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Ask to Join | Basidio Island |

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by mushroom-top, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Basidio Island

    This RP will close at 6 or 7 members.

    As many know, it hasn’t been very long since a new island was spotted just off the coast of Kalos and Galar. It’s very existence had been speculated for a few years before the official discovery, but ever since scientists and explorers had reached the isle, it was proved completely ‘legit’.

    It was named Basidio Island, for its abundance of fungi life despite the rough terrain. Cliff scapes on mountains and vast forests that spread for miles around. A map of the island shows that the island is made up of mostly forests, with a distinct meadow and beaches that litter the shores. A mountain is in the lower half of the island, with a large waterfall that leads into a gigantic lake.

    However, what puzzles most scientists is why the island is so abundant with fungi-like Pokemon and with pretty much no other species on the island. So that’s where our cast comes in.

    Our cast have been invited to join an expedition for Basidio Island, with the promise of a grand experience through the wilderness and a cash reward once the team returns home. There are many good things to befall from this trip, like meeting new Pokemon or having the adventure of a lifetime. Will you accept, or are you afraid of the possible doom that could befall them in the fungi-filled landscape?

    (Basidio Island, by mushroom-top. This image is owned by me.)

    The Crystalarium Falls are a set of different waterfalls cascading through a cliff scape at the bottom section of the island. Salt collects extremely easily around the waterfall, so many salt crystals surround the lake that the falls flow into. For once there's not as many mushrooms, but it can only be explained by the high salt concentration in the water. No water in the falls is drinkable due to how much sodium is found within it.

    The stronger Water types are found here, as the high sodium count and the harsh natures of the waterfalls. However, most come here because of rare gems that are sometimes swept into the salt piles from the caves up on the cliffs.
    The Crystalline Forest surrounds The Crystalarium Falls, and it is a forest where mushrooms, fungi, and even more fungi are found. Sometimes the amount of spores in this forest can become extremely dangerous, as the abundance of mushrooms and Pokemon of the like cause what scientists have dubbed 'Spore Storms', in which the particles in the air can cause someone to stop breathing entirely (if not stunt the breathing process beforehand).

    However, at most times, the forest is safe. Many Pokemon can be found here, and herbs of all sorts can be found littered through the environment. The Crystalline Forest really doesn't have as many crystal as it does fungi, but it does have a few rocks in which gems sprout out of them.
    The Sleepy Meadow is a peaceful meadow set right in the middle of Basidio Island's upper half. It is where most decide to stay, and where many scientists have formed extremely small and quick campgrounds where they stay after completing field work, etc.

    Many scientists and explorers say they are intimidated by the thought of leaving the Sleepy Meadow, as they know the rest of the island isn't as friendly as the flowery pasture. The harsh environment of the outside is what scares most people from this island anyways.

    Our cast will venture off from here after being escorted from the beach. This meadow is occupied with many non-hostile Pokemon, and there is a very habitable lake where most Water types live due to Crystalarium Falls having a very harsh environment for freshwater species.
    The Yawning Forest is the dense forest that surrounds The Sleepy Meadow. It has a vibe similar to the Dreamyard, for the mist that seeps through openings in oddly shaped rocks and even in trees. This mist is said to come from Munna, as it's the only dream-related Pokemon on the island, and no other Pokemon emit such an odd purple mist.

    People are said to become more vulnerable when in this forest, but it's nothing a sharp mind can't handle. If you keep your wits about you, you won't find any Pokemon creeping up on you, or find yourself surprised when you've become lost. This forest has the most mystic energy about it, for the odd nature of the seeping rocks and trees and how there's fungi that don't seem to affect these emissions in any way.
    Connecting Pieces is the archipelago that connects the upper half of Basidio Island to the bottom half. These isles hold few things, scarce plant life and almost no Pokemon. However, what these tiny landforms lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. More often than not, you can find extremely rare berries (Enigma Berries, Micle Berries, Rowap Berries, etc.) growing on trees, and sometimes even rare pearls buried in the shore.
    (ALL Pokemon sprites belong to Game Freak, and I claim none of these as my own.)
    Munna (Yawning Forest exclusive)

    Shellos (East Sea)


    Not too big of a fan of strict rules, but to keep the Basidio Island experience rich and fun for everyone involved, please abide by these rules. The rules will only enforce mandatory things and things I see necessary, but they are also to ensure that this RP can be exciting and adventure-filled for everyone. Thanks!

    1. Read over the Pokecharms Official Rules for Pokemon Roleplaying. [find it here]
    2. Let's get this one out of the way. Romance will be allowed throughout the Basidio Island experience, but nothing beyond kissing will be allowed. Nothing NSFW is tolerated.
    3. Violence is not really what I want here. Minor injuries like scratches or cuts are fine, however. Being someone who is into horror, this is odd for me to say, but I just want this to be more a fun-filled, slice of life action RP more than a bloody action flick.
    4. Be patient with others. No harassing others, either. If you're going to be rude, do it in the RP, not here.
    5. Keep all OOC chatter in this discussion board. But with saying this, do not take it as a free chance to spam as much as you want. Just keep it as small talk relating to the RP and speaking with other users.
    6. No double-posting. Not only is it annoying, but whatever you may want to add can be edited in at any time. =)
    7. No God-Modding or Power-Playing of any sort is allowed. You can do anything within reason as long as it abides by the rules and fits with the story, but for the sake of all that is holy please do not hit me with 'Magikarp used Hyper Beam'. Thank you.
    8. On the same topic, do not give me a Mary Sue/Gary Stu and expect me to accept it. Characters who are overpowered or are generally poorly adapted like most in the 'Mary Sue' category are bland and can ruin a story altogether.
    9. Posts must be at least a paragraph long, 4-5-6 sentences. It's not fun or exciting if you hit us with 'Kaitlyn looked over to her Pokemon and smiled.'
    10. For character creation, you can have a shiny or two, but don't go overboard.
    11. You may choose to have a full team, or have an explorer who's looking to find a new companion on the island. The character limit is 2 per person (although you can request more if you choose)
    12. This is a trainer only RP, so RPing as Pokemon isn't technically an option.

    Character Form
    (You may use this, or if you have something you feel fits better then go ahead. However, I'd prefer if you kept the 'Interest in Basidio Island section.)
    (delete anything in '()')

    Aliases/Titles (optional):
    Age: (From 18 to 25ish)

    Physical Appearance:
    Physical Flaws/Injuries:
    Other Accessories:

    Main Personality Traits:
    Mental Strengths:
    Mental Weaknesses:

    Interest in Basidio Island:
    Pokemon Team:
    (delete everything in '()')
    Nickname: (if given)
    Physical Quirks?: (if this Pokemon looks different from others of its species, explain)

    Name: Molly Patel
    Aliases/Titles: Explorer Patel
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance:
    Molly is a slim girl with a rather odd build, with strong shoulders and arms along with well-built legs. She has tanned caucasian skin, with a bit of a harder tan on her joints as if she were some kind of doll. She stands at the height of 5'8", rather tall which levels out the weight distribution in her body. However, since she weighs a modest 122 lbs, it really isn't all too special.

    Her complexion is rather simple, as she has large green eyes and a series of freckles that dot her cheeks. Molly, other than that, has a head of black hair that goes down to below her shoulder blades. She usually keeps it up in a bun, as she's the explorer type and is always out doing something.

    Physical Flaws/Injuries:
    Molly has a distinct yet faded scar across her nose, which seemed to be deep but has been clearly aged. The scar was from an encounter she had with a Scyther in Kanto. Because of the scar her nose is also a bit damaged, skewed to the left by the injury.

    Many other little scratches litter her body, as there's scrapes of slight cuts on her knees that fade with time but are always there.

    Molly is an adventurer, so of course, she wears what attire she feels fits best. Usually she has on a grey tank top, and then a pair of navy green pants that are airy and don't often stick to her legs. Sometimes she will wear a pair of cargo shorts, but that's only when she feels it's needed. Molly has a jacket in which she wraps around her waist, just incase it gets cold or she needs something to use for one reason or another. She also wears a pair of ebony assault boots, or a pair of sneakers- again whatever she feels fits best for the day.

    Other Accessories:
    Molly only really carries a brown shoulder bag with her, in which she throws over he left shoulder and hopes for the best. This bag holds her Pokeballs, Potions- really anything she can cram in there. Many say it weighs a thousand pounds, but Molly shrugs it off with a "You guys are just wimps."

    Main Personality Traits:
    Molly is often then not very open-minded and friendly- she is a bit bashful but it's not hard to strike a conversation with her. She's pretty quiet most of the time, but it's mainly because she's depe in thought, enamoring at other's Pokemon, or just spacing out. Some may find this annoying, maybe even seeing Patel as naïve for being so carefree. Molly thinks the opposite, though, always up to meet those who she thinks have potential.

    And for her temper- she is the opposite of hot-headed, pretty calm unless exposed to something she fears or is pushed to her own limit.

    Mental Strengths:
    Molly has a lot of mental strength, and she doesn't have problems with being away from home or alone with her Pokemon. She's also a thinker, so she doesn't have too bad of a time solving problems or getting out of tight situations.

    Mental Weaknesses:
    Although Molly is very mentally strong, that doesn't mean she's truly invulnerable. Sometimes if she is in a dire situation, she won't know what to do and will freak out. Molly likes to be in charge of herself in situations, so when she loses control, she becomes frantic.

    Interest in Basidio Island:
    An interest in a new adventure. Molly had been travelling around the regions, gaining riches and treasure, but since the offer arose, she's been ecstatic about a new adventure in an island unknown.

    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname: Prisma
    Species: Rotom (Basic Form)
    Gender: Genderless
    Physical Quirks?: Prisma is a shiny Rotom, and it has slightly larger eyes than the average member of the species.
    Nickname: Prince
    Species: Mienshao
    Gender: Male
    Physical Quirks?: This Pokemon has a small fuschia Bandana on its neck and has slightly larger whiskers than the typical Mienshao.
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  2. This looks awesome, and I love the worldbuilding! I'd love it if you could consider me.
    Name: Audrey Summers
    Alias/Title: N/A
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: Audrey's appearance isn't one that would generally betray her as an academic type. Moderately built and standing at a height of about 5'4, she carries muscles borne from her love of hiking and wilderness exploration. She has warm, brown eyes and olive-toned skin, and hates having hair that gets in her way, so she had her dark brown locks cut into a pixie style, though it's a little messy as it's beginning to grow out a bit, much to her chagrin.
    Physical Flaws/Injuries: She has a white, horizontal scar on her right bicep from when she was trying to wrangle Briar as a young Skiddo, before he had become her partner.
    Clothing: She wears a loose black muscle shirt and a khaki cargo pants, with worn leather hiking boots. She also keeps a faded, red-orange flannel and a black windbreaker packed away in case the temperature drops.
    Other Accessories: She carries a length of rope with a carabiner at the end, along with a water canteen, on her hip, both attached to her belt. Any additional supplies that she picks up will be kept stored in Briar's saddlebags.

    Main Personality Traits: While she's a shameless adrenaline junkie, Audrey also has an academic interest in the island, having been interested in Pokémon conservation since she was a young child. For the most part, she's outgoing and informal in her interactions with other people, though she can easily forget that not everyone in interested in the same things that she is. She's also quite stubborn, whether for better or worse.

    Mental Strengths: She is patient and ambitious, finding it easy to focus once she sets her sights on something that she is interested in.
    Mental Weaknesses: Her hardheadedness can be a burden as well as an asset, making it difficult for Audrey to come to compromises in disagreements with others. She also, ironically, has a poor sense of direction, finding it especially easy to get lost once she's focused on something in particular, though she refuses to admit it.

    Interest in Basidio Island: She's been keeping an eye on any news about the island for the past few years, curious about the Pokémon there and their relationship to the environment around them. Essentially, she's looking for an opportunity to challenge herself and explore an unfamiliar landscape, as well as study the Pokémon there. Being an aspiring student in Pokémon conservation and research, she's not shy to admit that the cash reward wouldn't hurt either.

    Pokemon Team:
    Species: Gogoat
    Gender: Male
    Physical Quirks: He looks like a normal Gogoat, but has a worn leather saddlebag on each flank to carry all of her supplies, as well as a bedroll on his rear.
    Edited for some formatting issues and specificity.
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  3. Hello! I can't get my bio yet but can I reserve two spots? I have a sister pair that I'd like to use. ^.^
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  4. Yeah, totally! To maximize the number of people who I can let in, your pair will only count as one slot. Thank you for your interest in the Basidio Island Tour.
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  5. And speaking of, your character is approved. Thank you for the compliment, also, I worked really hard for this little concept.
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  6. Okay, I said two slots as I wasn't quite sure if you were going by users or characters. ^.^
    Love the concept, it's a really unique RP. Always good to see RPs breaking the norm =D
  7. No problem! I think it's better to go by users so that characters can be more abundant but still more structured. The character limit per person was also set to 2, so the duo just falls under the user rather than anything else.

    I also wanted this RP to be a bit different, as from the few things I've looked at here it seems there's only a few of these adventure RPs comparing to other kinds of RP.
  8. So I'm writing up my OC pair, and I noticed it says 18-25 in the age section. I'm writing a sister pair - the problem is that one is 21 and the other is 15. Would you mind if I had the younger of the two as 15 or are you strict on ages? I can bump her up to 18, if need be.
  9. Oh! That's perfectly fine for one to be 21 and one to be 15. What I meant with that section initially was for one character, in the sense that if you were alone you'd need to be between those ages. Sort of like 'You need to be 18 or older to attend, and if you're under the age you need to be assisted with an adult'. However, since they're a duo, I wouldn't mind if one was younger, since the other is in the age range needed.
  10. Ah, gotcha. I like making sure of these things beforehand ^^
    I should be able to get my OCs up tonight. =D
  11. No rush. :)
  12. Here they are!
    A note about Talia: She's a highly recognizable and well known celebrity for her performing and music. She's a music artist in her own right. This is why I specified that she's overly modest.

    Name: Talia Silverstone
    Aliases/Titles: Symphonic Master
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'8, Talia has medium-length brown hair and eyes of a similar color. She has a slim build and no defining facial markings.
    Physical Flaws/Injuries: She is nearsighted, so she's forced to wear glasses. On stage, she replaces them with contact lenses.
    Clothing: For this occasion, she wears a forest-green blouse with black jeggings and white running shoes.
    Other Accessories: Her glasses, as stated above. She also wears a Key Stone either on her wrist or on a necklace. (This is fully moderator-approved, by the way.)

    Main Personality Traits: A kind and loving soul, she prefers to keep to herself. She's very modest and put-together, with a good dose of confidence. She's highly determined, just like her little sister. She's a bit of a bookworm - and yet, she's not what you'd expect from a bookworm. On stage, she adopts a completely different personality: bright, bold, and charismatic.
    Mental Strengths: Talia is an analytic person, and is rather intelligent. She thinks of everything from a rational standpoint. She also has a lot of confidence, and is not genuinely scared easily. She knows how to survive on nothing, having traveled the regions for eleven years. Finally, she is a skilled musician and performer.
    Mental Weaknesses: She can be overly protective of her sister. She also can get extremely worried before a major event. She can get annoyed easily when people refuse to co-operate, and often does not take leadership roles.

    Interest in Basidio Island: Research was her career path of choice before she decided to take up music and performing instead. Seeing this opportunity lit a spark within her, to re-ignite her passion for learning.
    Pokemon Team:
    Harmony the Togekiss (F)
    Melody the Altaria (F, Holding Moderator-approved Altarianite)
    Forte the Roserade (F)
    Cadence the Meowstic (M)
    Aria the Primarina (F)
    Sonata the Glaceon (F)

    Name: Alison "Allie" Silverstone
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'5, Allie has bright blue hair and brown eyes that match her sister's. She has a slightly more athletic build, and no defining facial markings.
    Physical Flaws/Injuries: She has a scar down her lower arm from a run-in with a crazed Ursaring.
    Clothing: During this RP, she will be wearing a blue tank-top and white short skirt with black leggings and combat boots.
    Other Accessories: None

    Main Personality Traits: The red oni to Talia's blue, Allie is outgoing and boisterous. She's filled to the brim with charisma, and the perfect person to go to if you want to be cheered up. She's a touch rash, with no sense of looking before she leaps - a trait that her sister is rather averse to. Just like everyone in her family, she has a hell-bent sense of determination: when she wants something, you can trust that she'll get it somehow.
    Mental Strengths: She's a very friendly person, and gets along with people very easily. She's not easily scared either: she's filled with confidence, all the time. She's a great leader, and takes initiative in every aspect of life. She's very crafty and inventive, and shares her sister's survival skills.
    Mental Weaknesses: Like I mentioned above, she can be rash, which often gets her into dangerous situations. She also has a lot of trouble in social conflict, and tends to simply hide instead of trying to resolve it. She has trouble appealing to other's negative emotions. Sometimes, she's a bit oblivious.

    Interest in Basidio Island: Adventure. She just wants to go literally everywhere she can.
    Pokemon Team:
    Eve the Eevee (F)
    Moon the Shiny Ralts (F)
    Vixen the Alolan Vulpix (F)
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  13. That bit of information is noted! If there's anything you'd like to do in the RP relating to that (i.e. scientists or other explorers recognizing her), then go ahead.

    And after reading over the profiles a few times, it seems everything is in order. They're both approved.

    It might take a bit for this RP to get off the ground, so I'm glad for the patience among us. :)
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  14. I have two characters, one is somewhat famous and the other is a Vigilante, they are a couple.

    Name: Ariana Meghan Montgomery
    Alias/Title: Unovan Coordinator
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: a young lady with Platinum blonde hair and green eyes, her hair reaches her hips, and is tied back into two braids to keep it out of the way, she has an hourglass figure, but is slightly wider on the waist, with little muscle on her arms and somewhat strong legs. She weighs 139 lbs on a 5'4" frame.
    Physical Marks/Injuries: She has a bad shoulder from a Feraligatr attack that killed her brother, the attack left at least eight teeth marks on her shoulder. She also has a scar from the right side of her chest to the left side of her hips from her first day of travel in Unova, being attacked by a Bisharp.
    Clothing: For this journey, she wears a light blue tank that's one size too small, a light green jacket, worn open, light green leggings, and hiking boots, she also has a backpack with her camping equipment.
    Accessories: She wears a pendant with a Shiny Dedenne on it.

    Mental Strengths: She is hard to Manipulate, and has endured crazy events, she can solve puzzles to some degree.
    Mental Weakness: She has PTSD from the Feraligatr incident, and it left her a somewhat paralyzing fear of Totodiles along with it. She freezes and can't do anything if a Totodile is near.
    Main personality traits: She is Sweet and caring, but rather shy, again due to the PTSD she has, she can socialize with her friends but none of them are here, but she does have her boyfriend, whom she is rather affectionate towards.

    Interest in the Island: She was trying to find a way spice up her Coordinating with her Pokemon and this Island could possibly help.

    Pokemon team

    Species: Dedenne
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: He's a Shiny one, where they're darker than the regular one with grey cheeks.

    Species: Houndoom
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: His left horn has Scratches from fighting a Bisharp early in their Unova Journey.

    Species: Mudkip
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: He is smaller than average.

    Species: Pichu
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: He is larger than average and wears an everstone as a necklace.

    Species: Hydreigon
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: He has a mark on his second left wing.

    Species: Seadra
    Gender: Female
    Quirks: She is very small, Almost the size of a Horsea.

    And the Boyfriend.

    Name: Firey Seth Argentston
    Alias: The Cloaked Rider
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Silver hair, blue eyes, the hair is somewhat short, he has a somewhat muscular build on a smaller frame, weighing 160 lbs standing 5'11"
    Physical Marks/Injuries: Firey has a scar on his foot from an Aerodactyl that tried to eat his Blaziken, as a Torchic.
    Clothing: Firey wears longsleeve light blue shirt and black pants, with hiking boots. He has a light blue jacket, and a large backpack with his camping equipment in it, along with a cloak.

    Mental Strengths: Firey is one of the more mentally stable of his friends, and can handle almost anything. He is a near genius tactician, and will analyze his opponents plans.
    Mental Weakness: He has Insomnia, and doesn't sleep too well.
    Main personality traits: Serious, protective and Slightly aloof, he can be caring, but that will take a long time to get there.

    Interest in the Island: He is looking for a new species of Pokemon, to surprise his opponents.

    Pokemon Team

    Nickname: Sharp
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Female
    Quirks: Larger than Average.

    Species: Salamence
    Gender: Female
    Quirks: None.

    Species: Volcarona
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: This Pokemon is unusually powerful, and not one to mess with, he is also a bit on the big side.

    Species: Aggron
    Gender: Female
    Quirks: over a foot and a half taller than the average Aggron, she is very scary.

    Species: Kingdra
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: Ariana's Seadra's Mate.

    Nickname: Burny
    Species: Blaziken
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: taller than the average Blaziken.
  15. After looking over it, these characters are approved. Sorry for the wait. :)
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  16. Hiya! I got my character ready and stuff. Um, so I’d appreciate it if you considered me to be in this, it sounds really fun!

    Name: Neon Barry
    Title: Elite Trainer&Adventurer
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Tall and Tan, With Spiky, Swift, black hair with blue tips. Lean body build. Height:5’10
    Physical Flaws/Injuries:Wrists and Fingers Are Covered In Bandages.(Due To Being Burned By One Of His Pokemon)
    Clothing: Black Jacket With Dark Blue T-Shirt Underneath. Wears black sports pants with two dark blue lines running down each leg. Wears black tennis shoes with dark blue soles. Wears dark blue fingerless gloves.
    Other Accessories: Has A Backpack with all the essential trainer accessories, from Full Restores To Ultra Balls. (And food and water and stuff he needs to survive, but, eh.) Has A Necklace With many different stones attached to it. Wears a bracelet with a Key Stone. (Admin Approved!)
    Main Personality Traits:Neon is very energetic, usually running or jogging everywhere. He is also very clever, and quick-thinking, which he uses to his advantage.
    Mental Strengths: Very Smart and Quick-Thinking
    Mental Weaknesses: Usually Impulsive, Leading Him To Usually React Too Fast And Not Think Things Through.
    Interest In Basidio Island: Wants To Explore And Meet New Pokemon. Also, the island is pretty much RIGHT next to his two favorite places to go.

    Pokémon Team: Lucario,Shiny Metagross, Low-Key Toxtricity,Charizard,Dragapult,Hydreigon.

    Partner Pokemon:

    Species: Lucario
    Moves:Extreme Speed,Bone Rush,Meteor Mash, Aura Sphere/Aura Storm.(Aura Storm When Mega Evolved)
    Quirks:More Powerful Than Any Other Recored Lucario, Taller Than Average Lucario. Height:5'09
    Other Accessories: Wears a necklace made from leaves and twigs,made by Neon's friend,Glow. Also has an armband with Lucarionite in it. (Admin Approved!)

    Rest Of Pokemon Team:

    Moves:Blast Burn,Flamethrower,Air Slash,Dragon Pulse
    Gender: Male

    Moves: Solar Beam, Poison Powder, Venoshock, Sunny Day
    Gender: Male
    Quirks: Stronger And More Durable Than Average Venusaur.

    Moves: Thunder Bolt, Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, Air Slash

    Moves: Dragon Darts,Dragon Dance,Phantom Force, Psychic Fangs
    Quirks: Much Faster Than The Average Dragapult

    Moves: Psychic, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam
    Gender: Male
    Quirks:Faster And Much Smarted Than The Average Alakazam.

    Attached Files:

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  17. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Name: Loki Primus
    Aliases/Titles: N/A
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: Loki is of average height, with an overall general physique. He has jet black hair and green eyes as well.
    Physical Flaws/Injuries: Loki is very sensitive to elevation and air pressure changes, so being on an airplane can be a very stressful experience for him.
    Clothing: He wears a snowflake embroidered chullo and a nice winter scarf, both with a black, grey, and white colors. He wears a winter coat, with grey and white patterns on it. Underneath that he wears a plain grey short-sleeved shirt. Loki wears denim jeans and grey sneakers.
    Other Accessories: Broken PokeDex, Backpack.

    Main Personality Traits: Loki has low self esteem, tending to stick to routine rather than difference. He has a very negative attitude normally, though with Pokémon, his personality shifts completely. Merely just seeing one of those creatures makes him feel confident and supported, diving headfirst into action if he has one on his side.
    Mental Strengths: Passionate, competitive, social.
    Mental Weaknesses: Low Self-Esteem, Negative, quiet.

    Interest in Basidio Island: To get out of the rut of a daily life, as his parents suggested. Now, he is having some doubts.
    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname: Quetzal
    Species: Xatu
    Gender: Male
    Physical Quirks: Slightly more energetic than the rest of his species, which isn’t really saying anything.

    Nickname: Hades
    Species: Umbreon
    Gender: Male
    Physical Quirks: N/A

    Nickname: Sirius
    Species: Magcargo
    Gender: Female
    Physical Quirks: N/A

    Nickname: Axol
    Species: Quagsire
    Gender: Male
    Physical Quirks: He wears a sachet containing Old Gateau, of which he is seeing eaten frequently.

    Nickname: Mantis
    Species: Scizor
    Gender: Male
    Physical Quirks: Slightly smaller claws than the average Scizor.

    Nickname: Java
    Species: Porygon2
    Gender: None
    Physical Quirks: N/A
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  18. Uh, hey, quick question, who did you ask for permission for the mega evolution, and how long did you have to wait? Because,I’ve asked two moderators, and haven’t gotten a response.
  19. ^^

    The permission was given to me by StellarWind Elysdeon. That's who you should message for any Mega Evolution inquiries. =)

    To write a successful application (I failed once), you'll have to include: 1) an up-to-date character bio, 2) the backstory for your character, and 3) how they obtained their Mega Stone and Key Stone. There also must be sufficient proof of the bond between trainer and Pokemon.

    My character obtained her Key Stone as a family heirloom, and searched four years for the Altarianite - she ended up finding it deep in Hoenn, after going through a gauntlet of Dragon-types guarding it.

    (I will add that it can take the mods a while to see your application. I waited ~5 days if I remember correctly.
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  20. Oh alright, thanks! I did the things you said to the other mods, it’s gonna be an oof to write it down again.
  21. Ah, that happens xD

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll get accepted ^.^
  22. Lol, apparently not, for two reasons: One,my character's titles are too "God", which is fair, I changed it. Second: My reasons for getting the Lucarionite were to convenient. Oof, gotta work on it. Man, took forever to think of the situation. Thanks again. Ima go brainstorm.
  23. If you need some help, shoot me a PM. I'd be glad to take a look at what you've got and offer some help. It's not easy, but with enough refining I'm sure that it can be worked out. =)
  24. Hey thanks, I just finished editing and stuff and am waiting for a response, I could probably show you what I've worked on so far, might take a minute though.
  25. Sure! That'd be great!
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