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DPPt/HGSS Bastiodon Moveset help, please!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Octillery, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. I decided that since I have Pokémon Pearl version, I would flaunt it off with a Bastiodon. Not only that, but he has quite the defences. I was wondering if this would be a good moveset, item, and nature for him.
    This was my idea:

    Never Melt Ice
    Sassy Nature ( +Special Defense, -Speed )
    Good Endurance ( +Defence )
    Iron Head
    Stone Edge
    Stealth Rock

    I kept him for the fact that, if I use avalanche I generally WANT him to be hit, right? So the low speed stat would be good? Plus, it helps to boost his special defense a little.

    Thank you for the help.

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  2. ok, his moves seem ok, but i would go with an icicle plate instead of nevermeltice, since i believe it has 2x as much of a boost, but other than that, i dont really know if there is anything wrong
  3. And why would you switch the items? They both have the same exact effect anyway.

    I'm no expert, but I'll offer suggestions.

    Item: Focus Sash (To keep your pokemon from a KO, and so it powers up avalanche from Bastiodon's one remaining HP point.)
    Stick with one rock-type attack, replace Stealth Rock with an attack powerful against water or fighting type pokemon. It only really does decent damage when a pokemon is going to be swapped.
    Stone Edge is a good choice. I would suggest that because of the increased critical hit ratio and the accuracy.
    Iron Head is a decent attack, so I would stick with that.
    As for avalanche, it has a good chance iof dealing damage when your pokemon is hit by an attack that's super effective, but I would recommend using an item that prevents your Bastiodon from losing all it's health if it's hit with a super-effective attack, so it keeps one HP and really powers this move up.

  4. Is there a good physical move that Bastiodon can learn that is strong against Fighting or Water-types?


    Bastiodon CAN learn Thunderbolt, which is a strong Electric attack. If I attatch a magnet, then I could focus on purely making that attack stronger. So, even with his middle-average Special Attack, it can still dish out some damage.
    Or, I could attatch the Focus Sash. That would be quite a good idea. Because of Thunderbolt's strength, not having the Magnet wouldn't hinder it very much.
    So, it would be something like this:

    Iron Head
    Stone Edge

    But, I've always been the kind of person to always have a status-effecting move on a Pokemon. I guess times are changing.

  5. Carmen Lopez

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    Unfortunately it cam't learn any physical attacks that can help with either of those. It can learn special electric moves such as Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Shockwave but the probably won't help, will it?

  6. Haha, I just posted about that in the post above.
    But thank you for the help, anyways!

  7. Carmen Lopez

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    Oops. I guess you were editing at the same time I was posting. My bad.

  8. It's quite alright. C:

  9. Bastiodon
    Focus Sash
    Sassy Nature( +Special Defense, -Speed )
    Good Endurance ( +Defence )
    Metal Burst
    Block/Thunderbolt/Stealth Rock
    There is a good moveset.Happy?
    EDIT:i just left the item alone,now its fixed ;D
  10. Just a few more suggestions for you.
    I would stay away from the magnet, NMI, and those other ones if you want to use avalanche the right way. Focus Sash is pretty good.
    Stone Edge: Keep it, it seems to be fine in the moveset.
    Iron Head: Maybe you could switch it if you want.
    Thunderbolt: It's good for against water types, the only remaining weakness you can actually cover.
    Avalanche: This should take care of any pesky ground types that come after you, along with any other pokemon weak to ice type attacks.

    [quote author=Nachoman link=topic=2268.msg24544#msg24544 date=1182375346]
    Never Melt Ice
    Metal Burst
    Block/Thunderbolt/Stealth Rock
    That moveset really doesn't seem all that good to me...
    The Nevermeltice only increases Avalanches power, nothing else.
    Metal Burst will only do damage if Bastiodon is hit, so that leaves a big weakening if the opponent uses an attack like swords dance, or any other Attack/S. Attack raising move, it's worthless.
    Block isn't a good choice unless you want to keep an opponent from switching pokemon. Stealth Rock once again, won't deal a high amount of damage unless your enemy switches. And Thunderbolt is okay.
    Avalanche is still okay.
    Toxic? It's not really all that good unless you have use it the right way. Using it with block is decent too.

  11. Thank you!
    I'll keep that moveset, then.


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