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Bask in the creativness of my art & amazing titles! x3

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Zarya, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. I like to draw. But I'm not always satisfied with what I do. And I really wish I had photoshop. x3;;


    I drew this a while ago. About a month ago? And I still like it, kinda. x3 I just don't have much else I like on my computer. I have no idea what it is. xD It looks almost griffin-like. I messed up on the fuzzy feathers on the back of the head. It looks like a balding old man. >_>; And I wanted three feathers on the head, but I kept messing up on the last one, so I gave up. xD


    I don't know why I still like this one. I drew it around Novemberish. And now I can see several mistakes, like how her waist is waaay too small and squared. Her eyes don't match and her face looks weird. The only thing I really like is the hair. And I drew two decent hands. I have no idea how I did that. xD I've improved. I hope. And yes, that is my gaia avatar from months ago. xD;

    I drew a half-decent Vaporeon a few days ago. I'll scan it soon and edit it in this post.

    I won't take requests, so don't ask. But I will take suggestions. If you wanna see me try my hand at drawing a certain pokemon or person [no OCs unless I offer] you can ask and I might do it. x3;;
  2. I suggest you draw a zangoose fighting a seviper! Just cus Zangoose and Sevipers are cool :p

    I like the girl, the check patterns pretty good, and the bird's nice to. Try adding more distinctive lines between the head and the beak. Just a suggestion :D
  3. A Zangoose fighting a Seviper might be a little hard, but I think drawing a Seviper would be pretty cool. x3


    I drew this a few days ago as an experiment with my watercolor pencils. I haven't used them in about a year now. xD The scan killed it. I mean, the scan brutally murdered my poor colors! D: But I'm sure everyone who has scanned something before knows my pain, so. >_>; I wish I had my inking pen. I can't find it. >_
  4. These are excellent works here, Zarya! Your Humans are well drawn, and the scale of each body part seems to be right. You're not too shabby with coloring either. It is brilliant, hope you can post more.
  5. Pretty nice peices, I like the first one alot, would love to see a colored version too :D

    Four thumbs up :D
  6. Your bird is really well drawn and creative, and entices the mind to figure out what type of bird it is, or is like. Your first person, a girl, is very well proportioned, drawn, and I think those checks at the bottom of her shirt are cool.
  7. I really like the first picture; the sketch looks very elegant =3
  8. Wow, thanks you guys! n_____n I've been having a crappy past few weeks with finals, my mother needing surgery, friends going through break ups, etc... And seeing all of these nice comments cheers me up. x3

    I don't like posting in this thread without having an art update, so here it is. xD Don't get your hopes up. Trust me on this.


    Well. I've seen several people here saying that they never ever use guidelines for faces. That frustrates me, because they're so simple and make the drawing several times better. D:

    Okay, since I didn't want ot add text to the image, I'll explain it here.

    Image number one: Basic, half-assed head. My jawbones always seem to die. xD

    Image number two: Draw two lines. One from the forehead to the chin, perpendicular from it. Both should cut the face in half. The vertical one is for the nose and mouth, while the horizontal is for the eyes.

    Image number three: Draw two circles to represent the eyes. I never quite measure it, but if you copy one of those circles and place it between the other two, it should pretty much line up. =o
    Ears start at the eyebrow and end at the bottom of the nose. Sorry for not drawing eyebrows. xD
    I didn't draw a mouth, but irl the tips of the mouth end at where the pupils are when a person is facing straight a head. But in anime, obviously that hardly ever happens. xD

    There are some other things you need to remember for 3/4th view and profiles views... but I suck at profile views, and I'm too lazy to do a 3/4ths. xD
  9. THANK YOU. x_x
    I'm constantly trying to convince people of the wonders of guidelines. They're an easy way to make sure everything is consistent and correctly placed, which is especially crucial if you plan to pursue a career in art.
    Nothing irks me more than seeing people do everything freehand because "ITS MAH STYLE" or "lol i dunno how to use guidelines" and then they ignore you when you show them how.

    One thing I would recommend, though, is starting with a circle when you draw the head, then adding the jawline below hat. The model you presented has an unfortunately flat head. XD

    I've been meaning to do one of these of my own, actually. Would you mind terribly if I did? I can show a trick or two on profiles and maybe the body, plus a pointer or two for things like nose placement and jawline size.
  10. I would actually like it if you did one of your own. xD One can always improve, huh? Besides, I don't own rights to drawing guides. xDD

    Guidelines are amazing. I don't understand how people can just ignore them. D: I used to use all of the same excuses, and... Well, I think I burned all of the stuff I drew without guidelines. xD I can't believe some people still don't use them even after years of drawing.

    All my heads end up flat. xD; Call it laziness, I guess. There's really no excuse, is there? xD

    I think I might redo the full body one I did for a friend a long time ago. Basic fully body proportions are easy and, again, make everything prettier...

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