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XY/ORAS Battle me!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by TundraZap, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Yo, if you want to battle on showdown, oras, x or y comment here!
    For oras and xy, we need to do a gts trade to be aquatinted.
    Just tell me and I'll Battle you!
    Available: Showdown
    Unavailable: Oras, X Y. (X I'm nuzlocking and oras my teams are being tested and trained!)
  2. TundraZap do you have any monotype teams? If so I'd like to challenge you to a monotype battle!
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  3. What is mono type, is that only Pokemon of one type, coz I've been looking into setting up a mono team on showdown anyway! So yeah If you tell me I'll be happy to Battle!
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  4. @TundraZap
    Only Pokémon of one type yeah, if you go into team builder you can validate for it and when you're ready my name is SparkyThePachirisu
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  5. Done I'm Tundra Zap
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  6. Apparently you're offline?
  7. It won't let me challenge you
  8. I'm on now, go on
  9. Some of my Pokemon are banned, I'll be a sec
  10. I'm reafy

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