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Battle at the Hot Springs (A Private PRP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Psycho Monkey, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: Yes, as the title says, this is by invite only. In other words, it will be Cody and I putting the smack down on eachother. You are all welcome to watch our battle, but keep your comments to yourselves please. Now without further delay…


    There was nothing better than spending the winter in Hoenn, especially Lavaridge Town. Beauty could be found around every corner in this mountain town; the scenery, the weather, Mt. Chimney in the background, the Gym Leader, and of course Lavaridge's famous hot springs.

    Enjoying himself in said hot spring was a young man with spiky black hair leaning against a rock wall taking it easy. Sitting on the edge out of the water was Axel who watched his trainer intently, envious of the man's relaxation but not daring to enter the water himself for Axel was an Infernape, a Fire-type. This particular monkey was different from the rest of his species in that he had unusual gold fur as opposed to the normal brown.

    "Brian, are you done yet? I'm bored." Axel complained scratching the back of his head just under his flaming mane.

    "Just because you don't like water doesn't mean I don't. It feels soooo good." Brian answered euphorically. Earlier that day, the duo stumbled across an area of the hot springs that was perfect for combat training and, never missing an opportunity to improve, Brian and Axel had a quick sparing match. Now was the trainer's chance to relax his tired muscles.

    Surfacing from the spring came a blue dog head with a black mask surrounding its red eyes and two black appendages on either side of its head for sensing auras. "See, even Riolu is enjoying himself." Brian pointed out. The Flame Pokémon snarled jealously at his partner and protégé for having so much fun without him. It was just one of those things that couldn't be helped.

    Once Brian had finally decided he was done, he dried himself and Riolu off and got dressed in his usual attire of long black pants, black boots, black T-shirt, and black fingerless gloves. What could he say, he looked good in black.

    As Brian and Axel were about to leave, the trainer caught a glimpse of someone familiar out of the corner of his blue eye. Brian turned his head to get a better look, and sure enough it was a blonde haired man with an Aipom on his shoulder. Brian quickly and stealthfully made his way to the unsuspecting pair with Axel close behind. Once they were close enough, Brian tackle-glomped his friend from behind shouting "Cody!"

    OOC: Kinda short, but it was one page on Word so yeah.
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  2. A nice, sunny day in Lavaridge, blue sky, warm air, nice people. Silver was on Cody's shoulder as the two made it through the town. Cody had a clear destination; the legendary hot springs. Cody turned his head and faced the Aipom on his shoulder, the two had been together for nearly ever. He looked down at the magazine he was carrying. On the cover was someone who had just won the Silver League in Johto.

    Looking back up, Cody thought he caught a glimpse of someone he recognized, but brushed it off as nothing. He continued walking, and allowed his mind to drift off, just like the clouds above.

    "Cody!" before he could turn, he was on the ground, someone clinging around his shoulders. He stood up, managed to get his attacker to let go, and faced him. Silver had flown about ten feet forward.

    It took less than a second to recognized the man who had tackle-hugged him.

    "Brian!" he called, wrapping his arms around his old friend. He looked over a bit to see Silver and Axel dancing, per usual. Cody smirked, it was great.

    Releasing from the bromantic embrace, Cody studied Brian's face quickly. It seemed he was thinking the same thing.

    "You know, I came for the hot springs.....but I haven't battled in ages." A Mona-Lisa-esque half smile crept onto his face, and his eyes shown bright.

    (It's short, but I want battle >: O)
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (Ye ask and ye shalst receive >:D)

    Cody responded to Brian's ambush with a friendly hug while the two monkeys greeted eachother with their usual dance.

    "You know, I came for the hot springs.....but I haven't battled in ages." Cody said with a smirk after releasing Brian. Soon the same grin was on Brian's face. There was nothing better than a battle, especially one among friends.

    "Since when did you become a mind reader?" asked Brian jokingly as he had been thinking the same thing. "What would you say if I granted both your wishes at once? Axel and I found a really nice area in the hot springs that is perfect for a battle! I'll show you!" he said with excitement. Axel smiled at the thought of going back to that area and having a monkey battle with Silver.

    Brian led Cody to his secret arena near the back of the springs. The stone floor was big enough that a Golem could move about comfortably without fear of falling into either of the three nearby pools which each had numerous bamboo poles sticking out of them. It was the best place in the hot springs for a battle.

    "I hope you have six Pokemon on you Cody, because I want to go all out on this!" Brian proposed. "Now shall we have the monkey battle first or should I start with Metang?"

    (Short, but I have no idea who you wanted to start with. This way we can do either option ;))
  4. "Holy heck this place is...." Cody was at a loss for words. The hot springs around him were...stunning! The rock surface was warm, but not hot, the pools around him looked incredibly inviting, and the slight steam gave nothing but a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

    "As much as I'd love to watch how Silver and Axel fight, I don't think we should start with that." Cody cracked his neck as he reached for the Timer Ball, "I'd love to have your Metang battle Espy."

    He threw the sphere at the ground, it spun a few times, and cracked up. A pattern like large clock hands appeared with the regular flash, and an Espeon materialized.

    She was one of the first Pokemon Cody had met, as an Eevee, and was now one of Cody's very strongest. Espy was also among the closest to Cody, right after Silver. She was, however, the Monkey's polar opposite, unless she was provoked or asked otherwise, Espy was totally chill. There was simply no other way to put it, in Cody's head.

    "A Psychic battle!" he called out across the rocky surface, grinning.
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "I'd love to have your Metang battle Espy." Cody said getting the battle underway by throwing a Timer Ball to the ground. Emerging in a flash of white light was a quadrupedal Pokemon with smooth purple fur covering its body. The Espeon stretched her legs forward without a sound remaining completely collected.

    "A battle between Psychics it is then!" cheered Brian throwing forth a plain red and white Pokeball. The ball burst open materializing a blue disc shaped Pokemon with two clawed arms, red eyes and a small silver beak. Metang appeared to be just as stoic as its opponent, though it never showed much emotion to begin with preferring to just go with the flow and take life in stride.

    "Alright Metang! Start us off with Metal Claw!" its trainer called. The three long claws at the base of Metang's arms began shining with a metallic silver as the Iron Claw Pokemon quickly floated over toward its opponent. Once it was near enough, it swiped at Espy.
  6. Cody chuckled as Metang came flying towards Espy, it was a rather easy move to get around.

    "Alright, jump on top of it, then use a Shadow Ball!"

    As the silver disk of a Pokemon came flying towards the Espeon, she readied herself for a leap. When the Metang made a shining swipe for the Sun Pokemon, she leaped into the air, and landed gracefully on it's back/head.

    Espy readied the attack by lowering her head, and soon a ball of pure shadow formed in front of her jewel. The Espeon smirked a bit as she launched it directly at the craeture's back/head.
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Perhaps using such a simple move as Metal Claw wasn't the best idea. Brian didn't want to go all out from the start with moves like Meteor Mash because it would be no fun if this battle was over too soon, but obviously pulling punches was a bad idea when your opponent was Cody.

    "Iron Defense Metang!" Brian shouted to lessen the sting of Espy's Shadow Ball. The Steel/Psychic-type's body glowed silver as it hardened. The swirling purplish black blob exploded on Metang's head pushing it to the ground with enough force to leave several cracks in the stony surface.

    As the Espeon landed nimbly on her feet, Metang rose back into the air almost completely unscathed. "Heh. Not bad." Brian complemented both of Cody for his cunning attack and Metang for shaking it off.

    "Alright! I officially declare this warm-up over! Metang!" called Brian raising his arm to the air. "Flash Cannon!" he finished dropping his arm pointing to Espy. The Iron Claw Pokemon began charging energy in front of its beak before launching it into a pure white beam.
  8. "Uh-oh." Cody mumbled as the Metang began charging up. It was far too late to get out of the way, even for a nimble Pokemon such as Espeon.

    "Brace yourself, Epsy!" Cody cried. The pure white beam ripped through the air, and smacked into the Espeon. She went flying back skidded on the rock, but when the dust cleared, she was already standing again. This time, Espy had a motive to battle.

    Cody grinned. "Use a Psychic propelled Dig!" the Sun Pokemon surrounded herself in psychic energy, and she leaped into the air. Without even the slightest hesitation, she dove headfirst into the ground, which broke away with surprising ease.

    A few seconds later, the ground directly beneath the Metang ripped open, and Espy shooting out like a bullet to attack.
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Use a Psychic propelled Dig!" Cody yelled. Espy jumped into the air creating a psychic aura around herself, then smashed into the ground using using her own Psychic attack as momentum. Almost instinctively Brian knew what command to utter next, it was the same one that came whenever an opponent used a Ground-type attack on Metang.

    "Magnet Rise!" Brian commanded quickly for he knew that the Sun Pokemon would be emerging any second. No sooner had the order been given, Espy burst through the stones homing in on Metang like a rocket. The disc shaped Pokemon immediately reversed its polarity so that it was repelled by the Earth's natural magnetic force just out of the Espeon's reach.

    "Time to get creative!" the trainer declared looking around the arena. "Metang! Use your Psychic on the hot springs to create a Hydro Pump!" Brian instructed with a wide grin. Metang's eyes began glowing a pale blue as it summoned water from the spring in large spiraling columns to attack Espy. It was quite an unorthodox strategy, but it seemed to be working. Ingenuity was one of the keys to victory after all.
  10. Cody's face curved into a slight frown when his Espeon fell to the ground; the previous attack failed.

    "Home-made Hydro Pump!" Cody laughed. A whole array of spiraling columns were coming towards Espy, and, being a feline, she looked none too pleased at that fact. So, instead of admiring the craftsmanship of such an unorthodox move, Cody had to act.

    "If he wants to play this game, we can too!" Cody called. "Use Psychic to lift up a wall!" Cody was rather pleased at this idea, as it could serve offensively as well as defensively.

    The jewel on the Espeon's head began to glow a deep blue color, as did the ground beneath her feet. She stretched her head forward, her twin tails twitching(trying saying that ten times fast.. The ground beneath Espy shot up into a solid wall in front of her. it was only two feet high, so some of the water still managed to hit her; it was, however, nowhere near the full force.

    Cody sighed in relief, and looked up at Brian, grinning. Silver, who was on the ground, had lifted himself up with his tail and was cheering.

    "Now, push it forward with Psychic!" he called, and the wall was surrounded with a pink aura, the same color as Espy's jewel had turned. It began moving forward, propelled only by psychic energy, tearing up the ground as it moved.

    "It's only the first round and we're already making a mess of the place!" Cody laughed.
  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Brian was both amazed at yet another creative use for Psychic, but also a bit grumpy that his on the spot idea was canceled out by the rising wall. Correction: mostly canceled. Part of the pseudo Hydro Pump still made it over the makeshift barrier hitting Espy.

    "Darn, I thought I had you with that one. Maybe I'll just have to get more creative." Brian said playfully.

    "Now, push it forward with Psychic!" called Cody with a smile. The wall began glowing pink as the Sun Pokemon sent it flying toward Metang.

    "I didn't tell you to get more creative! Bullet Punch through that wall Metang!" commanded Brian. He had almost told the Pokemon to use Agility to dodge it, but the ingenuity bug was still biting at him giving the trainer a good idea for a future attack.

    The Iron Claw Pokemon's fists began glowing blue as it sped forward crashing into the wall. Several shattered rocks hit Metang in the face, but the whole wall would have been worse. Plus those loose stone will be coming in handy very soon.

    "It's only the first round and we're already making a mess of the place!" Cody snickered. Brian also started laughing when he surveyed the damage they had already done in a few short minutes.

    "You're right! Just imagine what's going to happen when I bring out Piloswine!" mused the trainer still giggling. "But I digress. I've come up with a fun new attack that I'd like to try out. See if you can counter this one!" Brian challenged confidently.

    "Metang! Gather the rocks that came from the wall with Psychic and surround Espy with them! Then bring 'em in!" called Brian. The disc shaped Pokemon did as told surrounding some twenty odd fragments of different sizes in a blue aura. The stones rose as Metang lifted its arms. By throwing its metallic limbs forward, the rocks went flying toward the Espeon only neither one struck, instead they surrounded her. In one final motion Metang crossed its arms causing the rocks to converge on their target.
  12. Brian's commands were registering in Cody's mind as soon as they were happening. There was no getting around this one; Espy was going to hurt.

    Instinctively, the feline leaped up to try and avoid the rocks, but instead of getting away from the jagged mess, they all caught her feet, and Espy fell to the ground. Cody winced as she made a slight whimper, getting back on her feet.

    "Alright, Espy, we've gotta out do 'em!" Cody called. "First, Sunny Day!"

    The Sun Pokemon smirked as she straightened her back. The twin tails began rotating, and the gem on her forehead glowed an orangeish color. With what could be taken as a cry of victory, a ball of yellow-red and orange energy shot fourth from Espy, and up into the sky. Within seconds, the sunlight intensified.

    "Alright, no Psychic two of those bamboo rods." Cody grinned, slightly pleased that he got to the bamboo before Brian.

    Espy sat down, and looked towards one of the springs, where two of the bamboo rods were quickly surrounded by a pink psychic energy. They were lifted up out of the spring, high into the air, and, about a foot apart, she propelled them towards Brian's Metang.
  13. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The increased sunlight not only made seeing difficult because of how bright everything was, but the photons of light reflected off of the steam from the water causing the whole arena to glow with an orange hue. Brian raised his hand over his eyes as he squinted to keep track of what was going on. What could Cody be planning?

    "Alright, now Psychic two of those bamboo rods." called Cody.

    "Dammit no!" Brian cussed under his breath. He wanted to use that trick. Brian knew it was a good idea, so he should have done that bamboo before the Rock Throw. Oh well, there was no use in complaining about it only avoiding it.

    Or not. The bamboo poles came at Metang like spears faster than the disc shaped Pokemon could move. All either one could do was sit back and let the bamboo splinter on Metang's iron body.

    "This has been a fun contest of creativity and strategy we have going, but I think we've exploited every environmental asset we have at our disposal." Brian said looking around just to make sure there wasn't anything he missed that hadn't been used yet.

    "I know it's breaking from the norm, but use Gyro Ball now!" he told his Pokemon. Metang held its claws forward and began spinning its body until the duel type launched in a spiralling corkscrew toward Espy.
  14. (Sorry I took so long!!!)

    "What." Cody said, flatly. It was....a normal attack. Now, when battling two psychics, were was the fun in that? "Ah, well, it's still a battle." Cody sighed, watching as Brian's Metang got closer and closer to Espy in a corkscrew.

    Cody pondered what to do for just a second too long, and his Espeon was hit by the Gyro Ball. She was tossed into the air, and, rather comically, landed on Metang's back.

    Cody laughed slightly at the accidental circumstances, and decided to use them to his, and Espy's advantage.

    "Iron Tail" he said, rather flatly, for a battle. The Sun Pokemon's tails began glowing a bright white, and she let out a cry as she slammed them down towards Metang's back.
  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (No prob, but after this post I'm going to bed... It's late...)

    "We apologize." said Brian empathetically at Cody's disappointment at not continuing the battle between psychic abilities.

    It took no time at all for Metang to spin into Espy sending her flying. In a strange yet amusing twist of fate, the Espeon landed on Metang's back for the second time this battle. Both Brian and Axel couldn't help but laugh at such a coincidence. It was just one of those rare events that no one can plan for and couldn't be repeated if they tried.

    "Iron Tail." Cody said rather dully. Brian wondered if he was still miffed about the whole Psychic thing. Espy's twin tipped tail was covered with a thin coat of white metal that shimmered in the sun's rays as she whipped what would be Metang's behind.

    The ever turning wheels in Brian head gave him an idea that was completely illogical, but still within the realm of combat. With any luck, it would be strange enough to cheer up Cody even at his Pokemon's expense.

    "Alright Metang! You see that pool on the right?" asked Brian pointing to one of the two smaller springs on the right side of the battlefield. "Dive into it with Espy still on your back!" he commanded. The Iron Claw Pokemon hesitated for a moment trying to compute its trainer's request. Dive wasn't even in its capable moveset! Soon Metang figured it out, and dive bombed toward the water with the Sun Pokemon still on its back.
  16. Cody chuckled a bit. Diving into a hot spring? It didn't make much sense to him, especially since it left so much time to act.

    "Alright, Espy, wait for it...." he waited until Brian's Metang was just about the surface of the water. When it began to lower, Cody shouted "Now!" and the Sun Pokemon leaped off of it's back, into the air.

    "Use a Shadow Ball into the water, where Metang should be!" Cody called, triumphantly.

    As the light faded a bit where Espy was, the ball of shadowy energy appeared in front of her head. She launched it into the water, as it made contact, water splashed up into the sky, creating a very temporary rainbow.

    Espy landed on the ground next to the spring.
  17. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Brian face palmed himself. How did he not see that coming? Had it been his Pokemon he would have had it jumped too! For good measure Brian slapped both of his cheeks.

    "That was dumb. I would have had Metang use Zen Headbutt into the floor. There would be no way for Espy to get out of that one." Axel stated. Brian turned to the monkey with an unamused look.

    "Quite from the peanut gallery unless you want to take a dip too. It worked in theory." scolded the trainer. By this point Metang had already risen from the water and shaken himself dry the best it could. It didn't help that the Iron Claw Pokemon had been knocked back into the water by a well timed Shadow Ball when it tried getting out the first time. At least the rainbow the dispersed water made was pretty.

    Brian reached into his backpack quickly pulling out a pair of black horn rimmed sunglasses. As side from looking badass, the eyewear served a pretty distinct purpose for combat. "Alright enough screwing around, Flash!" commanded Brian putting on the sunglasses. Metang's eyes turned white before expelling a bright blinding light thoughout the area. Only Brian was (mostly) unaffected due to his preparation.

    "Now use Rollout Metang!" he called. Metang placed its long arms on the ground and pulled itself back to build up momentum. The Iron Claw Pokemon pushed forward into an unending somersault aimed at the vulnerable Espeon.
  18. Cody barely had time to shield his eyes when Brian's Metang used Flash; the blinding light filled the area briefly, but even with his eyes closed, Cody could tell how bright it was.

    Espy was not so lucky to avoid the flash, and was more than dazed. She seemed to stumble about for a few moments, her sense of balance thrown off by the incredible light.

    By the time she had her eyes open, there was a strange shiny, silver thing coming speeding towards her.


    Espy was hit full on by Metang's Rollout, and flew a few feet into the air. She fell down to the ground with a small thud, still too dazed from the Flash to land on her feet.

    "Alright. It's time. Morning Sun!" Cody called. The Jewel on Espy's forehead glowed first blue, matching the sky, then it turned to the exact shade of the sun. Her entire body was soon enveloped in the glow on her forehead. The light intensified for a moment, then faded away slowly.

    The Sun Pokemon stood more confidently, reassured from the stamina she regained.

    "And now you'll see why we used Sunny Day earlier." Cody smirked, "Solar Beam!" he cried, a gleam of triumph in his eyes.

    The Espeon purred, the energy from the sun mixing with her natural psychic energy began revolving around her, in a beam of solid yellow-orange energy. With a purr that was half triumph, half pleasure, the beam made one final rotation and shot forward, moving rapidly towards Brian's Metang.
  19. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Brian rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses. He had a feeling that the whole purpose of Sunny Day was to use Morning Sun when things got tough. Even with that knowledge, Metang didn't know any weather effecting moves so there was nothing that could be done about the sun.

    "And now you'll see why we used Sunny Day earlier." Cody said with a grin. Brian raised an eyebrow. There was another reason besides having Espy heal herself? "Solar Beam!"

    "Aw crap." Brian muttered as the Sun Pokemon absorbed energy into her jewel. How did he not see that one coming? With the surplus of photons in the atmosphere, it took the Espeon no time at all to launch a golden beam of pure solar energy at the rolling Metang. The Iron Claw Pokemon had built up enough momentum to temporarily resist the beam, being held in a stalemate, but ultimately succumbed to the blast getting knocked back.

    Brian sighed with relief as the blue disc got back up two seconds later. The nice thing about it being a Steel-type was how resilient it was. Even so, this battle had been going on for a while now and Metang was looking pretty worn out compared to its opponent who was nice and refreshed thanks to Morning Sun.

    "Ok, I think we've put this off long enough Metang. Meteor Mash!" commanded Brian. Metang's claws began glowing white as it charged its energy. When it was ready, the Iron Claw Pokemon raced at its foe. The punch resembled a comet with Metang's fist being the head and the energy coming off of it like the tail.
  20. Iiiiiiiiiiii took an entire decade! What's wrong with me?)

    "Meteor Mash!" was all Cody really caught of Brian's order, but it certainly echoed in his head. That was a scary attack.

    The Iron Claw Pokemon's fist began to resemble a comet as he sped towards Espy. Cody knew how fast those things could fly, and a Meteor Mash to the face from one would certainly spell and en to Espy's battle. The only thing he could think to do was slow it down.

    "Use Psychic to make as thick of a wall as you can!" Cody barked as a last ditch effort.

    With no time to waste, the Sun Pokemon used Psychic on the earth in front of her, causing it to raise up high enough to protect her from the punch. Protect, not stop. The Metang broke right through the wall, which Cody had fully expected. It had, however, slowed down, much to Cody's joy. Espy tried to leap out of the way, and instead of being hit in the face, was hit on her back.

    The blow still hurt, and she struggled to get up. When she did, Cody was ready with what could possibly be her last command.

    "Solar Beam, again!" At this point in the battle, there was no use holding back. Espy turned on the spot, her tails twirling, gem glowing. The energy from the sun and her psychic abilities merged together, this time a bit brighter than the last. The Espeon was fueled by her desire to win, and the energy shot forward from her towards Brian's Metang, causing heat waves to form around it.
  21. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (lol You said that in Maelstrom too XD)

    Cody wasted no time in having his Espeon create a shield of rock with her Psychic. Metang crashed through the wall landing a powerful strike to Espy's rear. While the barrier had absorbed most of the force of Metang's attack, the Steel/Psychic-type still had enough energy left to at least weaken her a bit.

    "Solar Beam, again!" Cody commanded taking the offensive. Metang was still in close enough proximity that there was no time for Brian to issue a command, defensive or otherwise, before the Sun Pokemon once again lived up to her species classification by firing a radiated blast of harnessed solar energy. This one was stronger and therefore bigger than the last, even causing the air to warp from the heat produced. Brian pushed on his sunglasses trying to determine if the steam he saw was coming from the hotsprings or his Pokemon.

    When the Espeon's attack dispersed, the azure disc floated tiredly in the air with its hollow red eyes fading in and out until there was nothing but blackness in the two openings on Metang's armored body. The Iron Claw Pokemon fell to the ground making a clanging sound like a metal dish falling to a kitchen floor. Brian sighed as he returned his fainted Pokemon but then smiled at how fun that match was.

    "I'll give you the first round Cody, but don't you dare ease up on me because you won't receive any mercy from my remaining five Pokemon!" taunted the trainer readying a Great Ball. "That is if you can get past this one!" With that, he threw the orb summoning forth in a white light a large boar Pokemon covered in a thick coarse brown fur which even hid the Pokemon's eyes. The only part of the Piloswine's body that wasn't covered by hair was his pig like snout and his two long tusks.

    "I may have come to Hoenn to get away from the cold winters found in the lands further north, but what's winter without some snow?" Brian asked playfully. "Use Hail Piloswine!" he called. The Swine Pokemon snorted loudly as it blasted a cold blue sphere into the sky. The ball reacted with the atmosphere in a way that cancelled out Espy's Sunny Day by drawing in grey snow clouds that instantly began dropping chunks of ice.

    Thanks to Piloswine's Snow Cloak ability, the woolly boar soon disappeared into the storm, obscured from view. If Cody and his Espeon couldn't see Piloswine, they couldn't attack him, and if Brian's Pokemon didn't defeat the Sun Pokemon, then the falling hail would. It was Brian's favorite strategy when using his Piloswine.

    "Now Piloswine! Attack with Ice Fang!" instructed the trainer. The Swine Pokemon ambushed Espy from her right flank, jabbing her with his ice coated tusks.
  22. (I kinda feel bad doing what I'm about to do next. Ending the battle of Psychics and going right for a snow-base battle)

    Cody's Espeon had no chance. She couldn't see her attacker, and neither could Cody. He cringed when he heard the sound of Brian's Mamoswine charging at the tiny Sun Pokemon, and then clamp down on her with freezing jaws. He quickly pulled out the Timer Ball that was her home, and called her back.

    The man didn't even stop to think about what he was going to do next, and pulled out a plain Poke Ball. Silver began to shudder, and shot up the back of Cody's coat, trying to stay warm. He gave a small laugh as he threw down the Poke Ball, which exploded in a blue light, and a Glaceon formed.

    "H'okay, Gelida, we'll start with Water Pulse. Espy was hit from the right, so aim that way!" Even though the Fresh Snow Pokemon had Snow Cloak herself, that made it no easier for her to see in the mess. Catching what she thought to be the outline of Brian's Mamoswine, Gelida released a pulsating ball of water, which arced up into the sky, and began a descent into the snow, and, Cody thought, hopefully Mamoswine.
  23. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (Brian actually uses Piloswine, not Mamoswine. :p)

    Brian couldn't believe his eyes when for a brief moment he saw a Glaceon appear on the field before she too melted into the snow thanks to her ability. It also made the falling hail useless as it didn't effect Ice-types. Cody was certainly doing his part to keep the battle interesting. First a battle of Psychics, now an Ice battle, then there will be the inevitable Monkey battle, Brian could only wonder what Cody had with him to counter some of his other Pokemon.

    "H'okay, Gelida, we'll start with Water Pulse. Espy was hit from the right, so aim that way!" commanded Cody. Brian saw a vibrating ball of water shoot into the sky from where Gelida was obviously hiding. As the sphere fell back to the ground, Brian heard the irritated squealing of Piloswine once the move struck.

    "Change position Piloswine!" Brian called to his hidden Pokemon. With the next move he was planning, it wouldn't matter if the Swine Pokemon could see his opponent or not because everyone in the area would feel the attack.

    "Let's see if Gelida can find Piloswine after this move!" taunted Brian. "Earthquake!" The woolly boar reared up on his back legs then threw all of his weight forward as he got back down on all fours sending tremors through the ground in every direction. Stone shot upward as the ground broke apart for the stress put on by the attack while ripples rapidly moved through the hot springs causing a few waves.

    "Yikes!" Axel yelled jumping on his trainers back to avoid the tremors as well as a falling chunk of hail.

    "Didn't I say there would be more destruction once I brought out my Piloswine?" Brian giggled as he scratched the back of his head.

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