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Battle Competitions - Sponsors are the way to go!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SilphCo Ben, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. ((You can read up on my character in the Bios thread))

    This is a new era for Hearthome city, one in which contests aren't the only kind of competition around! Thats right, its the era of Pokemon Battle Competitions, and where there are competitions, there are also sponsors.

    There are two main events coming up, the first of which is the Charity Competition. This is a for charity event that sponsors use to select trainers for the upcoming Anual Battle Championship. Traditionally, the winner of the Charity Competition will also obtain the coveted Devon Co. sponsorship. The Annual Battle Championship is one of the most elaborate events in Sinnoh, and the Final match is broadcast to all 4 continents, including the Orange Islands.


    The Sponsors

    Devon Corporation
    The largest company in Hoenn, it's often hard to tell if Devon Co. is competing against or working together with Silph Co.. Devon is best known for its line of Pokeball variants, as well as being the makers of the PokeNav. As a representative of Devon Corporation you'll be expected to sport Luxury, Premier, Net, Dive, Nest, Repeat, and Timer Balls.

    Poketch Company
    This small family owned company is best known for making none other than the Poketch! This is the first year they'll be sponsoring anyone, and their hope is it will give them the extra kick they need so they can bring the Poketech to Johto. As a representative of the Poketch Company, you'll be expected to wear your Poketch at all times.

    Safari Zone International
    Safari Zone Int. is the business behind the Safari Zones located in Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. As a representative of Safari Zone Int., you'll be expected to own at least two Safari Zone pokemon.

    Even if you don't land a sponsor in the Charity Competition, you can still compete in the Annual Championships!

    To join, just say your in! If you have a bio in the bio thread, please link us to it. If not, or if you don't want to use it, just let us know your:
    -Region of Origin
    -Brief History
    -Current Pokemon (obviously no legends)

    Please let us know the above via a PM or work into post in story form.


    And with that, here's the starting post:


    Weary eyed, Ben dragged himself out of bed and headed for the window. He pulled back the curtain, and was met by a window full of bright mid morning sunlight. He staggered back, shielding his eyes, and then put on his usual attire, being careful not to forget his glasses.

    He stepped into the living room of his Hearthome apartment, where to be greeted by his cheery Silph Co. assistant Jenna.
    "Good morning," she sang, "did you sleep well?"
    "Like a snorlax." He replied, trying to put on the same cheerful manner. "Did you sign me up for the Charity Competition this evening?"
    Jenna nodded, so Ben continued "Alright, then I'm gonna hit the streets, and maybe see if I can make some friends. You know, the kind that'll eventually become my rivals." Jenna gave another brisk nod, and Ben was on his way down the elevator, out of the lobby, and into the cool morning air.
  2. (( Mind if I join in? My bio is on pg 15 of the Mainstream PRP Bios thread if you want to look at it.))

    Bennett stepped out of the Poké Mart and into the crisp morning air of Hearthome City. He immediately took his new Pokétch out of its box, switched it on and replaced his old watch with it. Up until now, Bennett had only used a standard watch, but after he saw the poster for the Charity Competition, he decided that the competition was too good an opportunity to pass up, and considering that he didn't use anything other than standard Pokéballs and had never been to a Safari Zone, the Pokétch Company was his best bet of sponsorship. Bennett took a deep breath of the fresh air that always lingered in the morning, and then turned to his Ninetales.
    "Now all we have to do is register for the competition."

    As Bennett strolled leisurely down the sidewalk, he took in all the sights that Hearthome had to offer in the morning. The sun shining in, the sound of Starly in the nearby trees and the people that were bustling their way to work. As he continued he passed by one of the large apartment buildings that were all too common in Hearthome, where he noticed another boy of about his own age step out of the front door, and take in the morning air.
    "A trainer? Hmm, he might be. But trainers don't usually stay in places like that. He might just be rich, or maybe he knows someone who lives there."
    "Ninetales! Nine!"

    As Natasha snapped him out of his thoughts, Bennett realized he had been staring straight at the boy, who seemed to be staring back at him.
    "Oh, this is awkward, sorry I was just lost in my own thoughts for a second. Didn't mean to stare at you." Bennett said, with an awkward expression on his face.
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  3. ((OOC: Welcome to the RP!))

    "Don't worry about it." Ben replied, emphasizing the statement with a small wave of his hand.

    Ben sized up the trainer in front of him: The simple, but stylish clothing brought a smile to his face, as it reminded him of the people from his home city of Saffron. His eyes however, drifted off of the trainer and on to the Ninetails next to him, who's fur sparkled in the soft morning light.

    "Thats a pretty nice Ninetails you have there."
  4. "That's a pretty nice Ninetales you have there."

    Bennett smiled as he looked down upon his faithful companion, who in turn looked up at him with endearing eyes.
    "Thanks, her name is Natasha."
    "Yeah, she was the first companion I ever received. We've been together for about 11 years. She's one of my best."
    Bennett studied the young boy carefully. He looked as though he could be a trainer, though Bennett wasn't certain. His clothes were neat and tidy, and he seemed to live in an apartment, maybe he just didn't travel much. There was only one way to find out.
    "The name's Bennett, come on, we'll walk and talk. I was just on my way to register for the Charity Competition. Since you look like a trainer, I'd guess you'd be on your way there as well." Bennett said as started to continue on his way.
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    Keep this bit to PMs, please. If you could edit that into your initial post, I'll delete this one here. If that's not possible, I suggest members work those details into their initial posts, story format. Anything to avoid sign-up-ish posts.
  6. "You'd be right in saying I'm a trainer," Ben said calmly as he walked alongside his new acquaintance, "and as for regestration, I'm already taken care of."

    Ben stuck his hands in his pockets, and looked down at his feet. It had been a habit he had been trying to break. Just then, he noticed a shiny Poketch on Bennett's wrist.

    "Is that a new Poketch?"
  7. "Heh heh, you've got a good eye. I just bought it this morning, I thought that the poketch company would be my best bet of sponsorship, seeing that I don't use any fancy pokeballs, nor have I been to a safari zone."

    As the two new friends continued walking, Bennett continued to take in the sights. Hearthome City was such a beautiful city, full of life and culture. Suddenly a thought popped into Bennett's head.
    "This kid could be a tough rival in the competition, I'll have to remember to ask about what Pokemon he has, so I know what I'm up against."
    As they were almost near the competition building, Bennett turned to his new friend.
    "Perhaps you could show me your Pokemon? I'd love to see what you've raised."

    (( Gah, me and my short posts today. Oh, and the Charity Competition is a battle tournement, right? ))
  8. ((OOC: Yes, it is. Also, I edited my bio, and it now includes the two pokemon mentioned here.))

    Ben smiled, and reached into his pocket. Out of it he pulled two pokeballs, one of which was a deep green color.

    "Of course, I'd be happy to show you a couple of them. Go, Venusaur! Slowbro!"

    He threw the pokeballs into the air, and out of each came a brilliant flash of light. The one from the green pokeball formed into a Venusaur.

    "Bennett, meet Venusaur and Slowbro," Ben said with a slight smile, "I'd show you the rest, but they're kind of tired from training last night." This was partially true, but the real reason Ben didn't want to send any of his other pokemon out was that he didn't want Bennett to get any ideas on howto beat his team.

    Just then, Slowbro walked right up to Bennet, and stuck out his claw.
  9. Bennett watched as the Slowbro waddled right up to him and held out it's claw, a smile on it's face. Bennett outstretched his hand and shook the Slowbro's claw.
    "Hmm, both of your Pokémon seem quite friendly. I can tell that they've been raised with a lot of care." He said, smiling back at the Slowbro in front of him.
    Bennett studied both Pokémon well, as he knew all too well he would have to battle them at some. Since Slowbro was a water and a psychic type, his best bet at defeating it would be to use Dominic. Venusaur was also a Grass and Poison type, so he could use Zed, Elincia or Natasha to defeat it.

    "Hmm, well since you've shown me two of yours, I'll show you another of mine, seeing as you've already met Natasha."
    Bennett reached into his jacket, and retrieved a standard Pokéball. Pressing the button on its center, he enlarged it into its normal baseball size, and tossed into the air. It snapped open in mid-air, releasing a burst of bright light, which formed into the shape of a podgy Marowak.

    "Meet Caelin, he may look harmless from his short size and pudgy physique, but I wouldn't want to be on the receiving of one of his attacks."
    Caelin smiled as he sized up his competition, and then looked back up at Bennett with a look that said "Is this meant to be a challenge?" Bennett simply chuckled at his small companion.

    "Well, I should head off to register for the tournament. Just before I go, tell me your name so I can remember who you are."
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