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Battle Chateau

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Coreysawrus, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. This is a quick guide for the Battle Chateau, located on Route 7 in Pokemon X&Y.

    The purpose of the Battle Chateau is to battle trainers to raise your rank, as your rank rises so does the trainer catalogue with the added trainers having higher levelled Pokemon. Another purpose is money making as all the trainers are based off of trainer types such as Rich Boys and Socialites

    The ranks within the Battle Chateau are:
    Rank 1: Baron/Baroness (1 Pokemon, Level 15)
    Rank 2: Viscount/Viscountess (1 Pokemon, Level 20)
    Rank 3: Earl/Countess (2 Pokemon, Level 25)
    Rank 4: Marquis/Marchioness (2 Pokemon, Level 35)
    Rank 5: Duke/Duchess (3 Pokemon, Level 45)
    Rank 6: Grand Duke/Grand Duchess (4 Pokemon, Level 55*)

    * = Uncofirmed

    The trainers within the Chateau will cycle throughout the day and sometimes new trainers arrive while you're in the Chateau, you will be alerted to new trainers arriving while in the Chateau when entering a room.

    While in the Chateau there will be a Maid stood by the door who will let you send Writs you can only have one Writ active at a time.
    The Writs are:

    Writ of Invitation (Increases the amount of trainers in a day) ($50,000) (available from beginning)
    Silver Writ of Invitation (Brings in largest amount of trainers) ($100,000) (Rank 4 required)
    Gold Writ of Invitation (Same as regular Writ of Invitation but brings in richer trainers and Gym Leader/E4/Champion) ($100,000) (Rank 2 required)
    Writ of Challenge (Raises level of all Chateau opponents by 5 levels) ($50,000) (available from beginning)
    Blue Writ of Challenge (Lowers level of all Chateau opponents by 5 levels) ($10,000) (Rank 5 required)
    Red Writ of Challenge (Raises level of all Chateau opponents by 10 levels) ($100,000) (Rank 5 required)
    Black Writ of Challenge (Raises level of all Chateau opponents by 20 levels) ($300,000) (Rank 6 required)

    Once the rank of Marquis/Marchioness is obtained Gym Leaders may come to battle. Their teams are as follows

    Marchioness Viola
    Masquerain Lvl 40
    Vivillon Lvl 40

    Marquis Grant
    Tyrantrum Lvl 40
    Aurorus Lvl 40

    Marchioness Korrina
    Hawlucha Lvl 40
    Machamp Lvl 40

    Marquis Ramos
    Victreebel Lvl 40
    Gogoat Lvl 40

    Marquis Clemont
    Magneton Lvl 40
    Heliolisk Lvl 40

    Marchioness Valerie
    Mawile Lvl 40
    Sylveon Lvl 40

    Marchioness Olympia
    Sigilyph Lvl 40
    Meowstic Lvl 40

    Marquis Wulfric
    Cryogonal Lvl 40
    Avalugg Lvl 40

    Once the rank of Duke/Duchess is gained the Elite 4 become available to fight while changes in levels and teams happen for the Gym Leaders. Their teams are as follows

    Marchioness Viola
    Masquerain Lvl 50
    Vivillon Lvl 50

    Marquis Grant
    Tyrantrum Lvl 50
    Aurorus Lvl 50

    Marchioness Korrina
    Hawlucha Lvl 50
    Lucario Lvl 50 (holds Lucarionite)

    Marquis Ramos
    Victreebel Lvl 50
    Gogoat Lvl 50

    Marquis Clemont
    Magnezone Lvl 50
    Heliolisk Lvl 50

    Marchioness Valerie
    Mawile Lvl 50
    Sylveon Lvl 50

    Marchioness Olympia
    Slowking Lvl 50
    Meowstic Lvl 50

    Marquis Wulfric
    Abomasnow Lvl 50
    Avalugg Lvl 50

    And the E4

    Duchess Malva
    Pyroar Lvl 55
    Talonflame Lvl 55
    Chandelure Lvl 55

    Duke Siebold
    Clawitzer Lvl 55
    Barbaracle Lvl 55
    Starmie Lvl 55

    Duke Wikstrom
    Scizor Lvl 55
    Probopass Lvl 55
    Aegislash Lvl 55

    Duchess Drasna
    Dragalge Lvl 55
    Noivern Lvl 55
    Altaria Lvl 55

    Then finally after you gain the title of Grand Duke/Grand Duchess, the Champion will be available to battle. Their team ares as follows

    Grand Duchess Dianthia
    Hawlucha Lvl 60
    Goodra Lvl 60
    Gourgeist Lvl 60
    Gardevoir Lvl 60 (hold Gardevoirite
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  2. I'm currently a Duke, and I didn't even know there was a rank higher than that, so thanks for the info. I guess it's time to do some more battling.

    It might also worth mentioning that there are a few trainers who have all-Audino teams, so it exists for the purpose of power-leveling as well.
  3. I've just received Grand Duke today, not seen any regular trainers that are Grand Dukes/Grand Duchesses yet though
  4. "Rank 5: Duke/Duchess...(only unlockable after defeating Elite 4)" Definitely not true. I can't remember if I had only 2 badges or if I had just gotten my 4th, but you certainly do not need to beat the Elite 4.
  5. I am skeptical of having Duke/Duchess after 2 badges considering the level 45 opponents and E4 rematches and especially from a newly joined member (this attitude may be a bit prejudiced but for all I know it could be a troll account or a n00b providing false information because I have seen that happen before (also most of the n00bs come from Serebii and we generally don't trust anything from there)) . I've had multiple people tell me my information is correct, I'll update it with a question mark next to the statement for now until someone I can trust or a reputable source also confirms your statement
  6. I just got Duchess rank, I'm only at 6 badges. I would speculate that one prolly wouldn't see the elite 4, or even gym leaders they haven't beaten showing up until they reach those milestones. I base this guess off the fact that I've only seen gym leaders I've beaten in here thus far. But the Duke/Duchess rank themselves definitely do not require beating the elite 4.

    Can take a look at my timeline if you want proof =) http://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/user/T-269-5247-F/timeline
  7. Ah thanks for the proof Kraisia and sorry for doubting you Sourdough ^^' Guess my sources were wrong after all
  8. I like the Battle Chateau quite a bit as it's good for the experience. However I doubt I'll ever be using the writs because I primarily visit to farm it for money lol. I'm currently at the rank of Marchioness because I largely ignored the Chateau until after the E4.
  9. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I dunno, @Carmen Lopez - the Writs of Challenge increase the number of trainers that visit, and you very quickly recoup the cost of issuing them. I think of them as an investment, really - you pay some money in order to receive a lot more money back.

    I'm still at Marchioness and would be bored if it weren't for the Furisode Girls with their Audinos. However, my Lucario (received as part of the story) is now level 52, the same as the rest of my team, so I've achieved that at least :angel:.

    I really do want to know about that rumour of the coupon for the Lumiose City expensive boutique. Can't see anything available for PokeMiles yet...
  10. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I got the title of duchess at the end of my 6th badge. I've been using the chateau to train Pokemon. (I have one level 50 Pokemon and the rest are like level 5) Love the audinos there. Usually after a battle like that I'd see 2 or 3 Pokemon evolve at once.

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