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DPPt/HGSS Battle Me

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by mudkip11511, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. New but skillful i want to battle and trade

    'Expect to lose
    'Looking for darkrai
    'First three people to beat me get a mew
    'Double battle fan

    dont expect to win
  2. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    would you mind stating the rules you'll be following?

    I'm a bit interested, but I'd like to know what I can and can't do/use.
  3. alright all legends are allowed I dont care what level they are. I would like double battle and free level. i will send my friend code around 4pm.
  4. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    It could be a nice test since I don't use legends.
    The next time I'm actually capable of battling you, I will
  5. What level pokemon are you using? I might battle you if your pokemon are 50ish in level.
  6. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    just set the level at 50 or 100 in the invite, and levels won't matter :p
  7. They said free level battle Ruko. ::) unless he says otherwise.
  8. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    in that case, I'm out entirely XD
    I need to stop posting when I'm in a rush >>;

    sorry Mudkip.
  9. Its alright and by the way Shado if you still want to know i use all lvl 100 i would give my friend code but my mom is using my ds so i cant but i will get it back, you can expect it this week, one last thing do you have a darkrai. don't worry the mew offer is still up


    i got it
    my code is

    I will be online around 2:50pm to 6:00 pm
  10. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    while I'm here, please don't double post, Mudkip.
    there's an edit button at the top of all of your posts if you want to add something new
  11. I'm more concerned about testing out my team. >> They are all like level 50 or so. Any other restrictions?

    If so, lv 100 double. Get back to me on that.

    (If you see a lack of h's, my h key isn't working so great. >>)

    Oh and yes I have Darkrai, but I'm not trading.
  12. I did like yo fight but I want to limit the (uber)legends to 1, because I don't like battling with/against them, I hope to hear from you :)
  13. ok i will use one legendary, my friend code is in this fourm, leave your code. i start looking for battles at 3pm on weekdays(including friday)
    I also got a GBA gameshark so the first person to beat me gets a lvl 50 mew that comes with a heart scale and knows every pokemon ruby TM + HM move.
  14. I'll battle you mudkip, single or double battle you choose

    EDIT: If we make it Lv 100
  15. I can't be on at 3:00 PM on weekdays. I can be on at 4:30 though
  16. ok Goldfan i will battle you at 3 with lvl 100 and double

    and Shado i will try and catch you at 4:30 you can chose but i prefer free level

    by the way i dont care about items i just dont like people who cheat in battles with AR DS(Action Replay) and GS DS (Gameshark)
  17. sorry I had gone to bed when you said that, but if you PM me we can arrange a time to battle, does the mew offer still stand?
  18. My FC is Dawn 1031 8651 6098
  19. Looking forward to our battle mudkip i am available for 2hrs 30 mins from now just send me a PM or post here and I will battle you

    EDIT: Just realised I will only battle Lv 50 or Level 100, free battle is for ppl who want to rule just because they trained their pokemon to Level 100, it doesn't require skill
  20. I agree with Goldfan.

    Lv 100 Double?

    Edit: I won, so you know what you need to do. You Promised.
  21. let's battle! =)
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