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DPPt/HGSS Battle Frontier (we're ready to roll)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by AndinatorX, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. [size=18pt] Status: Accepting Battles and Members (must read the entire first post)[/size]​

    Hello, I'm. Andinator and welcome to the first step in my frontier. Each member that you defeat, you will receive a symbol after you PM the member you defeated. However, there are special rules that apply for each facility, therefore there are no set rules. as on facility could say yes to legendaries while the other says no. To get the bronze symbol of every member, you must first have defeated Port Captain Andy's Bronze team (yup, we each have a different team for each symbol challenge with the exception of Port Captain who will have rule changes). To receive a silver symbol, you must defeat Andy's Silver Team which can only be challenged when every members bronze team have been defeated by you and have gotten there bronze symbol. And to get a gold pass, you must have received the silver symbol of every member.

    Anyways, heres a brief description of the members and their facilities

    Title: Palace Maiden Krystal
    Battle Frontier Title: Amazon of the Battle Frontier
    PC name: bubblewrap
    Battle Facility: Battle Palace
    Availabilty: Random
    System: PBR
    Symbol: Balance Symbol
    Prize: 5 Battle Points
    Main Pokemon: Blaiziken
    FC: 1075-4900-2801
    special rules: no ubers, more to come
    facility construction completeness: 5% not ready yet at all

    Title: Port Captain Andy
    Battle Frontier Title: Tactician of the Battle Frontier
    PC name: Andinator
    Battle Facility: Battle Port (Lagoon Colloseum)
    Availability: on weekends
    System: PBR
    Symbol: Chess Symbol
    Prize: 7 Battle Points
    FC: 4081-9281-5812
    special rules: double battle. level 30-50 rule, no 3rd evolution allowed (that oughta shake things up), 3 pokemon rule, must beat this facility b4 u can face others, no pokemon with a base stat of 600 or up, 20 second time limit
    facility construction completeness: 75% (need to work on team for gold symbol)
    i dont have any clause because items, etc are part of strategy, which is what my facility is about

    Title: Temple Leader Jake
    Battle Frontier Title: Collector of the Battle Frontier
    PC name: Master Gamer 491
    Battle Facility: Battle Temple (Waterfall Colloseum)
    Availability: Random
    System: PBR
    Symbol: Aggression Symbol
    Prize: 7 Battle Points
    Main Pokemon: Porygon-Z
    FC: 0087-4224-8448
    special rules: single battle, ubers allowed, lvl 50 all, hax clause
    facility construction completeness: 65% (up and running but not updated and information unready)

    Title: Park Owner James
    Battle Frontier Title: Breeder of the Battle Frontier
    PC name: Mac_Mini
    Battle Facility: Battle Park
    Availability: Random
    System: D\P
    Symbol: Compasion Symbol
    Prize: 10 Battle Points
    Main Pokemon: Togekiss
    FC: I'll post it later
    special rules: single battle, lv 15 all
    facility construction completeness:75%

    Title: Mirage Master Adam
    Battle Frontier Title: Mercenary of the Battle Frontier
    PC name: Snowpanther
    Battle Facility: Battle Mirage
    Availability: Random
    System: D\P
    Symbol: Mythbuster Symbol
    Prize: 14 Battle Points
    Main Pokemon: Salamence
    FC: 0388 1962 8361
    special rules: single battle, hax clause
    facility construction completeness:75%

    Title: Gladitorous Ceaser Derek
    Battle Frontier Title: Mastermind of the Battle Frontier
    PC name: "not yet revealed to the public"
    Battle Facility: Battle Gladitorous
    Availibility: Random
    System: Pearl
    Symbol: Meteor Symbol
    Prize: 18 Battle Points
    FC: "only revealed to those who beat all other members"
    special rules: basic LV 50 battle, must have defeated every other member first

    To get the 4th  spot, you must: have a DPPt game, have posted your battle facility, your name (ill come up with your title) your FC, and at least one form of contact other than forum.
    To get the 7th spot, you must fufill the requirements above as well as have beaten every member from 1 to 6's gold team (so you will need a ds game and a PBR).
    To get the 9th spot, you must have defeated every members rainbow team

    Challengers/ Symbols Earned:
    PokemonCrazy/ Chess Symbol
    Henly/ None

    Palace Maiden Krystal:
    This member holds the first spot of the PC battle frontier. Though getting her gold symbol is required to become a member, battling her is optional and can be skipped. However, if you would like to test whether or not you have a balance of skill, I suggest you battle her.

    Port Captain Andy:
    This member of the Frontier trained differently from others in the fact that he trained by studying instead of experience. And that studying has proven useful for him in battle. His rules make the challenger use their brain instead of aggression. He holds the 2nd of the 8 Frontier Spots.

    Temple Leader Jake:
    Though the youngest of the group, he is also much more aggressive than the first member. He became the 3rd Frontier spot to challenge your ability to change their tactic.

    Park Owner James:
    This member will challenge your ability to breed. His pokemon have have been well taken care of and if you wish to beat him, you better too. He holds the 5th spot.

    Mirage Master Adam:
    If you've made it this far, you've come a long way. But that doesnt mean that this battle will be an easy ride. though he shares Jake's aggression, his pokemon are not only well picked but also well trained. if you wish to defeat him, dream on. he holds the 6th Frontier spot.

    Gladitorous Caesar Derek:
    He is the strongest member of the current members. You've already tested out your skills of tactics, aggression, breeding, and control with the previous members, but do your skils rival his. Challenge him to find out. He holds the 8th Spot!!

    You must wait 24 hours before you can challenge the same frontier brain again except for when your trying to get you're frontier pass from me. you must also battle these members in order (unless one of the facilities is down). also, you can drop out at any time by PMing my (which means that if you continue you have to start all over). but if you hold any gold symbols, you get the rank right above the most recent one you received. You may have also realize that some of us have rainbow symbols ready. well, if you want any of those, youll have to PM me when you have all the gold symbols to find out how to get one

    Arranged Battles:
    Twinky vs. Master Gamer 491>4th Frontier Spot>Saturday>3-6

    Additonal Credits:
    Rayn-Shyu: Mugshots
    Henly: Prizes

    Rare Candy: 64 BP
    A Random Shiny Pokemon: 128 BP
    A Starter of your choice: 86 BP
    Japan Shiny Regigigas-UT Adamant LV100: 75 BP
    Japan Movie Darkrai-Modest LV66: 50 BP
    Japan Movie Darkrai-UT Bold LV50: 75 BP
    Japan Movie Regigigas-UT Modest LV100: 75 BP
    Movie Shaymin-UT Modest Level 50: 150 BP
    WCS Milotic-UT Timid LV50: 200 BP
    Shiny Darkrai-UT Modest High IVs LV50: 300 BP
    Alamos Darkrai-UT Jolly LV50: 125 BP
    Alamos Darkrai-UT Mild LV50: 125 BP
    Alamos Darkrai-UT Hasty LV50: 125 BP
    Shiny Ranger Manaphy-UT Lax LV1: 190 BP
    Hayley Ranch Phione-Adamant LV51: 140 BP
    Hayley Ranch Shroomish-UT Jolly LV45: 90 BP
    Hayley Ranch Finneon-UT Mild LV35: 90 BP
    Hayley Ranch Miltank-UT Calm LV48: 90 BP
    Hayley Ranch Tangela-UT Naughty LV1: 90 BP
    Hayley Ranch Ponyta-UT Naughty LV16: 90 BP
    Hayley Ranch Staravia-UT Jolly LV23: 90 BP
    GAMESTP Deoxys-UT Timid LV50: 130 BP
    PKtopia Pikachu-UT Hardy LV10: 80 BP
    TRU Dragonite-UT Mild LV50: 160 BP
    Saikyou Dragonite-UT Mild LV50: 150 BP
    Baba Flygon-UT Naive LV50: 200 BP
    McDonald's Pikachu-UT Bashful LV20: 200 BP
    ANIV Raikou-UT Quirky LV70: 110 BP
    Japan MATTLE Ho-oh-UT Modest LV70: 100 BP
    Japan Shiny Faraway Island Mew-UT Lonely LV30: 140 BP
    Aura Mew-Hasty LV28: 60 BP
    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-UT Lax LV5: 170 BP
    Japan Shiny Birth Island Deoxys-Lonely LV35: 135 BP


    Upcoming Prizes
    Dragonic Charmander (with Outrage and Dragon Dance): 150 BP
    Dirty Squirtle (Muddy Water and Mud Sport): 150 BP
    Super Bulbasaur (with Leaf Storm): 143 BP


    BP Record:
    PokemonCrazy: 7 BP
    Henly: 0 BP

    it can be ironic to note that the mastermind of the Battle frontier and the Tactician of the battle Frontier( the First two members, are actually the hardest to beat and are the last member to face and the origina lfirst member to face) are also the Co-creator and the Creator respectively
  2. i'd like to take the 4th spot.
    battle facility: Battle Mountain
    name: Daniel
    FC: 5455-6474-4547
    contact info: myspace.com/danieloforb
  3. i no i didnt post this, but to test you, master gamer will battle you. he holds the 3rd spot so you beat him and your in. since your challenging solely for a position, you can skip me and krystal
  4. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    Might I ask why "Starter of your Choice" and "WSHMKR Jirachi" are worth so much more than most of your irreplaceable event pokemon? XD

    Starters with no movesets are really easy to come across, meanwhile the Untouched Japanese Darkrai is irreplaceable at this point in time. I'd like to point out that cloned pokemon are regarded as hacked pokemon here.. and that so long as the person knows it was cloned I can't do anything to stop you from giving it to them

    A couple of things about that post:
    Watch your grammar a bit; capitalize I and spell out the word know. Looks neater on the forum if you're planning on running a thread that will be this large.
    If you didn't type it, who did? Is this based on another forum?

    With all of that out of the way... sorry to sound so critical, but it's part of my job here XD
    I want to say good luck with the frontier and also offer my own breeding services for prizes.
    I can mass produce Charmander with Outrage, Dragon Dance and Dragon Rush as well, for whatever few people may prefer Dragon Rush. I'd like to know what I could get in return for my breeding though :p
  5. i dunno, master gamer, one of the members, was the one who donated these and he gave them the price. but ill change the starter of your choice to 86 BP
  6. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    ..You only answered one of my questions XD
  7. you misunderstand. cause the shop things were contributed by one of the members (the "colector of the battle frontier") i did create the thread tho
  8. I was wondering if, because my WiFi is down, I might be able to go into a queue type of situation? Stand in line to see if my WiFi will work again before actually officially becoming part of the squad? If so, I think I'd love to apply; I even made myself a symbol and a sprite as a person. However, against the gran, my symbol is more of a gym badge.

    I'd love to hear back from you soon. (:
  9. Well, I don't know. First of all, "Twinky" is already gonna try to apply for the 4th spot. and then for the 7th spot, you actually have to beat members 1-6. And to be the 9th spot, you must defeat every member in the rainbow challenge. But you would have known that if you read the rules
  10. well, i got no message for my challenge, so i don't if i'll get another.

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