair with wisps of hazelnut throughout, shining blue eyes, a very smooth voice, and a very slim - almost perfect - body shape. But when you get to know her, you'll learn that she's the devil in disguise. She'll do anything to be popular or important, to be the center of attention or to catch everyone's eye. Although she seems perfect, she's easily scared or disgusted by anything that she doesn't find "pretty" or "nice".

    Guitarist: Johnny Dalas
    Guitarist Info: Johnny's quite a background-type. He's 19 years of age and Sonny's half-brother. They have the same mother and different father, but are still very close.(Johnny kept his father's name) At the age of eight, he moved to New York from Jersey City for a job that his step-father needed. Johnny still lives with his mother and step-father, Sonny's dad, in their house. He's doing a college course on music, but works from home and goes in to the college only to hand in his papers. Him and his sister were the founding members of Technically Numb. Johnny has been playing guitar since he was 13, so he isn't the most experienced, but not the least either. He mainly plays simple chords rather than picky things.

    Drummer: Harry Batcher
    Drummer Info: Harry's a very passionate drummer. He's one of those people who have to be the loudest to feel good about himself, so when performing, you can usually find him belting out at the choruses or, at the end of songs, doing a huge drum solo and normally ending up wrecking his drums. He started playing drums when he was eight; when he met Johnny who basically introduced him to music. Ever since, he's been addicted to bashing his drums away through the night!

    Bassist: Garret Caller
    Bassist Info: Garret is quite a normal boy. Or at least, he seems to be. Normally he's just your usual 16 year old boy, but he can be quite extraordinary if the time calls for it. He's a classically trained bass player, he started getting lessons when he was seven. Ever since then, he's wanted to be a professional bass player, and Technically Numb seemed to be the band to do it with. He secretly has a crush on Sonny, but hasn't told anyone.

    Vocal Arrangement: Sonny is always the lead singer, seeing as if she's not, she has nothing else to do. All three of the boys do backup vocals to most of the songs, but for some it's just Garret.

    Also, if anyone thinks anything should happen between their characters and any of mine/Dark's characters, feel free to discuss here. C:
  8. Nim


    Oh my goodness, I'm so pumped for this RP! ;D

    Band Name: Bad KaRma
    Musical Styles: Alternative rock, hard rock, grunge

    Lead Guitarist: Simon Gradson
    Lead Guitarist Info: Simon is the "smart" one of the group and at 17 has developed a very unique sound of playing. He uses a lot of effects with his guitar and usually creates an alternative type of melody. He is very confident about himself and stands for what he believes in.

    Drummer: John McClapp
    Drummer Info: John is the oldest member of the band being 18. He is pretty rough and likes to get into fights and show his strength. His originally played Jazz drums but during his late teen years incorporated rock into his playing giving him a very unique sound. He and Liam are the founding members of the band.

    Bassist: Aleska Pronov
    Bassist Info: (Age 17) Born in Poland, Aleska moved to America when she was young and was friends with Simon throughout High School. She is a bit shy but is considered the kind one and always tries to cheer people up. She has a very strange sense in fashion and her playing style is a lot more powerful then most Bassists and she kind of controls the song.

    Rhythm Guitarist: Liam Scott
    Rhythm Guitarist Info: Liam is 16 and has been playing guitar since he was 13. However his commitment allowed him to rapidly improve his skills to accompany his voice. With his fuzzy hair Liam really stands out from the group and acts as somewhat of a leader. He always sings and plays about something he is pasionate about; something he and Simon share. He knew John because Liam was good friends with his younger brother at school and when they heard about the Battle of the Bands they knew they had to make a band and enter.

    Vocal Arrangement: Liam is the lead singer for the band with John on backing vocals.
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  9. Much like Tuncake, decided to biographize (?) my band here as well~

    Band Name: Sound Warriors (*coughclichétryingtosoundawesomenamecough*)

    Musical Styles: No particular style, but mostly mainstream music such as pop, acoustic, rock, techno, soul, etc.

    Guitarist: Hunter Moore
    Guitarist Info: Hunter is a teenager with a quite serious personality. He tends to stay calm and defensive all the time, although certain things really excite him; And when he's excited about something, he gets really pumped. He's been Diego's BFF ever since they were little, and they hang out together a lot, along with Lucas. Like Diego, Hunter is gay, but he's not as vivid in showing it as Diego. He has a certain 'though guy' image, because he wears leather and jeans all the time and is very muscled, but he is not macho at all. He is very skilled with his guitar, specializing in guitar riffs and grunges.

    Harmonizing Guitarist: Ruby Flores
    Harmonizing Guitarist Info: Ruby Flores moved to New York with her father Nico, where they opened a now famous Italian restaurant. Her mother died of cancer when she was young, and her last present to Ruby was a pair of simple golden earrings that she wears all the time. She plays the harmonizing guitar sounds. She has a friendly and caring personality, although she often states lame jokes that result in embarrasing silences.

    Drummer: Lucas Miller
    Drummer Info: Although it might sound strange, seeing as he is the drummer, Lucas is a very shy and quiet boy; Jokingly called the 'Red' of the band. Born in Kleve, Germany, near the German-Dutch border, Lucas was bullied as a child, making him the shy and nervous person he is now. When he entered high school, Diego and Hunter took an instant liking to him, and with those two by his side, nobody has ever tried to bully him anymore. Diego has a very good sense of rythm, and as nervous and shy as he is in normal life, he turns into a showbeast whenever he has a solo, and he turns out to be a very good singer- Then, looking back later, always feel embarrased. He is very handsome, attracting a lot of female attention.

    Bassist: Emily Clark
    Bassist Info: Emily Clark recently moved to New York, with her mother, who is a wealthy bussinesswoman. Emily is very fashionable, and knows a lot about fashion in general. Although she is very good at seeming like a nice person to strangers, she has a flair of arrogance and is used to getting what she wants. She can also get really angry. To people she likes, such as her friends, she is very friendly though. She has been playing the bass for quite a few years, and is a good singer.

    Keyboardist: Diego Wright
    Keyboardist Info: The Sound Warriors' president and founder. A teenager with a very optimistic, outgoing and overall happy personality. Diego is gay like Hunter, and shows it vividly with his colourful and slightly unusual way of dressing. His father is a Biology teacher at an university. Diego is very good at languages and speaks a lot of languages, of which several fluently like English, German, Spanish and Japanese. He is very skilled at playing the piano and keyboard.

    Vocal Arrangement: Generally speaking, Diego and Emily are the lead singers, although Hunter and Ruby sometimes sing solo's and background voices as well. Lucas rarely sings, although he is very good at it.

    There you go~
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  10. I finally finished a profile for this

    Band Name: Silver Strings, all the band members have silver coloring in at least part of their instrument
    Band Theme: Various popular songs, mostly rock songs.

    Name: Cody Wight
    Role: Drummer
    Bio: The bandleader, Cody is easy-going and friendly, and is the voice of reason in the band. Whenever his band mates fall into petty squabble, he’s the one to pull them apart. Strangely enough, he is single as can be, possibly due to the last girl he had cheating on him, with two guys nonetheless, for months before he realized. His naivety doesn’t need explaining.

    Name: Ricky Evans
    Role: Lead Guitarist
    Bio: Your classic rock-star, show-off, girl-grabbing bastard. He is a living legend of music, and he has the charms and looks to match. He has the power to hook up with one girl and go straight to the other right away. He knows full well what kind of power he has over the opposite sex, and uses it as much as he can. Though when a woman manages to reject him, it hits him hard, baffling him and silencing him until a new one comes along. Most of his band members can barely stand him, his skills being the only reason they want to keep him on, not to mention his rich family supplies the kit and jam session areas. His instrument inspired the band name, a Les Paul and an acoustic with strings painted silver.

    Name: Asher Ketchum
    Role: Rhythm Guitarist
    Bio: The victim of slightly demented parents that changed their last names after falling in love with the respective anime, he’s fortunate to have the suffix to protect him. The humiliation Asher suffered for almost his entire life turned him into a quiet individual that rarely speaks up. To keep things from continuing, he stopped using his last name, and almost never reveals it, even to some of his band members. How such a shy person began dating a fellow band member like Vanessa is, however, a mystery, though his kind and compassionate attitude showed through his interactions with the girlfriend he never expected to get. He usually plays rhythm, in Ricky’s shadow. Though when the star performer decides to take full microphone duty, he easily fills in the missing slot.

    Name: Vanessa Cless
    Role: Bassist
    Bio: If Aphrodite had a twin sister, then it would be Vanessa. She is the object of perfect; elegant, cute, smart, funny, and caring. Almost no guy would want to deny her at first glance. She came to be in the band during their first practices due to being brought by Ricky as a date, this was when her hidden fetishes emerged as she fell in love with the namesake of the character of one of her favorite animes. In that space of 24 hours, she became one of the very few to dump Ricky and she jumped into the unsuspecting arms of Asher. She got more than she bargained for though, falling deeper into this boy than people believed possible. She played bass for only a short time, though she is a fast learner.

    Name: Archie Michelson
    Role: Various (keyboards, violins, etc.)
    Bio: Forget about Ricky being good. Archie is a legend with almost every instrument known to man. He often fills in the missing spots in many songs with one of his various instruments. His flamboyant attitude and attire would label him as gay by people at first glance. Those that do know him however know him to be asexual, which basically means sex means nothing to him.

    Vocal Arrangement: Ricky usually leads, with Cody and Archie doing backup. Though Vanessa would take over if the song demands it. Though there is one particular song in the band’s arsenal that Archie would take to the front for.
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  11. Ahem. (I hope this doesn't count as gravedigging.)

    So, six people! I'm glad to have you, guys, it ought to make this RP very interesting~

    The TV band battle show that this RP revolves around, Right To Shine, consists of ten rounds. In every round, the two bands with the least amount of public votes will have to leave. (This will eventually happen to all the cameo bands, as bad as that sounds, but you were warned at the beginning.)

    The ten rounds all have their respective themes; I will divide your bands over the rounds, and edit in the result later. The themes will be added as well.

    Thank you, guys, and I hope you'll have a lot of fun~
  12. Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Tun here to post some rounds, nnny'~?

    So here we go~! ♥

    1- Free For All!
    All bands pick one song they would like to do - can be any song, mmkay~?

    2- Get Funky!
    Now it's time to boogie on down to some music of the Funk genre~!

    3- The Core Of Music; Soul~
    WE'RE ALL SOOOUUUUL MEEEEENNNN (and women whateverfhjgkrj D:<) ! *tootie toot t-tootie t-tooooot* So yeah, a song from the land of Soul c:

    4- The Beatles- Does This Even Need A Cool Title?
    YES IT DOES AND I WILL GIVE IT ONE Mhmmmm, a song by the Beatles :>

    5- Rave; It's Techno Time!
    Now pick a technopop/technorock/gypsy jazz/blablah song and PLAY IT o!:

    6- Kon'nichiwa; J-pop!
    Yeah yeah, I'm sorry, we had to </3 ANYWAY do some Japanese songs, yo D:<

    7- Screw Electronics; Acoustic Tunes~
    Yepyep, this is taking a normal song and playing it with acoustic instruments; like maybe acoustic guitars, pianos and ... bongos. Or something.

    8- Rock Out 'n' Roll!
    Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah! O:< *airfist* ... I-I mean, uh, take a good rawk song and make it better ♥

    9- OK, Go!
    asdfgfdghgfdsYES I HAD TO ; A ; But yeah, perform a song by OK Go |D

    10- Le Grande Finale!
    Well er, this'll just be me and Dark, so yeah :>

    For rounds 5-and-up two songs will be played by each band, so keep that in mind ♥

    The Rock round is reserved by Indie, though :>
    That being said, I would like Indie to comment here and claim it definitely ♥

    also !!!
    If anyone else is still interested in cameo'ing; PM me or Dark with your bios and we'll see :>

    Blah blah blaaahhhh /end rant

    ~Tun ♥
    #12 Tunolipede, Feb 25, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  13. *Indie claimed one round cameo!*

    Yes, thank you two very much for reserving that round, as I'm super-psyched about my flamboyant performance with...well, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise~
  14. I'd like to say I take Techno, thanks to Dark/Tun for giving me a song to play for it~
  15. I'll just, um~

    Take that J-Pop right there, kay and thank you :>
  16. Okayso I'm just going to make this list and edit it as it goes along, kay~? ♥

    1- Free For All Not Taken

    2- Funk Not Taken

    3- Soul Not Taken

    4- The Beatles Not Taken

    5- Technopop/rock Taken -- Final Boss

    6- J-Pop Taken -- Trippy Tentacles

    7- Acoustic Taken -- Bach to Beethoven

    8- Rock Taken -- Royale Blue

    9- OK Go Not Taken

    Everyone else can comment when they like, s'no rush or anythonk ♥
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ... I think you can guess, but I think my band will be taking Acoustic XD

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